I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

By Tian Tang Fang Zhu Zhe

In love with

In love with

Li Fei's face froze.

His eyes revealed surprise,

Like the first time I saw Jane like China,

He could not help the other person from crown to toe.

Jane Hua throw, then shock the world after the phrase,

Even if nothing had happened to open the cafe menu


That conversation he had just always at a disadvantage,

Carried away by Li Fei,

Until just now he does not behave as a card,

Considered the situation reversed.

Moreover -

Jane China slightly narrowed his eyes: he did not think he could conceal firm.

Morning to answer the phone, Li Fei have not identified themselves, he knew,

This Li Fei's voice to be cooked to what extent?

Just found Li Fei also equipped with special secret abilities of mind when shaken, Jane magazine posters China has been attracted to mind.

He has been exposed to too much ......

After a cup of American coffee,

Jane rang the menu handed back to China waiter,

He did not understand these bitter brown drink what tastes better, although Li Fei let him free,

But after reading the layout of the store,

Jane Li Fei Hua feel let lose more money,

Probably considered to be friendly way.

See Jane China refers to the price of the cheapest one,

Li Fei laugh.

"You're polite."

Actor has been restored to look like laughing,

Just scowled

What like in trouble.

In the afternoon warm bright sun, they talked about the star entertainment media day, talking about the movie,

The atmosphere seemed pleasant and peaceful. The confession of people do not uncomfortable,

Beyond rude words to say who is more calmly.

Lin assistant arrived, surprised to see the two talk quite well.

"Excuse me, high-speed traffic jam, arrived late." Lin assistant wipe side, he opened the briefcase portable, the contract documents removed.

Li Fei Lin assistant in around three years, others do not know, he is not clear?

Li Fei is a famous actor circle of good-natured, but this is only Li Fei "working state", now looked very good atmosphere, who knows how Li Fei thought?

Li Fei said the store is open, in fact, someone else to take care of the store, only Li Fei funded.

Lin assistant thought he comes, we will see only a silly waiting for the signing of Jane Hua, Li Fei how to continue to accompany the mood to sit here and chat? Online pinch almost crazy, Xiao Yaqin still restless jump Da, battered company, ready to open tomorrow a press conference confirmed that Li Fei nothing yet.

"This is my assistant, Lin."

"Hello." Lin assistant felt his face a little sore, before he even went to the broker said Jane China wind assessment is not a good man, know that this guy is very proud of, not a man, and Lifei Ming are two significant class people, Li Fei most probably will still change his mind.

Brokers do not want to Jane China, precisely because Jane China looks obvious advantages, circle step on one foot and then the debut of the original owners do not no, do stand-in actors so much, why choose this trouble.

Results - really not worth mentioning, Li Fei is the man who let the final say.

Lin assistant with the fastest speed, put a few key points of the contract spoke again.

Stuntman is not exclusive to the company's normal configuration artists, which is a Li Fei individuals hired,Nominally owned by Star-day entertainment and media management, but the reward was a simple Chinese by Li Fei, and artist hired individual fitness teacher, assistant life almost.

Jane Hua did not say himself seen, took it again to confirm the terms, he signed it.

Then turn to Li Fei.

One might think that it would be signed on behalf of the broker, the broker but not now, Li Fei hand comes back, Lin assistant can only obediently handed the pen out.

Fine black pen writing fluency in the heart of the white paper on the page, just above the name of Jane China that law-abiding.

Filled with leafy vines coffee mellow, bright sunshine, in the middle of the table a contract - Lin assistant looked at the two men looked weird, I do not know why, he always felt that this scene where wrong.

"Ten days later, I have a movie in the North are shooting, you go back to such notice, will go with the crew." Li Fei spread hand, indicating his frustration, "I have to reveal a face in public, to solve the problems under."

Contract in triplicate, as well as give the company an archive.

Lin assistant inks knock out a good chapter, the file cleanly away, Jane Hua said:. "The crew of a confidentiality agreement when they sign up to, plus the people on our side, but also to greet the crew."

Jane China of course there is no objection, then stand up and say goodbye to three people.

Li Fei will share entertainment magazine handed it to Jane China, eloquently he said:. "Gave you."

He took the magazine strange gestures, finger caught in one page, you can see Jane Hua bow slender finger-color magazine under section corner is the "crow" barren yellow background color.

Jane Hua pupil contraction, took over after the magazine did not say anything, turned away.

"This is ......" Lin assistant surprise, under normal circumstances, do not say watched them drive away in it, at least to bid farewell to two, compliments nor money.

Speaks, Lin Li Fei glimpse gloomy eyes, suddenly swallowed all the words back.

Li Fei, a pedestrian evening departure back to Haicheng, assistant asleep in the forest, bodyguards Geng Tian drove the car driving on the highway, Lee

Fei suddenly asked:

"Geng Tian, ​​if you had a good impression of a person, and you find that person really likes you play the role of how to do?"

