Chapter 5.10 compassionate white lotus

Chapter 5.10 compassionate white lotus

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After hearing the words of the woods Sheng opened 001 Points Mall, this is his first serious shopping Points Mall, Mall of the things a lot of points, let's look at some dazzling woods Sheng, although most of the stuff is not grayed purchase, but he saw something useful.

"001, which is a one-time thing it?" Looking at one of the guard jade, woods Sheng looked at the price of all feel a little toothache, 2,000 points although it seems that not a lot, but to look at things timeliness ah Do not say that has been able to use it in this world can be used can be, but it seems just a one-time thing.

[Body jade can stop this attack three times Mahayana of comprehension for those who can be considered disposable tools, but the price is relatively good. ] Three times, while small, but not too small, just to know that the world is now just a d-level encounter Mahayana comprehension probability is 0, look for the number of Mahayana stop will be greatly increased.

"What if the culmination of following it?" After hearing the explanation of 001, woods Sheng also thought of this problem, after all, a few of these things is not low, it is still ask good!

[Mahayana period attacks can survive at least twenty times, so you do not have to worry about adult host this thing does not work well. 001] Here, paused and thought for a moment and then continued, [if calculated according to this world, at least the big demon attacks can be blocked more than fifty times, but only if the physical or legal systems of attack, if the attack is probably the spirit I could not stop. ]

001 heard this explanation, woods Sheng silent, and then said slowly, "001, why after hearing your explanation I think they are playing games?"

This made 001 that a choke, now that it does not want to talk to adults and the host, a little bit do not want to!

The woods Sheng quiet down after looking at 001, originally wanted to say have forgotten, after a long while before he remembered just what you want to ask, "Yes, if there are those demon attack? What impact will not ? "

If those demon attack and can also cause the same damage on the big demon pit.

[No, the demon's attack is completely negligible. ] Even if the demon attacks can damage jade is simply not qualified to enter the mall a bit.

Hear the answer, woods Sheng finally satisfied, nodded, then confirm the exchange, with a lot of this stuff at least be able to secure the tsunami on Sirius now is to find the virus, maybe the strength to become a lot stronger, if not careful then, whether he or Lu Ziyang will suffer great harm.

After the exchange of jade, and sleep in the woods around Luzi Yang Sheng, the few days going war, and now is the time to recharge your batteries, it can not be nonsense.

When the woods Sheng woke up the next day found the original sleep in her people have disappeared long ago figure, woods Sheng went out, and she saw the familiar figure outside constantly busy, warm the hearts of some.

In the previous world are his wife busy to busy to go, and now he looked at love running around tending to,In fact, the feeling is also very good.

"Come here, I have something for you." Sheng Pieliaopiezui woods, then jumped on the sofa, got his special mat - made of brocade cushion Strato.

"Well, I'll be right." Man in the kitchen heard the woods Sheng then quickly came out, looked at each other, want to know what he wants to give himself.

Watching Lu Ziyang had gone over, woods Sheng Diao addition to a piece of jade in his hands, "Body can, do not lose it."

Took the woods Sheng sent jade, Lu Ziyang frowned, he could feel a kind of guardian of the above forces, their favorite person "who" gave him what he pleased of course, but this thing is too precious, and now the woods Sheng poor health, more need this stuff.

"Rest assured, I have." Lu Ziyang know what they thought, simply own piece of jade also took out.

We see each other a little paws fiddle jade, Lu Ziyang suddenly laughed, then asked something to the owners and onlookers being the two foxes have collapsed the words, "So, this is a token of love it?"

The same pleasant style, what I you a one, not a token of love that?

Although it is known woods Sheng may not mean that, but to see such a thing, Luzi Yang said he was very happy, and have it as a keepsake Love.

[After a one of the world, the male adults really getting changed | state, and the world fell in love with his own dark Wei even, in this world, not sparing even a fox, the male adults exactly what you want heavy mouth? 001] voice full of sarcasm, cat face is simply full of contempt.

