I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe

Secret Love

Secret Love

Star Sky Entertainment New Year's Eve shooting ignited.

Photos appeared on the Internet, including bullet holes in the windows, messy venue, podium and fragmented.

"Insider" also revealed a chandelier and filled crossbow. Arrows organs thing,

Sensational news one by one,

Entertainment people have come forward to denounce these vicious murders,

Reporters who ran all night news.

Those hundreds of thousands of fans of entertainment gossip No. No. marketing,

The true start of the news burst out one by one. Some of them are star-day entertainment public relations push hands,

Trying to guide public opinion. Some took the money Mitsuyo Group

Blackwater's to be fresh Liangjun body splash.

Liangjun in the industry is a relatively low-key person.

Although his career,

Happy family, there is a winner in life uppercase template, but he is neither the richest man,

No one errant son, daughter, not a big star. These days, people Starchaser it, even some powder idol which company do not know,

Will not know the president looks round is flat.

Mitsuyo Group, this is not going to see a joke,

Adding insult to injury, he broke the news is full of articles suggesting that high-level corruption Star-day style entertainment,

And wide as the General Administration of trading power for money,

Which has a son named director of D,

The number of small models starlets slept in the number of them,

The "disobedient" was blocked. Article blind make up a "Dream Star break,

Attempted suicide, "the actress,

Also fabricated to abandon her boyfriend, broke off relations with her parents, how to be more sensational sensational,

Every word refers to the entertainment industry are black. Curtain. At first glance wide of the mark,

But it is thought to be attracted to the public offsets!

Star-day entertainment company executives had not clean → → actress committed suicide in despair Is victims desperate?

It was suggested that this argument was quickly informed users Kuangpen meal: victims even snipers gun can put it out, in line with the image of "desperate victim" of it?

Mitsuyo Group found that bad, put the topic turned to unpopular CEO Liang Jun, the company infighting, chandeliers and filled organs such things, obviously only insiders can do!

The pinch point, we found nothing to debate.

Light dark world of people rubbing of the hot focus and go to the last out of the waiter who literally give people wear a "have difficulties" hat, brainwashing yell, "Why do not you kill someone happens to find Liangjun" , no matter where's the gun, the waiter true identity of what is, anyway, not hover fly eggs, called the long-standing grudges!

Entertainment was not any other president was assassinated!

Whenever something, to find fault in the victim who - Mitsuyo this hand be pinch quasi most of the brain does not call the shots of people Vital, public opinion suddenly become complicated.

Distressed own idol frightened, injured in the stampede of fans, but also because of the message can not be the murderer, to look to Liangjun body. Character excited directly scolded, calm and rational pink felt-day entertainment stars have not shirk its responsibility, at least change the chandelier, murderer disguised waiter such a thing, the real deal is the company's management is not strict cause.

Can so easily into the mix, with the president today is any grudges, hatred tomorrow into the brain remnants how to do their own idols?Absolutely not! protest!

Star-day entertainment company's security and management injustice to cry.

Responsible for cleaning chandelier cleaning services company, working with them for many years. If the first wash, for fear of being destroyed chandelier stared normal, but washed so many times, washing installation and acceptance achievement came on the line, who will supervise the whole people how to clean a chandelier? Cleaning services include high-altitude Cabo it, it does not also followed hang out hair?

As for the venue hall poisoned himself waiter, is not a stranger to sneak! Is the company's dancers to artists! These days, waiting for the debut of the new so high, a condition common no features, young people will be jumping hip-hop, do not mix early. This is a long time people seek personal gain, only to groan a chance to enter the venue waiter, it was my heart laughed, but no one doubts. Who would have thought a good for nothing, and humble young man is a killer, still day entertainment star spent six months?

Found that afterwards, the tube with a small group of no-name broker dancers, shocked when they heard the last spot. As he has not involved the case, days of entertainment stars do not know, because the relevant competent personnel, including cleaners, were the police cooperate with the investigation, please go.

