By Huai Shang

Chapter 79 Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Chapter 79

The gorge is almost quiet, no birds, no beasts, no mosquitoes, as if all creatures have escaped from the world ruled by the dead.

Only the plants that are not so dense are covered with madness covering every inch of space from the ground to the sky.

The rising sun gradually rises, and the dark morning sun recedes from the woods, turning into a fog of gray and light cyan, and is instantly penetrated by the thin gold-like sunlight. The shadows of trees and grass move slowly backwards with the sun.

Sinan lifted his muzzle and moved silently behind the tree.

Just then, after more than ten meters of trees, suddenly slammed violently!

- Hey! Hey!

Sinan opened fire, and the other side ran with the cover of the towering ancient wood!

Sinan followed closely, and opened a few more shots, but in the case of the trees, high-speed movements failed to hit. The other party's familiarity with the environment is obviously even worse than that of him. The special inspection of the rugged places is difficult to drill, and Sinan is not able to step into the tree pit, and is instantly overwhelmed by countless dead branches and rot leaves. Fortunately, the stone is caught and the stone is stabilized. The whole body weight plus thirty or forty kilograms of equipment.

"I am embarrassed..." Sinan sighed with a sigh of relief, and climbed to the ground three times and five times, looking up and looking around.

The man fled before he lost his whereabouts, and he had already chased the edge of the canyon, far from the waterfall.

Sinan observed for a moment in the shrubs that fell over the ground. He stood up and saw a rushing stream not far away. The man should jump into the stream and fly away, completely erasing the traces, and could not be traced.

Si Nan Shen walked to the side of the stream with a shallow foot, washed his face, and reflected his tight eyebrows in the stream.

Who killed the four special forces and led the zombies to the camp?

Who is the one who deliberately brought him here?

Sinan fell on his face with his palms, and after a few times, he slammed the short hair with a dampness and screamed in English: "Royal! What are you playing?!"

It’s quiet around, not even echoes.

"--Roller!" Sinan Li said: "Come out!"


Si Nan’s voice turned back, and the muzzle was locked in an instant. I saw a ball in a stone cliff not far away, and a ball was discovered.

"..." The ball stayed for a moment, and the voice came out: "Si Nan?!"

Sinan squinted: "Soup... Chieftain?"


"It’s soup, thank you." Five minutes later, Tang Yu pulled up Sinan and led him into the hidden cave after the stone crevice. He said: "My luck has been normal, only the Zhou 戎 is special back. It’s not my pot.”

The cave was winding and twisting. After twenty miles, there was a turn of seventy-eight square meters. Three gray-faced, savage special forces got up: "Lieutenant Colonel!"

Tang Wei gestured to them to sit down, and Sinan squinted at the corner and motionlessly lying on the figure. He stepped forward and took a breath: "...Guo Weixiang?"Guo Weixiang's eyes were closed, his face was gray, and the abdomen was messed up with bandages, which ooze the blood of purple and black. It was not like a personal one. Sinan immediately explored his temperature and pulse. He had a fatal fever and was obviously infected. It would be very dangerous to drag it down.

"It was like this when he was discovered. It has been almost 72 hours." Tang Yu said: "Fortunately, you are here, otherwise Guo Shaoye's life will probably be accounted for here."

Sinan pulled out antibiotics from his backpack and forced him into the neck of Guo Weixiang. He quickly assigned a special life-saving injection to the neck blood vessels and asked him: "What is going on?"

"In the middle of the night of the attack, I took the remaining members to kill the zombies. The equipment and weapons were all gone. I couldn’t see anything in the chaos. In a hurry, I went away with other people..."

Si Nan glanced at him with the gaze of "I said that you are not a non-Emirates."

"I spent the night in the stream, and returned to the camp the next day. I was lucky enough to see if there was a survivor. I met him." Tang Wei pointed to Guo Weixiang and said: "He was hiding in the tree at the time. In the pit, I have been infected with the zombie virus. I probably gave myself a secondary antibody before I was in a coma. Fortunately, I didn’t have a zombie. I dragged him out and found that the abdomen was full of blood. It should be the day of the zombie night attack. In the middle of the hit by his own people, thanks to the strong healing effect of secondary antibodies, I dug out the bullets and it became what it is now."

