By Huai Shang

Chapter 83 Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Chapter 83

Yan Hao was hidden in the canopy, only heard the sound of Zhou Yan deliberately depressing in the headset: "Can you slam?"

"No." Yan Hao whispered, "Mom, his position is wonderful."

Looking out from the sight glass, Roger was not blocked by the angle because of the angle problem, that is, the opened door covered most of the body, barely revealing the slightest gap - obviously the natural instinct formed after years of professional training.

From this point of view, it is really amazing. Even Yan Hao is very difficult to do so.

Between the lush trees behind the hillside, the shadow of the little green beans is moving.

Yan Hao: "Hey brother, don't sway in the sight. Isn't this tempting me to explode you?"

Zhou Wei: "Get it, your technology is not good at all, still want to explode me? I burst you almost."

Yan Hao: "Oh, I haven’t tried to know how my technology can’t work. Would you like to try it out?”

Zhou Wei: "Try it and try it. Don't be careful not to expose yourself. If you are caught by a cheap big scorpion, be careful of your own chrysanthemum..."

There was no sound in the channel, only a long, short breath, and half a spring grass finally coughed:

"Oh, that, I am sorry... there is really no leg between my team and the vice captain. Finished."

Under the hillside, Tang Yu used a gun to smash the top of the head of the South, and said: "I brought it! People?"

Roger opened the anti-vibration box: "Things are here."

Three test tubes were placed side by side on the brackets, and faint blue light was shining in the sunlight. Luo Muer took one out of it and took a leisurely throw-up. He smiled and asked: "Noah! When you took the suitcase to the plane six months ago, I didn't expect that someone would bring the box back to me one day. Hand?"

"..." Sinan was stunned and pale, and he couldn't say a word at all.

"Let's relax and let him talk," Roger told the soup. "When he ran, he could break his leg with a shot."

Although Tang Yu knew that Roger was more perverted in this respect, he did not expect that he could slap the leg and interrupt his words.

"How?" Rohiel laughed. "I said that I only need a living Noah Chong. It doesn't matter if you break your foot and disfigure, don't you believe it?"

He looked at Sinan and asked with a smile: "Do you believe it?"

Tang Yu’s elbows were slightly loose, and when he was smashing, he broke out with a shocking cough. He finally stopped, and hoarsely said: “...you are crazy...”

Roger is satisfied: "It seems that you know me better."

He swayed the test tube up and down, and then steadily caught the moment when Tang Yan’s face changed quickly. He asked, “What do you want?”

"I can't get the antibody, I will kill Sinan, and then detonate the mine|tube, everyone will finish it together." Tang Yuyin cold.

What Royle had just said, but was interrupted by Sinan: "It doesn't help to get it. How do you know that the antibody in his hand is true?!"

A soup."I told you that I couldn't remember where the antibody was dropped. How could he find it so quickly? He just took a fake to lie to you. You hand over me here, and that is immediately Your death!"

Si Nan’s word was clear and sharp, and Tang Yu listened to his ear, and his movements hesitated.

Hey, hey, hey.

I saw that Roger slapped a few slaps: "A good question. Why can I find your bitter and unacceptable antibodies right away? The reason is here."

In the dark, several eyes were focused on his movements. Under the eyes of the public, I saw that he used a test tube to point the handle of the suitcase: "The chip signal is embedded in the handle of each antibody box in the White Eagle Base Center Laboratory. The radiation range is 150 meters. Don't underestimate the chip, although the 150 meters is not too far away, but the moment the agent you are connecting from the lab steals the antibody box I immediately knew that the antibody sample was lost, otherwise I would not have caught you at Florida Airport."

“How?” Roger smiled and asked, “London Lieutenant, do you still believe in Noah Chong’s rhetoric?”

Tang Yu and Sinan stand up and down, and at the same time, a thought comes up in the heart: it is.

"I believe it is true." Tang Yu thought for a long while, and finally made up his mind: "But he is right! I will hand over people here, and you will immediately want my life!"

Roger's smile faded.

