87.7.10, the pride of cold white lotus

87.7.10, the pride of cold white lotus

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"If I really do not believe you, how would you?" Ai Lande tilt mouth watching the people, but his eyes did not think it was serious.

"I'll kill him." Anyone attempt to drive a wedge between him and Ai Lande, have damned!

Hear the answer, Ai Lande not surprised, but a kind of natural feeling, it seems that from the beginning he knew Lance would do.

"If I did not believe it?" This sentence for Ai Lande, it is entirely a joke of the language, he knew, no matter what happens, he will listen carefully to the man explained.

"Then I'll kill you, after self a break." He could not accept love misinterpretation and mistrust, rather than live by suffering, it is better to accompany him to die together!

This answer is obviously cruel to outrageous, but Ai Lande after hearing the answer, suddenly laughed, and the laugh louder, let Lance have some do not understand him it was how.

After a long while, he stopped laughing, then gently said something, "really like you say."

"Why be afraid?" He knew he was so possessive some pervert, but it simply can not be restrained, and now, he was afraid to see the fear and loathing lover's eyes.

"What I'm afraid will not be afraid of death." Ai Lande these words is not lying, but the truth, he does not remember living for many years, and that the long years, he can only feel lonely Therefore, he will not be afraid of the fear of death.

"You know I did not ask this!" For the lovers escape the general answer, Lance feel a little uncomfortable, though I understand Ai Lande not afraid, but he was hoping to get the answers they wanted from his mouth.

Lance looked at the piece of persistent appearance, Ai Lande seems to feel hidden in his heart of apprehension and uncertainty, at the same time funny, feel a little sad.

A man known as the closest to God in front of him turned out to be an uneasy look, make him feel distressed, but also some heart.

"In this world, I would be afraid of a lot of things, but only that does not include you." Ai Lande raised an eyebrow, with a lofty look forward to watching people get, but it is the other pleasant light laugh.

They smile at each other, Ai Lande feeling kind of ridiculous - he seems to know this person for a long time, long time to himself could not remember, even if this person does not exist in memory, but the body's instinct to know this person, willing close to this man.

"Ai Lande, remember you today, no matter what time do not be afraid of me, and I swear, no matter what will happen in the future, I will always stand by your side." Only he is their eternal gods .

At this moment, two people do not speak, enjoying a rare warmth.

And they stood not far from John saw this scene, the eyes are faint bring concerns.

Thousands of years of time, in the eyes of the owner's never been anyone's presence, even though there have been another person in his life, accompanied by his side, but John made it very clear to see, it was only the other in his default within the tolerable range,But never anyone can walk into the owner's line of sight.

And this man has walked into the hearts of the genuineness of the owner, if one day ......

Of course, John is not worried about Lance's betrayal, he looked very clear, I am afraid that Lance depression is even deeper than his master, it is absolutely impossible to make a betrayal of the owner.

His fear is that one day life will come to an end Lance, the owner at that time ...... probably go to self-destruction.

Because today's dialogue, between Ai Lande and Lance obviously a lot of intimacy, and such changes fall Salman's eyes made him some teeth, but there is no way, not even the guts to stop him.

John of various means already broken his proud and crushed all his pride, he knocked the dust, let him understand his already not that high above His Royal Highness Prince.

Of course, Salman honest, Ai Lande still feel very satisfied, after all this time the person is too many things, very disgusting, can make him quieter, Ai Lande is a good thing.

After lunch ran out, John is Ai Lande end on a glass of red wine, but Lance was directly taken away, let Ai Lande some teeth.

Since the last dialogue of two people, the people all the time in the lure of their own, but had to stop myself hunting, and now not even wine are not allowed to touch him, there are no human rights! ?

Ai Lande: Believe it or not I really bite you! ?

Lance: Come ah, I opened the neckline, please feel free to bite.

Ai Lande: ......

This world there are more than this guy shameless What people really want to kill him!

John aside to see this scene did not know what to say, and now he and some do not understand what their master was thinking, obviously the other party has sent home, the owner Why have repeatedly refused.

The owner had said from the outset, blood priest Broad has a special attraction for him, and now the priest has been willing to offer their blood, why flinch who has become a master, this ......

If that is the fear of provoking a war, this is John completely unable to believe that the old kinship is not without opening the eyes to move those priests and deacons, the owner never stop, and now to their chose to retreat, how to look something wrong.

However, this is a matter between the owner and the priest, he did not qualify as a servant of discussion, Yes, exactly!

