Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa

By Hiiro no Ame

Episode 1 – 1 Normal driving of Yandere

Episode 1 – 1 Normal driving of Yandere

The ship that was headed to the Chaos territory seemed to be collected by Rose at the time of catching Lang, returned to the Grand Island without going to the Chaos territory.

……Goodbye, my slow life.

How, this is it.

Switch the feelings and work on Claudia and Rose issues.

FirstPushedBy|FirstSo what do I do?

"That's right ……I will escort the Langs to the guild, is not it? "

Rose answered me in such a way when I got himself alone.

I listened to it, I turned around in a silent way and tried to escape right – and Claudia grabbed the sleeve of the clothes.

"Claudia, please, let me go"

I told Sylphy that I just went to the sea to lie. I caught a criminal group that was making noise on the island on a ship heading to another territory.

When I put a face to the guild, it was about to lie that I tried to escape the island with a lie. If such a thing happens – Oh, stop only confinement after cutting off both limbs!

"Moto, it is useless, your master. I must apologize to Mr. Sylphy properly "

"No, but not. Sylphy is a yanderer? "

"Because it is a yanderet, it is not a good reason not to apologize?"

"Well, that's … ….I really….

I feel like apologizing if I'm sorry but ….If you do something wrong, there is still confinement.

Although I met Rose and it was not a matter of avoiding just because it was a yandere … …Even such Rose will cut off limbs with a sort of punishment.

I think that it is reckless to meet Sylphy in the current situation.

"And you told me that you would save my parents?"

"They said that. There is no lie in that word … …. "

To Claudia, I tell you all the stories I've heard from Lang. And probably now also Claudia's parents' house is being targeted.

And on that, I promised to go to help Claudia's parents home.

But – or say, that's why you say. I would like you to be caught only by Shelfy's being imprisoned.

"Yuzuki's older brother. If you are so scared, Should Yuzuki's older brother do not run away, will you tell her back? "

When seeing I'm in trouble, Rose gives a helping ship. But, I shook my head against my head.

Thank you. But I apologize properly. To be honest, I was afraid to be confined … …I do not want to feel like I can lose forever. "

"What, are you worried about that?" If so, are you OK? "

「……"Huh? I am OK, why? "

"If Yuzuki's brother is confined in addition to us, we will go back to it."

「……I see.

ReliableBut, something already, I do not know if they are owned by me or I belong to two people. Oh well, it is strange in itself that you are dealing with possessions.

Anyway, it is the seed that I sowed. Let's apologize to Mr. Sylphy properly.

Later, we arrange a carriage.

I escorted Rose's escort and escorted the Langs to the guild.

"- Yuzuki, you did it well! With this, it is possible to destroy the group of people who had troubled Grand Island for many years! Everyone, it is a festival today! "

Mr. Grave declared, and as the words went through a celebration in the guild –

"- Yuzuki-kun, have a story"

In a word of Sylphy, the guild calmed down with Scin.

"Is she, Sylphy? Today is a wonderful day, so if it's a story I guess it's OK for next time? "

While grabbing her voice, she gives me a help ship.

As expected a master of the guild, cool! Good luck Master!

「……Master, are you disturbing me? "

"No, no, that … …."


「…………You should use the VIP room at the back. "

Master's sissy! I'm disappointed in you.

"Now, Yuzuki-kun. Let's talk in the back room? "

"Ah ah … …."

Resistance – can not be done by feminist effect, Claudia or Rose. Besides being watched by people who were in the guild, I was taken to the vip room.

And the vip room brought in. Sitting on the sofa, Sylphy is straddling such a knee with me.

Tried to explain.In front of me, there is a cleavage of Sylphie's breasts and I am troubled with the fight of the eye.

"Well then, then … …Can you tell me the excuses? "


Before explaining the circumstances, it was declined as an excuse. Is this the declaration that I will not allow you to explain what circumstances I am?

Well-Shikata ga nai

Resurrection of immortality can be used at any time, let's prepare to be killed at least once.

