By Huai Shang

Chapter 82 Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Chapter 82

Zhou Hao did not respond to Sinan anti-killing so fast, and even did not see the action. However, there was a man who said that people talked about ghosts and words, and immediately applauded after a sigh of relief: "Good job! Beautiful!"

Ok? Sinan said that we have cooperation?

Tang Xiaomei’s heart was against the muzzle, and his expression was particularly distorted. Sinan took back the gun, never looked at him again, turned to the search and rescue team, and made a gesture to Zhou Wei, indicating that his work had already been done, and the rest of him took over.

Zhou Wei had not had time to hold on to Omega, just listen to him:

"Oh yeah!" "Si Xiaonan is so handsome!"

Yan Haochun grass Ding Shi three figures fluttered up, the Secretary of the South high, surrounded by the team to appease the shock and went down.

"..." Zhou Hao hugged the action in the air, then suddenly nothing happened, from the good as the flow into the sleeves, forked forward and coldly asked: "What else do you want to say?"

After the soup, the molars were tight and the heart seemed to be struggling. Zhou Wei looked at him closely, his eyes were extremely oppressive, and he only heard a word from his teeth.

"It is my responsibility to let A people hijack the plane here. If it is the last step, I am willing to save the situation at any cost."

Zhou Weizhi's nose, pointing to the special forces behind him: "If there is a chance to bomb the antibody, the opportunity to recapture the antibody, here is the head break, you think you can grab the old man with the old arms and legs?"

Tang Yu was blocked and could not say a word.

Zhou Weiju asked: "Where is Luo Muer hiding?"

"..." Tang Yu finally sweared: "After the jungle hillside. I have to take you there."

There are a total of three samples in the antibody box, all of which are unfinished semi-finished products. Rohiel's condition is that he is tied to Sinan and takes someone to change one of them. As for Sinan's broken hands, it doesn't matter. People can live.

However, it is very dangerous to seek skin with the tiger. The Baiying base hopes to put the antibody completely under its control. After the soup is replaced by the antibody, Roger is more likely to kill him.

A team of special forces trudged in the jungle, and Zhou Wei used the radio to simply report the incident to the military waiting for the response. The headquarters also felt very troublesome. At present, it is impossible to force the search and rescue team to send Sinan to the South China Sea. It is only possible to rely on the on-site personnel to adapt to the situation and strive to be strong.

"When you get close, observe the terrain and fight for sniper." Zhou Wei turned off the radio and said: "I am afraid that Luo Muer can think of this and occupy the high terrain in advance..."

"I can't understand how A people can find antibodies first." The soup smashed a pack of mines. The tube walked and asked, "The whole valley is so big, the terrain is complex and the jungle is full, even if they are tortured from the log or pilot. Out of the information, guessing this area, it is impossible to find the antibody box immediately."

Everyone looked at Sinan, and Sinan was reaching out to eat sugar from Zhou’s pocket, shrugging and not knowing.All the people have grass branches and branches, and use the vegetation cover to walk through the jungle. Zhou Hao took the toffee from the other side of the pocket, put his hand into the jacket, wiped it on the only clean T-shirt, and then wiped it off, then gently peeled the sugar and handed it to Sinan, smeared his mouth and continued to take the lead. Go ahead.

"Unless the last step, no one should sacrifice. The antibodies must be robbed back, Sinan wants to keep, and the chieftain of the soup must live to avenge his men." Zhou Yu Shen said: "We have lost a lot of people, now we must first think about it." How to make the enemy pay the price, not to fight for self-sacrifice."

Tang Yu seems to be unprepared. Zhou Wei will suddenly say such a human voice, and it is a bit embarrassing.

Zhou Wei did not pay attention to him and asked Sinan: "How likely do you think Roger is to shoot you?"

"Not big," Sinan said with sugar.

Zhou Shuguang, who had just returned five people and six, changed back to the original shape, and immediately looked at him with the look of "Is the hat of Laozi green?"

Sinan returned with innocent eyes.

Zhou Wei: "...why?"

Sinan: "He is not mentally normal."

Zhou Wei: "...what is not normal?"

Sinan was very surprised: "It is different from others."

Zhou Yan’s face was hard to say, and Tang Yu looked extremely dark on the side.

