Chapter 5.03 compassionate white lotus

Chapter 5.03 compassionate white lotus

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Come here to grab his white, Lu Ziyang really is a jerk!

Of course, now Lu Ziyang all eyes fell on his little guy who, as others? Not also mean, he was mentally limited, simply can not.

"Little man, I have here want to eat good food?" Yesterday Lu Ziyang wanted to go back for a | night, or come up with a lot of treasure.

He knew that as a Vampire Killers division, and now he's thinking some danger, but in the face of this little guy, he always felt satisfied, even if he opened the Euro RSCG able to understand what he says, too, that he to be more than just this way, he wants ......

He had no idea what you want, but know that they are asking will not be so little, what specifically he wanted to consider the need to slowly, but now this little guy is the most important to usurp !

delicious? What do you hear these three words woods after Sheng is mind immediately react, but pretended he did not understand, looking at Lu Ziyang head tilt, a pair of watery eyes full of doubts.

Head tilt kill, get√

Sheng moment woods to harvest a screaming, standing white brilliant to see this scene could not restrain, and Meng Meng Meng Meng small dumpling together with such clatter of action can simply be people sprouting up, and this little dumpling is obviously to retrieve her, and now she can hug course, rub it!

Unfortunately, the final white Yan did not succeed, because before the white colorful hand big hands have sung woods hold up, then looked brilliant white with alert eyes, as if looking at the enemy, like the kind of eyes made of white Yan feel depressed home!

"Lu Ziyang, that's what you look, white is my home you know?" White Yan Lu Ziyang now looking at is simply claws, especially looking so cute little dumpling was another person in his arms, also clothes victor looked at her, she just wants crazy!

"You? Evidence?" Sheng woods will pick up the point of view of the two, with a disgusted tone, but the eyes but with a smile, "so ugly little guy you see on the, well, I kindly help you will stuff away, where pollution is no longer your eyes. "

"Ugly! ??? Oh Oh Oh !!!" heard Lu Ziyang, then the face of the woods Sheng do not say, watching Lu Ziyang eyes are dangerous, Oh, he was ugly, good, very good! !

[Forehead, suddenly found the male of this world seems to be more seek death, but why I'm so happy to see? ] Hear Lu Ziyang, then, just 001 have been ignorant, although the host because the body becomes a cub, appears to be five short stature, but and ugly totally do not touch, not only is not ugly, but very cute, otherwise Yesterday white Yan after he went out, not with so many people would want to see a host of adults on a touch ah.

And now even the main adult male said his family dear host ugly? Oh, he found that men should seek death seems to be getting good at it, have been together for several of the world, why men seek death in addition to the main skill has been growing nothing gone up, such as eyesight, I do not see the host just adults face became gloomy again it?"You find it too ah," Lu Ziyang seems to see the hands of the little guy stiff moment, brilliant white of the eyes to bring a little pleasure, "you just find it too, I do not mind, anyway, now white is mine, and no any relationship, understand? "

The woods Sheng said we should take away from the hands of Lu Ziyang, how can this time Lu Ziyang Ken, and he just said he's not the truth, how ugly little guy could do, obviously is not cute.

"What do you mean, it just is not anything against ugly, I do not mind, give me!" Looking at his appearance brilliant white directly to a big eyes, Oh, now think of it do not want to think of? late!

Watching contention between two people, Sheng woods completely ignores not want two people, one in particular or just anything against their own people, how could he happy together!

Moved his own little paws, kicking the back of the hand Luzi Yang suddenly, there is no other side to react when the woods Sheng had jumped down, light dropped to the ground, then slowly walked over toward the white Yan, finally He jumped brilliant white legs, as he watched with eager eyes of Lu Ziyang?

Oh, woods Sheng said he did not see anything!

Obviously, now Lu Ziyang has been completely dumbfounded, how this is going, not just what is good, why are the other a fraction of the effort went close to the white Yan, this is wrong ah!

