I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe



Following the concert hall cleaners, road inspectors,

Yang Chao started doing mushrooms gardeners,

Cleanup devour mushrooms to eat the rest of the gibbon corpses.

Walking in the growth of dense bushes mushrooms,

Hypertrophy cap close to the arms and body,

Better than most soft sofa,

And comfort corresponding to their degree of danger.

Compared to jittery Yang Chao,

Li Fei mushrooms random walk through the bushes,

Sometimes the mycelium will wrap his arm shoulder, happy to cross over the cap blocked the road, forcing people to detour.

Yang Chao have the same experience,

Blue in the face the whole time were tied hyphae.

Mushrooms quickly released him, went to "exploratory" Li Fei, and Yang Chao took the opportunity to gibbons below mushrooms dragged out. He mistakenly believe that Li Fei accompany him to come in the "attract" the attention of mushrooms,

Not delay time,

Lianpao move, drag-and-run,

Li Fei turned around,

Found behind a few minutes to empty one.


This efficiency,

Probably because mushrooms also pleased to Yang Chao make a high score?

"Not so much,

Eat. "Li Feiqing clear his throat,

Remind Yang Chao.

The latter heard this,

Squatting on the roadside breath, watching the booty piled high, his face is happy,

He is worried.

Not enough food thing he guessed,

These days are biscuits to eat, this is just a small snack, Yang Chao two days ate five packets, but also hungry enough to eat, how much a box of biscuits total it? This is not the way to go.

Gibbon's body into the last time he abandoned the world have eaten, with a long hook pulled out from under small mushroom half monkey arm, not much to cut the meat, but also too hard to bite does not move, Yang Chao after eating toothache for three days.

However, in order to live ......

Yang Chao bitter face, find a knife excluding fur, bow drank blood.

Li Fei did not want to stop in time, seeing Yang Chao and cut off a piece of meat into his mouth ready to close their eyes, the kind of "can not spit it out I die," the resolutely firm, makes my heart funny.

"and many more."

Yang Chao turned around a loss, then a racking our brains, handed over the piece of meat: "Brother Lee, you eat."

Li Fei Yang Chao, a look of deep, more than clever, lack of resourcefulness, not divergent thinking, the fact that contact.

"You forget what my ability is it?"

"......" Yang Chao surprised a moment, then eyes widened, endless joy streaming from his eyes, spread rapidly spread to the face, mouth, Yang Chao to last the whole people are stuck in ecstasy.

Fire abilities!

Higher-order control fire protoss! There are cooked foods to eat! !

Li Fei ranging talk, Yang Chao jumped up ran next to a shopping mall, ten minutes later carrying packaged dishes, a bag of barbecue special steel sign, pepper, salt, ginger powder with a shopping basket, there is a special grill back.


Although abandoned by the world, we do not pay, find a house to rub took clothes to wear, but this picnic barbecue posture is too much!

Li Fei looked up the name of supermarkets, Yang Chao has begun a salt bacon.

"There is no abandonment follow you into the world of things, with no use ......""Not disinfection is the taste." Yang Chao work hard.

"Wash it, we do not have enough water, do not taste too good." Li Fei, a wave, a lot of things start automatically fly back to the basket, including heavy plates and most spices.

"This would not have."

The new stainless steel barbecue grills filled boxes, have not opened it was beaten back.

"There is enough of these." Li Fei finally only took a small amount of steel sign and spices.

Yang Chao had to back again with a basket supermarkets.

Full of thought can eat grilled meat come back, waiting for the results of more than a dozen groups coke Yang Chao, Li Fei not enough time Huishimieji, was hit by the killer in the kitchen, he is not embarrassed, calmly said Yang Chao : "then string it."

S Fire Department protoss, a high degree of control ability levels - does not mean that, for the first time can get started making barbecue.

Yang Chao: "......"

Momo Qie meat continues to train, this time Yang Chao saw a ball of fire floating in the air, a few strings of steel sign hanging above the rotation, uniform speed, firepower is not too fierce, but it's hard cooked the way.

Think of the last time the raw taste, Yang Chao feel that this is a problem of meat, a little relationship with Li Fei technology at all.

Meat slowly change color, turn directly into the dark after ten minutes, no meat, only smoke.

Yang Chao tough, said: "Brother Lee, I think the first half baked, then cut several times on the meat and continue baking ......"

This is a good suggestion.

The third test, next to the fire more than a knife, occasionally fly past paddling in the middle of the meat, the meat Xiangpiao finally come out, but the pills only to discover even more.

Li Fei Yang Chao ranging speak, quietly began to string the fourth installment skewers.


"What flavor?" Jane China took a deep breath, look puzzled.

Through traffic jams, find mushrooms thrive all over the floor, Jane knew immediately that China has come a monster.

Magic emanation strange odor around the tip of the nose, Jane China also understand why. This is their

Abandoned enter the world of the fifth day, most people carry potable water to be told to do, become a new source of food monster corpse,

Compared to people who can only swallow raw eating, fire systems can at least eat cooked.

- see the dull eyes of Yang Chao stacked high around the pile of wreckage fur gibbon, and Li Fei around after a bunch of various black carbon, Jane China may feel that they should just eat that sentence.

