Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa

By Hiiro no Ame

Episode 2 – 2 His Majesty’s Advice

Episode 2 – 2 His Majesty’s Advice

Voyage is going well, the following day I arrived at the port in the Chaos territory. From there, with Grants' guidance, I headed for a carriage to the kingdom. Then several days. We got to the Kingdom without anything.

Just as the kingdom of the sanctuary of glia, the boulevard is full of vigor. It seems that it is evolving beyond the rest of the country, just as it is called the kingdom.

Proceed on such a boulevard by the horse carriage, the place where I headed is Oulu. At the entrance I finally finished procedures and possessions inspection, and finally I could enter the castle.

Grants informed me of a simple room with sofas and tables. Apparently, it looks like a kind of waiting room.

"We will inform Rakushu immediately, so please wait a moment in this room"


I went to see Grants, I, Rose and Claudia. Besides, the four of Sylphy decided to sit down at the desire and crush the time.

Then, when picking up some of the tea cakes prepared by the servants, Claudia suddenly said "……DemonstrativeI tilted my head.

Dana, what the fuck?

"No, there is a message in the log window"

"Log window?"

Whatever, I turn to the log window displayed in the corner of vision. There was displayed "It is dearly loved by Yandere:some ability of SSS has been invalidated".

Ah, well.Is this a countermeasure against the Yanderel formation in the castle? "

I am interested in a part … …From the story I heard, the ability to promote yanderelization of surrounding people would have been invalidated.

To say this, I do not have consciousness … …I feel happy somehow. I thought, but Claudia said "Master, …"Sadly caught my sleeve.

"What, what's wrong?"

Well, Claudia does not have Yandere skills. Skills that are affected by relaxation of bad status … …- I swear…

By the way, Claudia possessed bad status. Claudia possesses three bad statuses "weak to push", "weak to pleasure", "shy".

The three ranks are going down and saddening … …

"Claudia's Earth"

"Well! Chi, it is wrong !? "

Claudia shakes both hands to deny with full power … …That haste seems to be affirmed to be so. So I smiled with grin.

"Muu, I say different, my husband Isiwaru"

Claudia inflates the cheeks with Puku. That figure is cute … …Indeed, the reaction is different from usual. As usual Claudia, it would have turned red and should have fallen.

It seems that the effect of the skill is affecting than I thought. Shameful playing like this may be difficult for this amount of time. … ….No, even if shameful play can not be done, Claudia is still erotic, so I do not feel too much trouble … …

Anyway – anyway, I thrilled to look at the profile of Rose. Claudia because in this I thought that Rose might not be a yanderer.

「……What happened, look at my face gently "


Which is this? She wears aristocratic clothing and smiles grinningly. I am creating an atmosphere called a beautiful girl … …I feel that it will not change as usual.

……No, just looking at it for a moment, the possibility that the inside has changed!

"Hey, Rose. Does Rose want to keep me confined? "

"Well, if you can let me go, will you go back to the mansion and arrange the room?"

「……I was downsy. "

Is not it the same as usual, is not Yadar.

If I think about it, Rose is suppressing the urge I normally want to confinement … …Even if the rank drops by one or two, it says that it does not change on the surface.

As much as that, should we think that ordinary rose keeps down yandere for me, that is why should Rose's yandere be considered high rank … ….It is a delicate place.

By the way, Sylphy …I looked at my eyes and I was smiled with a constant smile. It is not translated into something, and that smile is full of madness … …

Yes, it looks like this has not changed.

Thus, as far as the reaction of the three people is concerned, relaxation of bad status can not be expected much. Let's not trust too much.

Oh yeah, I was waiting with that feeling, Mr. Grants came back –

「……Does the King want to meet with us? "

'Yes' Walt says he wants to see you all, before we see Laksh.

Whatever the requirement, I will turn my eyes to Rose in search of opinions.

"His Majesty the King Walt is not Yandere"

Rose taught us in a loud voice was a word that wiped out my fears.