"Oh, Lu Ziyang seems white to understand what you just said it, now for him despise you!" If it is not afraid of shame, now estimated brilliant white will sing a song a good day, it really is a brilliant dialogue today good day.

The usual time is Lu Ziyang in disdain of others, no matter who is seeing a blind eye look, people feel very uncomfortable!

But the unhappy return of sorts, but Lu Ziyang really have that kind of qualification, whether it is learning or what, he will always be top-notch, people are always chasing after him, this world really is not many people can into his eyes, now is such a perfect man despise it, and even despise him that was not a person but an animal, the kind of subtle sense of cool, others can not bother about it.

Now Lu Ziyang has been completely dumbfounded, he really just say a joke, it does not really hold anything against the little guy, little guy in his mind is the most adorable indifferent, how he may feel ugly yet.

This time Lu Ziyang also gave his face, and walked around the woods Sheng, touch his body hair, did not think even thrown over the tail open, and this time he finally know a bad thing, just joking words have thoroughly little guy annoyed, she refused to let him touch touched.

This is a result of good words spoken Lu Ziyang morning woods Sheng is mounted to hear, Oh, he's not ugly it, not so that he not only ugly ears, what do you say? can not hear!

Despite Luzi Yang said the voice hoarse, he was little reaction at all.

In this way, Lu Ziyang as if to coax coax these ancestors lying in her lap woods Sheng, Sheng woods As it ...... Oh, he said he hear anything!

In such a screen full of delight them,A time of the morning rush is over, the little things can be thought today would lie to go home, but exactly the opposite result not only did not lie to go home, and even refused to feed him something to eat.

He knows what he has prepared for animals of great benefit, but also a very big attraction, but a little guy that can not look simply depressing dead!

"Well, you both play, I go to cook." Morning saw the play, white Yan said he was hungry, this time at an energy supplement or afternoon only effort to look down!

"Go, I accompanied the little guy." Bai Yan initiative to leave, Lu Ziyang said he was glad, so that he can more close to close little guy.

001: After Oh, the male adults seeking not naive, just as you finished provoke narrow-minded host adults also want to be close to him, he does not reward you even if you face a paw up!

White woods Sheng Yan will put on the sofa, just ready to get up, find something got hold of himself, bowed his head even found after a brilliant white woods Sheng eyes unblinking look at their own.

Sell ​​Meng nirvana: watery eyes blingbling flash ah flash, get√

Moment, felt Bai Yan Meng turned to be, how can there be so adorable creatures, it is simply inexcusable in this world!

Bai Yan seemed to sense something stopped up, the woods Sheng bold with its tail wrapped around | live around her arm, the eyes of the attachment is simply too clear, in spite of such a scene no one could hold is okay, especially the front is so cute to a biological explosion!

"Well, White, I take you with us to cook." Now now white woods Sheng Yan has been with beauty ...... ah, no, the United States lost count beast was found north, now estimated not to mention the band go with him, even white woods Sheng Yan required to drink their own blood might be able to agree brilliant white.

"White Yan!" Looking at the white Yan really want to take away the little guy, Lu Ziyang really could not help, how it can do that he can finally have the time and want to get along with the little guy, actually was robbed, this how to accept!

"Something?" Now all the brilliant white of the mind that are placed in his arms attachment to their own among the little guy, as Lu Ziyang, then perfunctory really incredible!

"One can cook too much smoke in the kitchen of the little guy is not good."

Bai Yan heard that there is no wrong, especially white just hurt, but now it really small, it is estimated it will be very good heart and lung function, smoking more fumes estimated that he would get sick, that she is not willing to see Although white hope hope all the time are related in their side, but white's health is more important.

After thought, or the woods Sheng placed on the sofa, then touched his hair, saying softly, "White I did not want to take you, but you are now too small to absorb too much smoke bad for you, so I will wait here for a while now. "

Sheng woods is also a reasonable person, although he now sound Lu Ziyang gas not want to see him, but not deliberately causing trouble, big deal directly ignore this person like him but also how not own?

