108.8.18, rebirth vicious white lotus

108.8.18, rebirth vicious white lotus

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Yan small, small Yan is back!

Lin Yao excited watching from afar, he knew he care deeply about people will come back, as long as he had said, would never go back on before, but ten years is too long, even if I believe he'll come will come Lin Yao also has to be fast and so desperate.

And now, just as he did not expect, that familiar voice to the bone even once again ringing in their ears.

Although small Yan's voice changed a lot, more than previously charming and enchanting, but as long as he will be able to listen to the last know who to speak.

Lin Yao excitement no one was found, because this time, all eyes fell on the red figure in the distance.

For the comfort of the willing, woods Sheng variation in the wolf's body fitted with adequate rest room, he had been lying half the battle flag of the body slowly, stood a few steps ahead of the wolf's head.

I looked at the screen of everyone gasped.

Wolf has always been very proud creatures, want to tame very difficult, but now the zombies emperor not only tame variation of the wolf, but also can actually safe and sound standing wolf's head, this "man" just how terrible!

But let us pay more attention to is his clothes, at the beginning we only see the red corner, and heart when he stood up we discovered him panting is red robes kind of costume.

A silver-gray hair casual loose in the deep, he looks very outstanding, a pair of bloody eyes, with something of evil spirits.

"Lin Lin Yan ......!" Maybe people do not know this person, but white Los fly but it can not know, because he had this person or group in advance of the zombie, "as ...... Why are you still alive."

Muttering to say after such a sentence, white Luo flew back to God, then your face towards the loud mouth, "Lin Yan, since you're not dead, why would so many years did not come back, you know we have been waiting for you! "

We looked at the white Luo Fei, with surprised eyes, are they the prophets surprising and zombies Wong know what?

But the good thing, because they might be able to recognize words even before the zombie Emperor put in a word, as if A city on the security if this is the case.

Los fly while standing beside the white man is not so optimistic, because he heard a white Luo fly first sentence, Lin Yan, how you're still alive.

If you really are friends, at this time subconscious was saying should be, Sharon Lam you're alive, it's great.

Now the hearts of men kind of conjecture, perhaps this zombie imperial enemy who is looking for white Los fly.

Now men, some regret, I knew white Luo Fei done such a thing, he is dead and will not fly white Los what's involved, he may not want to be involved!

Now only I hope zombie emperor who is a generous person not to harm innocent people.

"They're children, now is not the time to renew old friendships, we ask each other what it requires," With that man cares raised his head, and then Sheng shouted toward the woods, "His Majesty the Emperor corpse you talk about what you need people."

Sheng woods hear each other straight answer, there are just hungry and white Luo Fei said the words,He knew that the other party has to see to understand who he wants people really is.

It really is a wise man, since this person from such a fate, woods Sheng did not want to embarrass him directly tell their own candidate.

"The first person I want to fly white Luo," Sheng woods looking at each other's body suddenly stiffened, mocking smile, and then, looking tempting landed not far from the excitement of Lin Yao's body, "the second person I want to Lin Yao. "

Then, his voice fell on the ears of all the people, "although a decade later, but I want to say, brother, I'm back."

Erupted man is really surprised, although he wanted the other man to the white one is definitely Los fly, but did not think that, another person turned out to be Lin Yao, and even more did not think that this man is Lin Yao brother.

At the time, he did not answer, Sheng has appeared in the woods on the walls, standing in front of Yao Lin, revealing a big smile, "Brother, I'm back."

Watching people smile on his face, Lin Yao had wanted to say all swallowed back, can only blankly staring at the man, looking at his smiling face, there is a whole person, not realistic.

"Little Yan?" Finally, Lin Yao seems back to God, watching the man, his face takes on a smile.

But he seems to have been a long time did not laugh, though his face with a smile, but the smile was a bit distorted.

"Ah, brother, that I'm back, I'll pick you up, come back with me S City bar." A city is probably a good place, but in the eyes of the woods Sheng, here it is not as complete S City.

