I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe

Way out

Way out

The sky is no longer lit,

Under overcast night,

Wind brought the distant roar of the monster.

Even the lights are afraid to open a small pickup,

Carefully traveling on the road.

Top compartment covered with several layers of thick canvas,

Metal railings on both sides of a manual welding,

The car was filled with an unpleasant odor,

Source corner is stacked a pile of plastic bags kraft paper wrap things,

Blood slowly oozing from the inside.

A young protoss disgust glanced paper bag, touched his empty stomach, tangled asked: "Ma Shu,

You inquire about the news right? The military base, eat cooked food? "

"How you talk, people of the country but also less? Do not worry about the fire department protoss ......"

Machang uncle was a dark-skinned middle-aged man, much like doing manual labor,

There are palm rough thick calluses,

He seemed to these people's leader, his face smiling,

Then he squatted Pi Kali safest position.

Those bumps can not stand the protoss,

Sitting near the rear of the vehicle with the vents.

Them more or less hung up stippling,

Even girls are unkempt,

Cheeks also paste a few more mud mark,

Everyone is a frightened look,

Hands tightly holding a sharp object.

Some knives, some less than half reinforcing bar, or even individual holding a bottle opener.

They are separated from each other for some distance,

This experience is abandoned church in the world difficult to survive on their experience,

Tightly side by side with others, if they attacked two people are finished.

Abandoned dangerous world in order to survive, people are forced to rely on the strength of groups hold together, but people are more frightening than monsters, protoss who alert each other, both can not wait to sleep with one eye open.

For most protoss, the world is no family, no friends, no acquaintances trustworthy - lonely alive, as nascent as primitive.

"The army is not only the fire department there protoss, protoss water there too!"

Cooked food, clean drinking water, can lay on a soft bed without fear of being attacked monster, a paradise on earth but also the case.

Protoss they are exposed on the pickup eager eyes, hope the rumors are true, and fear does not match with the facts.

"We have a horse t take the time, people do not believe it is not there, he said the hands of the military have guns, no amount of material reserves and does not come with, soldier own rations were not enough, the pipe where we live or die."

Ma Shu hum from the nose loudly: "There is no conclusive news, I'm with you most of the day walking the highway, braving the risk of being eaten by the monster came Haicheng?"

"You old vision ......"

"Put your genteel word close up. What's not to mention vision, only to see the group of protoss ran Haicheng go ...... you've ever seen, wearing black badges of group of guys."

"Black deep?" Everyone was surprised.

Abandoned by the world appeared for a long time, all kinds of bluffing name of the first gang, fraternity taking too faster than springing up, but these organizations as long as the slightly larger scale, you will encounter the "door to introduce ourselves" people. Phnom Penh wearing black badges,Older different, have in common is the monster very understanding, but also to get some confidential information, welcome to those who can afford very popular with different small groups.

Others have tried posing as "deep black" people, usually quickly exposed, deep black-organized, and each wanted to get into the black abyss protoss need a referral, but also to pass the examination. Even adding deep black, but also outside, wearing a badge is not qualified, difficult to snoop into what confidential.

There are rumors that there is a lot of deep black background.

"I hope abandoned after the end of the world, the army will not put us arrested."

This is the protoss are most afraid of things, back to reality to jail, how to deal with parents, with friends?

Ma Shu a small cut in his mouth cigarette butts, his long sigh: "You are not asked to enter a few days ago was abandoned by the world, in this damn place to be in town for a whole month sea monsters are everywhere?. we are weak, defensible few days? "

Then the wheels rolling to like something, suddenly jump up.

Car protoss extremely nervous, scared to look out at the dark sky.

"How is it, I do not let you down mushroom Cong open?"

"Yes ...... But Ma Shu, you look at both sides of the road."

Of course all the trees on both sides of the road, because suffered a monster attack damage cross bar on the highway, street seems to have gone, visibility is very low, trunks and their shadows together into one.

Ma Shu can not drive, he can not see around the middle of the night, I just feel a burst of palpitations, which is eyeing the feeling of what the monster -

"That's not a tree!" Pi Kali has a protoss screaming uncontrollably.

How there will be more than 10 meters on both sides of the highway trees, If I run across corners, do not block the view?

Panic in the driver opened the headlights illuminate the road ahead, and standing silently in the street - mushrooms!

All pale and stunned.

They do not know when the headquarters moved into mushrooms, mushroom this road runs through the jungle, just like someone deliberately opened up the safe passage along the road to hold up the huge cap, up to five-storey building.

Some of which are top of the mushrooms, dry arms hanging monster with the body, the night see people the creeps.

It seems to be stimulated light, front cap slowly turned sideways, toward the car stuck mycelia extending over the pickup. Like a giant mushroom mycelium thick rope, hit head on a road like a whip, you can put the car pits them apart.

"Ah ah ah!" The driver stepped on the accelerator with closed eyes.

"Calm down, you fool!"

Mycelium even as the number of channels "roadblocks" to force the vehicle deceleration, lasso-shaped "rope" to the cars lose one, the final pickup floating body, the whole was hung up, idling wheels crazy.

Protoss panic seized carriage plate, followed by involuntary body body tilt.