Small head in brilliant white and delicate palm and gently rub the rub,Although there is no meaning to please, but the kind of intimate feeling to Lu Ziyang feel more heart stopper, heart stopper, heart stopper!

Finally, the white Yan went to the kitchen to prepare lunch today, and Lu Ziyang is successful, sat down beside the woods Sheng, although the other party completely ignore him, but Lu Ziyang is this is a meet.

"Little man, I just was not intentional, I ......" Seeing their side of the woods Sheng, Lu Ziyang feel a little nervous, even some palms are sweating, do not know they should say something good, obviously there are just a lot of words to to say, but now unable to speak a word.

[Haha, stupid adult male host, and now know what is wrong? Finished! 001] magic of laughter kept echoing throughout the room, but fortunately others can not hear the sound of the 001, otherwise it will certainly think it is haunted, that laughter really is too scary!

"Be quiet, noisy dead!" A noisy Lu Ziyang him is not enough, but also mixed with 001 on one foot, really noisy dead.

Sheng woods quickly his body became a nest group, he said that now can not hear the sound of two people is the best, sick of it!

After hearing his home and 001 host adult, then immediately quiet down, and now host adult in a bad mood, if according to his words to do so would be tantamount to twist the tiger to be, must not be so dangerous thing to do, and then if you do I will die without burial!

001 quickly fell down from the sky, well-behaved nestled in the woods Sheng side, a cat a "dog", a black and white looks so harmonious, but this scene in addition to two bits of the parties who can not see .

The woods make the site look like Sheng Lu Ziyang feel bitter endless mind, he is a just a joke, how did not think even on the little guy's heart, nothing like care about their own, if in the future it can no longer pay any attention to him how to do ?

This time Lu Ziyang extra that the other party is an individual, and if people say, would be much easier, at least as capable of holding him let him down.

Etc., etc., is not he just thought what a strange thing! ?

Could it be that……

Now Lu Ziyang thought up, he really is holding what kind of feelings for this little guy, he had thought he just wanted to make him this mood fluctuated little guy to my side, but now he seemed to understand I own ideas.

He seems to want to ...... each other as lovers.

This idea is absurd, even the little guy can not really turn into a demon, Simon special way, as a Vampire Killers division he is more aware of this truth, but at this moment, he has no way to stop their idea, and more and more intense.

Lu Ziyang know they think is wrong, it is not realistic, but figuring own hands, how many emperor Ooze secretly, so that the little guy can not be directly translated into human form.

Of course, these are not a priority, the priority is how to coax the little guy is good, if we can not coax the little guy hand, the rest of what drugs are no good!

Gently rolled up his woods Sheng hold up, despite his struggle to put him and his gaze flush position."Little man, I'm just not estimate, I really was joking, are not you a little ugly, I will never abandon you." Luzi Yang said, very real, so that one Sheng woods will be able to see each other that is the truth, but this does not alter the fact that the grief Sheng woods.

He now had their own bodies are very satisfied, anyway, in front of several of the world, even if not all of which are human, but not so awkward beast maintained state, and now he not only keep the animal state, also even ridicule, and despise, and how he could not grief!

Looking at a plan to forgive myself completely woods Sheng, Lu Ziyang finally hurry up, and put him in his arms, on his little forehead and kissed it, with eager anxiety.

The woods Sheng has completely fried hair, and he is doing it! ?

Damn, is it because he would forgive his Mei Nanji use it?

Oh, idiot, subject to go die!

So when the brilliant white from the kitchen to see such a scene, woods Sheng clothes sitting on the sofa watching Lu Ziyang proud look, then, a pair of big eyes swollen full of disdain, while Lu Ziyang wanted to try Like Shuangda eggplant, the people are too tired, and the most notable is his face Na Liangdao red marks, that's exactly how come?

Sheng suddenly looked at the woods that kept shaking his tail, white Yan thoughtfully, he seems to guess what incredible things ah!

"White, come over for dinner." Lu Ziyang looked at that awkward look, in fact, the hearts of a brilliant white Anshuang amazing!