Because there is a zombie stronghold, so no one ever been to, but in fact, there is the real paradise.

"Well, brother will follow you no matter where to go." Lin Yao decade were enough to bear the pain of Acacia, and now as long as they follow in the side of the small Yan is already a great happiness.

After Lin and Yao settled, woods Sheng walked slowly white Los fly around, "white classmates, long gone, in this decade you okay?"

Sheng woods now looks like an ancient people, like son, gentle, loved his face with wing abnormal heart-warming, people can not help but full of goodwill.

Just the color of the vertical pupil but with a certain sense of Xie Yi, people can not in the eye.

"I ...... I'm fine." Sheng looked at this woods, white Luo Fei suddenly feel a little terror, I do not know why, he looked at the woods Sheng feel terrible.

"To be honest we have not seen for ten years," Luo serious look at the white fly, Sheng woods casual tease tease their hair, then light said, "do not know this decade where did you remember that when advancing zombie sure the group is what it feels like. "

No matter what the year of the white fly Los whether remember, and now he must now get justice for himself!

During these years he had nothing to punish not happy to find himself in the consciousness of the world, now is the time to solve white Los fly.

"No, I'm classmates you listen to me, not me, I did not do anything, I have a space protoss much effort, how could ......"Los fly white tone of some grievances, he could not say it, but these things are really what is impossible?

Woods Sheng shook his head and chuckled, "You really are space protoss it?" Looked into the still unrepentant white Luo Fei, he raised an eyebrow at him, "You see that now your space also hit open it? "

Exactly what you make of what it was like how could he not know, to be honest he really did not expect space to produce their own which turned out to persist for a decade of time, to not use it now has been completely contrary to his the expectations.

"You, what do you mean?" Bai Sheng Luo Fei looked at the woods and then seemed to react as quickly to go open their own space, but the next moment he was shocked, because space is gone, how is this possible ......

"Why I do not understand, but the pendant is a pragmatic gadgets ah." Indeed, and this gadget is made out of the woods Sheng personally, is to fly to Los white a little surprise.

Sheng looked woods, white Los fly eyes filled with incredible, come to realize he had a feeling he finally understand why Sheng woods and the memory of that person different.

"You, you are reborn back!" White Los fly screamed, he finally knew exactly where things wrong, this person did like him who are born again.

Los fly white word went out, the surrounding uproar, watching his eyes were a little weird together.

Rebirth back?

Could it be that this is not a true prophet?

"Do you think it is what it is, if I was born again who does not seem wrong," Luo Fei looked white, woods Sheng eyes with this kind of a pity that mean, "like you know there will come a rebirth how people, is not that quite a surprise? "

Surprise? Now White Los fly only feeling is scared!

He did not expect this and how they have been living together for so long of people who turned out to be a rebirth.

"So, for the first time natural selection when you refused to return to the house on purpose?" Now the white Luo would like to see a lot of flying has always felt very confused things.

No wonder that natural selection when he refused to say anything back, that is simply not guess, but the beginning of what woods are sung all know!

"You know, if not for some special reason, beginning in the alley when I do not want to save you, and previous life when I have been reared a brother eat rice, but how do you do, several times I want to promote the group zombies, but you never succeeded. "

Sheng woods faint voice, no anger and no special meaning, but the people around are fried enough, as if it had always been like a saint white Luo Fei turned out to be such a person, is simply eye-popping.

Lin Yao after hearing this just wanted to kill a white Luo Fei, the bastard should be so hurt small Yan!

"His Majesty the Emperor dead, since this is a matter between you and him we do not mix, and now you actually give your people." Sheng looked woods, men go absolutely know that this time is not good, so quietly in the side of the crowd is the best choice.White Luo Fei heard this, really scared silly about this, how is this going?

Why this is so, how can he do that to himself, he has not called their baby children it?

Sheng woods looking at each other to make a pair, "You go ahead, no matter what you are doing I will not stop," look, could not help but smile, this person is indeed a wise man.

"You say this man and you do not have any relationship?" Sheng woods looking at each other under the eyebrow.