"Si Xiaonan." Zhou Wei took advantage of Si Nan's shoulder and walked and said sincerely: "Although my husband believes in you, communication in family life is very important. Occasionally, you can tell me what you think is not important. Often ignore the details that are not said directly... For example, the big nephew is different from others in terms of personality? And the specific form of expression? After all, married is a family, although we intend to kill him immediately, but at least once a relative, Care about it."

The people turned over the dense jungle, smashed through the stream, and there was a hillside covered with vegetation.

"Hey," Sinan thought for a long time, finally said: "Royal is very self-repressing."

Zhou Wei stopped and took out the military telescope and encouraged him to continue with his eyes.

"When he was in the military school, he was said to have a good reputation and was very self-disciplined. He was extremely Alpha elite. He was disgusted with Omega. Later, he hated to develop hatred and slowly became paranoid. Perhaps it was a psychological distortion after extreme repression."

Zhou Wei looked at the top of the hillside and whispered: "Transform the fear of one's own desire into the hatred of the object of desire. This is true for A cancer."

Sinan is very relaxed: "Almost, take care of him."

The telescope's focal length is constantly adjusted, and the distant scene is constantly magnified. I saw a muddy off-road vehicle parked on the top of the hillside. I couldn’t see anyone in the car. Rohiel stood back against the door, and the little blond niece Alpha didn’t know where it came from. Come, give him a cigarette.

"Prostitute," Zhou Wei gestured to everyone to quickly hide behind the tree and said: "The girl who bullied you last time came out again."

Spring grass immediately slammed up from behind: "What? Where is it?"

Zhou Hao was on the ground and handed the telescope to her. Chuncao looked furious: "Mom, how can the bad guy who bullied me still live and jump? Is there any truth in this world?!"Yan Hao was not able to smell behind him: "...How do I feel that the opposite is true..."

"The prostitute don't get angry, just hand over the girl to you." Zhou Wei took the telescope from Chuncao's hand and carefully observed the terrain around the hillside. After a moment of indulgence, he made a decision: "They are too high, not easy to ambush." Sniper. In this way, we have three divisions, and Tang Yu and Si Xiaonan go from the front, trying to attract Luo’s attention."

He patted the shoulder of the soup and whispered, "You try..."

Tang Yu immediately avoided the plague and avoided: "Dry, talk well, don't rely on it!"

"I am here to give you a sigh of relief! You are not grateful to the non-Emirates, even if you are grateful, even dare to give up?!"

When Tang Yu stayed, Zhou Yili sighed and pointed to Yan Hao and Ding Shi: "You ask them, do you have to hold the European Emperor's thighs for milk before each mission? Or do you think that Laozi is on the 118? Captain’s, relying on this handsome face?”

Ding really struggled to catch his hair, Yan Hao directly fell over his head.

"..." Tang Yu struggled for a long while, and finally hesitantly approached, carefully patted Zhou Wei's shoulder: "Then you... you said."

"You try to take Roger as far as possible from the side of the car. The farther the better, the better. Yan Hao takes the sniper to look for the hidden point from the side, the first target Roger, the second is the car, the best. A single blow makes it completely lost."

"I and everyone else went around the shady face, surrounded the entire hillside from the rear, ready to ambush." ​​Zhou Wei painted a simple topographic map on the mud, and everyone looked at the ground and looked at the ground: "In case of accident, the other party Drive and escape, everyone suppresses and intercepts with high firepower. I have drawn the specific interception points for each person, and everyone remembers them."

Zhou Wei’s layout was progressive and clear, and Tang Yu’s unconsciously entered the gods. He only listened to his care and careful arrangement of each person’s azimuth distance and details, and asked all the players questions. : "Is there any objection?"

Tang Yu thought that this squad's tactics had two brushes. It seems that the 118 exercises have been played all over the army without rivals.

"No? Very good, my brother has the last few words to say." Zhou Yiyihe: "Comrade Yan Hao, even if you shoot a gunman, I will not be remarried, and advise you to pull the trigger. Time is still honest."

Yan Hao regretted to kneel down.

"Comrade Tang Yu, although bait is a dangerous task and you have already realized the self-sacrifice, but if you really let Luo Juer take Si Xiaonan, I will make your consciousness become a fact, understand? ”

Tang Wei: "..."