Lu Ziyang skin deep well, had appeared at his side the men and women will be attracted to his looks, will find just wait until after the contact, that person is simply only a distance not fondle Yan master of, really bad pull down ah Therefore only not near the place looked.

Now Lu Ziyang people blinking goes face is now being played, ah, no, to be drawn up, but also symmetrical pumping, and this is simply a funeral (gan) Heart (de) disease (piao) mad (liang)!

After hearing a white woods Sheng Yan, then jump from the couch, walked an elegant pace come to the table, then pick up neat, landing sound is very light, the opportunity to make it even a little table, sloshing all.

Sitting at the table, picked up his woods has been Xiaoxiao Sheng claws, could not help frowned.

Far from being washed clean pink pads now because walking around on the ground has been put on a touch of shallow gray, which people simply can not tolerate ah!

Sheng woods of the first few in the world but when the doctor, although he majored in psychology, but it is not surgery is not know, and even had almost become a surgeon, so cleanliness is quite serious.

He watched with eyes that big of watery white Yan, then reached out a paw, with action to tell the White Yan - "towels"!

Obviously, this time not between white woods Sheng Yan and any understanding, but some do not understand Sheng looked woods, which he is going to do, shake hands it? She did not know how White has this preference.So between white Yan reached out a hand, pinch the woods Sheng fleshy little paws, shook up and down gently, "Well, shake hands!"

Woods Sheng: Oh, this woman did not bring it IQ? Have you seen the pads up to shake hands?

Obviously, for the woods Sheng Lu Ziyang better understanding of the action, in his fleshy little paws out of time, Lu Ziyang went into the bathroom, she found a new towel, then wring soaked away in addition to the bathroom, and she looked in there because of the language barrier still handshake brilliant white, brushed her aside, "I come."

With that brilliant white regardless of the reaction, go directly to the side of the woods Sheng, caught the bird you want to take it back little paws, detailed wiped clean.

Although woods Sheng expressed now and now they did not cool down, but if someone is willing to wait on him, he would not stop it.

After watching Lu Ziyang has been wiped clean paws, and immediately handed him another one paw, looked at each other in their tiny paws wipe clean, even on the woods Sheng gave a satisfied look, but when Lu Ziyang She refused to let go of his little paws when the woods Sheng expressed mad!

Snapped, this time knocking the tail on the back of Lu Ziyang left a shallow Honghen, it is estimated it will disappear after will not take long, but to see this scene of white brilliant but deeply satisfied.

Has long been bullied, she finally someone to help her revenge, white, well done!

Next White Yan know is what is called subvert their own perception.

Lu Ziyang in her heart has always been a very cold person, no matter what the time is so calm, rarely smiled, rarely with someone else, is not so gregarious, but people think he was born It should be this way, because highbrow, standing above the crowd.

And now she saw the horror of the scene Lu Ziyang dogleg, which is simply not the cognitive subversion, but subversive Three Views What good! ?

After sitting between paws finger in a dish, Lu Ziyang and quickly gave up the little fox clip on the table out of small, crusty shell, prickly thorn tick, even if it is nothing, we have also blowing will cool the progress of each other's mouths to feed, and that the attitude of people could not bear ardent look.

# Friends become a hentai love with my dog, and gallant, how I want to do online, very urgent! #

"What you want to eat it?" Watching finally willing to Dali himself woods Sheng, Lu Ziyang feel very happy, no matter what, even if the little guy still angry, just like he will not ignore.

After hearing the words of Lu Ziyang, Sheng out of the woods not far from the paw pointed to cola chicken wings, then stretched out tongue | licked his small head | mouth, do not know the reason because it becomes a fox, woods feel Sheng now the chicken to eat outside, and looked down upon the craft is also very good, and that a cola chicken wings do is very tasty!

So sit back and be spectacular white Yan saw this scene, Lu Ziyang pick up a chicken wing to put on his plate, carefully remove the chicken bones clawed, and then little pieces of chicken feed Sheng woods, looking at each other's eyes narrowed enjoyment expression, Lu Ziyang think that they are worth it.White sunny side of the really perplexing to see this scene, a person who is absolutely wrong between a dog!