However……I see。 Because yunderelation is becoming a social phenomenon, the more people in important positions are, the more people are not becoming yunderels.

In retrospect, there is a memory that I heard that there is no yandere even a receptionist of the guild. … ….However, the Sylphy that I decided soon turned into a yund department shortly afterwards.

Just in this castle, I will love to death to my yandere:The effect of making SSS Yanderer should be invalidated, so a man who is not a yundere at the present time would be safe.

……No, Claudia, I can not say that it is safe if it is not a yandere. If I was worried about that, I could not live in this world.

So, with me being called – I alone accompanied Rose with saying uneasiness, I was supposed to have audiences with King Major Walt.

I was informed during the audience.

It is a large stone floor, with a staircase in the front. I do not know because I did not raise my face, but I guess there is probably a king 's Majesty there.

Raise your heads.

When I kneeled and my head was lowered, a harsh voice echoed. Raise your face according to that voice, above the stairs with several steps. There was an elderly man sitting on the throne.

"Your Majesty, I will see you in the beginning. The eldest daughter of the Brad family, Rose. "

"- I will see you in the beginning. I'm Yuzuki of Wells Clothing Store. "

Listen to Rose's self-introduction, I hurried down and follow. After saying, I thought that it was not easy to worry whether it was necessary to say "Wells clothes shop".

(fumu. Your lords are Yuzuki and Rose. I heard rumors about it. "

「……Rumor, is that? Is that a matter of skills that I own? "

I instantly shed a cold sweat. I made young girls of aristocratic people I met at a ball party. I was told that Yunderelation was a problem in aristocratic society, but I think I did something bad and stupid.

"You do not have to be vigilant so. I have heard about skills, but only those who have turned into Yandere are immature. I do not mean to blame your Lord. I feel relieved but good. "

「……I will be saved if you say so. "

In this world, the tendency to say that it is worse to convert to Yunderel. I understood that, but I was wondering what I was worried about. I was relieved to hear the words of His Majesty the King.

"Rumor is about doing a dress at a night party hosted by the Brad family. I heard that Rose wore it was a wonderful achievement. "

「……I am honored. "

I lower my head and convey words of gratitude. Nonetheless, now is the hearing. The words of Rakushu who actually praised and actually praised are more pleased.

"Well, it's a requirement that calls the Lord … …First of all I have something to confirm. My daughter looked at the dress she showed at the evening party and offered her that she also wanted me to make it. Is there no difference about that? "

'Yes' I heard that. "

I will be excited as to how to say it, I will tell you what.

In response to such a woman, His Majesty Walt, with his tone of tone, said, "Rakush will be asked variously … …Please make a dress suitable for the princess. "

「Well……」Of course, I will do my best. "

Contrary to expectation, content is quite normal and it is confusing. Of course I did not put it on the face … …My reaction would have been predicted.

"You do not have to figure it now. But do not forget the words of mine. It is not a request but I understand that it is an order. "

“OK. I will carve it in your heart, the words you said earlier. "

'I see. If you do not forget that point, I will turn my eyes on somewhat. "

……Somewhat, what is it? Is it supposed that I am supposed to do anything? I do not know well, but keep here nodding as "I understand".

'I see. Let's prepare rewards from me if you responded to expectations. However, if you fail to meet expectations ……No, this is something you do not need to say. I'm expecting you "

I feel that I was threatened casually.

However, if you purchase your Majesty's incompetence due to the dress you made, it is easy to imagine that the future as a designer will be cut off. Let's do our utmost to get you satisfied.

- After all, the requirements of His Majesty the King were all that. And, it seems that the schedule of audience is packed all the time, we were urged to exit early.

"Well, what do you think the meaning of your Majesta before?"

On the way back to the waiting room Claudia is waiting for, I will ask a close next door.

"Well … maybe ……- Well, yeah, but- My dress designed by Yuzuki's older brother, the length of the skirt was a bit short, did not he? "

Ah, well.I see.

