I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe



The Australian A-level wind system to the protoss,

Mind a lot.

Secret places do not go wandering around,

Go out into the downtown area to run,

Also happen,

Just met a few guys who want to Duoqiang ventilation mind - Rem Zhengchou no fun to see it,

Result of the development of things make him surprise.

Zhang Yao will come today,

Is that a few people bad luck.

Major Chang's eyes appeared anxious,

Look to the young woman revealed concerns with anger, like a little doorway ah!

Rem immediately scrape together the past, he fell nothing definite bad thoughts,

Just want to take an valuable information, plus add points to China protoss trouble.

Rem determine their own messages in the book who get to wear the red dragon Major Chang's wife is a protoss space, in front of oriental girls obviously are ordinary people,

This is another case?

"It was too dangerous,

You should take a girlfriend to safety. "Rem'm sorry he will not speak Chinese, not a gentleman to be concerned about this young lady,

Help her boyfriend unreasonable blame.

Zhang Yao now want to drag this guy Jiuqi collar side.

That he did not live,

Out of a crowd of people,

Rem determined effort to catch dirty shirt collar,

Rage exclaimed: "farther away from my daughter!"

Rem under the eyes blink.

can understand,

This is great,

This seems to be the girl's father does.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this young lady frightened,

I just wanted to comfort her ...... "

Liangjun Rem's face shining directly to the punch.

He was fifty, and

His skill is not very neat, but what count, his son is still in front, is enough to see him lose it?

After Miss Zhang answered a God, did not hesitate to give this strange foreign - beaten senseless Rem almost unable to maintain the image that he wants to push people away, the results just raised his arm, leg also endured a foot people looking for a spot of trouble.

She has little strength, multi-Rem did not feel pain, but his face burning, this feeling of losing face make him angry.

"Major Chang, Chinese people are like this to help treat their own people?"

"We generally deal with such people nothing good." A gentle, cultured voice said.

Rem said was very simple and obvious, this sentence Li Fei can still cope.

Miss Zhang covered her mouth to smile, found himself looking down the skirt cracks bad to the thigh, instant head to lift up, Zhang Yao quickly put this off her big coat to wear.

Rem angry stare at these people come here "trouble" the.

Beat his fist was the girl's father, next to his face fear and concern is that the girl's mother, and that the wearing camouflage uniforms, who looks good than Major Zhang? Girl's brother?

Jane was again overlooked Hua, Li Fei stood in silence not far behind.

Jane China first discovered Rem is a Class A protoss, had thought Rem revolver with a group of people, but also Dingsi him, the results of this guy just ran to the victims gallant? The idea of ​​a soap opera set to be more than a simple Hua immediately think of Rem is the opportunity to know the girl, and so heard Li Fei said the stepdaughter who is Liangjun,After her sister Zhang Major, he speculated believe this.

Li Fei did not refute, though he thought it was a coincidence.

Even if it is a conspiracy, the other is not necessarily directed at Major Zhang, the day after the star's daughter, CEO of entertainment this identity, how to listen to are more suitable to find Li Fei.

Rem turned his head, his expression of anger is a panoramic view of Li Fei, while the heart of a contempt: too, is not rushed themselves, which lump did not recognize her at first sight.

Looks like the Chinese people can not tell foreigners, especially Westerners prosopagnosia pain in identifying Asians, not the face of deep facial features, no three-dimensional facial contours, is likely to change shape to recognize people a.

Otherwise, how can we not see some similarities with his sister on Major Chang looks of it?

"Zhang Major, I need to return home, ask you to arrange as soon as possible!" Rehm said, while staring fiercely Li Fei.

"Do not bother, Red Dragon has received a meeting request from the United States, the world summit on the protoss will soon be held in ...... Pacific seas."

Rem subconsciously revealing an ironic smile, he was surprised and said: "Really a pity, I heard two Chinese S protoss missing, and you have not contacted??"

In Rem think about it, the Balrog black deep tissue ambitious, Li Fei Long since out of the red by Juzhu monitoring of his world, how could run back? Place for the development of the power of the world too much, such as the Middle East, such as some war-torn African small country, such as South America again.

China protoss and more what's the use ah, a spider, the people toss gone, leaving Zhang Yao now support a person overall. Zhang Yao now that differences can be more useful in the real world, to the abandonment of the world people do not have a gun thermal weapon, water will be a fire or something, the Major Chang will find no way out, Zhang Yao's ability to put it nicely today called metal control, in fact, only interference limited to manufacture precision metal components, no ability to rub the pile of metal rubbing it into a tank full of it.

He did not mention this capability, even if there are not major Zhang made tanks, if he can shaping ideas, but also the arms factory production line dry

What? One can talk to high-precision molds than you?

Protoss is another powerful man, not a substitute for other high-tech products.

Devourer why the powerful, not that he can "enclosure"?