Now White has a spirit would do such a thing did not say, the strange thing is Lu Ziyang Everytime I look at the white of the application to the outside gentle, even willing to change themselves into such a small thing.

Lu Ziyang trouble, those who know him know that the extent of the trouble he does not care to let him give up something.

One thing that can be proven.

Because Lu Ziyang and grew up together, so a better understanding of each other, she knew Lu Ziyang really like fish, but it is very annoying prick, so in order to avoid trouble, Lu Ziyang little fish, and even now do not eat at all, but just she absolutely no wrong, has always been the trouble people went so far as to pick the white bones.

"A positive, ...... you really like it white?" Some explicit Although Lu Ziyang performance, but still brilliant white do not think he likes white to that extent.

"Like, really like." Because only able to see the beauty of this world with him when, and only when he was around just feel a little bit like the world!

Upon hearing this answer, Bai Yan would not want to ask anymore, she is well aware of this yourself, please childhood, saying that this step is best not to ask to go better.

"How, what is the problem?" White Yan not ask anymore, Lu Ziyang surprisingly not used to write, no way that he is too fond of this childhood inquisitive, so he did not like him, 'or someone like me the little guy away? "

"001 The world is not something wrong, why care of the household are so like me, do not tell me what I now carry with them a strange aura!" Sheng woods headache, and now he just wants to do a quiet ugly fox, are Do not bother him.

Keke, even now, Sheng woods for a sense of just ugly or phrase to heart.

I thought [the host know because of what, 001] while licking their own little paws aside and said, [in this world is the host's identity fox, come read with me, fox - fox - fine! ]

"I know I am a demon, this need not remind you, but this is wrong and care of the household have anything to do?" Of course he knew that he was a demon, 001 do not need a reminder.

[My dear host an adult, you really do not understand or fool, do not you know what it represents a fox? ] Looked at each other, shaking his head in the offing 001 felt some tightness, [fox, fox especially in the public service, it is okay to move hormones, in particular, you are still rare legendary charm fox, so the hormone can enhance a number of points times, if you are not now lose the charm of magical powers alleviate a lot of effect, it is estimated more than just care of the household so would not let you leave, but want to direct your sauce stuffed stuffed up. ]

Hear woods Sheng expressed Oh, please let the fox, they are innocent!

[Host an adult I'm not joking with you, who has always been regime change vixen ten eight | nine out fox charm, while you are still rare in the male fox charm, charm better results strongly estimates in this world, it was only Vampire Killers Teachers can not be charmed.] This is a natural thing grams of a thing, this world who are put on a bit of charm Spirit, so Vampire Killers division Gong practitioners another generation after generation of Vampire Killers division modifications to be able to resist the Spirit who charm.

"001 You speak yourself saying you believe it?" With that, the woods Sheng glanced around holding a veil waiting for the meal to wipe your mouth Sheng woods, especially looking at the woods Sheng eat with his face looks like dementia, let him feel miserable.

001: ...... the male adults seeking to force, seeking not fight face! qaq

Unfortunately, only begs the male adults and 001 is completely inaudible, because the male adults of all eyes had all the adults in his home host bodies.

After eating something woods Sheng made a small yawn, jumped off the table ready to rest, but was stopped by Lu Ziyang, "and so to bed, the first drink."

Or a small bowl mix the cream vegetation liquid slurry stream Dili, only this time the emperor headbox become rich smell of many, simply do not like as much, if yesterday, apparently under the Lu Ziyang is this the.

Drink this bowl "full of nutrition," the mixed liquid, woods Sheng decided to return to his room to rest would go after the Emperor headbox all absorbed body will become a lot stronger, later in the face when tenrai it will not be so embarrassed.

For such a fight to bring their own benefits, although some woods Sheng or angry, but after all, in his outstretched palm rub the rub.