"Yes, and I did not have the grace and relationships." In fact, it is really nothing to do from the very beginning white Los fly with him.

White Los fly now just only dumbfounded, it does not matter how it was, what he was not his wife, not that good after this dead tide they get married?

"You do not understand it, from the open heart of this man would not you, white Luo Fei, after all these years you still do not understand send home the truth is never worth it?" Looked at each other in disbelief eyes, Sheng woods gently with a smile, but his voice is full of sarcasm.

The word went out, looked at the white Los fly with incredible eyes men around, how is this possible, before the man always says he is really in love with myself, why now become like this, deceptive , it is a lie!

He refused to accept the reality of looking at the amount of white Luo Fei, woods Sheng did not say anything more cruel words, but look to have been standing there silent man.

"If you think you do not have anything to do with this man, then it would make you a favor," Look at the people have silly Leng Leng Bai Luo Fei, Sheng woods evoke mouth mocking smile, "I think people who Laboratory should be very curious white Los fly abilities, I can reveal that his ability is very interesting, not only able to manipulate the zombies, but also to manipulate human beings, is a rare spirit of the Department protoss. "

"But to promise me that, I want him alive, no matter what kind of torture being, before the end of the last days he must live well."

Every day was constantly doing experiments, but still will not die, that feeling should be good, then it is because of this man's sake themselves into a zombie, so now this is his return a.

"No, I do not!" Hear the words lab, white Luo Fei was really frightened, the laboratory is somewhere, although he did not go off sent, but also know that as long as sent into final They will be tortured to death.

He never did!

Now, however, there was no one to control him exactly what to say, his fate in the woods sung zombie group in advance of the moment have been doomed.

Now he can only Sheng looked away in the back woods of physical shouting.

A special episode: different species swollen sauce stuffed stuffed

Yao Sheng Lin followed the woods that day back in the city of S, but after coming here, he knows what is the real paradise, A city always had a utopian end of the world title, but to see the environment in the city of S when he was only one feeling that those who did not experience a is too.

If you see the scenery seen the city of S, it is that the pattern of utopia becomes simply no way to estimate it pleasant to the eye.

Everything here and exactly the same as before the end of the world,And even pedestrians have nothing to do, of course, be overlooked those weird hair colors and eye colors, but the place is the closest place before the end of the world.

But Lin Yao feel their mood these days is not very good, because back in the city after S Sheng woods on busy up, although it will go home on time every day, on time and he did not always stick with you, Lin Yao said he was very heart stopper.

He waited a decade lover now not even the hang of, not even have time to stay with their heart heart heart stopper plug plug!

Of course, Lin Yao felt not so naive, although the hearts of very unhappy, but still did not say it, but every day in the woods Sheng home when always looked at him with sad eyes.

And every time I see this, when Yao Lin, Sheng woods always stop work in fear of looked at him, then asked the one, brother, you is not got where uncomfortable?

Oh, where he uncomfortable? He was uncomfortable!

But how can he say such exports, can only continue after Biequ smile ...... Biequ go.

In fact, not that Woods did not see Lin Sheng Yao this state now, no, perhaps it should be said that he was deliberate, estimated Hanging Lin Yao.

He has now complied with the earlier promise to see him, then he opened his mouth confession thing should it?

Well, as this is a little bit of their own bad taste Well, every time I see Lin Yao nervous, wronged always wanted to own bully bully him.

In fact, Lin Yao has cross stand it no longer, and so on for a decade has finally returned to his wife's side, he said nothing just because of fear of scared little Yan.

But now in daily life, sleep all sleep together, but also how he endure the go!

Finally, the day came after S City two weeks, Lin Yao found himself limber and also those coming under.

The first thing is to see limber natural relationship between two people asked Lin Yao, Yao Lin suddenly feel they have been World malicious dense paste his face, let alone progress, he even held it back two people see relations are moving backwards a bit, at least now, without ever close.

After Yao Lin and his side of things finished, immediately got limber, earnestly eyes.