What use will be playing with fire, even grilled meat are not familiar with!

"Brother Lee, this is the last chance the two." Yang Chao frightened reminder.

He felt raw meat is also quite good, at least eat.

The more Jane Hua approached, the more we feel a strong burning smell, he could not bear to ask: "? How long are you here bake"

Li Fei preoccupied wondering inevitable link between heat and meat, this return to God, he found mushrooms bushes clean and fresh, with half gibbon has no corpses within the field of view, while Yang Chao piled up around at least one fur Meter.

"Always want to learn something and then cooked." Li Fei explained implicitly.

They were trapped in the abandoned around the world for five days, the next it? If ten days a month, how to do?

If you get something unfamiliar, Li Fei feel that they do not go after the Porsche Cayenne,Direct forget to open a truck.

Jane China blankly and asked: "What do you cooked it?"

"......" I have been worked out one hundred kinds of different baking method charred monkey meat.

Li Fei looked away, revealing a rare traces of guilty conscience, Jane Hua heart heavy sigh, Li Fei, if not his friend, he really did not want this effort to persuade fee:

"Even if you cooked meat so what, your stomach can eat them?"

Obviously fried wonton noodles, steamed buns even on the front of the hospital stalls will not work!

Simple Chinese word poke in the Achilles heel of the vital, Li Fei flash of God, barbecue on the sign again carbonized steel.

"I do not eat, someone can eat." Li Feiwei hold calm answer, the conversation lead to Yang Chao, who "abandoned by the world food shortage, you want to complete my goal, you can not be other people starve to death."

As he had intended, to master this craft, is also out of a difficult choice facing monkey mouse thing, Li Fei will not say a word all the time lest Jane Hua hungry.

"Qiaoge you persuade ...... meat really is not much." Yang Chao cry.

Jane China intended to conceal the name, Li Fei in front of outsiders or call his English name, or "Jody."

Although Yang Chao did not know what relationship the two men, but this does not prevent him to guess Jane China is also a powerful protoss. Living in abandoned world, the fear of the strong is always right, not to mention Jane Lee Hua Fei also be life-saving grace for him.

Yang Chao watched helplessly meat, hesitantly.

I do not know skewers before sacrifice, so someone's barbecue technology has finally risen from quantitative to qualitative change, or the arrival of Jane Hua Li Fei stimulated, after the steel sign evacuated from the flames, and burnt meat exudes a unique flavor, meat texture surface diagonally cut, cut ten accurate and detailed parallel rip from the inside to the surface of the meat is just the right color, as well as oil Zizi risking.

This is already successful, a complete amazing ah!

"Xiao Yang." Yang Chao, Li Fei schematic wearing gloves anti-scald answer it steel sign.

The latter running around in circles, almost revel in the aroma inside.

"And eat it cold."

"Ah?" Yang Chao was surprised.

Li Hua Fei and Jane have in front, how the first string his turn?

"I eat out a thing." Jane Hua telling the truth, even if not, he would not move to limited food.

As for Li Fei, it is not ......

Yang Chao hungry most of the day, until finally some of the meat cool, excited a bit off, then his whole face wrinkled into a group. Jane Hua mouth a smoke, have a bad feeling about this.

After trying to swallow, Yang Chao looked up, waiting for his answer to Li Fei said:. "No Coke"

"that's it?"

"Much better than ...... than raw meat." Yang Chao bruising find such a compliment.

He knows that a meat continues to stimulate the taste buds!

Grilled, no fishy smell of raw meat, and can bite move, the teeth are very friendly, but the friendliness of the tongue does not improve ah! Tired of coke dry taste, just like diesel after Feiyou Lianwan, take a taste boil after three hours with silence.

Yang Chao bitter eyes wrinkled not find it.

"Unpalatable ...... I do not eat." Li Fei did not want to poison the future under the black abyss of.

"No,Brother Lee, really easy to eat than raw meat. "Not to the point of bitter taste bad points you than raw meat smell on the sick taste much better!

They face a delicate look at this string Yang Chao eat barbecue, is no waste.

Yang Chao has its own feel and call out all the air in silence taste ......

The most frightening thing is, Yang Chao felt he did not eat, he looked painful string of raw meat on a steel signed.

Then the ground suddenly shook slightly, Yang Chao jumped up, the kind of "saved" fortunate, going into the substance of almost blowing.

"Packed his things back into the car, the monster's body and leave!"

The intensity of shaking, and the stability of the world about the abandonment.

Jane Li Fei Hua went to the next car, sit in when the door open, there is still time to give yourself wear a seat belt, this experience familiar dazed, a black eyes, horns and then re noisy hubbub of return.

Car system displays time, December 25.

"This time you go out, find

Corgi with that girl? "Li Fei change the co-pilot sit side head asked.

Duration too long abandoned world, protoss might be starved to death, Jane from China and went out looking for the third day, the girl mentioned that she lived nearby.

"Ah, I found it. They ran next to Luzhou extragalactic five kilometers." Jane China to use its own driving gloves, and casually said, "the river emergence of a new monster, with crabs look alike, they that live by eating these days. I have tasted, the taste is good, Yang Chao is really a hardship white. "


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