"Oh, you think you're 001 so that I can forget the world you pick," do not talk about this better, talking about the woods Sheng also feel angry, "whatever the outcome, the world or people, even cannon fodder also may be able, but not even in this world who are not, and you choose the 001 world nice. "

[......] bad, stir up a hornets' nest up!

This time 001 decisive play dead, joking, playing dead is not really dead, it is not an idiot, how could you make a stupid thing!

"Not a token of love, just to give you a supporter, if you do not want to come yet." Woods Sheng playfully spoke these words, but it is particularly suitable for fox creature character, plus he is now a small group looks more cute.

Even such "duplicity" Lu Ziyang or the other very cute!

"Well, well, I know it's not a token of love, and go eat breakfast." Said this, Luzi Yang Sheng woods will hold in his arms and walked not far put on the table, to help him clean after a little paws are preparing to feed him dinner, the door bell rang at this time.

Open the door to see a man standing in the doorway, Lu Ziyang though invisible, but at that moment he felt a certain green face very thorough, "White Yan, why you are here, I remember I have already said I did not want to cooperate with you you do not want to control me, do you want to do yourself, do not drag on for me! "

Yan Lu Ziyang had the impression that although the dialogue is not good, but nothing more than disgust,But harassment now and again, so he kind of had this brilliant dialogue will not have much of a childhood feeling now quickly vanished.

"Zi Yang, why do you refuse to think about it properly, in fact, human and demon really peaceful coexistence, you now and what is not white, so I believe we will be able to convince the demon!" White Yan eyes with a strong self-confidence, I do not know what he was exciting, certainly thinks he can convince the demon killed so many people.

"Do you think you can succeed then please, but do not come to me, and I did not have any relationship, understand it, brilliant white, do not think yesterday Ah Yao said that we were childhood sweethearts you really see your position is too high "Yan Lu Ziyang looked white, his voice full of disdain," so many years have you sometimes have to take care of the mother said just because I want to be able to take care of you. "

This made brilliant white face is very ugly, but she did not want to give up, she believes her thoughts certainly not wrong, "If this is the aunt of the idea of ​​it, if it agrees aunt, Zi Yang ......"

"White Yan, if you say that someone will believe me, but the mother," Lu Ziyang own mother might not know much about other things, but this area is to understand the very real, "if that is the demon of hatred, no people more strongly than the mother, then the mother died in the hands of the demon does not know how much there is of it. "

The first Vampire Killers division of the year Wal-Mart is not nice, but the real deal out to kill, if the mother of the demon will be lenient, and they want peaceful coexistence, it is estimated that all the Vampire Killers division will not believe.

This sentence one, engraved Bai Yanli do not know what to say, because although Lu Ziyang and fairly familiar, but Auntie Lin is not so understanding, but looking at Auntie Lin looks so soft, in brilliant white Auntie Lin mind must also be a very soft-hearted person, but now he says Lu Ziyang word went out she suddenly did not know what to say.

"If nothing else, please do it!" With that, let Bai Yan Lu Ziyang held out his hand to get out, and now he does not want to see this man!

"Zi Yang, I ......"

"Go!" Lu Ziyang's face has become very coldly, it is estimated now to say what the white Yan Lu Ziyang even possible hands.

The final White Yan did not say Luzi Yang can only move left in disgrace, but she was not willing, as long as she believes more than a few times Luzi Yang will be able to understand her thoughts, she just do not want war, that there is nothing wrong with it ! ?

"I never thought there could be so 'Our Lady' who do not know when the tsunami on Sirius If you want to kill her, so she is not also a cause and Ling Ran the way?" When White left Yan, Sheng mocking woods sound was sounded.

Of course, woods Sheng Yan white hearts do not think would sacrifice themselves at the expense of their own that is true of the Virgin, is not this false Notre Dame.

"I do not think she will, I know a brilliant white for many years, understand the nature of her character, Baibai Yan is not the kind of people to sacrifice themselves for others, she is really good, but good premise but it is her own safety If her life is threatened,That she would need someone to guard her kindness of. "That is because of this, there are many Yan Lu Ziyang dialogue disdain.

