By Huai Shang

Chapter 81 Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Chapter 81

After the bushes, the footsteps were rushing. Zhou Wei took a dozen search and rescue team members in a flash, and shouted: "Sinan!"

Sinan locked so many people's throats. Today, it was the first time that the throat was almost broken. When I was on the road, I turned green and rubbed my lungs. I grabbed the elbow of the soup. After a few seconds, I was getting more and more because of lack of oxygen. Not working.

Zhou Wei succumbed to the previous step, and then forced himself to stop: "Let him go, soup, what do you want to do?"

The scene was on the rise, and Sinan was only ten meters away from Zhou Wei, but the middle of it was as hard as a scorpion. Zhou Hao stared at Tang Yu’s eyes, and with one hand extremely hidden behind him, he gave the search and rescue team a “sniper preparation” warrant – but the last special forces of the crowd had not quietly moved their positions, they only listened to the soup. Dao: "Would you like to attack? It's useless. There are poor visual conditions and many obstacles. Are you really afraid of a shot with me and the antibody carrier?"

The sniper froze on time.

"...you should let go of it first, otherwise you will kill him." Zhou Wei almost squeezed out from the gap between his teeth: "Calm down, soup. Tell me who is doing this, Roger Or are they other A-country people? What conditions do they provide to you, and you know nothing about the zombie night attack camp?"

Tang Wei did not answer: "Take the gun over."

Zhou Wei Li said: "Tang Yu!"

"--is an antibody." Yan Hao suddenly became awkward.

Everyone looks at it. If you pay attention, you will find that Tang Yan’s eyes are jumping.

Yan Hao asked: "There is a problem with the antibody, isn't it?"

This time, Tang Yu spent a few seconds in the eyes of the public, only to shake his head: "No more nonsense, count to three, everyone throws the gun. One, two..."

Zhou Hao hand throws out the charge | gun, slamming, and then throwing guns into a piece.

Sinan struggled with his teeth, and the next second slammed into the muzzle on his temple. "No movement, I can take your body."

"Are you sure that you are taking the hostage, can you run away from the canyon that shouldn't be called the earth every day?" Zhou Yuyin said coldly. "Or do you really think that the party that deals with you will keep your promise?"

Tang Yan smiled shortly: "This is my business, Zhou team."

He died in the throat of the south of the throat, and he did not relax. The technique was extremely professional and skillful. He just controlled the oxygen to the point where he did not let Sinan really suffocate, but he could not resist it vigorously. Go after.

Zhou Wei and others immediately followed, and Tang Yu said: "Stand up! As long as I found a figure in the 200-meter range, I immediately interrupted his two hands!"

Zhou Wei’s face suddenly became very ugly.

"You won't see me again," Tang Yu said coldly, "bye."

His whole person was completely hidden behind Sinan, and he stepped out of the line of sight of everyone.

Until the footsteps of Shasha disappeared into the jungle, Zhou Yicai stepped forward to grab the charge | gun, low: "Come up!"


Trees and plants are becoming more and more lush, almost covering the sky, surrounded by overbearing and strong dark green, almost stepping on thick rot leaves and soil.But Tang Wei seems to be very familiar with the path, and constantly swaying forward, and soon the sound of the waterfall is far from being heard.

Sinan's mouth was closed, and he was almost dragged away by him. The roads in the jungle are rugged, and the tree pits or mud ditch hidden under the fallen leaves are constantly encountered. The soup is suddenly instep on the edge of the tree pit and instantly slips.


Sinan grabbed the arm in the throat, the electric light stone fire, the soup cocked up and got up, the muzzle slammed his head!

"..." Both of them moved in a moment of stalemate. After a few seconds, Sinan slowly released his hand a little.

"You look down on me, the white eagle instructor." Tang said: "I am also a special force out of the people."

Sinan turned his back to him and looked ahead: "Would you like to bring me to Roger?"

Tang Wei did not answer.

"You shouldn't have been hooked up, you met in the canyon?" Sinan narrowed his eyes: "What handles do he have in his hand, the ultimate antibody?"

After a long silence, Tang Yu finally opened his mouth, but he did not answer and asked: "How much sacrifice do you have?"

Sinan said: "As the case may be."