There was always an indescribable hidden worry in Tang Xiaomei, sitting on the wet ground against the wall and sighing exhaustedly.

Sinan was undecided, and suddenly asked after a moment: "How did you find it here?"

"I swayed for a long time with him until I met them-" Tang Yu gestured to the special forces and said: "The cave they found, thanks to the high ground and hidden, otherwise Guo Shaoye is full of blood and smells early. I brought the zombies. After two days, I went out to search for survivors during the day, but there were no weapons, there were many zombies nearby, and I never encountered any living people or encountered a search and rescue team."

Tang Yu wiped his face hard and shifted the topic and asked: "How do you find it here? Where is the big army?"

Sinan said: "Zhou is behind."

Tang Wei: "..."

The two eyes were wide-eyed and the soup could not help but ask: "What else?"

"I was deliberately attracted." Sinan said simply, "No."

Tang Hao Huo Ran got up: "What? There are still people in the canyon? Who brought you over? What did you look like? See who is it?"

Sinan: "No."

The two men looked at each other again. The soup was full of "...", and Sinan's eyes were dull and his face was frank. It seemed that he had already finished talking about it.

Half a soup, I couldn’t help but be careful: "Have anyone ever suggested any friendly advice on communication skills?"

"No, you want to mention?"

Tang Wei: "...no, no, no."

Sinan pulled out the dry food and water from the bag and distributed it to the three special forces. He drilled a cave, fired a signal flare on the edge of the cliff, then retired and picked up the backpack and said: "The search and rescue team will come soon, I am leaving. ""Tang Yuran said: "Where are you going?"

"Continue to find someone."

"Don't wait for them to come over and meet?"

Sinan said faintly: "In fact, I don't like team action so much. I am a soldier."

Tang Wei immediately stopped: "No, the person you just brought has not yet figured out the identity. It is too dangerous to act alone! I have searched several times in the neighborhood. There are no traces of survivors, in the absence of professional equipment. Even if you rely on manpower, it is impossible..."

Tang Yu’s words came to an abrupt end. I saw Si’s tight fists reaching in front of him. A loose, blood-stained steel nameplate fell in the air.

1180610, Yan Hao.

"There are two more." Sinan calmly said, "I will not stop until I find them, no matter what happens."

No one spoke in the cave. A special soldier in the corner of the corner put down the kettle and hoarsely said, "I will accompany you."

"I too..."

The trio got up one after another, and Tang Yu interrupted them: "No! You are in a bad state!" Then he turned to Sinan: "Give me a gun, I will go with you."

"Lieutenant Colonel!..."

Tang Yan’s attitude was very firm, but Sinan was hesitant and did not answer.

"If you are looking for Yang Chuncao and Ding Shi, I may know where they are going. I was with the two of them when I broke out late at night. Before they crossed the river, they were separated. If they did not change direction in the middle, they should They can trace their traces along the river bank." Tang Yu opened his palm and decided to look at Sinan, repeating again: "Give me a gun, I will go find them with you."

After more than ten seconds, Si Nan finally got his hands off the back waist | the gun, thrown over.

Tang Yu accurately caught, only to see Sinan turned around and walked away, faintly said: "Save the point, only five bullets."


The sun outside the canyon has risen completely. Except for the high-altitude stone walls, the mountains are full of wild green, and the sun shines brightly.

"I haven't seen it before," Tang Yu loosened the rope and jumped down the rocky cliff. He smiled shortly: "There are no animals, no insects, only plants grow creepy, as if all living things are written from the genes to the zombies. The fear of the virus, the planet will soon be occupied by living dead and plants."

They walked across the tree ditch and walked through the lush forests. After a meal, the front of the lake finally came to the looming sound of the waterfall.

Sinan carrying dozens of kilograms of equipment, a few steps behind, Tang Yu took the initiative: "I will help you take it."

However, Sinan shook his head.

"...you are this Omega," Tang Yu had to take back his hand and forcefully open the bushes of most people. It was inexplicable: "It’s not the same as all the Omegas I have ever seen. I feel that you can live without Alpha. Why? Finally, I found Zhou Wei..."