He does not hate the wicked, but that if the evil in the next plane, so if you want brilliant white is always a compassionate way, but in fact they let others sacrifice everything to save her threatened in their own time, such a person really is not an ordinary disgusting!

"Can feel it, although it looks like to discuss, but a sense of violation and kind of speechless." Animal sixth sense more and finally, when animal practice into a fine feeling more accurate, so even if the woods Sheng Tip 001 is not he also be able to feel the white Yan is not real good.

"After she was able to leave her alone a little further on, on their own is better." Cherish life, away from Notre Dame!

Two people after eating breakfast, Lu Ziyang received a signal from the set of Vampire Killers division in the family, it seems that the family who moves quickly ah, now nothing is determined to start to try your hand, and do not know the family so greedy inciting the others, an estimated eight out of ten | nine is the home land it.

Lu Lu Ziyang understand the family's greedy, greedy how could it not been for him out of the family, and then removed from the family tree, but is now estimated to have regretted having done, and maybe time for a set of brazen would let him go home land team among.

"Well, we go now, do not worry, we'll be fine!" Gently down a shallow kiss on the head of a small woods Sheng, Lu Ziyang very gentle eyes, this little guy is the only one capable of affecting the man himself clearly, this feels so good.

Wait until the place of the accident, when Lu Ziyang Vampire Killers division found that the overwhelming majority of family members already here, it seems to this time the "Fortune", the whole family is ready Vampire Killers division of the bleeding.

Sure enough, just imagine, like Lu Ziyang, after he saw land to the place where the family will be looking upon him, with eyes so he urged the mean quickly in the past.

But Lu Ziyang how could the other side smug look did not see the other one, Lu Ziyang went to the Lin family among the ranks, and stood beside Lin Xiao, "Mother, how do you here?" Although Lin thought possible but really to see Lin when he still felt a bit surprised, after all, the mother has for many years did not come out from the house side.

"Rest for so many years should also come out and move around, and let me see your progress in a number?" With that, touched Lu Ziyang's head, get along for many years to blank let Lin Xiao Lu Ziyang was apologetic, obviously he it should always be with my son, but it's cruel to let the son of a person's life for so many years.

Eyes slowly falling, when you see the fox Lu Ziyang arms when Lin deeply furrowed brow, eyes put on a little disgust, then suddenly smiled and reached out to the side of the woods sung in his arms, while on Lu Ziyang said, "this one will be necessary hands | pet |. was in his arms is not convenient, you stay right here in my mother."

But contrary to expectations while Lin Xiao, Lu Ziyang did not let go of the hands of a small fox,To her, but look at her eyes, "Mother, or forget, I feel that you do not like the little guy, I do not want anyone to hurt him."

As a Vampire Killers division intuition is very accurate, although that moment, Lin body disgust just fleeting, but it still is to capture Lu Ziyang, how he assured his little guy handed him a nasty hands.

"Lu Ziyang, and your mother finished speaking in relation to back, to begin the total." Watched Lu Ziyang Lin stood beside it for a long time, some families sit still Lu, Lu Ziyang and now the strength of their hearts are With a concept, how can such a fighting force is not properly grasp in their own hands too!

Hear each other's words, Lu Ziyang did not answer, but rather as standing beside what Lin did not hear, the people all around this case whispered taunt landing home.

Lu family is not that the whole world is a fool, the people removed from the family tree now also want to be even lives of people?

"Lu Ziyang, you are Lu family, now you understand who you are, do not you forget so many years exactly who you raised it?" Luzi Yang's father is simply going to be mad, inverse, inverse, inverse, it really is inverse!

Upon hearing this, Lu Ziyang finally turned his head and grinned, "Of course I remember, so many years I am Lin family raised, and you now all of this is because of the strength of family support resources of the forest, now that you say what people forgetting who is it?"

Although named Lu Lu Ziyang, but then his father into the forest is almost married into the family, the family of the land for this is a shame, so they will be so nasty Lu Ziyang, without hesitation, knowing Lin Lu Ziyang was driven out of time removed from the upper genealogy, but did not think that, now Lu Ziyang yet there are such people scared | Yan strength.