「……I think I already know Sylphy, but I ran away from Rose. So, I thought I'm sorry for Sylphy ….Sorry, this is an excuse. "

I was briefly lowered my head if I had no more excuses.

By the way, I did not lower my head deeply because there is Mr. Sylphy's chest in front of me. If you lower your head any further, you will thrust into the cleavage of your chest.

「……Raise your head.

He told me to look up on Mr. Sylphy 's face. The clear blue eyes were overlooking me as a jeff.

"Yuzuki-kun was trying to escape from Rose's sama?"

yes, that's right! Even being an adventurer was to raise the rank and aim at escaping from this island dominated by Rose. Thats whyFrom the beginning, I was lying to Sylphy. "

On that day I first met Sylphy, I was nodded asking if I could face him in the future. Look,From that time on, I knew that the promise could not be kept.

I am sorry for that, sorry I lowered my head.

I mean, Sylphy is a yandere and it has the power to overwhelm the guild master Mr. Grave. Rose is about to cut off limbs and I was ready that Sylphy's punishment would be more bad.

/(conj) however/(P)/

「……It was good that Yuzuki-kun came back. "

I was hugged by Sylphy ……What?

"Is she, Sirphie?"

「……Hey, Yuzuki-kun "

Well, I mean…Was not she angry? "

I don't. I was so worried about you.

"are you worried?"

Yes. I wondered what to do if Yuzuki-kun was somewhere behind the sea, whether she was hated by Yuzuki-kun or whether I was disgusted with exclusivity. I was worried about that. "

I remembered that my hand was held when I first met. Mr. Sylphy was saying such a thing at that time, that my hands were beautiful and it was a waste to become an adventurer.

"Could it be Sylphy …?Overprotective?

I don't. I'm just worried. "

People say it is overprotection. I thought, but I felt unlucky, so I did not say it.

- It has to be an act of…I was thinking it was stabbed because it was a yandere, but I do not feel bad whether it is safe if it is overprotection.

「Well……」I'm sorry I made you worried. "

"Wow, that's fine. But, if you ever get out of the island, please tell me properly. "

"It does not matter, but … ….what are you gonna do

"Of course, will I follow? I am dedicated to Yuzuki-kun. Even the end of the earth will keep up with it. "

「……/(int) let me see/well/errr …/uhh …// Is that so?

I have never heard of a receptionist who follows a person who travels. Well, it's not a receptionist but a stalker …How horribly it is not possible to talk.

"So tell me absolutely? If you do not tell me … "

Sylphy leaves his body a little bit – I look into my eyes. I took a breath as I saw that the highlights disappeared completely from their eyes.

However, it was a moment that Sylphy was afraid. I immediately smiled with a smile.

"Hehe, it's nothing. Even if you do not say such a thing, Yuzuki-kun, you tell me before leaving the island? "

"Well, of course. I will teach you absolutely. I will promise this time next time. "

This is definitely a bad guy. It might be okay if you do not make a mistake even if you handle it, but the wrong is the last one, the one who enters the bad end route and develops rapidly.

Be careful not to carelessly run away like Rose or Claudia.

After that, I was forgiven by Sylphy, I came back to the guild hall. Apparently, it seems that the party has already begun.

"Oh, Yuzuki. – Are you okay?

Grave who came over came over.

"Well, well … well.I was forgiven. … ….Was it a feeling that seems not to be next? "

"Well, that's right. Darlings.Uh, uh, uh… what? I am glad that it was safe. "

Do you remember something, Mr. Grave has a distant eye.

「……Did you feel so much bad? "

– Yes. After your departure, Yuzuki-kun was lied to, lied to Yuzuki-kun … …It is repeated. Then say that you want a vacation to chase after … …To be honest, I was in any condition. "

"Hi … …"

Well, that is supposed to be such a bad thing. I was well forgiven, I.

"In any case, I captured the masterpieces of the people who had been troubling Grand Island, often!