In this way, a Reims "ally" smiled selected players on the sidelines, in the side to watch never too big thing.

In fact, Lance heart is very depressed, he thought later that day dialogue, the relationship between two people can make a breakthrough, but he found himself thinking too much, and now absolutely no change in his attitude toward Ai Lande, or that way before, tepid.

This Ai Lande made him anxious, but did not dare to force, he hopes to be able to respond to their own wife, not his wife forced to respond.

Lance is now just not sure I can endure long.

"To go for a walk it?" Lance looked to "cannibalism" in the eyes, Ai Lande I get some running out of patience,I do not blame him for being timid, really each other's eyes give him too much pressure.

"Good." While Ai Lande know this is trying to avoid, but this time Lance was down he meant agreed down, at least, do not give him too much pressure, he was afraid Ai Lande will escape.

But this is not the person to lead the way Ai Lande, but Lance, "I have visited your home, and now for you to look at my house."

The success of these words let Ai Lande mouth fiercely pumping the pumping, he went to church a kinship guest really no problem?

Ai Lande see this, Lance immediately understood what he was thinking, could not help smile, "is not going to church, but to my family, although I am a priest, but I'm not the church of orphans. "

Church every year a large number of orphans for adoption, then will become ordinary clergy, deacons and priests, depending on ability, but he is different, he is particularly powerful because the power, it will enter the church.

"Good." Since it is not going to church, Ai Lande there is no denial, no, maybe we should say his heart wanted to have a little bit more or less want to know Lance.

Lance first came home, Ai Lande some novelty, his family and his people, cold, precise, space consisting of black and white, with a strange deserted.

Here, there is no feeling of home.

"You ...... do not like it here?" If you really like it here, why people do not feel any sentiment?

No matter how you look, there is no way he will be here and think of the family together, because there is not a trace of warmth.

"Do not like." Lance shook his head, then walked behind him, and put him in his arms.

Did not like, but ...... not really like it, it should be said, before he met Ai Lande, his heart is empty, no matter who, or what was he did not like the feeling.

What is until the day in the face of the man in front of that moment, he did not know he has been waiting for.

Do not like, so I do not like it, though Lance did not say it, but he could hear clearly and simply, do not know why, at this moment his heart felt a little block.

Two people did not stay here long, before the sun sets on the back of the Fort Collins, Fort Collins, after all around after dark but some danger, although two people this is not what, but they have not busy nothing to find something to do to give yourself the point.

Back to Fort Collins after dinner today only two people, as Salman Why does not appear, two people do not ask, indifferent.

After dinner, as usual, Lance "confiscated" the Ai Lande wine, and Ai Lande is depressed directly back to the room, he being not at all want to see this guy Re Renxian!

Ai Lande looked left, Lance helpless smile, it seems some things he did not take that action is not.


At night, Ai Lande because of hunger woke up, could not help but sigh in mind, he believes, as long as they go hunting now, that person would stop himself, he did not know how Lance is accurate to find him.Hearts once again helpless sigh, Ai Lande decided together to celebrate, even if hunting is not too much better than lying in bed endured hunger!

However, he did not think that, when he opened his eyes and was surprised to see a large face of a closer, so he was shocked.

"How do you here!?" He remembered every night to sleep when he would lock the bedroom door, the door is now in good condition, apparently not Lance broke into the house, then there is a natural "should be within", as "the inside to" be Ai Lande who did not do what he wants!

"I'm John from there to come your room key, I think I'll give you time to consider long enough," Lance leaned forward, almost the whole people are pressed in his body, "Now I do not want to, etc. , and no patience to wait any longer. "

When Ai Lande not react, Lance forced him to the bed, not Tuiju kissed his lips, tongue across his sharp canine teeth spill a drop of blood bead, two people with intense pro. kiss across his throat.

At this moment, Ai Lande feel that their appetite has been completely man in front of hook up, "Lance, you crazy?"

Because long hunger, Ai Lande've been patient, but now this man like crazy so that he tasted blood, he is really afraid of death?

"I have crazy for you." Crazy to, as long as he wants, his life can give him!

Opened his collar, Lance serious look at him, "As long as you are willing to belong to me, so all I'm yours."

Feel his earnest, Ai Lande laughed, somewhat hoarse voice is not terrible, and even kind of strange lure. People, "So as you wish."

His touch, his blood does not make the feeling of exclusion Ai Lande, so he believes that man is man himself waiting for, in that case, why did he wronged himself.

