By Huai Shang

Chapter 85 Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Chapter 85

Ning Yu’s death brought great trouble to Zhou Wei.

From the Academy of Sciences to the Central Military Commission, and even the upper levels of the Central Committee have been shaken, the international community is even more unbelievable.

Although the Military Commission has always believed in Zhou Wei, some people at the venue can prove that Ning Yu is a suicide, but they are still subject to a round of isolation review. In addition, all the people who went to the North of Jiangsu with Ning Yu were questioned, and Zheng Zhong was severely criticized several times.

Why did he commit suicide? What is the motivation? Is it impulsive? Or what happened on the day that irritated him?

Is there any possibility that it can be recovered?

The political significance of this matter is very significant. Although no one has been punished by substantive punishment for the time being, the impact is obvious.

Lieutenant General Zheng once promised to help 118 to resume the preparation. However, the fire action allowed the military to have a living force, and there was no precedent for this matter, so the progress was very slow.

Ning Yu committed suicide, Zhou Wei and others were seriously investigated, and 118 things were simply stopped.

During that time, everyone did not say anything, but the heart was very depressed. In particular, they had to deal with endless repeated questions and routine investigations. People could not help but feel the death of Ning Yu.

Only Sinan said that he felt that Ning Yu was not such a person.

He said that Ning Yu's style has a head and tail, and he is used to completing one thing completely. He will not be in the last moment. Chuncao asked him why he felt so. It is obvious that their intersection with Ning Yu is very limited. It is almost impossible to accurately guess the inner world of the scientist who stands at the peak of the times.

Sinan could not explain why.

But the facts quickly proved that Sinan’s feelings were correct.

Ning Yu's professional materials were declassified one after another, and the Institute found his absolute letter in a note.

The letter caused the investigation to end soon and everyone resumed their freedom of words and deeds. What is more unexpected is that everyone has not had time to breathe a sigh of relief. The military has issued a formal notice to decide to resume the preparation of 118. Zhou Wei was promoted to the captain of the team, and the team has the right to form eight squadrons.

Zhou Hao himself was very surprised until Zheng Zhongjun told him why.

Dr. Ning said in his absolute letter that he was lucky enough to meet you at that time. He knows that you all hope that 118 can be rebuilt, and that the application for reconstruction has been stagnant for a long time. I hope the military can see that you are saving. When he came to the South China Sea, he recovered the formation of the 118th. "Zheng Zhong will sigh slightly and said: "He also said that if it is difficult to do so, the military should regard this as his only last wish. ”

"...he knows that everyone must agree as a lasting wish," Zhou Wei whispered.


"What did he say?"

Zheng Zhong shook his head: "I don't know, I only inquired about this paragraph. All other content has been treated with top secret. Maybe after decades or even hundreds of years, when our descendants can use more calm and comprehensive When his eyes go back to the disaster, his absolute letter will be slowly decrypted."

Zhou Wei walked out of the building, and Sinan stood facing him under the steps, staring at the sky.The weather is very good today, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. The wind swept the land from the sea, through the wilderness and the scarred city where the vitality sprouted, and set off the back collar and hair tips of Sinan.

Zhou Wei walked over to his side, and saw that the vast expanse of Tian Hao was reflected in the amber pupils, and the smoke in the distance gradually disappeared and became invisible.

Sinan said softly: "Goodbye, Dr. Ning."

Zhou Yan reached out and Si Nan regained his gaze and smiled at him. The two men walked side by side.


At the beginning of 2021, the fire action initially covered the whole country.

The zombies in the city were basically cleared, and the military in the hardest hit areas was still attacking. Survivors of six large bases across the country were assigned antibodies and supplies, and they began to rebuild their homes in a unified manner.

Soon after, the genetic vaccine was introduced and quickly spread around the world.

Even if you are bitten by a zombie that remains in the shadows, people don't have to fear the virus.

This disaster has taken the lives of three billion people around the world and almost caused genocide. It is the largest and most serious catastrophe in human history. However, humans closed the Pandora's Box with their own hands and sealed it in the long river of history, and will never open again.

Zhou Wei, the commander of only four soldiers, finally took out a group of elite soldiers from various military regions and got back to the headquarters for elimination and special training.

Sinan, who could have been lying down and eating the country for a lifetime, served as a special training instructor. However, due to his coaching style, the students who were smashed into dogs did not like him.

