I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe

Giant net

Giant net

Ground violent shaking, a black eyes, the world becomes quiet sounds of silence ......

Abandoned process of the world comes,

Jane China have been accustomed to.

He subconsciously touched pockets,

Two chocolate,

Several tubes of mashed potatoes and vegetables,

Much inventory.

"Your right hand side of the storage box." Li Feiti wake.

Jane Hua looked down at the driver's seat and the passenger seat buckle middle of the black box,

This is usually used to put drinks,

Jane China opened it,

It contained two bottles of vitamin drinks.

"There is also a box of biscuits trunk a box of mineral water, no preservatives puree save time is too short, not suitable for long-term backup." Li Fei against the seat,

Relaxed tone, "Back to the Haicheng these days, you are in the open car Cayenne,

We did not find? "

Never tinker shuffle somebody something simple Hua: "......"

Besides there hyphae,

He did not even check the vehicle has not been moving through this procedure with all free.

"These Useful?" Jane Hua questioned.

Abandoned shops can be found everywhere in the world with food, but these things can not eat,

Only protoss carry those useful.

"In this regard,

New judge defined. Red Dragon in interrogation 'insiders' aspect,

It is not nothing. "

"You know?" Jane China and some unhappy.

Lifei Li engraved explained: "Of course not state secrets departments to do a special report to me,

Origin of the message or to thank Geng Tian. Red Dragon base to 'isolate infected' in the name away protoss,

They are trying to destroy concentrated in remote areas,

Some jurisdictions military blockade. Red Dragon will not do with their human trials, the practice of some 'information' in the information, the total no problem. "

Such as wearing the book's seen as "abandoned by the world's Survival Manual" treasure.

Abandoned world is full of danger,

And no food,

Even with the supply in the body, but also easy to lose face attacks.

Protoss to fight against monsters, but also to participate in the next melee battles around the world, the number of those who can afford no less different, these people abandoned well in the world to live, more than anything else.

"Carry things can enter the abandoned world, with overlapping dots about."

Then narrow overlapping points, can only put protoss I.

This time the food hides in the body, in a backpack, was successfully brought into.

Li Fei said no, Jane Along the way, we have already seriously thought about.

"If you want to take something more, in addition to space protoss, but if there is space abilities tend to attribute ...... So you playing my idea." Jane Hua said blankly.

Cayenne car inside and outside the body are attached mycelium, like a giant cocoon.

Li Fei Tan Shou: "You want a partial."

Phagocytic property itself is very Guards, and if there is room for storage capacity, the authors probably did not want to let his protagonist live.

- However, he played Jane in China idea, these words itself right.

Li Fei smile a little more simple in China do not understand the meaning.

"Abandoned in the world gives us abilities, are homologous strength, protoss itself can slightly affect the surrounding space, depending on the specific scope of the power of strength, abandoned the stability of the world depends, very regular.The last word Red Dragon devolution proposal is two boxes of mineral water biscuits in bed, the car also put two boxes, chances comes in handy. "


Has mycelium, do not worry as the food Jane China decided to ignore this issue by the Red Dragon's "How to Be a hamster 1.0 version of" Raiders.

He turned his head, pointing out the window relentless: "You are going to abandon the car in the car until the end of the world, carrying biscuits or mineral water, walk back to your house?"

Looking at the whole street filled with cars, Li Fei silent.

What people have disappeared with the car still encircling walls! Regardless of the abandoned world or the real world, not even think about to drive out!

"First off, we let the car float float?" Look in less Li Fei has always been assured, even he felt this ridiculous proposal.

A car forward floating in the air, this picture is so beautiful.

But - with the ability to move the car, why not just get at the trunks?

Fortunately, Jane Chinese people react quickly, wanted to rob the world of abandoned cars rarely, Bazhua to snatch food, no one can not have too much of their own food.

"Bang!" On a taxi outside the fifty meters a person swearing out.

It's like a signal, dodging originally fixed protoss got out one after another, like what is in consultation.

Which also abandoned the first time into the world of hapless, Za Za whistling scream exceptionally harsh.

Jane Li Fei Hua see, with the eyes asked: into the mix?

The latter shook his head slowly, not necessary.

Eye of identification too, are low protoss, of little value.

Haicheng is a five-lane road, looking ahead this street were blocked around the wearer, the head count on those viaduct, the less there are more than five hundred vehicles, even with a thousand people as the base, there appear five a protoss, the ratio is too high.

"Some do not." Li Fei wary look around.

Abandoned monster world?

