I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe

AC 22

AC 22

When you pay attention to a problem,

It was also found that rigorous than you treat the matter,

Will produce a sub-identification with him in my heart - Lu Zhao twenty years did not brush up favorability,

Li Fei between inadvertently touched up.

Jane Lee Hua Fei will not be exposed in front of Major Chang.

Li Fei did not do,

Jane vaguely and in China have misunderstood the meaning of time,

He immediately clarified,

This attitude really did not have to pick.

But also on the range of possible future winner eat,

Jane Hua consciously give up the right to speak, along with Li Fei came to the inpatient department on the first floor, through the atrium,

On a tree-lined trail around the hospital, near the pavilion garden, accompanied by family members of patients have a slow walk.

"Just call you,

Is my cell phone number. "Li Fei suddenly said.

Jane China are wondering abandoned by the world, there are different relationships between those who can afford these three monsters,

Suddenly heard such a sentence, a little reaction, however.

Sunlight shone through the shade of his face,

Thin lips reveals a slightly warm color,

Shading nose is long and narrow arc channel,

Eyes in self-contemplation woke up to God,

Those moments of brilliance especially moving.

Jane beautiful people in China and more as the river carp of the entertainment,

Not particularly good. He has neither the kind of aggressive beauty,

Nor handsome, handsome people want to scream. If he is a competent actor, so his appearance is a plus items, if he is an idol star,

It looks can only be considered eightieth,

Better than some, worse than.

But the star thing, by raising good foundation, poor foundation on the whole, Li Fei seen enough.

If not close your eyes, Li Fei in view, China is also simple with the most different people.

Jane China not too many emotional changes, the people are calm and quiet, but not without assertive, his clear thinking, the thing has a set of views, others difficult to change.

This goodwill thing is that you do not know who is who produces it.

Li Fei of course, the coffee shop that day is not considered a familiar environment easy for him, Jane China who symbolizes the power of the unknown, just another caught his attention hazards, curious about the mysterious, not to mention China in his field of vision Jane with the public different, is not the only presence of the shadow of nothingness, the case of all sorts, are likely to interfere with his senses and judgment.

He wanted to see Jane China again, in fact, with a "calm has been back for a few days, this time to good use rational judgment" mood.

In the press conference, Li Fei really just lip service, one-third as very exaggerated said.

But now, Li Fei was lifting a stone all hit in the head.

- every word so apt.

Unfortunately, up to now, they still cherish a common secret strangers.

Jane China naturally out of cell phone, to the string of numbers to make notes.

Li Fei looked at the bland word, inarticulate actor mood, he could not resist opening blocked: "Your name Notes directly in case you lose your phone would be bad?."

Entertainment circles peeking out he found an excuse to see the phone a few others, which led to many stars will play some small tricks, so even chat with people sweetly, others head out to join in on the screen and can not read.

Without renamed,Of course, it is a formal working relationship.

Li Fei seized on the issue, Jane felt nothing about China, casually said: "? Nickname or, nicknamed worth mentioning, will expose my views on that person, this is not very reliable."


Wuxikesheng crush of people, but also the heart stopper.

Jane Hua away cell phones, will hand into your pocket, a leisurely pace in the flower garden trail edge:. "Geng Tian is no mighty work?"

"He did not say, Geng Tian once poke through the door plug, there is a tendency to read power, but -" Li Fei gently punched fingertips, feet a few fallen leaves like windblown, floating down to the far away.

Psychic, just basic.

Each seems to have the ability protoss, Jane Hua clinic was thought of moving away old cabinet.

"You can do what extent."

"Read the weight of the object can float, or distance?" Li Fei eyes with leaves floating away, he smiled, "I'm more concerned that it can be done and more subtle degree."

Yuehua Jian They passed a random roadside bicycle lock, Li Fei slow down, like a car just looked down, five seconds later, Jane Hua hear a slight "click" a sound.

Lock the bounce, but still attached to the bicycle.

"It is?" Jane Hua winner of a new understanding, to study normal person would unlock?

"According to the internal structure of the lock, with the ability struck." Li Fei put it lightly, in fact, to do this, first of all had a double like him in the eye.

Jane Hua change out the door to give their own ideas.

He did not want next time to go home, to see the injured lying on the living room floor.

"There keyhole are not difficult, just time consuming different. This ability, experience mechanical locks and electronic locks no way to turn the dial up." Li Fei turn, recalled Haicheng military that building, "such as State secret department at the branch of the red dragon, all mechanical lock. "

Jane Hua relieved, turned out to be because the "tea" experience, so Li Fei pondering this.