For such humiliation, Lu family is naturally unwilling, but before they speak, the old patriarch has opened its mouth, "was already dark, large array open, offensive began!"

Semicircle moment, a battle formation composed of all the people and the demon are deducted in the inside, the outside people simply do not see what happens inside, as after tomorrow all the things were resolved and who will be held?

Heard these words after the land rush to the largest number of family members led the way in the direction of a demon, home to see the landing of the choice of many people sneer up.

The family had thought that land can be a little smarter, less able to choose an opponent of direction, after all, a long time ago from the pit he had been on a lot of family land and family, so the family chose the land where absolutely no one choice, now firmly a family has to go against the face of so many dangers, it is estimated there are difficult this land home.

But for all the family to see the landing when they are not sympathetic, but full of sarcasm and disdain.

Because the house and land together on a mission, many families have lost elite, every family is badly hurt, and now finally turn decimated the land and home.

"Hey ......" old patriarch see this scene did not say anything, in fact, the old patriarch of things happened so many years may not know how, but because there is no evidence so totally not punish home land,This time Lu family have to seek death, he was just like before open one eye and close it!

As soon as the offensive began, everyone choosing their own direction.

Everyone wanted to imagine, there is no one would choose to land and family in one direction, until the land his family found something wrong when it saw around a family who are not even a little direction, there will be two rival families but they land here only a family home, how can block live so many of his opponents! ?

"You What does this mean, does not even Gu Dayi in such a dangerous time, what are you to take the opportunity to revenge it?" Lu family at this time could not calm down, loudly shouted toward the surrounding, but very much regret that we We understand the man's home land, know that even up to help at this time will be unpopular, so might as well do nothing.

Even so shouting, people around or turn a blind eye to concentrate on their opponents to deal with this, huh, they now also own estimates not to ourselves, why should we help those supercilious look wolf?

Finally, after three hours, the campaign basically is the end, most of the demon has Fuzhu, the rest also capture up, and now the only trouble is that big demon inside, watching the rest hand feel of the old patriarch also Yipin, after all, regarded as the most or those idiot, real elite land home but do not have a fold inside.

"Go, we go!" Win, that will also solve the big demon, is the best result, by the time the whole family will have the strength of a huge upgrade.

When Vampire Killers division of people into the family that was inside the warehouse when something scared, because they see a full three-meter-high giant wolves, the huge white wolf with a pair of ice-blue double head, eyes looking at the presence of cold and full of greed.

He could feel the man's body with a strong force, if all these people eat, then we must get a huge upgrade, that time might be able to exceed the bird by his injured fox, and that time will be long fox eat, maybe he will be able to directly soaring!

"That's been injured monster it? Old patriarch, your peace of mind, let me now to address him!" Looking at the blood-stained body of the tsunami on Sirius's hair, the people around are very disagree, but also "suddenly realized" No wonder the outside there are so many low monster it turned out to be the guardian of this great demon was seriously injured, God really is on their side.

Looked toward his girl rushing tsunami on Sirius eyes with obvious disdain, this girl is the least energy of all the people, I saw him open his mouth and yawned, around a spit of ice picks, straight pierce the girl's chest, and thus, the girl did not say anything just completely off the gas.

This scene falls on everyone playing in the eyes, so that everyone could not help shivering, this thing is so terrible, so understatement to solve a Vampire Killers division, although the strength of the girl is not how, but also considered on a genius, but a genius could be so easily died in the hands of big demon,That big demon exactly how terrible!

Of course, all this is not over, that big white wolf stretched out a paw, pop a sharp nails pierce the girl's body, stabbed matter what, the girl's body as though it were a rag is a point two, then Gouzhuo a fist-sized meatballs on his sharp claws, the meatballs still leisurely beating.

Moment, everyone is aware of that Routuan is something - the heart, he should cross the girl's heart out!

