I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe



The other end of the Earth across the Atlantic,

Marcel state Bangolo town.

Knee-deep snow-covered lawn,

Snowflakes frozen in mid-air,

Showing a weird scene.

Here is the abandonment of the world,

It is a reality blur,

Also desperate hell.

The air was filled with the smell of blood,

Wearing goggles man with a knife in monster legs cut two pieces of meat,

Just wrapped it in brown paper, where the snow will hit to a vague shadow.

Men responsive to jump.

The snow gets on the air on his coat - maintained this bad weather abandoned the world, it is hard to hide the traces. Footprints through the snow better cover up,

Mid-air collision in frozen snow scattered gone.

Just attack shadows is no exception.

From a height and a red cross marks the next, just as it was with the eraser to rub snow on painted over graffiti out a blank end in sight along this track,

A black birds perched on the teeth corpse.

It leans bow before the dead monster wounds,

Followed by the wings open, he uttered a sharp howl of excitement.

"Dead crow?!"

Man horror back two steps,

A hand,

The people disappeared without a trace.

Bird's eye squint teeth,

It lost an additional source of the smell of blood,

But so much of it enough food meal,

Dead crow satisfied buried bite from the meat.

Black birds fly to the teeth after another,

Seventy-eight quickly stopped the corpse, eating eating competition took place. They showed the claws on the wings, exposing the blood-stained teeth,

Wow threats.

Small size will consciously dead crow hanging wings,

Give up fight, turned to bite poor fleshy part.

If evenly matched, two teeth birds directly on the body of the war, feathers flying, sharp cry heard. Dead crow is a social creature, often encounter the same kind of different ethnic groups when the family unit together, in search of food, often conflict.

When they are fierce big time, we will fight to the death, until one of its wings broken, or unable to stand up.

This time is always next to the "dinner plus crowd" of dead crow, will stop eating action, with the loser of the same ethnic group flapping fly next, so that the right eating.

High winner airs howl or two, then followed it with their sharp hooks feet directly expose the neck losers, turning to the dark red blood comes out, torn feathers, the loser points food.

Abandoned by the world, many different types of monsters, but will eat the same species, only a handful.

A few dead crow departed contented losers companions continue to fly down to eat, not even look at the wreckage of a tragic death of relatives.

And so on around again calm down, in front of "sky snow" has been dead crow impeccably mess.

Hamster group of chisel drilled snow, toward the remaining food.

Of which only hit the invisible barrier, Shuaidie into a snowdrift, punched a deep pit, it climb out tentatively toward a two-step out there, a shake of his beard, desperately sniffing smell in the air.

Bangolo city of cold, so the action becomes clumsy chisel hamster slow up.Nasal cold only cold on this kind of feeling, chisel Gophers turned climbed similar dinner place, then it suddenly came behind an strong, and accurate and hard hit on the spine of rats.

It screams to the body followed this force subsidence to the snow, opened his mouth is a mass of snow howled, squeaky cry becomes dull ring.

Chisel hamster hearing sensitivity, they turned round, only to see a similar thump in the snow, it seems like just now, they are also boring turned his head, continued to tear eat food.

Each body chisel Gophers have a house cat so big, dead crow leftover debris and the bodies of the monsters they will soon be against a blank. When ready to leave, only mice found that "play in the snow," the bird was gone stupid mouse, place only one pit, and a few drops of dark red blood clot.

- hidden near the enemy!

Chisel hamsters squeaking with, warily around, search around.

But they're looking for the murderer, already carrying a "trophy" run away.

费德里克莫伦 Sa has come to his house, look around there is no danger of discovery, then joined a small door next to the garage, according to the agreed rhythmic knocked.

He looked down remove the key, open the door.

He did not dismiss the whole process spatial abilities, so look in the eyes of others, is a typographical shoe prints in thin snow extends to the door, hit the air scattered snow, and finally the "invisible man" to enter the door.

- bad weather really want maximum space protoss interference hiding.

However, Federico not worry about these signs will lead to other protoss attention because his garage, as well as a fourteen-year-old boy waiting for him to come back.

This is the future of the American hero, a savior ...... get rid of these titles, Johnson, Brown is now the home of the superstars Mo Lunsa work blowing snow.

When the door is sounded, Johnson would shrink to the back of the box.

When he was motionless, until the "invisible man" came in and removed the shrouded body of space abilities, remove the goggles and hat to reveal a blond, blue-eyed, wild and rugged charm face

Johnson only came out from the shadows.