Rem gloating over this Zhang Yao, Zhang Maj without blinking an eye, but my mind was to laugh.

"You are too bother, these things already arranged for our country."

Chinese people like to hide upon her muffled fortune, however, is the kind of Rem finds someone guilty, the more people want to step on the kicks, he will have a few ironic when, suddenly felt a tight vamp.

White filaments spread to the side, talk to these people, of course, in looking at new flavors mushrooms grain reserves.

Rem shocked, suddenly skipped a few somewhat fragile that ripped the mycelium, looked around nervously.

"I'm sorry, one did not look out, it ran you over there." Li Fei your hands, his shoulders tummy's hyphae at the same time lift up "looked," Rem.

Rem eyes wide like a ghost is met.

He carefully identified, and finally found this Oriental familiar where we are."Balrog, you ......"

If it were not specifically studied, Li Fei even the Balrog could not understand English, after all, this is not a common vocabulary.

He hook a finger, shake off rem and those mycelium is skyrocketing, pause at all toward the Li Fei - Fei Li mushroom is of course not control, they just chose a more delicious.

In Rem view, Balrog already mastered part of the mushroom, expect China S protoss two cracks appeared impossible. Rem heart cursed, he had heard that the holy doors to Chinese organized sabotage things, but also obstruct awakening the Balrog, Balrog went to the assassination, what ultimately are Meiban Cheng?

Rem was still upset, a dangerous feeling in my heart.

Very hot, like standing next to the stove - not standing crater.

Step back and looked at the alert after Rem fear Li Fei, "field" is completely covered, so that his abilities field directly reduced by half, the body instinct urged him to run away as soon as possible.

This is the S-Class with Class A gap?

Rem again take a step back, said nothing, and hurried along the Red Dragon of people left, run fast.

Zhang Yao this with a straight face: ......

Enigmatic feel comfortable, like the open front door of US warships, dingy and withdraw the same.

Jane China plays in the background throughout the board, he found intimidate people in this manual labor, or Li Fei has done decent, actor when needed acting is always a panacea.

Good gossip Liang Jun, looking thoughtfully, already know what such words from the dialogues in. In contrast Miss Zhang is still bewildered, I did not have to listen to understand.

"How home?" Major Chang turned to comfort from his mother.

Mrs. Liang Jun is kidnapped quality adult daughter thing spooked, and quickly let her go home.

"This trouble was how long? Where is the security in the end?"

"...... not much longer." Zhang Maj look complicated.

Li Fei quietly thinking "Global protoss conference" Zhang Yao now mentioned in the sea? In case what happened, do not let the boat drift back to a mushroom composed of land it?

"There are other considerations in this regard." Zhang Yao explained this sentence.

A large number of high-order protoss gathered, it is easy to enter the world again abandoned, monster flock, no matter where meetings are enormous destruction of that city, which country are reluctant.

S-class water protoss died at sea has become a good choice.

"In addition to the high seas, you can only choose a desert."

"Desert very good." Li Fei nodded.

Major Chang surprised a moment, whispered reminder:. "A level of no more than protoss soil series, there is no A-level wind system protoss"

In the desert, these two attributes most convenient.

Li Fei asked: "So what?"


Wind speed mushroom, mushrooms are not afraid of building materials terrain change, followed by the growth deformation.

"There is water protoss protoss with space enough." Li Fei calm and said, What mushrooms are good that they can not eat.

After watching the Major Chang was not right then, Jane Hua secretly with mycelium Li Fei pulled down, knowing the latter, along with a few Liangjun asked a situation at home, he told Jane that all safe to leave China together .

"Why the desert?"

Out of the crowd, Jane can not understand China to ask.

"There it is above the hole." Li Hua Fei hold down Jane's hand, look complicated, "if anything happened, we still have an escape route."

"I need eyes to see, before we know it empty at the close situation."

If forced into the hole, and finally get out, the problem is serious.

"This is something you do not have to worry about ...... Ganzhou hole in the road, you forgot?"

Jane Hua Wensheng moment, then react, it was one of the earliest hollow, just make sure that there are at empty, even if it is experiencing an energy future-oriented instrument, forced expulsion from this world, there are a fixed channel let the mushrooms to get it back.

"I understand, we find a way to go there to look at."

"A star day entertainment director, has a private jet, as long as we have good communication problems with the route of the Red Dragon, can not affect the transport of disaster relief aircraft, Ganzhou yourself go."

Red Dragon please arrange a pilot, then put "amulet" Corgi, this thing is not difficult.

Jane China immediately agreed, and on the plane to the day he learned that the plane was

"Expropriation" of the aircraft, who is the father of Dong Gongzai. Go to France to see the fashion week plus a beach vacation when the father and son abandoned the world comes, and now is dead or alive do not know yet, the original director Li Fei want to pit sum plan, useless on.

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