If you just cross out the possibility Vampire Killers division also does not fear too much, but the next moment the big white wolf will actually sinking heart thrown into his mouth to chew a couple of wholeness to swallow it down, as if he ate that things are not the heart, but a dish like this ah scene, even Vampire Killers division can not help but petrified.

"! Monster really is the monster, no humanity," the old patriarch see this scene the people are trembling | shake up, fear cried.

Although seen the storms, but such raw hearts first time I saw the scene, did not scare heart disease explained the main body of the home has been very good.

"You do not say, I would have is the monster, monster how could we really want, you these human heart, just when the food came Why did not stop," Xiao month Sirius disdain Lengheng soon, "every day what to say equality, in fact is the most unequal of you humans, we want to still like the jungle, the strong respect the truth. "

Law of the jungle, the strong respect, that there is nothing wrong Do not speaking, survival of the fittest will be able to let the demon maintained according to the fighting, only those with such fighting, the demon will be able to coexist and humans in some sense.

"Who's next food?" Xiao month Sirius looked at the people around, all human beings are food, especially now that his injury has not healed in his eyes, eating a lot of help to heal the injury.

This is a time division Vampire Killers family, who understand that now the only way to live is to hold together all together, the only way we will be able to without incident, this time we finally abandon selfishness, all hearts have only one the idea that live!

Looked around with a timid people are looking at him, Xiao month Sirius hearts of some pride.

Only party eyes fell on the arms of Lu Ziyang when the eyes of a cold, put on a little solemn, his eyes so that people around surprised a moment, how this is going, but a | pet | was Fox Why is it so carefully the other side.

People looked around puzzled eyes, and instantly, Xiao month Sirius understand the reasons for, and laughed, "It seems my luck is really good, and now to the charm of His Holiness was not even the strength of the recovery, which is also down, heaven feel good taste of it! "

After much talking because it seems woods Sheng did not feel a bit surprised reaction, and then the thought of the reasons big plus ridicule, "Indeed, had the mighty charm Venerable, is now not only be able to rely on a man to hold action waste it? "

Face became pale heard these words, Lu Ziyang seems to want and the other hands, but was sung woods tail wrapped his arm.Although woods Sheng Lu Ziyang body can feel there is a very powerful, but that power has not regained consciousness, and now the tsunami on Sirius Lu Ziyang is absolutely not the opponent.

Having said that, Sheng woods still no response, now Xiao Sheng woods on Sirius can be sure that the power is really dead, could not help but happy again.

This demon fox charm is very unique, even if it is subjected to thunder stolen by his deliberately framed nothing but a temporary loss of repair, alchemy was not destroyed under tenrai, so this time if received, charm Fox inner alchemy ...... it really is all in God help him!

Different charm and other demon fox inner alchemy of inner alchemy, inner alchemy fox charm can be loaded into any kind of power, not to mention a demon, even humans can use, so the fox charm once they are found in ancient times captivity will be invited, as a tripod furnace use.

"Venerable charm, as long as you pay out your inner alchemy, I'll let you all leave, this account it cost-effective." Although he is a demon tsunami on Sirius, but for understanding human behavior, but very, let others sacrifice to protect themselves is what they do best, he will certainly be able to get a charm fox inner alchemy, not only that, he waited he absorbed the inner alchemy fox charm, but also to kill all these people!

Sure enough, like a tsunami on Sirius thought the same, when the other say such a thing, all eyes fell on the woods Sheng's body, hands and even some impatient people want from the hands of Lu Ziyang will take away his good dedicated to the other party in exchange for the right to life.

Of course, the tsunami on Sirius could think of something Lu Ziyang how could not think of North Korea has moved over here when he ducked stature in everyone else's eyes, the little guy is his, who wants to move, die!

"Inverse, the fox quickly called out, and he is a demon, let them kill each other is the best choice!" Luzi Yang's father watched him hide the past, the anger is more intense, the inverse!

Lu Ziyang looked just sneer, then eyes fell on Lin's body, now he wants to know Lin's decision, even if Lin did not support him pack out that he does not mind everyone here, the mother of his birth down is not easy, but indifferent twenty years is true, if you must between the mother and the only way to make him feel the feelings of the "people" choose, he and his mother can only say I'm sorry.