Star Sky Entertainment bitter could not say.

Seeing Liangjun held hostage in a black hat, carrying a pot, the people almost come to be poured dirty water when drowning, PR people finally found the opportunity to overturn public opinion - get very little from those of the president of powder there inspiration.

Online overwhelming curse, president of powder flustered ah, to go out a few vindication was not an ocean shot back, keep on fighting.

None of them, speak no sound, but the days of entertainment stars have public relations ah!

CEO hair alopecia areata, a half face black and gray paste, photo reporters were besieged inside hanging on the topic, read all hurt the eyes! This is certainly not the president of the hands Amway powder hard saved resources used to buy immediately begin marketing numbers long microblogging "My search for a president who has been blind bright," "Star Chosen CEO is to see the face of it "" reverse the growth miracle, as the years knifed not move him. "

Forwarding the amount of instant blowout.

Pinch frame, curse, half died down, ran to admire their president powder collection for many years.

No way, this world to see the face.

Many photos from Liangjun open the door, talking to people in a corner of the awards show, with other film and television giants conversation ...... capture results comparable to professional studio POSE, put this quality artists who are not all there is.

Everyone will come back New Year's Eve night speech video, literally from the surrounding dark, light to see a bunch of style in view of distant Liangjun face, of course, reporters shot with lighting design was criticized on the day.

Overnight, executive director of the "red" all over the river north and south, many photos boarded the headlines.

Ah, but also red than most satellite-day entertainment company signed artists! Name became hot microblogging, carrying major shaking the victim of heat, the search rate is climbing, exclusive browsing data entry turned countless times.

President of powder all dumbfounded, they entertain themselves squatting circle cold, who did not think this day, many looked long microblogging people rushed to put their years of difficult birth of a small piece,Raven, resources are all swept away.

And then blink of an eye, is overwhelming graphic with scripts.

Food is too fast, too unreal.

The most frightening thing is that increased the speed of light inside the newcomers accept "Jun Fei" There are at least half the output of the CP are also concentrated in this body.

The president of the unspoken rules actor black spots, Mitsuyo Group did not think, until they react immediately to the hot black, black results of their efforts are very hard, a lot of people criticize, but Meng said more people to events ...... bizarre trend, public opinion towards an unknown direction bolted away, nine head of cattle can not pull back.

Zhang Yao heard this rumor, bad spot to squeeze a pen.

As for Li Fei, the winner being mixed feelings watching his fanatical powder, angry protests man of God lying gun thing.

"What Jun Fei! Nonsense! Dean nor blind eye, people are more than fifty of the president!"

"We need to Dean rule, joke, he can unspoken rules someone else!"


Li Fei reflexively look to the kitchen Jane China.

- What are the unspoken rules, simplified Chinese probably will not agree.

Noon to brief Chinese community small supermarket to buy some fruits and vegetables, as well as toothbrush cups and other daily necessities, has been busy up to now, Li Fei can not determine if they read these rumors came back online.

Think of the national intelligence agency kidnapped over the assassination, the result of a sudden, so follow-up, is enough.

Half an hour later, in the face of table dishes Li Fei, China actively suggesting that Jane appeared on the Internet "strange remarks."

Contrary to expectations winner, Jane China actually has brushed microblogging know this.

The owner of the house fiddle Braised shrimp with chopsticks, casually said: "! Who told you to have publicly declared crush, like others said the other."

Who is worth a crush on actor does not say?

At that time a lot of guessing a married woman who guess the know straight men. Now a control, in addition to sex with older, Liangjun is consistent with this condition, "suddenly realized" to many people.

"In order to block Xiao Yaqin, you casually Luanche, now eat the bitter fruit ......"

Li Fei looked strange, pretending question: "? Xiao Yaqin"

"How, in addition to her who else haunt you down?"

Hua Jane seriously recalled under the relevant Li Fei scandal, many female stars, not one male artist, Xiao Yaqin be regarded as a one of the most persistent, bursts of speculation is necessary to remind the public, except her relationship with Li Fei general.