Tang Yu sneered: "I have to get the antibody, I have to go back and ask for a reward! So, I have to take away the antibodies and the car. When I open the range, I will push the driver out of the car, otherwise everything will be free. talk!"

Romuel's chilling smile disappeared completely, and he looked up at the soup, and the blond typical Aryan face seemed to be frozen by the ice, with no trace of expression.

The air is extraordinarily tight, as if it is a hit.

"Otherwise, everything is excused?" He only listened to Roger.

Tang Yu knows that the more you can't show weakness at this time, immediately cut off the iron: "Give me the antibody and the car first! Otherwise, never let go!"

Roger nodded and suddenly raised his hand:

"Give it to you."

The light blue test tube draws an arc in the sky.

The air is still, and the sights in the dark are unbelievable.

Then everyone started up at the same time!

Tang Yu’s elbow was loose, and the Nannan was like an arrow from the string, and he was ashamed of the two, and he rushed straight into the test tube.

Romuel whispered, and the backhand threw the anti-vibration box back into the off-road vehicle, rushing down the steep slope at a speed unimaginable to ordinary people, such as the predatory fierce giant bird rushing to Sinan.

At the same time, two hundred meters away. Yan Hao slammed the trigger, and the bullets whistled through the air, clinging to Luo Muer's heel and picking up a series of dust!

Time seems to be extraordinarily slow at this moment, the antibody has passed the highest point in midair, and it has fallen sharply - hehe!

The test tube was tightly grasped by a hand full of scars and thin and slender, is Sinan!

Zhou Wei jumped from the bushes hiding in the distance: "All units, start acting!"Sinan rushed to the ground, the back of the back fell heavily on the grass, slipped a few meters against the ground, and in an instant, Roger had stepped on numerous bullets and slammed into the front.

Yan Hao: "Mom!"

Romuel did not hesitate, and when he kicked Stern, he stepped back.

Sinan rolled up on the spot and took a sip of blood to protect the glass test tubes in his hands. After the far-field sight, Yan Hao stared at the battle and clenched his teeth - Roger was close to the front and aggressive, and Sinan was forced to move and dodge, the two figures are difficult to separate, can not be attacked!

Jingle -

Sinan was heavily pressed to the ground, and Roger went to grab the test tube. He was bent over by his knees and squatted back and forth.

"I knew it was like this..." Roger's gray-blue pupils pressed tightly, reflecting the face of Sinan who couldn't help but breathe. He wiped the blood from his mouth and sneered a little: "Do you collude beforehand to take your own bait? I never found you so sacrificial, Noah, it was too unexpected."

Si Nan stopped breathing and slowly got up: "You don't know more about me, Roger."

The two looked at each other, and Sinan seized the test tube's back and raised his veins. It seemed that he was constantly thinking about the route of transmission. However, Ronald did not even look at the antibody at all, and his sharp vision was always on Sinan.

His eyes have a very abnormal light, like a beast staring at the prey after starving to the extreme, and like a whistling out of the abyss, because of the long-repressed and unrecognizable demons:

"If there is only one thing that can be left behind, antibodies or yourself, how would you choose?"

Sinan Bingbing answered: "I choose to leave your life."

Sinan flashed, and at the same time, Luo Muer rushed up, and the fight was like lightning. At the same moment that Sinan grabbed the side of the antibody and evaded the body, Roger took out a scarf from the neck with one hand, and the wind whistled, and he tightened his hand in the throat!

"Dreaming!" Roger shouted.

In the light stone fire, Sinan threw out the test tube and made the last sound before the throat was completely locked: "Non-Emirates!"


Tang Yu’s violent punch hit Jane’s nose and mouth, and the two men twisted and fell, crushing a large, low shrub. Jane did not expect that this special military lieutenant colonel was even more difficult to deal with than he had imagined. He slammed him over and overwhelmed, and did not dare to touch the string of messy thunders tied with the waist of the soup. The tube and the bomb were blown up by the soup. Hit the cheeks and cover the ears, only to feel the blood rushing out of the ear holes.

