I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe



US East Coast,

Macedo states are going through a blizzard.

The thickness of the snow outside the house has been overshadowed leg,

The three steps in front of all buried under the snow,

Go out for his walk sled dog smashed into a somersault. Neighbors cheerful smile,

The open door came the tone Christmas music.


Today it is Christmas,

December is about to come to an end,

There are six days from the New Year. .

Johnson Brown lying on the window sill on the second floor, the neighbor boy wearing a hat and a mask, playing with the dog in the snow Sahuan,

Dark snow, the army house lights lit warm beauty.

He turned his head, closed the blind.

The room was cold,

Johnson wrapped in thick wool blankets,

Face frozen white.

Home heating bad last night, unable to work,

Room temperature is very low.

Johnson's home state Yuzhno not so much snow,

Winter much warmer than here,

Johnson has not seen so much snow,

Now his eyes are not new,

But fog generally quiet.

The house a mess,

Like the monster is destroyed too.

Wardrobe broke a big hole in the debris pile in the corner of the vase, wall bracket askew,

Bed lost a leg,

It can only be cushioned by the book. When Johnson to sit on the bed teeth are very audible, as if the next second will fall apart.

No one was home.

Whole house empty, cold as ice.

- Katie, along with Charlie, went out to fight.

The newlyweds, Johnson is the new guardian, is said by legal adoption papers yet, Johnson is the identity of the mistress relatives living here temporarily.

Hostess Katie Johnson is a former public school teacher, she is beautiful and kind.

Her husband, Charlie, was a good-natured lawyer, the children are always friendly and warm.

This is all Johnson's understanding of them, but to the state of Bangolo Marseille city, and the couple live together after, Johnson found that they are not the same with their own imagination.

"Enthusiastic" Mr. lawyer, in addition to work, never to go out, do not participate in community activities, rarely greeted with neighbors, there are times when coming home, but also to kick the neighbor's dog foot.

Good-hearted Katie, do not volunteer, do not go to church to help distribute food.

They said that because of family responsibilities increased, only more time to work on it. Their smiles are still warm and friendly, very concerned for Johnson, but their feelings - really not very good.

One day at midnight, sleep Johnson heard arguing downstairs, rubbing his eyes he got up, quietly went to the door, he heard Katie was with Charlie violent quarrel, it seems that for the money, the problem of domestic spending accounts .

This quarrel, Johnson had in slums, will hear every day.

He walked back to the bedroom, thinking his decision in the end is not wrong, he should not leave Yuzhno state, let Katie teacher's home fell into bad luck.

Peiduoliang in the city during that hurricane-hit, the city almost in ruins, there is no time to evacuate people who are on the missing list, and some remains have been found.Johnson's uncle Lake, or missing status, he heard Mr. lawyer said, temporarily unable to handle the adoption procedures, at present he can not go to school, only to be at home.

There is great food, there is care and concern, TV shows and computer games, Johnson was not interested.

Hurt boy, very sensitive.

Live together every day, every meal at a table, watching night talk show in the living room sofa, say goodnight every day ...... longer time to spend together, the more surprised Johnson.

Katie favorite show guest, and his sense of humor, always changing nothing but ridicule the poor, they are a metaphor for society's garbage.

Positioning this show is to please the middle class and those who aspire to this class. Johnson has not yet been drugged and dissipation bustling city life, these programs make Katie happy laugh, always so awkward teenager uneasy.

He in this house, like a guest, no matter how much hospitality and care subject, are integrated into not go.

After a few midnight brawl was found Johnson, Katie and Charlie will not argue at home, they will go to a neighborhood park, or bar, they say Johnson is "always living a contradiction, but they think is wrong arguing in front of children and we should avoid. "

Now, they went out again.

Under the so much snow at Christmas, leaving him alone to stay in the cold room.

Mr. Lawyer playing heating service call is not dialed, Katie said that we must go out and see there are no convenience stores still open, still maintained a smile on their faces, but very reluctantly.

Johnson will head indentation blankets.

Last night, Christmas Eve, they are the living room watching TV programs, all of a sudden the whole house shook.

Then the house there were many black flat spherical monster, Johnson across the windows, but also see a kind of a long arm monkey, bouncing around grimace in pain, the snow on the pines shook off the.


On community streets, a woman wearing a down jacket, angry and shouted: "I've had enough, you can see Charlie!

The monster over time, Johnson would hide in the corner! Fortunately, only a dozen black hair bulb, if the long arm of the monkey, and even cannibalism squid do? "

Man with a black hat, very impatient, said: "What do you want to tell him, 'baby, in fact, our body has a mysterious power, can manipulate it to protect themselves and defeat the monster'??"