Sinan didn't care if the weak chickens liked him or not. He cares that Zheng Zhongjun finally signed a formal letter of appointment for the military's special tactical adviser. Since then, he has not been a civil volunteer, Sinan. He is the chief instructor of the Special Forces 118. He has also been assigned an office where lighting and ventilation are very close to the cafeteria.

In view of the fact that Sinan officially joined the 118, Yan Haocheng requested to give his team a title, but was resolutely rejected by Sinan. Yan Hao is very disappointed with this.

Chuncao is willing to be a team, but everyone has expressed opposition, and Chuncao has been irritating for a week.


After the first batch of soldiers were added, Zhou Wei decided to compile them into four squadrons, led by Yan Hao, Chun Cao, Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang. The original No. 6 Squadron has been reduced to zero and has become the skeleton of the new 118. The soul of this unit is reborn from the sacrificed special forces, and will continue to survive in the baptism of the future smoke and war. The land continues.

Before the new preparation, the former sixth squadron performed their last mission.

They sorted out the nameplates and relics of the seventeen sacrificial comrades, including Zhang Yingjie's ashes, and embarked on a journey to find the survivors of these comrades.

This is not a long journey, because the family members of 118 are relatively concentrated and sent to the refuge base when the disaster first broke out. It is well documented. But the process is very difficult, and the crying and sorrow of every military genie is like a hot iron, repeatedly engraved in their souls and flesh and blood.More family members of the martyrs are all gone. For Zhou Wei, this is more emptiness and sadness than the sting of the iron.

Fortunately, after they arrived in the Northeast, they successfully found Zhang Yingjie's wife and daughter. They and their families hid in the vegetable garden and spent a long and difficult winter. In the spring of the same year, they were taken away by the officers and men of the Heilongjiang base base together with their fellow villagers. When Zhou Yan handed Zhang Yingjie’s casket to her, she heard the most tragic and desperate cry of her life. He couldn’t even stay in front of this painful woman. Every minute and every second seemed to have countless roots. The thorny whip, bloody torture, whipped his soul.

The current currency is no longer a money but a food stamp. After Zhou Hao got all the arrears of wages, all of them were exchanged for food stamps and materials at the preferential price of the soldiers. They did not stay at all, and all gave sacrifices to their families.

That is a considerable sum of money. Even if they are all spread out, each family member can share a lot of money. For families who have lost their pillars, they are barely sympathetic.

However, after the completion of the money, Zhou Hao was completely apocratic. Sinan said that he did not mind. He now has a salary, and he can raise Zhou Yu’s oil bottle.

Zhou Wei later thought of a solution. He transferred all the families of the martyrs to the jurisdiction of the military area of ​​118. They arranged the canteens, warehouses, logistics, etc. to ensure that they can get the pensions and stable incomes paid by the state, and the children can go to school in the military region. He deliberately won a rare 12-year free key education quota for Zhang Yingjie's little girl. She also promised her that after she was admitted to college, she would bear all her expenses and where to go.

What is certain is that Zhou Hao can't get rich in this life.

"My pigeon eggs?" Sinan suddenly dissatisfied.

Zhou Wei: "Reassured, handed over to your brother."


Time quickly moved to New Year's Eve in 2021.

On New Year's Eve, the 118 camp canteen prepared a good New Year's Eve early, and Lieutenant General Zheng also came. All the players and their families gathered together.

Before the meal, I would like to say a few words. Zhou Wei and Zheng Zhong would push each other for ten minutes. Zhou Wei lost, and he had to stand up with a glass of wine.

In the canteen, the lights are bright, the red-flowered flowers are stuck on the glass window filled with white fog, and the fireworks are placed outside, which makes the night sky colorful and bright.

Zhou Wei took a deep breath under the watchful eyes of both eyes, as if suddenly he lost the advantage of his ability to speak good, and suddenly did not know what to say, and he smiled shortly.

"My brother doesn't speak very much."

The crowd laughed and Zhou Hao smiled.

"On New Year's Eve last year, when the virus was most raging, I and the two of your most feared instructors, separated from the big forces, were trapped in the deep mountains sealed by heavy snow."

Referring to the instructor of the department, the special forces soldiers did not smile at once, and they were stunned by the nose and nose.

Sinan concentrated on eating the sugar-roasted chestnuts in front of him.Zhou Wei slowly said: "When the zero arrives, I made three wishes to the window. The first private matter will not be mentioned. The second wish is that all the comrades who died will return to their hometown and bless us through this. The third disaster is that humans have long researched antibodies, defeated viruses, built homes, and restored stability and peace."