Sharp canine teeth pierce the skin instant comfort the pain is gradually replaced by a can not describe in words, feel each other hard to hold fast to their arms, Lance smiled and narrowed his eyes, ears is the sound of sucking swallow, give him a devoted all their feeling to the other party.

To be honest, the feeling is not bad.

As long as that person is him!

Over time, Lance felt dizziness because of loss of blood, but he did not stop Ai Lande, I did not expect this time they even take the initiative to stop his mouth, he clearly remember Ai Lande has been hungry for a long time.

"Enough is enough? If not I can ......" Lance's voice was urgent, he could feel the other side is not satisfied, he does not want that.

"Almost," Ai Lande tongue out on his wounds licked help him stop the bleeding, then slowly said, "and then go on your body can not load, and I do not want you suck, just once how enough? "

Ai Lande with a smile on his face with a smile to meet, although this time did not eat, but had to let him out of hunger, but enough to make him such a delicious aftertaste for a long time.

Thought of this, his tongue lips Shangtian a moment, it seems that in the recollection of the endless fascination that makes him smell.Looking at such Ai Lande, Lance forced to swallow a mouthful of saliva, he seemed to understand why he was so reluctant to Salman, such a person, no matter who, after a glimpse of it will be endless fascination.

"I have to feed you, now is not it your turn to 'feed' to me?" In Ai Lande still do not understand what is the meaning of his words, he has been Lance collapsed on the bed, trapped in between the arms do belong to breath between his taste.

Although this is slightly more forced posture, but because they are in Reims, surprisingly not very annoying, therefore, Ai Lande did not push the other hand, after a moment of nature "stupid" to pay a "heavy" price .

Deep kiss, let Ai Lande some breath, he and others never had such close contact, but accidents do not hate, it seems that no matter what people do, he will not get angry, do not disgust .

Feeling very strange, but it is more puzzling.

"Ai Lande, you are my." With almost worship look, Lance on him came one after another shallow kiss, sweet breath of his ear, Lance feels that he has going out of control a.

"I am yours." As a general oath, Lance said over and over again these two words in his ear, invaded his body, will, and even the soul.

In his body, he bears the traces of his soul.

Lance, you are mine, and I, but also your ......


When early in the morning, oh no, the sun does not know how high rises when Ai Lande finally waking up from sleep, watching the still sleeping at his side holding his man, Ai Lande could not help but think that he is to these individuals continue to push it, or kick down! ?

Seems to feel Ai Lande who came deep malice, Lance slowly opened his eyes, watching the love, eyes full of tenderness.

Now, this is finally his, and completely belongs to him alone.

Some people will be excited in his arms want to be a good morning kiss when intolerable Ai Lande finally kick directly to the person from the bed down, this knows no restraint bastard, go to hell.

Cries, waist hurts ......

Kick is on the ground, now the attitude is very good, quietly dressed and neatly on the bed to help Ai Lande pressing the waist.

Yesterday ...... are some of his, ah, is not too much control, and has been frustrating to dawn in stopped.

But that is no way of things, this time empty of people not just a Ai Lande, and his ah!

Every day a loved one are dangling around but not do anything, finally have the chance, he had a little bit out of control, so it is also forgiven .......

"Ai Lande, I ......"

"Shut up, now I do not want to hear you speak, cries -" could not help because the sound of roaring waist force, Ai Lande suck down a cold lump, this asshole yesterday after he passed out and did what his body is is about to fall apart!

You know, he kinship, kinship! Body strength kinship is simply not a human can be compared,Bastard kinship are even able to toss into this.

Thought of this, Ai Lande could not help shivering, should he not be glad that they are not human, otherwise, maybe now already be dead?

Have to say, the resilience of kinship really good, although yesterday was "bullied" quite miserable, but after the break for a while, except for the waist or some acid, the other has been out of the way, now barely be able to move freely now.

"Go get something to eat, I hold you down?" While watching Ai Lande now seems to be no problem, but just looks miserable askew Lance remember clearly, so he asked one result to exchange each other's Nudeng.

Upstairs two people one after the other to go down, John obviously feel the atmosphere between the two become different people, not just the owner, even the priests who are with a satisfied after a meal satiation sense, John immediately understood what happened yesterday, but looking at what the owner did not indicate, then it naturally regarded as acquiescence.

"Your honor, how do you down so late, is not feeling it, or need a break?" Looked at Ai Lande spirit does not seem good, Salman immediately approached gallant, although John "education" a lot times, but he has a good grasp of the smart degree, this concern does not cause the other's displeasure.

But today he was wrong to forget a person - Reims.