Ah, well.No, it happens by chance. "

"Either way, whatever it was annoyed about for about two years. Whatever the reason, thank you for capturing the black curtain, on behalf of the guild. "

Thanks to Grave for giving me the right hand, I answered.

"But it was amazing that I did not have a tail for two years,"

"Because it was acting as a good slave queen ostensibly"

"Oh, if you hide the trees, do you feel like in the forest?"

Of course, there should have been sometimes saying that it is suspected … …How much it was hidden was clever enough. I heard that Mr. Grave is a recommended slave dealer.

"Although the end attackers were caught as much as possible, you can not reach the black screen inevitably. Although I was convinced by listening to the name of the person on the back. "

Ah, well.It seems that Earl of Quios is in the back. "

When I said so, Mr. Grave took a gesture like "suppressing" as "shit".

"There is only Lang's testimony, there is no evidence. I can not say anything wrong with nobleman. Keep it confidential for a while. "

「……(beeping) I know.

With Lang's testimony – how I was thinking for a while, but it was impossible after all. When considering the background of the era, it seems that the power of nobility seems to be strong.

Even if the commoners complain that they are black with their mouths aligned, they feel that they are going to be white if they say that the aristocracy is white.

– That's it. I will pass this before I forget it. "

I am handed over to a cloth drawstring bag as a matter of course.

Looking inside, there were about ten gold coins.

"What is this money?"

"It's a reward for capturing Lang. I asked Rose how to do it, I was asked to give it to Yuzuki in full. "


– Yes. Somewhat, I said that you are your master. "

"- Bu"

"What is it all about?"

Oh, no.That is, there are various things. "

It's too rough explanation – but I love you so much to death in Yundere:you remembered that you are the owner of SSS. Mr. Grave said, "I am struggling a lot … …."I murmured.

I mean, Rose 's guy. I would be in trouble if rumors arise that a nobleman's daughter is a slave of a commoner.

………………Do not worry? No way, I do not intend to spread it happily?

It seems likely. Let's stab a nail in the moment.

By saying, I decided to thank Mr. Grave for rewards and look for Rose.

Rose rose ……Uh, it's only Rose that wears a gothic dress, so it should be conspicuous ….There was. You are surrounded by adventurer men.

It sounds like I'm talking something, what on earth are you talking about?

"Rose, I'm wearing really cute clothes, is it somewhere else's lady?"

"I will leave it to your imagination."

……"Oh, my God……."「おぉう……」 I am selling something terrible lady aura. There is a cuteness of the image which is different from me when you come to celebrate with your older brother.

While watching, the conversation between Rose and the men progresses.

"Well then, is Rose doing with her boyfriend?"

"My boyfriend is unfortunate."

At the moment Rose responded, cheers are raised from men –

"But, my husband will do it."

In the words that were continued, the men had a look of surprise.

「……Is your husband Rose your slave? "

'Yes' Slaves are also slaves. Sex slave to respond to her honest requests. "

"Cho, Ooooooooooooooooo!"

I jumped from the back of Rose and blocked its mouth for feathering.

"Oh no ooooooo, what on earth are you saying !?"

I want to ask about an hour, but now it is not so much.

In front of the men who were squeezing to Rose, sexual slavery was confessed. I can not help it even if burned with a flame of jealousy, I see the men who are afraid.

/(conj) however/(P)/

"Hey, yuzuki!"

"Yuzuki said,"


"[ということは] /(exp,adv) (uk) that is to say/so that means/"Yandere? ""

At a glance, they broke away with Roses.

- Good job.Is it good to say? Something is quite unresolvable. Rose is a yandere, but unlike the yandere there, there is consideration also, is not it cute?

……Why are you thinking about why, I am.

Ma Yeah, OK.

"Rose, it's forbidden to call my slave."

Ehh? But did you told me to be mine? "

"I told you it's bad if you have bad loudspeakers, is not it Rose?"

"I do not have any problem with that?"

"Let's have a problem there … …."

Early, it is the eldest daughter of the Earls who rule this island. It is a big problem, to name her as a sexual slave of commoners.

……No, I do not think that it is a big problem even if you are not a nobleman's daughter.