"The three wishes have been fulfilled." Zhou Wei paused and said: "So I think there may be some magic in making a wish on New Year's Eve. I decided to make three more this year."

He is full of wine glasses, does not look at anyone, and goes straight to the end: "The first cup, or my personal wish."

Someone laughed and said: "You can definitely think about it!"

Zhou Wei smiled and shook his head and did not answer:

"- The second cup."

He was full of wine, looked around the crowd, stopped in the direction of the family, and bowed deeply:

"I wish that our comrades who have left us will still be well in heaven. Your name will always be remembered in our hearts. Your achievements will always be engraved in the history of mankind."

Just like last year's New Year's Eve, Zhou Wei once again reported 17 names in the order of sacrifice. The last one was Zhang Yingjie.

The canteen was silent, and some people were choked on the table. Some people were ashamed.

"Last year, I said, after the disaster is over, you will reincarnate, so as not to be born and face this hellish world. This year I can finally say that the disaster has passed, the homeland is on the rise, and the human society will gradually return to the right track; If the souls of the comrades are in the spirit, you can already come back."

Zhou Yan’s eyes were slightly red, and he was half-smooth and hoarse: “Hey, I miss you very much.”

"Everyone misses you very much."

Around the sound of sobbing and inhaling, Zhou Yan looked up and drank the second glass of wine.

"The third cup."

Zhou Wei turned to the front, facing the gaze of all the special forces of 118, and looked up to the night sky with stars and fireworks staggered:

"In the past catastrophe, the virus took an uncountable life, and the global population has plummeted by more than half. Many small countries have even disappeared from the human map."

"If future generations write the history of the future, they will find that there is no written word that can write the cruelty of this disaster, and that no language rhetoric can describe the hard work of human beings for survival."

"We walked through the dark nights with the fire, crossed the comrades' widows, stepped over the thorns and the abyss, and finally reignited the torch of the race's continuation on the bones. Those of us who survived do not need history to record merits, but also those who are not. The emptiness and beauty of the blame; as long as the mountains and rivers, thousands of spirits, witnessed our servants, and never give up."

Zhou Xiaoyao toasted, and finally the last glass of wine was spilled on the ground:

"Take us of these ordinary human beings."

Everyone silently toasted.

The fireworks outside the window rushed into the night sky, shining brightly, reflecting the wet eyes of everyone.

Under the warm light, the voice of the people is boiling, and the aroma of the food is far and wide with the wind.

Zhou Wei was filled with more turns, and finally escaped from the crowd, pulling the hands of Sinan out of the gate and standing on the open space in the courtyard.I don’t know when it’s snowing outside, and the little snowflakes that are swaying are reflected in orange and yellow, and they are romantically falling on their hair and shoulders. Zhou Wei leaned over and kissed Sinan's lips. It seemed to be a little embarrassed. He took out a white cardboard box with a pink ribbon from behind.

"Yes...is a cake." He ended up stuttering and said, "I did it myself, I tasted it."

Sinan: "?"

Sinan opened the carton, inside is a big strawberry jam cake, the red strawberry with syrup is dotted on the white cream, the edge of the circle is delicate, the two sticks are inserted, the hand is smiling and small Sugar man.

Zhou Wei looked nervously at Sinan and took a bite: "Is it delicious?"

Sinan nodded with a creamy mouth.

"I have been practicing in the cafeteria for a long time, and I have done a few wastes." Zhou Wei sneered at the slap in the face: "I don't know how many guns I have ever opened. It is harder to shoot a gun than a real gun. Fortunately, Do this before tonight... Is it really delicious?"

Sinan took a big bite and smacked it in his mouth. He was confused and asked: "Do you taste it?"

"No, you eat, you eat."

Sinan: "..."

Zhou Wei: "..."

Zhou Wei looked straight at Sinan, who returned to his innocent eyes.

"...have you not eaten anything?"

Sinan said: "No."

The two face each other, and Zhou’s gaze slowly moved from Sinan’s face to the cake that was about to bottom, and the voice shook a little:

"What did you really eat?!"

Sinan: "Really not. Ah, there was a hard thing, is it a strawberry?"

Zhou Wei: "..."

Sinan: "I swallowed."

Zhou Wei: "..............."