“What if it is the future of a large part of humanity on this planet?”

Tang Yan couldn't see Sinan's face, but he could feel that the mixed-race white eagle instructor really thought.

After a moment he said: "I am not sure where I can sacrifice, but I am sure that your weak chicken has no chance of winning against Roger."

Tang Wei: "..."

In the distant bushes, there was a faint sound like a dead branch falling off the treetops. Tang Yu immediately stalked him and shunned the tree, completely blocking his body shape, and then he was quiet again and silently.

"They are following up." Sinan didn't move his voice, and he paused: "There are at least 20 elite combat forces around Zhou Wei. How many people are there at Luo Muer?"

Tang Yu looked at the environment behind him in a very subtle way, and he whispered aloud: "On his own, the other two don't know if they are dead or are hiding."

"Are you sure he really has antibodies?"

"I saw it with my own eyes."

"He promised you, if you grab me, take the ultimate antibody to exchange?"

The facts are very obvious, and Tang Yu replaced the affirmative answer with silence.

"So," Sinan sneered. "Do you really believe that he will honor the treaty?"

The chasing troops hidden in the sheltered place did not move, and the nearby jungle restored its quietness.

Tang Yu regained his gaze and finally said: "...not sure."

This answer is not surprising. Sinan calmly said: "Then you should cooperate with Zhou Wei. Luo Muer led the zombies and killed more than 20 innocent soldiers, even if he fulfilled his promise to give you the ultimate antibody. You don't want to avenge them?"

Tang Yu’s hand with a gun shivered slightly, and Sina’s frontal bone could clearly feel the muzzle vibrating, and the bullet that was on the scorpion was only a few inches away from the flesh."Cooperate with Zhou Wei?" After a long time, Tang Yu was cold and alert. "If you tell Zhou Wei what will happen? He can't support sending you to the hostage. Instead, he will strongly advocate everyone's mighty opening to Luo Muer's hiding place." Wherever, he was killed again. But Roger's vigilance is very high. Once he is discovered, he will immediately destroy the ultimate antibody. You also said that it is the last sample in the world!"

"What is your plan?" Sinan asked.

Tang Yu transferred the center of gravity of his soles and leaned his body slightly against the trunk. The hardships of several days made him to the end of the strong, and he could only get a breather with this action. He hoared and said: "I was originally stunned that night. I want to kill Guo Weixiang directly. I lied to him that the headquarters has decided that if we lose contact with this group, the headquarters will send Zhou Wei and you as the second batch of searchers to the canyon. If you let me take the seriously injured Guo Weixiang You will be more trustworthy when you see me, and then take it lightly."

"You didn't expect me to come to the valley."

"I didn't expect it." Tang Wei admitted. "I thought that the best result was that Zhou Hao came over. I really couldn't do it. I tied Zhou Wei and gave it to Luo Muer."

"Is this non-Emirates still wanting to kidnap Zhou?" Sinan was very surprised.

Tang Yu is impatient: "How big is your heart, how big is it?"

Sinan: "..."

"I originally planned to report this matter to the military in case of delay. Let the headquarters decide whether or not to take you for antibody." Tang Yu reluctantly continued: "So I saw that you really appeared. I was very surprised when I was in the canyon. I realized that this choice eventually fell on my head... If it’s not Zhou Wei, maybe I’ll really ask for it all, and ask everyone to work together; but Zhou Wei is destined to be Obstruction, and you may not be willing to be a hostage, I can only make this decision."

In other words, the chief of the soup can't come up with a plan.

It’s a difficult situation to ride a tiger.

Sinan meditated for a long while and asked: "Where is Luo Muer? It won't be the cave you just let me in."

Tang Wei said: "No, he is behind the hillside... There is only one pit I dug in the cave."

Sinan's mouth couldn't stop twitching.

There was no movement behind him, and Zhou Wei seemed to be very calm. The sun is gradually moving westward, and the time is over noon. Once the sky is dark, it is even more inconvenient. Tang Wei said: "Go first."

Sinan stood still and did not move: "No, you are purely dead. The goal of Baiying Base is to achieve ethn optimization and independence in the last days. The ultimate antibody must be firmly in your hands, Roger It is impossible to give up for me."

"I know, but..."