From my point of view, there is only a little foot coming out – bold from the dress in this world. It can be said that the princess has too much exposure.

It is a convincing story if Majesty King listened to the rumors of my designed dress.

"But, even if you do not worry about that degree, is it OK?"

"Yeah. Designing while listening to requests – "

, Rose swallowed the line. A few men walk from the corridor. And it's almost the same as I notice. Rose pulls my sleeve to the edge of the hallway.

He was a young man, but he probably is a superior person. Along with Rose, wait in a lightly lowered head. And I was waiting for men passing by … …

"If you think of someone, is not it Rose? It's been a while. "

A man stopped his leg in front of him and spoke to Rose.

"I am sorry to you, Honorable Harold"

Listen to Rose 's reply, I know that a man is a prince. However, because I was not being spoken to, I decided to listen to the two partners while lightly lowering my head.

Lovely as ever.According to what I heard, it seems to have turned into a Yunderel "

'Yes' I am sorry I did not meet your expectations. "

"The transition to Yandere is a worldwide thing. There is nothing to worry about. But …I have sorry. "

"It is a mottainai word"

Conversation between noble people – But, there is a friendly atmosphere somewhere. While waiting while thinking like that, soon Ha Ruld the Prince went away.

I finally solved the tension after I saw that the back appearance would not be completely visible.

「……that Wallace had staked out. The prince is walking in the corridor as usual. "

"Because there are many kings of kids"

I see…

By the way it was said that Laksh was the 12th daughter. , It can be roughly 20 to 30 that there are kings of kids. … ….Yes. I do not have confidence to remember.

For the time being, I will remember only His Highness Prince Laksh Prince and Harold.

"By the way, you seem to have met His Highness Harold?"

Yes. I see, it was not a yundere until I met Yuzuki 's older brother. From various points, there was a story about a fellowship. "

"Is not there now?"

"The reason why aristocratic wives are first demanded is to be non-yanderers and to have skills to tolerate yanderers. Education and blood lines are secondary, "

I see…To that extent, the influence of whether it is Yandere or not is great. "

It is more important than the imagination to those of Yandere.

It depends on how many girls have non-yandere or tolerance to yanderel, but it seems better to be really careful about Claudia.

- and you will notice it until then. I thought I was going to threw a little while ago ….

"Perhaps Rose was also being hired by Harold?"

In retrospect, the previous exchanges seemed to be somewhere close. And Her Herd Rod said that it was a shame that Rose made it a yund department.

Rose seemed not to be even bad, maybe ……

"It's okay"

Rose smiled smilingly. I cant understand the meaning and tilt my head. Rose hugged my arms lightly and brought my lips to my ears.

"There were lots of funny things … …It was only Yuzuki's older brother that I thought that I wanted to accept, too. "

Whispered in my ear, I trembled with Zokri.

With that being so, we decided to meet Princess Yandere Princess.

With claudia related to clothing and rose which also served as an escort, I came in front of the room waiting for Prince Laksh Prince that she was waiting at her private salon.

When knocking on, Maid appears from inside, soon "Your Highness Prince Laksh is waiting. Please come in. " Following that word, I step into the room.

- And, it was a fantastic sight that I saw.

Dyed in the light of the afternoon inserted from the window side, the room dyed in gold as if pouring honey. A lovely girl sat on a round table seat on a fluffy carpet.

Brilliant platinum blonde, healthy brunette skin. On a small face with inheritance remains, it is a blue eyes that seems to be sucked. A beautiful girl who seems to be clean as a whole is staring at us who are guests.

An exotic girl opens a plump lip and leaks a hot sigh.

「……I was waiting for you. My husband. … ….How about this horny princess, as a slut slave, huh ……Please keep it … …!"

What was spun from the mouth of a neat looking princess is a masochic line of clear tone. I heard it … I …I closed the door silently.

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