"Finally, Si Xiaonan." Zhou Wei seems to have made a huge sacrifice, and his face is full of pain and pain: "If the soup chief really makes irreparable mistakes and you unfortunately fall into the enemy, that...the brother is not a straight A cancer. You can accept your temporary pleadings, as long as you have me in your heart - hehe!..."

Si Nanyi clamped Zhou Zhou's chin and said coldly: "You think more."

Tang Yan’s face was expressionless, and the heart had just fanned out Zhou Hao’s own eighteen times.

·Ten minutes later, on the eastern side of the hillside, 200 meters away from the top of a towering tree, Yan Hao leaned over the thick tree stalks and set up a assault step | gun, looking at the hillside from the sight.

In the off-road vehicle, there is a vaguely sitting individual. It should be Abbas who is two meters tall.

Romuel and Jane stood outside the car and Roger's figure was almost completely blocked. It is difficult to see from this angle.

"The sniper is already in place and finished."

In the radio headset, it sounded like a slap in the air: "The ambush squad is all right, my mother's signal is really bad... Yan Hao sees where Tang Wei and Si Xiaonan are?"

"My three o'clock direction, a hundred meters on the front of the hill, they have to come out of the woods."

Zhou Wei was alert: "The name of the soup is not a manual foot for my family, Xiaonan? Just look at them and they are very close."

Yan Hao: "..."

In the radio, there was a voice of screaming and screaming: "I am a thank you! Someone is just helping me to tie my body to the body."

Zhou Wei: "Who gave your walkie-talkie? Si Xiaonan is not your thank you, can your friend and wife not understand?"

"Dreaming! When did you change your friends?!"

In the channel, there was a buzzing sound of forcing laughter. Zhou Wei threatened: "I understand it anyway. I don't warn you. Sinan's military value can basically cover a battalion. It annoys him to teach you to be a man again in minutes. I am also good. It’s easy to mark him down before he can mark it...”

"Let's make you a hand," Sinan said with a mixture of sugar.

"How come you have a walkie-talkie too!"

"I gave it to him!" Tang Yu couldn't bear it: "Come up, I am going now, bye!"

Tang Yu took off his headphones and threw it into the bushes. He grabbed Sinan’s neck and put his head around his head and went straight out in the direction of Luo Muer on the hillside.

In the distance, Roger immediately had a movement, and the cold and gloomy face looked at them.

"Your heart beats very fast," Sinan did not look back, almost silent from the lips.

The two passed through the relatively flat open space under the hillside, and the soup whispered, "I am a little nervous. Can you ask me, what is your usual lucky value?"

Sinan was silent for a long while: "Very good."

Romuel told me that the female Alpha was shot and strode down the hillside.

Tang Yu breathed a sigh of relief and seemed to be relieved: "That's great, we have at least one of these groups that won't even draw forty R."

Sinan: "Yes...Yes."

Female Alpha walked down the hillside and stood cold. Her cold eyes looked at Sinan. It seemed to be a little gloating for the muddy scars under his T-shirt camouflage pants. He laughed from the nose.

"--Hey!" Tang Wei stood in the open space more than ten meters away from her, and used a force to pull the south throat, in spite of the latter's inability to control the painful 呻 | 吟, fiercely said: "I brought people, What about antibodies?"

Jane was lazy and said in a blunt Chinese: "Come with me, Romelle waits for you on the hillside."

But what she expected was that Tang Yu refused: "No, let him down! Who knows if you have set a trap on it to kill my life?"

"you……""Unless he came over, he didn't have to talk." Tang Yu said coldly: "Is he not an antibody carrier? Now I have it in my hands. If he doesn't come down, there is nothing. I will do it myself."

Alpha dangerously narrowed her eyes and walked away: "How dare you -"

"Stand up, Jane."

Female Alpha stunned and Tang Yu looked up. I saw Luo Juer standing on the hillside, and then popped out the cigarette butt, pulled out the gun, and the other hand was holding the familiar silver antibody box.

"Don't you see it? He tied the mine|tube." Roger said faintly. "As long as you dare to move, he dares to take Noah Chong to accompany him."

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