- This is Li Feiwei hold their image interpretation.

Zhang Yao this time did not lock the door,

Li Fei Sike not need locks.

Jane China recalled under his treatment: Red Dragon Major Chang personally come, good attitude, not tough to take away, did not allow himself to be in the detention center on the cold night.

Compared to Li Fei happened to be pitied.

"I do not know what their own abilities could be." Jane Hua tried to control those leaves floating, float half results, the other half directly to shreds invisible force.

No strong desire, no dramatic changes in mood, ability to listen to handle it is not so.

They walked side by side on a tree-lined paths, this road is not long, the inpatient several buildings surrounded by a circle, but also to see far in front of the crowded hospital, Duzhe various taxi and snack bar.

Jane Hua subconsciously touched the stomach, hospital waiting time is too long, missed lunch.

Filming all play a small role hardship, and sometimes often a day to eat a meal, Jane Hua accustomed to this kind of life is not the law, but has since abandoned the world, Jane from China afraid to let themselves starve.

Hunger, thirst torture, infinitely close to the shadow of death ......

"I have lunch with me?"

Ears heard the voice that Jane Li Fei Hua surprised with the eyes looked, his face slightly changed:. "Noodle restaurant in front of the hospital, that it is not health."

"No such a thing! Roadside shops are the same." Li Fei smiled.

Jane China decided to tell the truth:. "I'm afraid you could not eat."


The world's appetite for the most hostile occupation, is a model, actress model is probably the hell with seven and three, respectively, it looks much better, in fact or in hell.

Such people like Li Fei, be proudly, without being an assistant every day staring at the scales, to shoot a movie fattening ugly all right, but for many years carefully selected, strict diet by the dietary division specifically listed, will Lee Fiji stomach thoroughly spoiled.

Street vendors Jane Hua eat right, Li Fei said the bad.

Perennial removed from the major cast, Jane Hua see much because of the heat, eat lunch the next day sent the star linked to the water, because the crew nothing else, people do not understand that a star diva love is the essence of your life, in fact, so how fine your life, they are to be tossing out too picky fine recipes, bacterial resistance is decreased, street vendors who do not want to sit and drink beer line and skewers?

Think of those fixing dinner eating hot pot, can not eat can only take pictures micro-Bo pretend to eat a star, Jane China is deeply sympathetic.

Li Fei think about wearing elegant handsome mask no longer.

- Jane Hua really no acting talent, his eyes emotes are all in, he said he was thinking about either looking for an excuse to leave Li Fei, snack bar alone to fill his stomach.

"Lin assistant should pay it a fee, to see the situation on Tian Geng it. Huaicheng so big, and so will want to eat anywhere to go." Jane Hua casual comfort sentence, winner of his job next year, he did not Li Fei hope something happens.


Fortunately, the final selection of the winner Jane China, rather than the stomach.

But this is not to be happy, because I can see Jane Li Fei Hua wavering in this selection process, and Jane Li Fei Hua can not be determined ultimately chose their own, or because the employment contract between them.

Estimated to be the latter.

Li Fei very clear, and very sensible, although this time some of his own hate this.

Someone acting is superb, this series of mood changes without flaws, Jane felt nothing about China, still walking and driving to find topics to occupy the mind of hunger: "About the abandonment of the world, Zhang Maj talk to you how much?"

"By monitoring his master a lot of people who appear in the abandonment of the world, and these people told him a lot of things." Li Fei leisurely said his guess.

"Sympathy." Jane China stopped the sentence on the information repeated, "abandoned by the world, it is an insider term for a particular class of parallel world."

Li Fei frown, he did not think the world considered abandoned parallel world, do not meet the definition, how to look is abnormal space.

He was not seriously on the classification of China with Jane, but Jane Hua down the meaning of words, gently smiled: "? Insider, in the end what kind of person can be considered an insider, why would they know the truth of it."

No matter how absurd, then, are the red dragon as data collection - Li Fei thought goes wacky "intimate relationship table.", Even if he did not know the people above, but CEO Liangjun in. It has been recognized as a gun hidden rules, still angered winner.

"People can observe the signs of volcanic eruption, relying on science and technology is instrumental analysis, and they know what happened, but do not know why the principle, which is illogical." Li Fei also pondering the matter for a long time.

"In fact, they not only know the secret world of abandoned and protoss, but also to predict impending disaster." Jane turned to look at Li Hua Fei, and looked solemnly, "there will be abandoned by the world of monsters, I doubt Geng Tian wounds , it is caused by a monster. "

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