"Ah?" Geng Tian Yaran, which face northeast innocent man, "Are you asking me?"

Li Fei look at him, sincerely apologize, "Sorry, I'm asking the wrong person."

Geng Tian silence, facing the rear-view mirror and rolled his eyes.

Street lights came into the car, his face lit up Li Fei uncertain and dark, closed his eyes, remembering the movie "Arthur," the story.

Ukrainian generals stationed protagonist was a risk off generals, valiant extraordinary, won the soldiers under the command of love.

Military Governors rebellion, sent down is a conspiracy to seize the city, the result of plans to half, but had an accident - suddenly developed plague the city, which is at western border town, mastered here, Bing here, will be able to Zhongyuan and Shu separated.

If not here, plan the Military Governors for many years to be suspended, but the ambition has been exposed, is Heaven's court.

Swear allegiance to the Military Governors counselor slain, and Wenguanwuqiang want to seize rebellious, wits.

Friends is a black city general physician, found that the plague has spread, since searched the gates but rebel blockade,So with the soldiers, guarding the people willing to escape the night and rushed out.

Rebellious occupied the city, the prevalence of the disease that piece of street blockade and let the people die, but also in order to conceal the fact that the fall of the city, sent to kill black generals silenced.

Surrender rebellious civil letter to the court, saying that the Ukrainian people kidnapped generals defected to the north into the desert steppe, may seek refuge Huns.

Kill both, bloody armor.

Desperate, would like to inform the plague of things, no one believed.

The final flight of people to find a hidden valley, settled down.

The film is a flashback mode, after many years a group of little people wander, listened to the Ukrainian border devils General legend, Wu said Han Yong fierce and brutal generals, who took one hundred cavalry Shatui thousands of government troops, in the bizarre rumor that the defection of General Wu prairie found the treasure, so they follow clues to find the way to in-depth, encountered sandstorms disoriented, accidentally came near that valley, the valley has been the people rescued.

The results did not treasure, there is no blood-thirsty black generals.

They heard a very different story, some tragic past.

The valley there was less elderly parent's leg, he was a general Ukraine's Guards, he inquired about the situation outside.

Outsiders and valley people, bumps Couchu the past year - a half months after the closed city, Shu suddenly heavy rains, the plague is not brought under control about, impregnable become a dead city. It happened after the Ukrainian general "traitors" who kill black generals and the surviving soldiers vowed claims that this is the curse of the black generals, he himself said, "epidemic, the city people will die."

Military Governors successful usurper, this history will deliberately Yan Qu, build new city choose another site.

For decades, the frontier black devils are circulating legendary general, when people see black ravens stay in the branches, will be hurried them off, it is believed that crows are black generals incarnation, will bring disaster disease.


"It is also a sandstorm blowing day, the pursuers caught up with us, Ukrainian generals with the rest of the brothers off, go ahead with wounded people, but stopped after the sandstorm, sand covered up everything. We searched the radius Barry, has not seen the remains of General ...... or, he has already turned into bones. "

Jane can this lines verbatim China will back down.

Movie he had seen ten times, the old man on the screen is full of ravines face, painful tears.

Elongated lens, according to the outer valley desert oasis, sand filled, handheld Hercules armor broken general black, covered with blood.

Sharp eyes suddenly softened, smiled toward the valley, toward the lonely bloody sunset, crow noise behind him, there were numerous falls dry Populus tree.

Lens slowly darken, that figure has gradually become nothingness.

Winds, would cease to exist, leaving only the boundless world, a lengthy world.

Whenever the lights come up, the end credits appear, the cinema can hear someone crying.

When they are out of the cinema, it is out of this story, and Jane from China into the "crow" This crew, see Li Fei stood before the lens into the drama of the moment, he did not come out too.

Li Fei acting superb, superb, not only with his play take the actor was forced to play 200% ability,Even the crew are due to a story fragment sour nose.

No one else will be able to exercise better Ukraine.

Li Fei Wu generals but not every director screams card, Li Fei play, and others laughing, Jane Hua my heart empty yo, it seemed to have lost something important.

That's why he was initially hesitant to sign with Li Fei.

Actor is a good man, but since he fell in love with the character played by actor.

- No, he had the opportunity together with Li Fei played that role.

Despite the small appearance, also cut a lot, but each requires a substitute for a story Jane China are trying to play, like Li Fei said, even if the lens is not a positive face for a few seconds, Jane China will figure □ □ grasp very well, even in the past for so long, Li Fei still impressed with this stunt.

That is, of course, on who would occupy the mind of all their "people" do not know much of it?

Jane magazine that China will tear down posters page, attached to the bed, looked a long time.

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