Now the little master feelings for the young master is muddle, this time people have learned to determine the relationship should not rush to declare it, he reserved this way is to see who is.

Therefore, Lin Yao was severely "lessons" for some time, finally realized his mistake, decided to learn from bitter experience, and small Yan articulate your feelings.

Time to go home today woods Sheng previous day late, but because limber has come, so at home ready meals, although it does not require the ingestion of food has sung the woods, but in order to make their home people happy, woods Sheng also accompanied two people had a big dinner.

Later, in the eyes of limber spur Lin Sheng Yao followed the woods on the floor, thinking about their own future in mind how their minds will not be scared small Yan.

Took a shower after the discovery of people are still sitting slumped over in bed,Sheng woods feel funny sitting beside him, Sheng tone woods with a sort of smile, "Brother, in thinking about it, so ecstatic, go take a bath."

People watching in a daze, woods Sheng increasingly want to laugh, this man no matter what time are so cute.

"Little Yan, I have something to say to you." Looked at the woods Sheng, Although he was nervous, but now I'm Yao still want to convey the words of his mind.

"Brother, you say, I'm listening." Lin Yao appearance looks very tight, which makes the woods Sheng involuntary start going, man wanted to say could have been nervous in this way.

Sheng woods do not know is that he then so serious, Lin Yao is more nervous, especially looking at those red eyes, he felt more nervous, even practicing hands and feet do not know where to go to put .

"Brother?" The more so, the more woods Sheng want to tease this man before he found his wife not how there are so lovely?

"Little Yan, I want to ask you one thing, you have to truthfully answer me, OK?" Lin Yao deep breath, since the decision to ask out, so he naturally wanted to really know each other's mind.

"Well, no matter what my brother asked me if I would truthfully answer." Face of love, regardless of the other party to ask what the problem is, Sheng woods are not going to lie, because this person is whom they love.

Hear the answer, Lin Yao finally put down the heart, he is not afraid of small Yan does not accept that he is afraid of small Yan because his thoughts and their own grievances.

"Little Yan, ...... you liked me?" Asked after completing this sentence, Lin Yao felt his body will soon froze, and he sat there quietly waiting for the other answers.

And Sheng woods after hearing the question looked surprised Lin Yao, he knew that love will choose to tell the truth, but did not think even so soon, but think about the minds limber probably understand how it is now forest Yao would be so straightforward confession of the limber because of what it says.

Lin Yao is carefully there, waiting for each other's answers, he likes small Yan, he knew, kind of like not brotherhood, but true love.

He was a sad man, and his brother on the man or his nominal.

But he found that even after they know these, still no way to give up this feeling and this feeling becomes more and more intense again.

With the passage of time may have been waiting less than woods Sheng answer when he was my heart and despair that piece up, do small Yan did not like him?

Is ah, has been small Yan never said he liked the man, and now he is asking a lot of it.

He looked up to see the woods Sheng, just want to say to him that he was just kidding, do not take it seriously, but in the eye when he saw the warm smile from each other's eyes, there is a deep love.

Small Yan ...... love him?

The cognitive Lin Yao mind a blank, although that woods Sheng did not speak, but he read the meaning of each other in the eyes of the deep love that is impossible not joking!

"of course,I always like my brother, my brother is not aware of it? "Woods Sheng chuckled, his mind said it.

How could he not love this person.

"I know, but I will not kind of like, you know what, small Yan, I will never love you as a brother go, but ......"

Still looking at the interpretation of love, woods Sheng sigh, then said slowly, "my brother really different people right from the outset between the brothers is not like my feelings for you ah."

Whether Lin Yan once, or now his feelings for the man will not be brotherhood.

In it becomes a zombie when he saw Lin Yan of the past and the future, at that time he realized, Lin Yan of his brother that feelings are not just brotherhood only, which also mixed with a trace of himself did not see I understand love.

Otherwise, at the end of last Yao Lin and Lin Yan will not come together.