Tang Yulian rolled up and climbed up, reaching for the hand that was kicked by the female Alpha | The gun, just at this time the test tube was spinning!

"Don't think about it!" Jane used the English martyrdom, and reached out and hugged the feet of the soup to make him fall. Who is expected to be in the midst of a thousand miles of soup, but also a foot in the middle of the female Alpha's chest, immediately vomiting her blood, and immediately flew out, a quasi-accepted test tube!

The next moment, bang -

The soup snorted and the pupil tightened.

The off-road vehicle on the top of the hill was launched in the rain of bullets. The windows were shattered and the bullets were densely covered. The madness rushed down the steep slope. Several special forces armed with guns were shot along the way, and the trees and trees were rushed straight to him. !Abbas, the big man in the driver's seat, held the steering wheel in one hand and raised the black hole in his hand.

Jane blurted out: "Don't!"

But it is already late.

Tang Yan turned and ran, and the bullets screamed behind him, accurately piercing his calves!

When I screamed at the soup, I felt blank in my mind, only listening to the engine approaching behind me.

The instinct of the peacekeeping force that was born and killed for many years saved him. Tang Yan twirled the whole person, only to feel the hot wheels sticking to his face, and the dust sand from the rubber tire bottom sprayed him.

嘶——The tires rubbed against the ground, and Abbas stepped on the brakes and quickly turned around.

"What do you want to do?!" Jane almost ran out of tens of meters, and yelled at him: "You stupid, what do you want to do?!"

Abbas did not say a word, did not answer her at all, once again stepped on the gas pedal and ran into the soup!

"——Tang Lizhong!"

Tang Yu was covered with blood on the ground. When he looked up, he saw only a few special forces armed with a charge. The gun rushed to the side of the off-road vehicle, and the front was the 188.

Tang Wei seemed to think nothing, but the mind was very clear. He couldn't tell if it was the result of weighing the thoughts, or the autonomic reaction of the sudden subconscious mind; he only heard his voice over the engine and the crazy fire, as if this life has never been so loud. , so clear:



The sight of the light has seen the car shadow, and Tang Yu has tried his best to throw the antibody test tube far away.

All the pictures are happening at the same time.

Ding Shi suddenly stopped, dropped the gun, and struggling to flutter, and stretched out his hands before the antibody landed, barely grasping the test tube;

Tang Yu quietly closed his eyes, and countless pictures of his life passed through his eyes, and the deadly blast behind him came.

In the distance, Sinan hardly pulled the scarf from his neck, which was twisted purple, and bowed his head, as if the snake without bones broke free. In the next second, Roger’s eyes only saw him rushing forward.


To the surprise of the soup, the impact was not as dramatic as he had imagined, nor did he roar him into the bottom of his death. After only a thousandth of a second, he realized that he was actually being hugged and pushed out, then -


The off-road vehicle whistling, and Si Nanfei, who rushed to push the soup, knocked out!

Sinan flew more than ten meters, and one fell to the ground. The heat flow in the nose, mouth, and ear hole, and nothing could be heard.


"Si Xiaonan!..."

The sound is unclear through the deep water, it is actually blood.

Although Tang Yu was pushed open at the last minute, he was still knocked out. He rolled over a few rounds and barely stopped. He dragged his bloody legs and climbed up the upper body to look at him. He shouted: "Snan!"

The off-road vehicle parked in a very close place. This time, the engine was not started again. Abbas lifted the muzzle directly, aiming at the head of the soup, and the index finger pulled the trigger.


The bullets traversed the broken window, and Abbas froze, and there was a blood hole in the eyebrow.The last scene before dying was far away from the car. A figure finally came from the back mountain whirlwind. The half face exposed after the sight was cold and ruthless, but it seemed as if roaring out of hell and hovering out, angry death.

That is Zhou Wei.


The gun slipped from Abbas and fell into the carriage. Zhou Yilian did not fight, and reflexed to the distant Sinan, who had just lifted a bullet and passed it by, and put him around before and after.

"Roller!" Ding Shi said: "Hey, please!"