Even black hair just did not see the ball, do red

Long set of protoss attract monster theory is wrong?

Jane mycelium in China's urging, lazy wrap Li Fei, but no obvious signs of growth, with this crazy mushrooms will have the opportunity to expand the area of ​​the opposite habit.

Without food?

"Oh, this is what ah?"

Protoss foot pull. Out, wonder of looking at the ground sticky white silk.

Jane still thinking Hua, Li Fei face changed.

Before he saw the viaduct and roadside building in the middle layer of translucent mesh, roadside green belt and on the ground there, but Li Fei regard them as mycelium, not too concerned about.

Now the group of protoss came, along with a large network jitter, very rhythmic.

With its vibration white silk has been spread very far away, even the air has spread.

"Back in the car!" Li Fei too late to stop, directed at the outside shouted.

Protoss are stunned paused, looking over toward the side.

Porsche Cayenne, a collection of celebrities in Haicheng not too loud, but mixed in with a bunch of over two hundred thousand of the car, the car is still quite grades.


"I do not know, probably a second-generation rich! Ladder, courage, afraid to come out."

The taxi bald man, loud irony: "Abandoned in the world is talking about the strength of the place,There Jigexiuqian how, I did not even think about the ability of people ...... "

Voice screeching halt, the people lie down on soft ground.

Other protoss, like a drunk, like, rickety, they call for help is very weak, and some people have been foaming at the mouth, body twitching incessantly.

Jane China suddenly looked up, because the roof of the block, he only saw a huge shadow at the edge of vision over Norway.

Bald man's body like a puppet being led up the activities of the clumsy hands and feet stiff, his face full of snot and tears paste, scared pupils are contracted.

"There are invisible wire around his joints." Li Fei look dignified.

He looked down at the vicinity of the wheel, on the road everywhere large net mesh spaces such filaments formed, but the number of layers of multi-network Jiabu Zhu, barely leaving a void.

Bald man is only the first, the other protoss are in a strange position stand up.

That with the "black bamboo" crew had photographed what similar haunted scene, Jane Hua could not help but check their abilities, confirmed that no movement, not the mushrooms dry.

"Be careful, do not disturb it."

Jane took a puff air conditioning along with China: "It's on top, coming."

Foot bald man "invisible staircase", in an odd posture, swaying on the day, along with a group behind him, "aerialist walking group", and the ground was at right angles, stepping on glass facades of buildings, lined up towards the top of a huge dome.

Haicheng National Theater, a landmark of the building.

Jane China just feel, because the position of the National Theater too far from here, there will be differences can identify the distance limitations.

Li Fei has the eye of a more direct say the answer: "Spider, it's in our net."

Monster has exposed the true face, covered with dark and full of bristles, the body also exaggerated than a truck, expand the length of eight feet amazing, but compared to its body is not what it is.

It has a mass of abdominal white huge bladder, feet a cross in the middle, like a pillow holding a life-sized.

This time even Li Fei held their breath.

- berried female spider!

Covering the entire body of the spider "pillow" is its spit net, which wrapped around the spider eggs, this habit is spider breeding habits. Li Fei know more, raise a lot of strange pets, seen everything.

"It's in the breed."

This is a people scalp tingling conclusion.

"Grasping protoss as grain?" Jane Hua low voice.

"It may be ...... catch broke into the giant net in every living creature." Li Fei judgment based on experience that few protoss, "poisonous spider silk, it is estimated that paralytic toxin, slow onset, abnormal time too late. "

No prey spider silk cocoon and bind them, nor can not wait to bite, but with spider silk traction victims to leave, obviously like the preservation of fresh food.

"There is a spider? Nearby"

When it comes to reproduction, it must be a couple.

Li Fei look complicated: "that bad, maybe the spider left, maybe ......" the males had entered the stomach only female spider. Abandoned the world of monsters, not necessarily the same habits and the real world.

"Fire can burn silk it?"

"It should be, but here the results of hands, you think about it."

Huaicheng ginkgo tree Avenue horrors re-staged, and much more serious, hundreds of cars overturned all, it is estimated the death toll ...... Red Dragon will come every minute of them under arrest.

As for Zhang Yao said today, if you encounter a monster, the best drag outskirts desperately idea -

"But why is the spider, it elected to nest here, you do not take the lead are lead!"

Car suddenly sank.

Spider eight dark eyes, straight in front of the windshield.

This point of view, it is enough to see everything in the car.

Jane Hua hand, Li Fei hastily hold.

After half a minute, the monster stir up the car shell with mycelium on the feet, as if puzzled how his silk turns around.

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