Looked at his son, Lin how could understand nothing, can only sigh, walked slowly to his side, she should say that it is indeed her children, and her temper natures are so similar.

"Zi Yang, I am your mother." So no matter what you choose to do I will support you.

Then she is not that kind of courage, there is no way the family and the entire Vampire Killers division to compete, because she ......

But now her son has made such a decision, what could she do except support.

Lin Yao also slowly away from Vampire Killers division team out there, standing beside Lu Ziyang, and patted him on the shoulder support.

Vampire Killers division of the family who saw this scene, though very unwilling, but still can not speak out of turn,Family strongest fighting force people to stand together, and now they want to leave if not impossible, then left the person may really be miserable.

"It seems you are determined to do, then I will kindly consider all the unkind!" Had wanted after the program is still on the hands of those people, but now these three individuals do not yield to excuse his hands at once, really like the day to help!

Xiao month Sirius huge body toward the Triple fox rushed past, large sheets of mouth bite toward each other in the past, as if preparing a will swallow up all the same, this scene to see other people present were a loose tone, with a minimum price in exchange for most of human existence, which is already the best result!

But let everyone did not expect that, in the tsunami on Sirius to bite on three people when a huge tail do not know where to draw over, he pumped directly open, fiercely fell the ground, sparking a land of dust, when the dust dispersed, we discovered a giant arctic fox in the eyes of all, behind his eight giant foxtail free to stretch, but with just capable of the tsunami on Sirius pumping strength to fly, absolutely can not be underestimated.

"When did you know I am not a powerless | pet |? Fox was" just Xiao Lin Xiao month Sirius came when even a little defense did not, if she is fully capable of protecting the shot, then got three people.

"I do not know, but I believe Zi Yang, since he did not move, is the intimate knowledge."

This answer to the woods sung some frustration, he looked down at Lu Ziyang, in the eyes with a smile, "I like this is not very scary?" Fox little creature only when really cute, but up to thirty-four m when it was easy to give the feeling of fear.

"No, really beautiful." Really beautiful, a smooth coat even in the night seem exudes a soft radiance, people who have lost a cast want to go.

"You, you did not hurt, it is impossible!" Is hard to draw on the ground a long time before the tsunami on Sirius return for breath, just that all of a sudden his bones always get scattered.

See also stand up to the tsunami on Sirius, woods Sheng eyes appeared a deep fear, just that he was not completely on their own strength to clean up tsunami on Sirius, but with the rebound fiercely protective of jade pit the other one, but he is now also able to even stand up, woods Sheng also understand that they are now not at each other's opponents do not know what the virus did, but she was a powerful tsunami on Sirius strength so much.

Sheng woods now have no time to ridicule each other, but fiercely biting pounce on each other's neck, only to hear the scream tsunami on Sirius subconscious counterattack, but was a rebound in power hurt the body.

Time and again, as the tsunami on Sirius counterattack, jade in rapid consumption of the woods Sheng know that if we do not quickly resolved, a person will be Liaodao becomes him, while you are sick to your life this It is the last word.

Sheng woods just when you want one killed the other's big mouth, a white figure waving to, stand in front of the woods Sheng, watching him pull off his face.

Nima,Lightly your sister, your sister pull off!

· Our Lady of pseudo-white lotus monarch, now Ah you dare to immediately roll, everyone is not trying to give you the key of life fill the job! ?

Although previous dislike white lotus Sheng woods, but never want to directly kill them, but now the white Yan does make him want directly from the heart to kill her, the pro, you are not the Death Star would not drag people to send to the reinforcement?

"You are a demon, why kill each other!" Watching the woods Sheng, eyes full of brilliant white look of disappointment, "you obviously should go hand in hand with friends, why you have to hurt each other?"

Sheng woods looked disappointed each other in the eyes, which is what you want a special white paw shot dead Yan, Ah this sick mind it, this is not Notre Dame, this is a good crazy it! ?

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