I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe

love letter

love letter

Tian Geng listening to the cell phone came the busy tone,

Face distorted.

His body weakness,

Drawn to the arm twitching slightly,

And his face takes on a strange plainer.


Your boss is really a cold person,

In addition to orders,

He had no exchanges with you? "

Two fingers carrying a cell phone,

Tian Geng on the ear of people Guaishengguaiqi laughed, his Chinese actually made it slip, no foreigner kind of awkward accent.

tall and big,

Wearing a gray sports jacket, face with online video explosion fire in exactly the same, decorated with feathers, sequins large masks,

And painted his face under the paint.

Since the end of the call,

Unlock the phone back to the standby page.

Dr. Tian Geng crazy not forced to unlock the phone, he would open the cell phone case,

Remove the phone jammed into a small bring their own instrument, the

Soon the screen lights up,

"Insert a new phone,

Require a password to unlock "

The bottom right of the screen pops up a small English interface,

He began a frenzied operation.

"Very effective gizmo, which can effectively prevent phone card issues a warning to replace the new card to your mailbox, but also added a password error can be infinitely cute little plug ......" Dr. mad holding arm,

Smiling, looking down at Geng Tian.

Here it is covered with pine avenue.

When the five minutes ago Geng Tian passed by,

Roadside two empty beer cans suddenly emitted a taste of choking fog, happened to pass by the dog walking upright man fell to the ground, the dog nor a movement.

Geng Tian closed his breathing out of the fog, a vine come up tightly tied to his feet.

Followed by mycelium jump out of the sewer, excitedly toward the vines, mushrooms but also brings the opposite effect, they instinctively wrapped Tian Geng this delicious protoss.

Geng Tian protoss violence properties, he forcibly ripped vines with mushrooms, desperately ran out - breath was short-lived, trapped mushrooms trouble - more mycelium rushed to embrace, the final estimate Tian Geng after the gas is not blown his side, he quickly breath of air, when you want against the enemy in the dark, he fell.

When finished tear vines mycelium remained green liquid, wrapped mushrooms Geng Tian, ​​through skin contact, Geng Tian penetrated into the body.

Geng Tian's face was numb, tingling Watch sharp brain through the benevolence of the facial nerve.

When the protoss attack requires willpower, spirit can not concentrate, pain like fire, Geng Tian tried to fight it, because he struggled road all the action occurs long cracks.

Unfortunately, he struggled greater ability to think not only engulf instinctive mushrooms Chande more tightly.

Mycelium flattered Geng Tian who enjoy runaway abilities, eat a few bites later found it seems to be an acquaintance (grain II), then it stopped no further "pit teammates."

Geng Tian splitting headache, cold sweat soaked his clothes, as if he felt faint, but also like their teeth over a period of time, labored looked up, surprised to find the street car are released because of his unconscious powerful abilities whole deformed.

He can not stand, his mind buzzing.Geng Tian lived in the house more remote, in fact there are only less than half an hour away from the urban area far from the sea Red Dragon Haicheng base, which is near the new district, and not many people moved in, in the evening near nine have barely see what sort of person.

Geng Tian found movement on this road of no note, he endured headaches touch phone.

- There is an urgent telephone dial button on the phone, press down, someone would know that he was attacked.

"A protoss, 'Ursa Major' ...... Hello, first time we met."

A man wearing a mask of exaggerated slowly came, tore his mask, revealing his face wiped under the blue and white paint, like a carnival clown.

This image just like with Tian Geng watched videos.

Who can paint mask counterfeiting, but suddenly appeared, belonging to the high-order S-Class would not be able protoss breath of fraud. Mycelium quickly rushed past, a man slow to come up with little things like a pen, press down the switch, instant strong sense of smell has disappeared.

Hyphae lose goal breath, "prey" do not resist, they lazily pulled away.

Geng Tian heart shock, he got into XX Ming Bai Honglong Washington-site rescue team of people, can not find the attackers - after a large-scale attack on the vines, mushrooms shore up the building collapsed, should be within the range that tied the owner of mycelium inert serious, especially after eat. Ordinary people can get out, want higher-order protoss fled the scene in a timely manner is difficult.

After just three hours, the mad doctor began a second attack?

Geng Tian mind's eye of countless thoughts, he suspected someone betray themselves, but in addition to part the Red Dragon team members with Li Fei, no one knew his address.

"Geng, my real game tonight."

Dr. weird crazy laugh, he opened his arms triumphantly said, "Let me guess what you're thinking, who betrayed you? No, no, no such people! Ye protoss ah, get even a powerful force, or as shallow ignorance, contempt science. "

Tian Geng ranging response, he said, eagerly: "Oh ...... Haicheng, in addition to this

Outside the nation's capital, it is the most prosperous city, my luck is really good, ten days found two Class A protoss breath! Praise God damn, I want to know the little Italian half a circle, to find a prey. "

Dr. crazy bomb under his fingers, wearing ordinary linen gloves, watched with interest Geng Tian becomes distorted faces: "Welcome to enjoy this the hard way, you refused anesthetic gas ejected beer, choose hell Oh! toxins nerve palsy, I inject it into a plant ...... three hours before the experiment demonstrates the characteristics of mushrooms. you know, I like these cute chubby little thing. they are so enthusiastic, good appetite, vines not be eaten toxins affect, look at this smooth body ...... Oh, and change the transparency. "

If there swarm of bees buzzing in the ears, Tian Geng feel that they have lost control of facial muscles, lose control body, his head is chaos.