Mycelium bluntly that the thickness of the ceiling lift the cloth covering, snake swim into the car, the car will be handed to the "Search" again. Carefully "sniff" the blood of oil wrap Jin Zhao, found that these are "own" eat the remaining dregs, mushrooms immediately lose interest, will shift the focus to the protoss body.

Though they had close contact with mushrooms, also suffered binding hyphae,But with mycelium mycelium, the difference is also great! Thinner than a human hair, can be ignored, so wide noodles, people my heart, until the roads in front of this thing appeared thickness sized plush, and my heart almost affordability man weak at the knees.

Fortunately, all pile out to kill the monster who did not spot syncope in the past.

Between positive and horror, followed by highway uploaded to the car horn.

"What is the situation, how blocked in front?"

"...... do not come, there are mushrooms!" Here people on board voice trembling.

"Of course there are mushrooms, which are a few kilometers near the site mushrooms!" People in the car behind said snappily.

Otherwise, the Red Dragon base gathered so many protoss, in the eyes of the monster it not tasty Feast table?

"Ah? Haicheng license, you are what people come here to do?"

Modified pickup truck behind the roof was blown fly, a few protoss pale face, looking woodenly behind the mycelium bike off-road vehicles also tied up, hanging high place in parallel with them.

Undifferentiated mycelia of them had a "search."

Compared to this side of the lethargic, off-road vehicle people seem more relaxed, leaning against the seat and let the wind rake mycelium, one accustomed to look.

"Black, black badge." Protoss woman next to Ma Shu saw signs of deep black.

Wearing a badge is a little younger, eight teeth smile, looks to show off a little more ordinary qualities, let them feel the horse tertiary care about other people on board is wearing a camouflage.

"We want to go ...... we heard a base near here, the military stationed."

Which both looked hungry eyes, deep black young man nodded, prolonged tone asked: "? Your identity registered yet."


"I mean, you being a protoss register with the state had its own identity?"

"......" This is something hidden too late, but also take the initiative to the police report?

"There is no information on the trouble, because the identity of household registration information to query only the real world, those who can afford different registration messages of people have a special handwritten on base, you do not, you can not enter the base, can only live in the periphery. Oh, is the so-called peripheral mushrooms makeshift tent. "

Several protoss on pickup hesitantly.

Mushrooms search ended, the mycelium slowly release, the two cars back on the road, they are holding off-road car turned out the bodies of several dead monsters, excitedly left.

"Hey, these guys really suffer, not fresh, they do not eat." Murmured the young black abyss.

Mushroom extract the power of monster body, not devour flesh, died for a long time the bodies of power has dissipated, they certainly will not take another look.

"You're not responsible for this live it?" Drove the Red Dragon crew laugh, "we all know."

"I have not fed the radius of several kilometers mushroom ah, eat mushrooms outside, inside still hungry!"

This young man is the black abyss of Yang Chao, his heart also existed one thing, Li Fei recently hinted his control range with the number of mushrooms.

This is something that is hard to say simply is not so easy to get mushroom forest near the base of Red Dragon, only the edges have food to eat,Those inside the mycelium runs out of energy will disappear, eat outside mushroom mycelium separated and extended back, go up and eliminate reasonable cycle. The problem is that mushroom running around, stopped all no stopping, so that mushrooms are not open new sites, harder than a drug addict.

"Car to keep up!"

Yang Chao bike toward the pickup call a cry.

Surrounded by mushrooms, these protoss have no choice but to shiver driver holding the steering wheel, careful to keep up with the off-road vehicles.

Highway disappearing, more and more bumpy road, sometimes bending the roundabout as if the maze.

When the current side appears bright lights, protoss on pickup clear no one can say exactly where the Red Dragon base, they have even a truck can not tell.

Warm lighting, wind floated barbecue flavor, so that they aroused.

Wait until near the base of the door, Ma Shu, who surprised to find a lot of cars parked here, a rough count, there are at least dozens of protoss gathered here, some people line up to register, some people cook things around cauldron, and pulled a hammock to sleep in the mushroom handle the following, very lively.

Off-road vehicles drive straight, allowed to enter the heavily guarded gates of the base.

A peculiar shape similar to an hourglass two high bronze sculpture erected at the door

, First came to the protoss do not understand, ask someone whispered.

"Timing with ......"

Bronze mechanical arm with a dull sound of the impact, everyone quiet down, stop motion eat something, who is speaking dispute straightened up, and looked melancholy and loss.

People wearing camouflage uniforms climbed the base of the mushroom barricaded the door two houses on stilts, hanging from the iron into the card 8 from the number 7.

- Haicheng into the whole world abandoned the eighth day.

Base vehicle door from time to time over there, some horses t hear such news protoss, there come from other cities passing messages Red Dragon team members.

The car was severely damaged, and seriously injured lift down from the car, they run around the city for several days to Tatsumi, numerous dangerous encounters along the way, get ready and then fully, the total time spent ammunition, not to mention accidents everywhere.

Zhang major office wall hangs a map, circled in red pen range is growing.

"The current policy is to hold the base as much as possible to protect ordinary protoss, keeping the International Liaison ......" Zhang Yao now paused, looked at the people in the room, "This is the entire planet into the abandoned world, where the original duration the time is one year, who is going to tell you who swallow this news with the Balrog? "

Everyone turned to look thin uniform code albatross.

Zhao: ......

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