Yes, in Los fly white unregenerate world, culminating in the death of white Luo Fei Lin Yao a little bit to understand his own mind of Sharon Lam, and eventually two people choose to spend a lifetime.

Such a confession is similar to the words of Lin Yao perplexing moment, so to say ...... so small Yan said he also has the kind of mind?

Now some of his gratitude limber, if not limber of such things, and now he and Yan also do little empathy it.

"Little Yan, I love you, love you." People will be forced to hold in his arms, wanted to kiss his lips, but was pushed Sheng woods.

"Little Yan?" The man was refused as though it was abandoned by the owner of a large dog, ears droop down, he looked listless people around.

"Brother, now I'm a zombie, you know what, I am now a zombie," the man looked at the emotional landing, woods Sheng was really laughing gas, "You also want to become a zombie it?"

Huang Sheng woods is now a zombie, and Lin Yao if you really have any close contact time, Lin Yao ten eight Nine will become a zombie, and now he is really afraid of death is not it.

Lin Yao stopped a moment after this, then his face showing a happy smile, "Little Yan, you know, which I do not mind, as long as I have you, whether human or zombie I want to be with you . "

With that, Lin Yao clothes duty-bound kissed his lips and gently suck, all the feelings are passed through the woods to kiss Sheng.

This time woods Sheng mind came the unpleasant sound of 001, [host adults, please be assured that the main adult male in excellent health, so you'll want to become a zombie is totally impossible, unless you can not help the person bitten, they will not have any effect, then, finally I wish you a good night yo ~]

Happy heads!

Now he was not happy, and quickly his body that birds. Beasts away!

Of course, this last point Sheng woods in the heart of the roaring sound of water did not stop there, and his mouth bird birds. Beasts ...... forehead, do not say, anyway, one thing is certain, is that the next day resulting in woods Sheng woke up and found that back pain is almost unable to move out.

Oh, is not that different species can not love it,Why are they different from two distinct species even have a home run! ?

Special episode two: repent

Lying in the lab, Los fly white glazed eyes looking at the ceiling, feeling someone injection in his wrist for something, he did not even head twisted in the past, because he knows that even if he did not trouble any change.

After a long while, until you are ready to leave, white Los fly slowly open your mouth at the man, "What time is it?"

Whenever a laboratory which is always lighted, so now white Luo Fei has no concept of time, he is the only returning himself seems here a long time.

"It is twenty-seven years after the end of the world." That was the experimenter told top, as long as it is not talked about to kill him or let him out of here, no matter what the problem is what is required to meet as much as possible.

Twenty-seven years after the end of the world?

Los heard the answer white fly muffled laugh, hoarse voice, seems to be that for a long time not talking's sake, now white Los fly very hoarse voice, at this time gives a sense of sad sad.

"The original has been 17 years, I did not die, Lin Yan doing nice ah." White Los fly this time do not know how, in the face of this strange experiment members, yet there want to talk .hope.

Sure enough, that person is not in a hurry to leave, but took a stool to sit beside white Los fly, then cautiously asked, "You said Lin Yan, His Majesty the Emperor is dead?"

Now, because of the woods Sheng reconciliation and tolerance protoss, the end of the world is the end temporarily, and some are not controlled by low woods Sheng wandering zombies, after all clear zombie as long as those Sang finished the last days will be over.

So for the dead and His Majesty the Emperor of mankind shake hands, they also are very good impression.

The white Luo Fei hear the words of His Majesty the Emperor when the corpse, showing a self-deprecating smile.

Sure enough, the man and his own completely different ah.

Before he was born again, that person is in the hands of Lin Yao baby, no matter what time, as long as that person exists, Lin Yao will not see other people, at that time he was very envious that a strong man to protect him, while also with envy.

So he had the hook. Lin Yao had cited, but the results directly refused.

And after rebirth will come, but he was more than Sheng woods, even if he will be the man to promote the zombie group, the end result did not change, even that person becomes more powerful, eventually even become a zombie emperor.

When the woods again saw Sheng, he did not know what it feels like, is the heart, or jealous, but he knew he missed the man.