In the woods ready to tune sung under the table when Lu Ziyang wanted to hold him up, and then back to the room yesterday that the Strato Kam took out a small mat, let Sheng woods comfortably lay up, a few more than after a long time he heard a burst of even breathing coming from, the other party has apparently asleep.

"You say ...... I do for it?" Lu Ziyang's voice was tired, and now seems to have been very tired, all rely on their own willpower supported.

"Your choice is not right or wrong, just look at your own will, that you think is right, that is right, if you believe that is wrong, that is wrong." The room sounded another voice, that sound a bit misty, it does not sound real.

"Mother said Simon different routes, it should never move any feelings for the demon." Demon this mood, not, perhaps it should be said for the human mood, in their eyes are just human errors only, where things need to die with sad, the only way to get them to change | attitude is Vampire Killers division, however Vampire Killers division in terms of monster are the enemy.

Then the mother's something only a few people know, but after he passed a series of meticulous investigation, but also know the reason mother hated demon.

His mother was a very good Vampire Killers division, died in her hands, she captured the demon so much in another world, the mother is also very famous.

In order for humanity to lose a powerful Vampire Killers division, they even sent to a demon king, and that turned out to be the prototype of the demon king fox, if not it's just been an ordinary red fox fox rather than charm, I am afraid that the end result would not be now she knew the way, but that does not mind being the mother of the demon sucked into fine yuan and died!Then the mother is really in love with bird fox spirit, countless Vampire Killers eventually planted in the hands of a demon, to say ironic, if not move once again he intended to kill the mother of the mother was found, I'm afraid ......

So then mother married after he had repeatedly cautioned him, no matter what time the demon tempted not to, otherwise, it is beyond redemption.

And now after ...... he even wanted to personally create a monster, do not know the mother would know what kind of reaction.

"You do not care much about your mother's idea, everyone is their own life, you can also have their own choice." Ethereal voice that answered the case, and now some absent-minded Lu Ziyang did not hear the voice of the other party deliberately lure | confusion, as well as a deep mockery.

Lin Xiao, then you do those things that I have not forgotten what year I will never forget that you betrayed that relationship, even my skin smoke fills my bones, my demon soul forever ban, let me be your son's help, it does not matter, I would be good to help him, so he also taste the taste of betrayal of a loved one!

This talk of "people" is the red fox that knows the story of Lu Ziyang in.

In fact, the final analysis, the mother of Lin Xiao Lu Ziyang and red foxes are innocent victims, although a red fox came into contact with Lin's purpose impure, but gradually he will be Lin Xiao on the mind, but also for his betrayal of the entire Yaozu.

Lin felt the intention to kill is not wrong, but is not intended to kill those directed at Lin Xiao go, but directed at those demons after he injured an attempt to hurt Lin's away, the result was caused by a misunderstanding, plus the rare red fox, red fox if it really kill for is not a small fortune Vampire Killers division, the personnel Vampire Killers division so the family will be made up a lie, so the purpose of Lin mistaken red fox just want to to suck her essence.

One of two people who loved each other so that misunderstanding has finally embarked on the opposite, a body of a dead disheartened.

For its argument, Lu Ziyang do not know what to say, but he really was said to move, this little guy is so many years the only one able to shake themselves, how could he give up.

"Little man, if one day you hate me change you, then you ate me, when we can be together forever." I do not know why, when faced with the little guy, always so Lu Ziyang obsessed forever, it seems to him, and this little guy apart is a very painful thing, like.

After hearing his words, red fox demon soul behind him a moment, whole body tensed up, how he did not think the world still such a person, if I had Lin has such a consciousness, they between what would such a result?

The red fox is not clear, but this moment was Lu Ziyang's determination to shake.

Simon called special way, but that is not my race human heart must be different pretext, at that moment the red fox tempted to Lin thought he would sacrifice a day, but he did not care, he Lin is sincere, even death in her hands nor hate him, and now he is the reason for resentment because they do not trust Lin Xiao.They spent so much time in the eyes of Lin's do nothing is not it? She gave yourself a little bit of trust are so difficult it!

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