"You just sent me over here, and he will kill him immediately. How much do you think you have to face Roger alone?"

Tang Wei asked: "Do you want to say that I am a weak chicken?"

Sinan faintly said: "Let Zhou Wei come over, everyone thinks about it, if I need to be a hostage, or if you use a gun to reach me, I will tell Zhou Wei."

Tang Yan stood motionless, although he could not see his expression, but the slightly breathing was still revealing his hesitant emotions."Actually, I don't really think that you are a weak chicken. On the contrary, your series of performances are remarkable." Sinan slightly turned his head when he was shot at the head of his head, saying: "But maybe Roger is still around. There are two men, one dozen and three, you have no chance of winning - if I have not guessed wrong, Tang Lieutenant, you are ready to go with them."

Tang Yan’s cheeks were slightly protruding, because the back molars were tightly bitten, and even the brain was slightly stretched.

Sinan looked at him, his eyes calm and calm:

"Don't try to sacrifice alone. Zhou Wei is also a soldier. You should trust his ethics and ability."

Tang Yu did not say a word for a long time, Sinan retracted his eyes and said: "Zhou Wei!"

There was no voice in the woods, and Sinan said again: "It's okay! Come over! Soup emirate... Soup Lieutenant just wants to make a joke with you!"

Tang Wei: "Don't call the chieftain! Luck is for you!"

After a while, the bushes swayed, and Zhou Wei took the charge. The gun pulled out the bushes and came out. It was cold and cold: "Jokes? I haven't seen jokes and can still be so open. I am really open-minded."

Tang Yu did not pay attention to him, let go of the hand that was holding the throat of Sinan, and only used his gun to reach his back: "You are."

Sinan simply stated things through the process, and did not deliberately excuse the soup and not add fuel, and the way of speaking was as simple as ever. At the end: "I believe this is true. Now I have to find a way to stabilize Rohiel, otherwise he will be ruined by ruining antibodies. I can be a hostage..."

"What do you say?!" Zhou Yi Li Ma murderous: "Hostage? How to be?!"

Sinan: "Tang Yu sent me to the hiding place of Roger. You are waiting for the opportunity to destroy his transportation tools and attack from a height..."

"It's too dangerous! Can't there be other ways? Can't everyone bang him directly together?!"

Sinan: "..."

Tang Wei: "I think I am still acting alone."

"This is the only way to solve the problem." Sinan looked directly at Zhou Wei, his eyes calm and clear: "The facts are not so dangerous, Roger will not let me die easily. The key is to destroy their means of transport, and to be desperate in them. Killing them before breaking the antibody, the biggest risk is actually soup."

Tang Yu said coldly: "Don't care about me, I have long planned to tie the thunder on my body."

Zhou Hao immediately took the backpack to the ground and took out a bundle of mines | Guan: "You tie it up and say it."

When Tang Yu’s head was on the head of Sinan, he really had to come forward to take it. Zhou Yi saw this posture and immediately hid the mine | pipe to the back: “What do you want?!”

"What am I doing? I will go with them today! Anyway, the antibody box is shockproof and explosionproof..."

"Do your best! What should I do if I kill Sinan?!"

Tang Yu was out of anger: "When is this all the time, what are you thinking in your mind?!"

Zhou Wei did not show weakness: "Why can Luo Muer fly back to hijack the plane? Why can A people find the antibody box immediately? This is your responsibility! It is your fault to drag on to this situation today!"

"So I didn't want to ask for your help! I don't want to cooperate and I will go and go! I can do it myself now"The anger of Tang Yu’s exhausted anger was interrupted. I saw that Sinan’s lightning-like knives were twisted, and the attention was dissipated by Zhou’s scattered soup. The hand was shot and was attacked by Sinan. “Hey!” I screamed and flew into the sky.

At the moment of the gunshot, the blood was cold, and the bushes were mad and the special forces all rushed out.

A slamming sound, Si Nan rushed in the first thousandth of a second before the soup, grabbed the hand | gun, the next moment is right in front of the soup!

"You can't." Sinan said faintly. "If you are a non-Emirates, you still want a monoclonal antibody boss. If you don't get an antibody, you will be killed."

Tang Yan stood still in front of him.

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