Then his cell phone rang, Geng Tian, ​​this is a special ring.Li Fei Tian Geng want to remind Dr. mad is not a true madman, Washington attacks XX event is just a crazy experiment Dr. ......

Dr. Tian Geng crazy pulled the phone from his pocket, looked at the Caller ID is a "boss" of this remark, his mouth hangs a strange smile, he said softly:. "You are smart and know how to do it."

The phone is switched on, Geng Tian heard the familiar voice on the phone over there.

His tongue is also a little paralysis, slow vague to say the sentence: "? Boss, what do"

Handsfree key is turned on, Dr. Li Fei crazy heard the same voice.

Li Fei indifferent and quickly gave an order Geng Tian, ​​the phone was hung up, Dr. crazy exaggeration to become the mouth open type O, then hypocritically Geng Tian Unfortunately, it is ready to pull out the phone card to decipher passwords.

Tian Geng body sideways half lying on the ground, there is a holster on his right leg, he could not be found Dr. mad.

Dr. crazy seems to be no kind of captive soldiers searched the habit, he looked like a work of art appreciation Geng Tian, ​​maliciously waiting for each other in the eyes exposed emotion of fear.

"...... Chinese characters really troublesome, the words on the incoming call screen, does not seem to Haicheng, luck ...... fastest rescue your people where, what time to get to it?" Dr. mad regret shook his head.

Tian Geng efforts to maintain sobriety, he bite the tongue and bloody.

Deform the case of roadside car suddenly launched into a mad doctor, raising his hand, Geng Tian endured attacks emanating headache so off the air, falling in the car more than ten meters outside the green belt, fuel tank leak, winds gasoline strong.

Followed by car exploded, the blast dash Geng Tian repeatedly rolling, rolling on the ground also Dr. crazy laugh.

Geng Tian rely on secondary reading ability, and finally pulled. Out of the gun, his hand shaking badly, eyes black, choking smoke he could barely breathe.

After the shot, Tian Geng lost consciousness.


Haicheng Military Hospital.

Zhang Yao this with people hurried out of the elevator, immediately shut Ling meet up with the report on the situation behind him:. "Burn a scene of wreckage, debris some unknown instrument parts, as well as a Geng Tian apply for self-defense pistol, bullets and shell casings were found, he did not hit the enemy, also found no suspects suspected mad Dr. according to the description of the scene caught up in the masses, he saw beer cans came out of white gas, and then to a coma. "

"Geng Tian how about?"

"Very optimistic, his facial nerve necrosis, if not treated in time, there may be parts of the brain tissue damage, suspect that the use of a neurotoxin an osmotic, the scene of the explosion could not find remnant."

Zhang Yao can now frowned a mosquito to death: "the madman is how to find the Tian Geng, one can say by accident, twice a night, his body instruments to detect high-order protoss energy intensity."

Haicheng is a city with a million people in the bustling city, the Red Dragon of record protoss table, there are several folders with the instrument is not enough, I'm afraid Dr. mad body detection instrument only for advanced protoss.

"We are still at the scene found a letter, confirming the mad doctor who knew before the start goal is."Guan Ling took out a plastic bag loaded with evidence, and gave Maj Zhang handed him a pair of sheer gloves.

After Zhang Yao today while walking becomes open the e-mail such as letters of invitation, there is a line outside the European sealed letter, Zhang major side head, behind his little brother wearing a military uniform with a glance at once translated: "is the French, 'cause beauty from afar '. "

Zhang next major tremor.

Outer seal is opened, there is a computer print out the Chinese letters header is 'I took Mr. heartbeat' inscribed 'a madman', the content is offensive, the whole chapter is like copying the "Romeo and Juliet "nauseating excerpts of the confession, barely translate what is probably the" how much you have to be different, I come all the way to pursue you, you let me down. "

"...... Who is he talking about?"

Guan Ling sympathetic glance self-deception Major Chang, in order not to offend the boss, she said vaguely:. "Anyway, not Geng Tian"

Of course, how can there be "pursuing" the whole people have facial nerve necrosis!

Geng Li Fei Tian was once a bodyguard, so is it -

"It should be engulfed by it!"

"I think, take away the heart of what, in fact, refers killed his brief China."

Since those who have worn the book, almost all higher-order protoss know how the dead.

"In order to take revenge, deep attack black people?"

"But Corgi did not provoke him ah!"

Zhang Yao nu heard today


Silenced the crowd, Zhang Yun major semi weather, this opening and asked: "What? Jane Li Fei and China is now the trend is"

"They are Huaicheng came from, Geng Tian news of the accident, Li Fei is the first time we notice. Not far from the site of the incident Haicheng military control zone, I suspect Dr crazy to stay in China for a while or if he has Haicheng had been there, have some understanding of this. "Guan Ling next added," round and round live in the district in the city center, there is a world abandoned by coincidence point appears fixed, while Geng Tian live in places far away from our base Dr. mad they might really find by accident. "

This is probably the best result, or is Red Dragon or Black deep level there is a problem.

"Major Chang, the letter ......" next to the Red Dragon team members consulted.

Zhang Yao felt a headache today, he can not imagine the reaction Jane China after receiving the challenge to this book (Love Letter). Oh, and Li Fei.

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