I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe



Corgi squat little master feet.

Mushrooms do not appear,

It is only wary of Li Fei,

Jane is a Chinese passers-by.

On the relationship between Simplified Chinese and mushrooms,

Corgi ...... it has not sort out!

It is very smart,

However, a smart dog is not clear bond between humans and mushrooms: the girl's mother go to the supermarket carrying two boxes of mushrooms will come back,

Family happily drink mushroom soup.

Corgi fear is that mushroom itself,

It tells the subconscious mushroom terrible.

Jane Hua abilities had been masters of concealment,

Even probing energy fluctuations of precision instruments can fool the past, the threat of force can not feel Corgi Jane China, of course, turned to Li Fei.

It is full of energy,

Slightly hunched back, there are not let down our guard.

This Corgi bizarre experience, according to Li Fei awakening protoss, the book's wear show, and so abandoned by the world crisis,

Finally, add the girl, then inferred.

First of all,

A level above protoss, even the first time into the world not to leave abandoned,

Also have the opportunity to direct the awakening of miracles. Huaicheng Hotel bombing in Pearl,

Awakening abilities more than just Li Fei,

There Geng Tian,

But the latter is not so much momentum.

Ability in the world to play the role of abandonment,

A multiple of the real world.

Also directly in the abandoned painful awakening the world to produce is greater,

This is Li Fei speculation. Since awakening S protoss can spend in the A-class Geng Tian here showed a splitting headache and, finally, as to withstand the pain on the spot coma.

Awakening is not completed,

strictly speaking,

Geng Tian just use the basic abilities of Psychic pry the door twice.

The girl said she was a lot of monkey attacks, also referred Corgi luminous body - life and death, awakening abilities, this is normal.

Unusual place that girl thinks Corgi sick, after "awakening" to heal.

Why a dog sick time to study Li Fei is the cover of the magazine?

Corgi know Li Fei, mushrooms and fear, it is like a BOSS know the identity of the person wearing the book, but is a real dog, run fast nose is sensitive to small loyal to his master.

Adding these circumstances, there was a clue pointing to those who come through the book, it mysteriously disappeared.

Dog eat or drink, unable to stand with the running, but why was not any disease. Very strange do not. When a person suddenly become a dog, into the two legs four legs, walking on the strange!

Even down to eat pet dog food tray, it is not easy to do. Gehangrugeshan, let alone across species.

Knocked over the plate, eat less than his mouth, eat everywhere, normal ...... good people dressed dog, there is always a contradiction.

In the eyes of the magic of Li Fei, Corgi powerful, stable shape, no exceptions.

A person who has not been replaced worn book, Eye of fact, can not tell.

Liu Shan said that she came to this world is the soul.

The soul of this thing, might produce changes in strength with strength. See which part of the eye of the soul, even Li Fei can not tell if a body there are two souls, Li Fei not be able to find, but the dog and the human soul, this difference is go big!Not see is blind!

Only Corgi, really is a dog.

Who disappeared through the book gone, Li Fei guess not, but those who wore the book is how to disappear, he is OK. When the ability to stimulate the awakening mental pressure too much, the main sense of coma.

A person's soul, with the body of a dog fit how many degrees?

Just think of the astonishing move in the theater hall, corgi break mycelium - the ability to expel the impact, equal to a short time you can ignore the ability to attack.

A really is worth abilities, even if it has the abilities of a dog.

The degree of force reach the S-class, probably because it is a passive defense, even if we can fight, do not give others bring substantial harm.

In the end is to wear a strong sense of the book wants to expel the long arm monkey triggered abilities, or Corgi want to protect the owner's instincts appear, it occupied the body to expel people? Where Corgi soul, how is back - Red Dragon was to study the problem.

Jane Hua silent thought, the dog may become the country's secret weapon, designed to deal with those who wear the book.

"Liu Shan things can be resolved."

"This is not necessarily." Li Fei shook his head, he does not agree simplified Chinese idea, "Now it seems that it is only possible to expel 'non-real world' that some abilities, which were overcome through the book is a chance."

The other occupied its body, and just encountered such a strange properties abilities, completely out of luck.

Two souls compete for the dog's body, one can grab a dog it? Plus those who will not wear the book "with" Corgi body, shift, who ruin who simply destined to disappear.

"In this case ......" Jane China rare hesitated.

"Red Dragon did not want to tell it?"

Jane Hua silent for a long while, then sighed: "Sooner or later they'll meet someone."

Girl with Corgi to say goodbye, she was only seven years old, her greatest hope is round I'm alive her family all safe, too many things too far, the girl can not think.

Too dangerous thing, the girls do not want to go Corgi


Corgi short legs when running, it will unconsciously twisted hips, trotted off and stupid gesture Huan Meng. In this way, corgi led the way, bypassing the web with a girl, walking along the sidewalk toward the distance.