However, what comes up is a recipe for disaster, he was sent to the lab, tortured day and night, in fact he knew that the experimenter did not want to use him to do experiments, but for pure torture he.

Because it is under the command of His Majesty the Emperor dead, if you do not follow the advice, then, the entire A city will be razed to the ground.

So the next seventeen years, he has been here to endure all kinds of torture, it should be said is indeed the laboratory personnel, no matter how dangerous to do experiments, read white Los fly even be able to keep their name,Simply do not die!

"Yes ah, I said Lin Yan is dead Majesty in your mouth." White Luo Fei self-deprecating smile, "You know what, I narrowly escaped most want to do is be dead."

Yes, and before you want to live well, you now wish was to fly Los white one, that is to let him die, but now seems to have become the face of this desire to expect.

Sheng woods because of the word, even the death of his rights are gone.

About that little phrase experimenter did not answer, but with mercy looked at each other, he knows now white Los fly idea is a luxury, because His Majesty the Emperor wants him dead or, then he would not die, only dead when His Majesty the Emperor allowed, white Los fly to death.

Obviously this is not just the little experimenter understand, is white Luo Fei I also understand, so he did not request that the experimenter end of his life, and said after he had finished talking on the quiet lying on the side, as if just the same, then the sentence is wrong.

This should already know not to say anything, small experimenter slowly walked out, the whole laboratory had once left the Los fly a white man.

This time he laughed again, small voice is so bleak.

Now he regret it, really regret it, every moment of pain in the body almost tear him, but because the reason these laboratory assistant, he will not die, will always live well until that person to allow him to die until.

17 years of the initial period of time he was still fighting, still want through their own eschatological rebirth returned to find a way out for their own advantage, but in the end he was desperate because he knew none of the people here will help him.

Not just because of his fear of death, all men fear death, if he is put out, then it seems the people they will become.

Seventeen years later, the white Luofei Cheng suffered numerous from the beginning wanted to leave, to the now bent to die, but in 17 years time there have not been sung woods once, he would have been those with advanced S zombie living in the city.

Still later, he heard the woods Sheng Yao and Lin married, at that time he was a kind of "ah, so really feeling."

No one knows, he came up with an absurd idea, the ancient imperial married when the amnesty will always be in that moment, that he is not also be pardoned, he did not ask to be let out, just let him He died on it.

But then he was disappointed, because woods Sheng seems to have been forgotten as he is a person, even when the marriage did not answer here, but A city people did not dare S City congratulations, because time had left the woods Sheng said that once inside the city of S, as long as no permit will become the target of zombie sniping.

No one has the guts to experiment on the day of the wedding of Her Majesty Queen corpse would not mind blood-stained.

In this way, his whole being tortured for seventeen years, and now he no matter how painful, how painful has the right to free choice.

"Oh, I was wrong, Lin Yan, I'm really wrong, I want to die, I beg you ...... let me die." Now he's really only the idea of ​​seeking death, and he did not want revenge,What people do not want to become Exalted, and now he just wants to die, just I want to be able to frankly dead!

Now white Luo heart only wants to fly faster relief, it is not found outside the laboratory are standing person, that person is ......

"In this case on the same subject, let him go die." Looked at the skinny level has been afflicted families can no longer act hungry people, the inclination of the woods Sheng smiled, then let him represent a horse.

People around to hear the sigh of relief after the words sung woods, not that they tortured this man have any psychological burden, a person will be able to promote the zombie group of people already have no conscience, even if such a person is dead but it is also the people from harm.

The reason they are nervous because the human body to the limit, can not withstand any torture care, if at the time so go within a few days, the body will fly white Los comprehensive failure, even if he wanted to keep the other party life is impossible, if it is time to know the woods sung died in their hands ......

I'm afraid they would not be a good end, but now that the consent of the other, let the people to end their lives now!

Los fly a white looked back, he had to know the woods Sheng Lin Yan owed everything to have been paid off, so now he let him escape!

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