When Tang Yu’s voice was heard, the bullets passed by and the zombies after dozens of steps were turned down.

boom! boom! boom!

Si Nan shot one and killed all the zombies in the 100 meters in the jungle with very low visibility. The gunners were all accurately shot. He smugly glanced around the sight and whispered:

“It’s as if you’ve seen a lot of Omega.”Tang Wei: "..."

"Clear," Sinan slammed his gun: "Go."

Tang Wei: "...feed me! In the end, is there anyone who has been in communication skills... that... forget it."

The water of the waterfall slammed, reflecting countless colorful lights in the sun. They circumvented the camp far away. Sinan never gave notice of the signal bombs of the large units. Tang Yan did not mention it. He only remembered to recall the late-night retreat route by identifying the environment along the way. The two stopped and stopped.

Along the river bank, I took a meal, the terrain suddenly increased, the river turned sharply, and the height difference formed a cliff about seven or eight meters high. Tang Yu observed for a long time, and he stood in a very uncertain way: "Maybe... it should be here. When the night broke out late that night, the zombies chased them up, and I was separated from others in a hurry..."

Sinan suddenly asked: "They leave you alone?"

Tang Wei laughed and said: "Everyone's bullets are all smeared, black and dark, and the group of people danced in disarray. The visibility is not even half a meter. How can they care for me in that situation?"

Sinan nodded, no snoring, half-squatting in front of the cliff, looking at the river carefully, I don't know what to think about.

Tang Yu looked at his back and felt that he sometimes couldn't understand the former White Eagle instructor. He did not hesitate to betray the country A that he had been growing for more than 20 years. However, after coming to the country C, he did not show any feelings or nostalgia for this place; he seemed to be very responsible for the 118 special teammates. However, after seeing the serious injury and ruining Guo Weixiang, there was no other emotional touch except for taking medicine calmly and decisively.

When everyone gets together, he is the weakest and most silent one. But when the group encountered difficulties and everyone was unable to do anything, he was the first to solve the problem.

No one can know what is in his mind, and no one can predict what unexpected action he will take next.

Tang Yu hangs his eyes and hides the complicated thoughts. After a moment, he raises his eyes and asks: "Hey, do you see the environment around you?"

"not very?"

"I was thinking... If you remembered the road after the crash, if you came with us a few days ago, you might find antibodies right away."

Sinan turned to him and said: "Why do this hypothesis that obviously does not exist?"

Tang Yu forcibly hooked his mouth, although it looked more like a bitter smile: "Nothing. It is afraid that there is only this sample of antibody in the world. If there is an accident, it will be gone."

Sinan said: "There is only this sample of the tube. Perhaps the Baiying base has paper information, but it is likely to have been destroyed when the virus broke out."

Tang Yu’s heartbeat seems to have missed a half-shot, and it becomes a bit ugly when his face is stunned: “Would you accidentally lose it? I mean, you just said that someone deliberately led you, that is, this canyon is very good except us. There may be another group of people who are getting antibodies in advance..."

"It will be very troublesome." Sinan said lightly, "So we have to be as soon as possible."

After a long time, Tang Yu only coughed and said, "Yes, I think so."Sinan carefully looked at him for a few seconds without speaking. Tang Yu did not rise up naturally: "I want to go down and check. If those people are walking from the waterway, they may leave clues or lead signs on the shore."

"Don't look."


"There," Sinan raised his hand and looked in the direction. There was something dark in the bushes under the cliff.

When Tang Yu stayed, he ran away. The two almost rolled down the steep and smooth cliffs. The riverbanks were all smooth pebbles. The weeds and shrubs on the steep slopes grew wildly. The soup was first crawled up, and the top of the dead branches was tied with a long one. Black cloth!

"It's our T-shirt!" Tang Yu handed down the cloth and handed it to Sinan. After three or five, he took off his camouflage jacket and pulled out the black T-shirt neckline: "Look! It's this! It must be them. Tear it and tie it here, in order to give us a road sign, there must be more in the vicinity..."

Sinan immediately refused: "No, don't look, talk well and don't take off your clothes."

Tang Hao hurriedly buckled his coat and climbed down the steep slope to go forward. He found more traces with little effort: "Come on! There is blood here!"