"For the time being, it is forbidden to be a slave."


Rose which is scolded with a sharp mouth is cute ……

"Why are you so dissatisfied?"

"Because it is inconvenient if you can not say that there is a partner when you are being questioned."

I see…

……No, is it acceptable? I know I'm in trouble when being asked but what does it mean to say that I am a sex slave that I can use for my husband …?

No, no matter what, no matter what you think.

…alright. You can say that you are going out with me when asked just a little while ago. "

「……(laughs) You sure?

Rose looked up at me unexpectedly.

"Is it only when needed for men? It does not mean that you really go out with me? And you say the same to Claudia? "

– Yeah, please. Yuzuki's older brother! "

Although I say no, it is thought that this sentence is terrible by repeatedly putting on my body ….Rose was pleased. I want to thrust into whether it is okay.

Or say, even though Narashi, Claudia is the same who put on the body.

If one is alone, I also take responsibility manly ……I mean that. Masculine behavior in this case ……I wonder what I should do.

……Something, they seem to be trying to share me. If we say that it is manly to say taking responsibility by putting together two people ……A little doubtful.

No, this is a different world, I do not think we need to stick to masculinity separately. Somehow, if it gets shed here, I'm afraid that it will increase to a snowball style without an end.

My hope is to send slow life to pretty girls only.

"By the way Yuzuki's older brother, it looks like I'm looking for something?"

「Hmm? Because tomorrow is the day of our risen Lord. I received the reward that caught Lang, so I decided to divide it. "

"What, it is not necessary"

/(conj) (1) but/however/though/nevertheless/still/still

"The elimination of the group of people who are troubling this island is a request that Brad's offer. In other words, the majority of the reward is what the Brad family put out. So, I can not accept it. Do you think it is good to separate it from Claudia? "


Claudia 's parents house has been in financial trouble due to the harassment of Earl of Qaos. As a share of reward it would be saying that you could help through Claudia.

"If so, thank you for receiving it"

When I thank you, Rose gladly smiled.

"So Yuzuki's older brother will go to Claudia's parents' house now?"

"I'm planning that … ….Rose will also come with you, do not you? "

I came after chasing me, I naturally thought I intended to do that, but Rose shook her head pretty.

"I would also like to do so if I could. If Count Esquis intervened, it is necessary to carefully devise measures. I will consult with my mother in various ways. "

Ah, well.(LAUGHS) Yeah, yeah, I'll be like…

Footworks and something something is too light to forget, but Rose is an elder daughter. Needless to think, you can not do a journey all the time.

"If so, would you decide to contract to prevent me from escaping?"

It is the most bad thing to make Yandere feel uneasy, and I learned with Sylphy and I propose that way. But Rose shook his head as if he were alone.

– It's unnecessary. Also, if Yuzuki's brother is concerned, you can cancel the contract. "

– Honey.That's right, though. Do not you feel uneasy about me escaping? "

"I do not think so,"


"That, too …"

Once Rose cut the words, I got my lips with my ears.

「……Yuzuki's older brother, I will, I like … …./(ik) (exp) (1) (pol) seems/I think/I guess/I wonder/I hope/I hope

Whispered in my ear and throbbing.

But, obediently I feel like I lost something.

"That's right ……I do not deny, have I forgotten to be with Claudia? "

「Muu……」 Does that mean you forget about me? "

– Yes. FORGET I wish I had not come back for a long time. "

「……"Huh? It… it…

"Before I forget you, come back."

Rose opened his eyes – in the next moment I let her look happy.

"Well. I will come back to Yuzuki 's older brother soon! "

With such a thing, another action to counter the huge of Count Esquis.

Together with Claudia, I went to Claudia's home. Rose was to temporarily return home to Brad –

「……Well, consulting with your mother, Rose 's father? Or, the owner of the Brad family is Rose 's father, what is it? "

"Wow. The owner of the Brad family is a mother. So are you.That being said, I have been taken care of by my mother all the time. "

……Oh, guess.

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