Zhou Hao rolled on the ground and sneaked into the rock. He saw Luo Muer rushing to the off-road vehicle. He is really too fast to move. The goal of high-speed movement in complex battles is the most difficult for snipers. In the distance, Yan Hao’s bullets are almost chasing him, but not the angle is not good. The bullets rubbed his feet and shot into the ground, splashing a long trail of dust.

Zhou Hao had no time to aim, and opened a few shots with the feeling, and did not hit. I saw that Roger rushed into the car and directly pushed Abbas's body out of the door, and then started the car.

"I am!" There is an antibody on the car. Zhou Wei did not dare to hit the fuel tank and screamed: "What brand of broken car, Laozi also buys one!"

Luo Muer yanked the handbrake to the steering wheel. He took two steps from the nearest Ding Shi three steps. He was thrown out by the rear of the car before he got to the front, and even rolled into the grass.

Ronald: "Jane!"

Sinan was black in front of her eyes, her mind was blank, and she tried to support her body, but she just failed to get up.


He couldn't hear his own hard gasp, as if a little bit of internal organs were involved in the pain, and the mouth was full of sweet blood rust. But as a warrior's subconscious mind, he can feel that there is someone behind him, the danger is quickly approaching, and he must immediately avoid it.

Then someone stepped on his waist, and the female Alpha turned her back to the off-road vehicle, and leaned over to grab the rear collar of Sinan:


At this moment, the black shadow flew in, and Jane did not even react, and he was slammed out!

Jane rolled out of the ground and stopped. When she looked up, she immediately became angry: "It's you!"

Spring grass volley kicked steady and steady, raised his eyebrows and smiled, and pulled out two rows of small white teeth.

"You are a yellow-haired girl!"

The old hatred and new hate rushed into the heart, and Jane climbed up and rushed to her. However, it was unexpected that Chuncao did not hide, and even Ding’s fear did not mean anything. He even calmed down and made a face to her, saying, “Come on, come here—”

Jane doesn't talk nonsense with her, and a fist that wraps in the wind is waving to the hateful face!

- Just at the moment.

Sniper bullets from hundreds of meters whistling through her head!

The Jane movement settled, and a hole in the temples on both sides of the temple appeared, and then fell to the ground.

Spring grass: "Yan Hao, you finally got one before you finished the bullet!"

Zhou Wei: "Women are careful! Get out!"

Spring grass swooped to the side, saying that it was too late, and the off-road vehicle smacked her and rubbed it.Zhou Wei knew what Roy's goal was. He rushed out from the mountain rock to save Sinan, but he only saw that Sinan didn't know where it came from, and while he was carrying blood, he climbed up from the ground.

"Small..." Zhou Wei suddenly glimpsed something, and the voice suddenly stopped.

In the jungle opposite to the hillside, there are many figures in the shadows, shaking the trees and gathering them in the open space.

- The battle was too big, and the zombies in the canyon were attracted!

"All units pay attention to the attention of all units, the zombies in the 100 meters in the south are gathering, ready for firepower breakout!" Zhou Wei ran to Sinan while adjusting the channel, while the charge | gun into a burst mode: "call the response team! The task has been initially completed, and the speed is coming to meet! Speed!!"

The signal in the headset sounded: "The receiving unit will receive the signal and will send a helicopter. It is expected..."

"-Sinan!" Zhou Xiaoran said: "Don't let him go!"

I saw that Sinan seemed to have recovered the slightest state in a short-term respite. At the moment when the off-road vehicle rushed, the door handle was grabbed. The whole person was taken up, and then climbed to the roof. .

Everyone didn't think that he would be like this. Both Chuncao and Ding Shi had a glimpse. Yan Hao, who was behind the sight, was also paralyzed.

Zhou Wei was the first person to react. When he pulled his legs in a thousandth of a second, he followed the off-road vehicle. Spring grass looked at the head of the car and was facing the zombie group that was getting closer and closer. The whole head was big: "戎Brother! Come back!!!"