Juzhu entrenched here, could not find a nearby monster, Jane China is not worried about them in danger.

Even danger, Corgi can crush.

City quiet, there is no life.

Little figure, with little Corgi, into the unknown world.

- abandonment of a world without peace, corgi with its young master, there will always be other protoss, their presence is difficult to hide it, but the quiet, simple Chinese do not want to break.

At least, not personally break.

Jane Li Fei Hua expression changes will look in the eyes, he felt even more "original" is hateful.

Jane China is not an ambitious man, as long as the heart comfortable life, he no extra requirements. Even the harsh social circle difficult to mix work hard, they do not step on his bottom line, Jane is not about China.

This is different from Mr. Nice, is not a weak character, is clearly someone else win badly beaten, against each other, but also get something unscrupulous,Jane China is not interested.

Such preferences, such disposition, in this day and age can not find a few, almost can be called rare species.

He has a bit out of tune with society as a whole.

Free in the fame circle, without appearing aloof pride. Jane does not look down on Chinese people's fame, for him, it's just different people's lifestyle choices.

Like "what flavor of coffee drinkers," out of the question, there is a people who do not drink coffee, is not it?

This Jane China, is a novel, the most evil of BOSS.

Although the reason becomes the BOSS, Li Fei has analyzed it, but because of this, his anger heart cumulative deeper.

"what happened to you?"

The Chinese are aware of Jane Li Fei see their eyes wrong.

Emotional complexity, it is difficult to put into words. This is not to see a friend's eyes.

Perennial winner perfect mask cracks, he took a deep breath, and soon restitution, relaxed tone, said:. "Whenever people know that after my death, someone will give their own revenge, all inevitably a good impression on his mind."

That's true, simplified Chinese identity.

"Gratitude, surprise, guilt ......"

"Guilt?" Jane Hua frown, do not quite understand.

Gratitude is easy to understand, surprise is not difficult, guilt is from where?

"Because that person, in order to avenge a friend, and finally died." Li Fei said solemnly.


Jane Hua instinct to protest, he was a cautious man, not like Li Fei where are all people know, concealment itself is high, not to mention he had swallowed abilities.

Even if he does not like mushrooms, but also recognize this ability was too strong Guards.

Over time, the mushrooms grow everywhere in the world abandoned, everywhere safe areas Jane China, want to kill him, almost impossible.


As the ultimate villain, is to kill the main character, it is the outcome of a standard American hero fiction!

So Li Fei put it that are good, revenge is not a friend of BOSS, will fall at the foot of the main character, the protagonist of the great achievements became the most prominent chapter.

The perception that Jane China is very depressing, instinctive said: "? Perhaps the author wanted to write a sequel to it."

Li Fei: "......"

Quickly recalled again drama sequel differences in the US version of the hero of Jane China, the rise added: "The possibility of a sequel in the original BOSS resurrection is 30 percent possibility of a comeback under the BOSS is 10%, and the remaining one hundred sixty points behind BOSS there are more black hands or background. "

"Poof!" Actor laughing.

Sequel to the movie routine, that this is so.

"So, I'm not dead or else ......"

"You cheat death, and withdraw its role, in fact, waiting for the opportunity to take the protagonist is not prepared to re-destruction of the world." Jane Hua think this topic is really interesting, joked with Li Fei is also very pleasant.

Go back Haicheng National Theater, to deal with bird Juzhu.

Along the way, the dialogue continues.

When "Then I Cheat Death, again in front of the main character, is not to ridicule the protagonist of intelligence, but also laugh at your naive as to think I was really dead,In fact, what I have to wait for you to kill each other, each loss, and I am oriole bird? "

Jane Hua correct: "the protagonist is an American, you do not use the story."

"Let him do not understand the translation."

"The author of the Americans, he could not write to this word, you do not have the opportunity to speak out!"

"...... I do not know how they change." Li Fei casual answer.

Two parallel, Jane China have been infected, "and also closer than friends" feeling this atmosphere, there are few people in the world in the end, you can freely talk about their own die for each other?

Generally friend do?

Although this is a book, a special case.

"What kind of change you want?" After thinking for half a minute to ask Jane China, "to kill the main character?"

"Live it, no matter who."

Jane China surprised turned around, some do not believe this is Li Fei mouth was saying.

He is also similar words these days to get along, enough to make Jane Li Fei Hua know what kind of person.

Li Fei Ye have

Heart, also has the ability, no matter what time will not admit weakness, he wanted to obey destiny is immune, not to mention an idealized blood to the original novel.

"First of all people want to live, can we talk about anything else." Li Fei do not have to add profound meaning.

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