As he stepped forward to care when Ai Lande, has been walking behind him to pick them Reims football in his arms, eyes with a heavy displeasure.

If he did before is not qualified to make such a move, but after yesterday relationship between the two of them have changed, he no longer Ai Lande friends, but partners.

"Father Broder, so your behavior seemed inappropriate." Salman frowned, though gentle tone, but the eyes are full of envy, he is jealous of this man, even if he is an adult friend, but what qualifications so kind of intimate touching an adult!

"He is my lover, what is improper?" With that, after Lance step back, the people are the Ai Lande hold in the arms, preparedness watching Salman, is like watching You may at any time with a thief stole the treasure as their own.

In this case, Salman brought to a deep blow, he looked incredible Reims, then turning to the Ai Lande, "Your honor, the priest Brod say is true?"

Once the pride of the mighty man, and now in front of him cautiously asked this sentence, most people would not have the heart to feel, even to make him feel at ease would choose to lie.

But which does not include Ai Lande, because he does not want to do to a person and wronged people you care about.

Now he finds the Lance, nature will not let someone else have any doubts about his identity, so even if the face of this Salman, he did not hesitate to point his head.

At this moment, Lance is the most happy moment, because he loved in front of others admitted that his position; and for Salman, this moment is his most painful moment,He has been admired, even longing love people even acknowledge another person is his wife.

"Your honor, you do forget your identity, forget what his identity, and he represents your light and darkness, how could together?" Salman is now some confusion, he asked loudly, hoping Ai Lande able to "mending their ways."

Unfortunately, his words will only give him more with a deep blow.

Because this time Lance answered his question, "Light and darkness can never with it? So for him, plunged into darkness and how, only he is my only gods."

He never believed in God, but also to join the church in order to fill the empty life of it, and now he has found the meaning of life, so to him, light or darkness are no longer important.

This answer, let Salman struck by lightning, he ...... there really no chance it?

"John, will he go back to Toronto, I think he is no longer fit to remain in the Fort Collins." Again and again expressed doubts about his decision, Salman really thought he was a little temper What did not?

Now do not want to stay quiet, then leave it.

Heard the words of the master, John nodded his head, in fact, he had wanted to bid farewell to these individuals, but has not been the master's orders, so not only without action.

After Ai Lande orders, John found a few people up to Salman regulatory evening on the night the people away, directly to the Toronto castle gone.

"My children, you finally sent back yet?" Salman stood watching, Toronto is not any accident in front of him, John How safe care of His Royal Highness, he clearly than anyone, knew John this person may be detrimental to his Highness the time, how he might leave this person.

"Why did not you help me, you'll do when I say you have forgotten what!?" After seeing Doran, Salman all Tempers are welling up, and if this person is not useless, that he is still Fort Collins should be in, and be driven out of people should be Lance Brod.

Pam, a slap fiercely thrown in Salman's face, Toronto looked at the cold before the moment still question his own people, "My children, you are not forgotten his identity, and now you Prince is not what, even if you still are not eligible to use such conversation questioning tone with me! "

Doran cold eyes of Salman finally back to God, and this time he found himself just how stupid.

During this time living in Fort Collins, although John always against him, "education" but never hit anyone, but more adults will not be shot, so come back here, he forgot Toronto style - disobedient will play!

"Yes ...... I'm sorry, sir Toronto, just I'm just excited, please, please forgive me." Salman's body kept trembling. Shaking, the face of the man except that he no longer fears any feeling.

"Look, I am not a lord, will not be lenient, if you behaved, I do not mind letting you go astray a bit,Also, "Look at the man in front of Mole seems to have been well-behaved, Toronto sneer," Why should I help you, as long as His Royal Highness happy, the other is not important, and you, but is an outsider, it is about an attempt to His Highness thought it? "


"I know what you want to say, you want to say Lance Brod priests, it is not suitable Highness?" Looked at the eyes filled "is so" Salman, Toronto and gently shook his head. " in our eyes, you and Lance Brod there is no difference, the only difference is that the only choice Highness. "

In fact, several times went from Fort Collins to visit, he had probably guessed the thoughts of His Royal Highness, and she did not how long, His Royal Highness to make a choice.

In fact, Toronto will be sent to Fort Collins Salman also want to be associated with the idea of ​​His Highness, His Royal Highness for so many years a person is too lonely, in addition to handling the necessary things outside, always spent in deep sleep, so he thought to send over a little. pet. was, at least in this hope Highness hundred years to have a little something to accompany him.

Unfortunately, his choice does not seem to please the likes Highness.