Woman Dengyuan eyes, wheezing gasp: "how not?"

"He is a victim of school violence, Johnson, Brown suffered since childhood, he is very disgusted violence! Katie, you can not even original, then forget it?"

"When the face of a monster attack, only crying trembling, this is our hero? I wish I took on the task!" Blonde Katie angrily, "I'd rather be unlucky Jack, flew the other side of the ocean, in the field of devil's stroll, stronger than this some day. "

She said chatter from the disadvantage of Johnson.

"His socks always wash clean, with a knife and fork is also good, set of dishes that were all scraped his porcelain. Will not be used to mow the lawn machines, microwave ovens will not even use! God!"

Katie look "This is a disaster."The exaggerated facial expressions, she accused the man in front, everything she threw things.

"Last night abandoned the world comes, we managed to kill the black fur ball, he does not do anything! Room furniture, electrical appliances completely destroyed, where our money to repair? Deficit last month, this month checks also dragged not to honor! "

Mr. lawyer impatient face, he raised his hands in surrender, and Katie did not want to argue: "! I have to go after him with"

"You reminders three days." Katie angry cry.

Her inability of squatting on the roadside, think of the army for no heat, cold house, she did not want to go back.

"Hey, Katie, come on!" Charlie had to persuade, "Listen, we can not put Johnson lost a man in the house, you need a psychiatrist to tell me if you, hurt children, it is easy to extreme! If we and prejudice suffered abandon treatment, there may be antisocial personality! we can not let Johnson become like that, my dear, we have tried for so long, God will bless us. "

A couple embracing in the snow.

They really are a couple, otherwise it would not receive such a good job, before there is envy, the protagonist of many people in close contact, has become an important protagonist of the heart "family", which is a dream come true of a good thing!

Katie had wanted to kill himself ecstatic.

"I know! If it is really a good thing, why not head to?"

Lawyers shocked, and quickly stop Katie warning to stare: "You do not life, but also dare say such a thing?"

Katie dismay pushed lover, angry and said:! "Can you be a bit sterile to this world, are the losers, you help people on suspicion of transfer of property, illicit trafficking in soft drugs I products, are almost prison ....... leaders will be better than we go? "

"Are you not afraid that he is a murderer? Dead one of you, then I'm a die, how much loss to the organization?"

Katie listened, did not dare to speak.

"Well, baby! Bring home the purse, and our Johnson, said no one repair heating, we went to the hotel spend the night." Charlie persuasion.

They finally reached a consensus, turned around and walked to the residence.

Ten minutes later, they were frightened. Keep a row of footprints in the snow in front of the children, all the way out to extend - Johnson to take advantage of when they are not at home, leave it alone.

"Damn! He ran away!"


Katie anxiously said, "These days he did not leave the house step, even the bedrooms are rarely out why suddenly gone? Outside still under the snow so much!"

"Katie, is not what you said?" Charlie skeptical to see his girlfriend.

"Shit, I do not know anything!"

They blame each other, chase along the footprints, walk the dog ran into the back of a neighbor boy, footprints disappear in the road, and other footprints mixed together, I could not tell.

"No! We will die!" Katie collapse grab hair.


Johnson rickety walking on the road.

Cold wind blew him a headache, but he did not want to go back to the house for himself.

Katie recently their finances seem out of the question, dinner has been attached to one week only potatoes and bread,He seemed to bring them bad luck.

Unrecognizable house, a mess of furnishings, Johnson could not continue to live there in peace of mind.

He wanted to return to Yuzhno Carolina, go back and find the Lexus uncle, perhaps still missing Lexus Which casino debauchery, poor old cold street is his home. No TV, no irony poverty talk show guest.

But Yuzhno state far ......

Johnson recognizable signs of the cross in the snow in the church, suddenly front of a flower, there is a tall leather man riding a modified motorcycle had stopped in front of him, the tire is high, cold day, the engine is still very smooth steaming.

Huge wind mirror men covered almost the entire face.

"Mr. ......" Johnson opening cowardly.

The man on the motorcycle cross snowplow swept off the road, if he would not let the road, Johnson only from the heap must have stepped on him half the height of the snow, it can feel good taste, clothes were wet, and then a wind blow……

"Little devil, you want to freeze to death in the street?"

Johnson picked up a man will come, frown looked up and down, directly into his leather wrapped inside.

"First ...... sir?

"Johnson sluggish, then struggled up.

"Do not move!" The man will pull locomotive positive, like maneuvering away, snow tire rolled out of the fine white mist, the sky drift.

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