Zhou Hao’s expression is like a thunder, and it’s wonderful in a moment, then turns around and screams: “Call the medical team! Fast! Contact the hospital to do the endoscope! The instructor swallowed the foreign body...”

Sinan finally couldn't help but laugh, grabbed Zhou Wei and spit out a shiny ring from the base of his tongue.

The diamonds are so amazing that they reflect the dazzling light in the snow.

"Let's say," Sinan pinched the diamond ring and said, "Where are you coming from, can you afford it?"

Zhou Hao suddenly gave a sigh of relief, and he couldn’t help but smothered and poked Sinan’s eyebrows: “Of course I can’t afford it. Do you know how expensive this brand of diamonds is, and it’s almost the same for the rest of your life.”

Sinan provoked a brow.

"Last week, they rushed to clear up the B military area. I followed it. Before I left, I stepped on it. Tang Yan hit a flashlight on the side. I took a shovel and dug it. I spent half a day in the middle of the night and finally blasted from the military. After the ruins, he dug out the counter of his shop..."

Zhou Wei pointed to the diamond ring, his face was a bit reddish: "The pile of rings was all over the ground, I took one, Tang Yu took one, and gave Yan Haochun Cao Xiangzi Ding, they each brought one. You must not Said, Lao Zheng knows that the number is falling, and Tang Fei is still planning to hide as a wife."

Sinan’s shoulders couldn’t help but tremble, and if he laughed, he might laugh and be angry.Zhou Hao had just been squandered with alcohol all over again: "Come, come over, my brother will give you a dove egg." He said that he pulled the hand of Sinan, but found that the ring was too small - although the south finger was slender However, people who practice fighting for a long time have hard knuckles, and the ring finger can't fit in.

Zhou Wei felt very helpless. He had to force him to hold down the smile that he couldn't do. He took the brass pendant that he had never left for more than 20 years from his neck and stringed the diamond ring.

In the old photos, a family of three years ago was in the glory of the ring, and smiled softly at Zhou Wei.

Zhou squatted with a pendant, and asked a serious question: "Comrade Secretary Xiao Xiaonan, do you want to know what your first New Year wishes are?"

Si Nan looked at him with a stunned look.

Zhou Yan stepped back half a step, handsome, one knee to the ground, holding up the diamond ring in the small snow.

"Comrade Si Xiaonan, you are willing to accept the marriage proposal of Comrade Zhou Wei. From then on, he officially became a revolutionary companion, working together, making progress together, courageously trying various new postures, regularly biting his neck, and being scratched by him every day. Do you use your hands to move your hands and feet, and follow the development of objective laws every year, and take on the responsibility of human reproduction?"

Si Nan was determined to look at Zhou Wei, his hair was stained with a star of snow, and his lips curled softly on the handsome cheek.

Not far from the bright window, a row of heads squeezed, and the exclamation came one after another: "Proposal to marry!"

"Week team to the instructor!"

"Oh my mom!"


"Okay," Sinan smiled. "Comrade Zhou Wei."

Zhou Hao hung the brass pendant back to his neck, and Si Nan leaned over and took a kiss with Zhou Wei in the snow.

The ring slipped out of the neckline and was suspended by a thin chain in the air, swaying to reflect the bright light.

On the dinner table, Yan Hao looked at the ring that he had eaten in the hoe and couldn’t laugh, but he still broke into his pocket when Zheng Zhongzhong did not pay attention.

Spring grass flipped his eyes and licked his neck. Guo Weixiang desperately patted her back: "How do you really swallow it! Fast! Cough up! Come on, go to the hospital and call the ambulance soon!"

Ding Shi took his little golden flower and squeezed into the corner. During the period, Ai Ai was half-baked until two people were blushing, and then sneaked a large diamond ring into her palm: "Send... send you..."

On the open space outside the door, the silhouette of the neck was finally separated. Sinan’s mouth was still smiling, and when he turned back, his sharp eyes went straight to the window.

The special forces who were still crowded were unable to spread out in an instant, and disappeared in three seconds. Even the shadow of the ghost was not seen half.

Zhou Hao laughed loudly.

Countless fireworks shine in the night and bloom. Snowflakes are like thousands of elf-swinging elves, reflecting the lights and gently covering the new earth.

Zero point.

The New Year’s bell rings at this moment, passing through the cheering crowd, passing through the dark sea and flying over to the distant and brilliant sea of ​​stars.

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