Pearl Hotel explosion, Xiao Yaqin sent labeling with Lee Fei said she went to the open house. Star-day press conference on the third day of entertainment, Li Fei has a crush on exposed lipped, public opinion is not clear what Xiao Yaqin get rid of that?

Jane China is not interested in this matter, he asked down to business: "Identity waiter and sniper found yet?"

"This is something how should I say, not attacked Star Sky Entertainment CEO, planned the assassination of a chain nor the CIA." Li Fei like riddles like that he's slowly peeled from shrimp.

Dish certainly not the level of the hotel chef, but homely standards, that may be enough.

"You learned cooking?" Li Fei inserted an aside, are now fewer people will cook, not to mention their circle of people this is a work day and night,Li Fei so far only female star will see some soup, or bake cookies dessert.

"I never learned, cooking classes tuition fees, eat on the line." Jane China does not hide his poverty.

In front of a sports car winner of eight digits, most people are poor, not missing him.

"No American intelligence agencies, is frame-up in other countries fish in troubled waters?"

"Red Dragon news, snipers holding a US passport to China, with weapons like the CIA, but a tattoo of a scorch mark on the shoulders of the corpse, according to analysis of the residual pattern, much like a mafia organization in Mexico tags. "

Jane Hua Wensheng frown, not in the mood to eat asked: "? The waiter it."

"Employees are not official days of entertainment stars, singers dancers to small, occasionally pick MV role in foil. Registration information is South Korea came back. I'd be true, but does not look like photos with people."

Li Fei say, simple to understand China, it is estimated using someone else's identity, as looks, South Korea also need to come back to say? Circle put this thing we all bother to ask.

Bread underlying these people, are living there Take the wage income is not enough to pay taxes, do not need signing, Star Sky Entertainment naturally did not know each other's social security account number, diplomas archives this kind of thing can be false, not surprising, as the company will not be such a little careful inspection, whether the impostor possible.


House cleaning services company? "

"Competent surrender to the police, claiming to have a candid satellite-day New Year's Eve entertainment reporter, said something to decorate the chandelier on the line, he would go with two strangers. In addition to the day did not see the chandelier cleaners thing, but remember there are strangers, concealed his only explanation. received a deposit two hundred thousand had finished saying good things were done, and then to two hundred thousand years. "

Obviously not going to give balance due.

"Just a chain link assassination, direct throw out two hundred thousand succeeded probability is not high, which country's intelligence agencies so generous?" Jane Hua thought.

Li Fei smiled at him toast, expressed great minds think alike.

But the glass is filled with milk ......

"Major Chang tell me, no matter which country the funds are not generous, with an agent will be able to do things they never expect to spend more money. Even if there is funding, the task of the agents have to do everything possible to buckle down and solve the problem yourself, then enjoy yourself money. "

So the CIA is also a back-pot.

Abandoned by the world comes less than two months, to be buried so deep in the piece, from the time the national intelligence agency said enough.

"It seems that foreign books were wearing very promising." Jane said Hua tired.

"They not penetrate into the CIA, is that they have set up a killer organization, recruiting ordinary people, control and strong enough to allow actors to commit suicide immediately after the failure." Li Fei caress lips thoughtfully, "so to say I suddenly sympathize with a protagonist who was fourteen. "

Jane China do not want to ignore a foreign juvenile life.

"Yes, crush thing is true, I'm not kidding." Li Fei suddenly said.

Jane Hua subconsciously looked up, he wanted to say this for two months with Li Fei inseparable, not love each other, there is no like people,Does he not see it?

And he went to Li Fei deep pupil.

Li Fei will be looking at him, he did not laugh, but the face and eyes there are too many things.

"Pop." Realized nothing wrong after, Jane China hands out chopsticks.

Actor disclosure crush news, Pearl Hotel is the third day of the explosion, but also cafes with Jane China to meet the next day.

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