"Every unit!" Tang Yu dragged his bloody legs, picked up his hands | guns, screamed and shouted: "concentrate firepower! Cover the Zhou team! Fast!"


The off-road vehicle was overrunning the mountain road, and Sinan grabbed the roof of the car. Inside the carriage, Roger took a look at Zhou Wei’s figure in the rearview mirror, and his eyes flicked through the air. He suddenly stepped on the accelerator and smashed the zombies in front of them!

The living dead broke their hands and the blood stagnated, but more zombies crawled up and rushed to the back of the car.

"..." Sinan muttered silently in the wind, looking at the mouth should be between "艹你妈" and "艹你祖宗". Then he struggled to adjust the center of gravity in the bumps, using only one hand to tie the roof cover and the front window, competing with the huge inertia caused by the rapid driving of the vehicle, and the sharp front window rupture edge was immediately deeply embedded. He is inside the flesh of the four fingers.

Rosie looked up and slammed the steering wheel.

When the impact hits loudly, the other hand that Sinan vacated grabbed the corner of the car!

It’s too late for Ronald to react again – Sinan’s half body swayed out of the car from the side, bending his knees in the air, and drilling into the carriage from the side window with lightning speed!

After a few bangs in the front of the car, Roger was smashed by his side, and the steering wheel suddenly lost his hand!

The off-road vehicle traveled through the rugged gullies, squeezing the bush rocks, and the side mirrors were successively knocked out by trees and zombies, and flew out. In the cab, Roger pulled out his hand. The gun, when the bullet was just on the scorpion, was arrested by Sinan and forced to lift his hand. The gun was on fire and the smash hit the roof!The shell flew in a small space and all the bullets were instantly finished. Roger threw a gun to grab the steering wheel, but Sinan did not stop him, and the front of the car flew away from the wide tree ditch in front!

Roger said: "Don't you kill?!"

Sinan smiled slightly, and his mouth continued to bleed: "I said that I want to leave your life here today."

The coldness and decisiveness in that words made Rosie’s heart sigh, and it’s already late to brake on the brakes. The front of the car rushed out of the edge of the tree ditch, the tires hanged wildly, and then the heavy body lost balance, and one fell into the deep ditch!

Boom - Long -

The dirt stones fell, and the off-road vehicle was like a heavy bowling ball. It hit the rock and bounced. After rolling over numerous loops, it hit the big tree and the steel body instantly wrapped the trunk and finally did not move.

The whole car was twisted into a twisted scrap iron that barely recognized the shape. I don't know how long it took, the long-deformed rear door opened, and Si Nan's face was full of blood, and it was difficult to climb out a little.


Sinan gasped back and saw that the blood-filled hand extended from the side window, grabbed the half-bricked door and pulled it open, and then Roger squeezed the ground out of the gap.

"Noah," he got up and lifted his trunk. Even though he was full of blood and wandering, he said with a smile: "You want to kill me?"

Sinan closed his eyes and opened again. The pain and dizziness made him even stubborn. As long as he breathed, there was a sweet flow of heat to his throat, as if the internal organs were smashed into pieces.

But he stood up, and some kind of invisible thought turned into strength, and his spine was supported.

"You must die..." He gasped, and his mouth was soaked with blood.

"Your ambition, your delusions, and the blueprint of the end of the White Eagle base..."

Sinan stepped on the grass and slammed into Luo Muer and was caught by the latter. Then the two men twisted together, slammed the trees, sharp dead branches and broken wood to scrape the whole body wound, the two men's blood mixed together reddish the hay, but there was no pain in the life and death struggle.

"...all must be buried here, along with the Pandora virus, along with this disaster of killing billions of people..."

Sinan's eyes are red like a beast, and he turns over Luo, and sits on him. He uses his whole body to lick his throat. Every word says blood flows from the nose and mouth:

"Forever disappeared on... this earth..."

The sound of a sharp weapon into the abdomen, the South China pupil tightened, and suddenly magnified.

His hand was a little bit stiff, and he saw a small knife in his abdomen, and he was held in the hands of Roger by a blood-stained handle.