"But ......" He was not willing!

"Nothing But since His Highness despise you, then you go back and you continue to do your empire Harlan Prince of it!" This man is not always forget his identity it, then go back now just right.

With that, Doran waved his hand, motioned his men as soon as possible to arrange these individuals away, since His Highness does not like, he does not bother to leave such a little thing he likes to discuss.

Toronto resolve the matter so here is finished, everything was calm, but the other side, in Fort Collins, the Ai Lande life is unusual liveliness.

Since two people empathy, Lance becomes sticky a lot, although the previous close Ai Lande liked, but there is a degree, even closer, but also maintained a polite distance.

However, after close contact with the two of them, Lance is like suffering from skin hunger. Thirst, like disease, can not wait twenty-four hours are stuck Ai Lande's body, even looking at the book, he can not wait to lie in love Rand's body, so I do not know from the study was kick out of how many times.

"Father, master of his ...... actually do not like contact with others, such tolerance is already the owner of the limit." So I ask you not to titillate the owner, day was kicked out from the study so many times, you yourself never too shame, those of us who have to watch the blush for you, okay?

"Ah, I know, so I just hope he can more than I used to." While Ai Lande did not say this, but how Lance could not see, even if not used before, and now they have recognized each other into each other's life , he can accept and how a loved one maintain a certain distance?

Lance looked at this, John also some headaches, and now he can probably understand why the owner again and again kick this person out.

The man's insatiable typical, if not a little warning, then one would also Zhibu Ding what kind of things make it.

When Lance tenth, Well ...... thirteen times to enter the den,Ai Lande faint glanced at him, then said slowly, "monkey business, today sleeping rooms."

Since that night, Ai Lande will default this accounted for half his bed, he is not afraid to dare when people have decided to accept, he would not find ways to get rid of, but is not no good , at least be able to feast every night ...... ah, though not a meal, but at least not starve the.

But, this person obviously insatiable suspects, so now he does not mind using this to threaten it.

Sure enough, after Lance heard these words the whole person stiff stiff, then carefully rubs up against Ai Lande's side, looked at him and did not refuse, and then some apprehension sit down, hold him in his arms, Of course, this is really just hold, and did not pay to pay Cengceng, took the opportunity to do some little tricks.

"Why do not you give me Embrace." It was so quiet holding Ai Lande, after a long while, Lance asked out such a sentence, "I can really hold after the beginning of belongs to you, belongs only to you alone. "

Lance knows Ai Lande no descendants, if possible, he wanted to be his only descendants.


This problem has Ai Lande silent, he closed the hands of the book, did not speak for a long time, he finally sighed, "Maybe you do not want to never see the sunshine."

Although not as his descendants will never be able to see the sun, but after the first owned several months, or even a time within a year or two, probably not see the sun, he does not want trapped in Reims darkness.

Hear the answer, Lance eyes overflowing with tenderness, "I do not care, I did not believe in God, nor had the vision bright, bright to me far less important to you."

Ai Lande shook his head, once again open the hands of the book, refused to say anything.

Ai Lande did not believe his words?

No, he was in fact believe, but precisely because I believe he can not even do that.

Because after becoming kinship, not only we need to understand the dark, and lonely.

Even if he is accompanied, in the endless life, Lance sooner or later will realize the feeling of loneliness, feeling he had the experience, so do not want to love people who understand the kind of pain.

In fact, sometimes he was really envious of human beings, envious of my brother and sister have gone, dead ...... really can be wonderful.

Not the end of life is a torment, a curse, or even later on, he can only sleep enough to pass the time.

Watching without a word Ai Lande, Lance forced him in his arms, he did not say anything, but from his body, but Lance felt kind of hard to describe in words alone.

"Ai Lande." Softly in his ear and kissed it, his voice gentle people feel sad.

"Ah?" Eyes rested on the books, but now his heart has long been a mess, looked a long time do not know what that looks Yes.

"I am, I have been." On your side.

"I know." Ai Lande nodded, he naturally could feel Lance determination."In the future you will not be alone, I will always be with you." Until you die, or I die in this world except death, nothing can make him let go.

"All?" Commitment hear the phrase, Ai Lande eyes in a trance, it seems that what people told him to make such a commitment, but he can not remember who that man, and yet he still vague remember that the person behind the person has the same warm embrace.

"All!" Lance replied softly, holding out a hand holding his right hand on the book, from his fingers through the finger, fingers handshake, "as long as I live, will always be with you remember what I said, I'm yours, always. "

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