"Good evening, John."

Federico put the dog carrying the chisel hamster onto the ground.

Some teenagers head out looked scared, then stepped on a big sheepskin boots more than a yard, bam bam went to the garage door, staring out the footprints, as well as the disappearance of regional air snow daze.

Invisible wind rolled snow, gently wipe the footprints.

Kneading and dispersing wind falling snow, they would re-mixed, and then uniformly scattered in front. Blank area has been filled, extend all the way to a few hundred meters away. If someone chasing Federico traces left blank, only came to this lived up to the rich and famous neighborhoods, subsequently lost in the intricacies of the various gaps in the track.

Scattered snow will hit, not just protoss, and monsters.

Chisel hamster can dig holes in dead crow fly, go climb a tree Gibbon roof, blank signs off is normal, is not surprising.

Johnson arranged like a maze game, will finally pulled the roof a few blank track, or next to the drainage covers.

Obviously no one chase, he has dreamed up several monsters running around in the street scene,"Smear" crooked matter, heavy wind ability to wipe change.

Johnson and a group of fantasy "Chuang maze" of people, monsters trace analysis, the final disappointment came "dead end fork" confident, very depressed look.

"I have done a good job."

Behind him came the sound of a mighty flick scared Johnson, blank tracks rubbing the roof of a villa, draw a parabola and landed on a tree.


Only Gibbon jumping ability, a bit amazing!

Federico teenager standing behind him, patted Johnson's shoulder: "Shut the door, right, you'll catch a cold."

"Soon enough." Johnson said.

He can shake trees with different wind, a lot of snow fall, soon replaced by another one, make that imaginary monkeys skipped block row of trees, then Johnson reluctantly shut the door, and his "paintings "bid farewell.

Federico rub a teenager's head: "Come on, we eat dinner."

"We eat every meal is dinner." Johnson whispered question.

"Because of this world will not move, always in the afternoon towards evening time."


Johnson hesitated for a while, or repeat the "But" this word, hesitant not knowing what to say. He told Mr. Mo Lunsa, has been a long time in this strange world called the abandoned place.

Five days or a week?

Johnson could not tell, because their lives, hungry, eat, sleepy rest.

Mr. Mo Lunsa spatial abilities is safe, every sleep, they will enter the transparent cover yard. Very warm, the monster can not come in.

Sometimes Mo Lunsa will take him out, a closer look at those murderous monsters, see their physical characteristics, as well as look at the attack. But this is very dangerous, even if the body in space, the monster can hit contour "space", but also can not see or smell their scent.

If you are surrounded by monsters, the ability depleted, space protoss only death.

"Mr. Mo Lunsa, can we go back?" Johnson hesitated for a long time, he finally asked out of the mouth.

He wanted to go back to that a lot of people in the city of Bangolo, a TV program, the world of Christmas music. Every door even if the street is not open to him, even if talk show host on the TV screen like a mockery of the poor, even after the end of the song he would not get a Christmas gift, do not miss that Johnson was the monster world.

Juvenile witnessed the brutal creatures, Federico every time out, waiting in the car Kulimomo Johnson, we are worried sit still.

Federico paused for a second, replied: "people trying to survive, can go back."

"This is called abandonment world, Outcast ...... we are God banished sinners do?" Johnson is very disturbing.

"Listen, Johnson, the world is no God." Federico juvenile look terrified eyes, listening to the believers in a tone of contempt would be mad to say, "Even if there is, he can not see us."

Johnson was born in the ghetto does not matter how pious to God, but the nun church has been very kind to him, and those who believe in God believe bullying of his classmates was tried after death,Make him feel comfort.

Growing up, and have a self-deception age, Johnson is no longer convinced of this, but profound impact on the environment, juvenile or rude words startled by Federico's.

"Mr. Mo Lunsa?"

"No, no!" Federico was his gaffe.

If this world is God, God is who?

"纳尼雅凯亚? Oh, kidding." Federico himself, he took off his coat, remove the meat from the two wrapped in brown paper, with snow on the basin to wash blood.

Johnson is very conscious of the station to the next.

"This is the teeth of wild boar meat, good luck today, I dug it fell into the trap. Thigh meat sprinkle with black pepper, raw taste good."

Federico in no mood continues this delicious, early appearance of crow's dead, so he was dangerous. Federico pick up pen and paper to draw a map of Johnson.

"Today we are talking about this monster, it is a bird ......"

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