"Okay," Roger said, violently coughing. The visceral bruise of the previous rollover was actually very serious. He tried to force him to overwhelm him. He looked at his pale, dying face and smiled. "Then let's go together."

Sinan couldn't make a sound, shaking his hand to pull the knife, and Luo Haoer held his hand.

"I loved you, Noah... I loved you. Although I can't achieve my dreams, I can at least take you away."He pulled up Sinan's hand and kissed it with a bloody mouth. The bottom of his eyes sparkled with some kind of sultry light that was no longer concealed—a crazy and distorted obsession:

"Let's be buried here together."

Zhou Wei said one word: "Dream."

Ronald hasn't looked back yet, and he was overthrown by the heavy iron fist!

Romuel fell in the bushes and was rubbed around his neck. He said that he would cover his face and fight in the dead. It’s not a hate but a murder. Every fist and every foot falls on the deadly parts of the eyelids, temples, abdomen, etc. Finally, when the chest kicks and kicks, Roger flies back and squirts blood, hitting The trunk slides down the ground, and only the chest cavity survives and collapses!

Ronald couldn’t make a sound, and the blood covered the whole face, which was shocking.

Zhou Wei mentioned the charge | gun, and put his head against the gun.

"Do you think you can take Noah? No, it is Shinan who replaces him. It is himself who buried him. Your sick selfish love will only drag people into hell, and Sinan deserves better, starting from eleven years ago. He is destined to get better."

"..." Roger tried his best to lift his chin, but he didn't go to see Zhou Wei. The blindfolded sight of the blood directly crossed him, and he went to Sinan, who fell in the distance under the tree.

Half a slap in his mouth, it turned out to be a cold smile, slow and hoar:

"I am waiting for you in hell..."

Zhou Hao is cold and cold: "Go to hell."

There was a loud noise over the canyon.

Romuel fell heavily in the bush.

Zhou Hao threw the gun and staggered forward. He hit the keeper Sinan in his arms and used his hand to block the bleeding mouth of the abdomen with a knife.

"... Don't... don't pull out..." 恍惚中司南小频道: "I will die when I pull out..."

Zhou Hao sat down by the tree, unable to rub his cold face, and printed another hot kiss on his lips.

"Zhou 戎..."

"Oh, don't talk."

"I'm dying……"

"No, how can you die? As long as you are in your life, you will never die." Zhou Hao paused and whispered: "Where are you going, I will always be there, forever." Not separate."

Sinan looked at him, his eyes were scattered and there was no focal length.

"Listen to me, Sinan." Zhou Wei whispered his lips and said, "This is not true. You are just dreaming. Eleven years ago, when my brother saw the bad guys biting you outside the ward." At that time, I went in and took you out, and then took you back to the country in your pocket. They entered the military school, graduated, and passed the assessment into 118, and met Yan Hao, Chun Cao, Xiang Zi, Da Ding. Yingjie... Later, my brother bought a pigeon egg and asked you to marry him. You promised, we have a perfect wedding at the seaside."

"There is no electric shock, no zombies, no global disasters and human catastrophe. You just have a long dream. Now you have to wake up. Your brother is waiting at the pillow and waiting to wake up, don't sleep again?" Look at me, Si Xiaonan, you try to look at me, don't sleep, okay?"

Every word is like a small stone that is put into the soul. It is layered on the surface of the lake, so that consciousness cannot fall completely into the darkness.Sinan's pupils spread and the eyelids swelled. He slowly raised his hand and shook in the air, and then his fingertips slipped through the wet cheeks:


"I love you……"

Zhou Wei pressed his hand to his face, and the tears rolled down: "I know, Si Xiaonan."

"Hey brothers...and only you."

The hurricane picked up by the propeller was far and near, the trees kept shaking, and the deciduous branches fell like rain. Zhou Yan held up his head and held up his head, and the bottom of his eyes reflected the huge reflection of the high-altitude helicopter.

Nanhai headquarters Wuzhi Z-19.

The glare flashed, the voices blew, and the rescue troops arrived.

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