Sinan followed up, about twenty steps away, and the blood on the bottom of the mountain rock and on the ground was obviously dry. Going all the way along the direction of the splashing, new blood drops can be found every few steps. It seems that the spring grass has been seriously injured when they fled.

"They fired their guns," Shinan squatted down and pulled out the metal casing from the grass roots. He looked up: "They have encountered zombies here."

Tang Yan’s face changed: “Look, what is that?”

The bank of the river suddenly rises upwards, and there is a hole in the wall of the cliff near the distance. It is about three or four meters high from the ground and can barely climb up with the raised rocks.

On the weeds that are clustered in the vertical rock seams, there are extremely obvious large bloodstains, like those who have been blood-sucked by the whole body.

Tang Yan looked up at the cave and his voice was not right: "Will they be there?"

Sinan's eyelids were tight, and I was thoughtfully staring at the black faint hole.

"Someone?" Tang Yu shouted: "Hey! Anyone! Come out!"

The rushing rivers passed by their feet, and the sharp wind blew the whistle through the valley, and there was no sound.

Tang Wei walked down the cliff and signaled Sinan to come up: "You put down the gun and equipment and stepped on my shoulder to see. Don't go too deep, be careful if there is a snake inside."

However, Sinan stared at him and did not move.

"Come on, what happened?"

Sinan's eye socket is deep and the eye tip is sharp and the outline is good, but when he is so determined to look at something, the light-colored eyes that are different from ordinary people are a bit cold and breathtaking.

"I won't let down the guns and equipment." He stared at the soup, his voice was not high, but the words were very clear: "When I am alone with you, I won't let the weapon go."

After a sigh of soup, he slowly turned around:

"Are you against me?"


"Come down carefully! Slow down! Don't hit it!"Zhou Hao carrying the charge | gun, personally commanded the soldiers above the marching simple stretcher hanging down the stone cliff, was steadily caught by several search and rescue team on the ground, the medical soldiers immediately rushed forward to start inspection.

"Xiangzi!" Zhou Hao stepped forward, and his face was blue: "How is he?"

The medical soldier shook his head while playing life-saving drugs: "The situation is very bad, the abdominal gunshot wound has already started to be infected, and surgery needs to be arranged as soon as possible."

Zhou Wei turned back and said: "Notify the headquarters, find three survivors, one seriously wounded, and ask the helicopter to pick it up immediately, fast!" Then he asked the three rescued special forces: "Where did the signal bomber?" !"

Soldier, look at me, I see you: "He wants to go out and search and rescue, he has already left..."

"He said that he was moving faster and that the Lieutenant Colonel insisted on going with him again and again..."

Zhou Hao bite the back molars and sizzles in his head. He is about to force himself to smear out the action plan below from the irritated emotions, and suddenly the back of his hand is touched:


"He woke up!" The medical soldier lost his voice: "Don't, don't move! Don't talk!"

Zhou Yiran turned back and saw that Guo Weixiang struggled to lift two fingers, and the lips that had broken blood and blood silently opened and closed, seemingly trying to make a sound:

"Hey... brother..."

"Hey brother is here, don't worry, it's okay." Zhou Yan Shen said: "Soon arrange the plane... Don't mess! Xiangzi!"

"When..." Guo Weixiang’s neck leaned back and seemed to want to lift his head desperately: "When, beware..."

Zhou Xiaomei jumped, raised his hand to stop the medical soldier who wanted to stop, leaned over and put his ear on the side of Guo Weixiang's lips, only to listen to him vomiting a few words:


The next name made Zhou Hao's face change dramatically. I thought I was wrong, but I realized that there was no.

Guo Weixiang’s chest again violently sighed: “Hey brother...you...”

"Know it, you can rest assured." Zhou Wei's tail trembled slightly, but the tone was firm and powerful: "I know, go immediately."

Guo Weixiang seems to have completed some sort of obsession, his body suddenly fainted, and the medical soldiers suddenly took the first aid. The soldiers were riddled with chasing horses. Zhou Wei rushed out of the crowd and grabbed the special forces rescued from the cave. The voice trembled and asked: "Where did they go?"

The three soldiers looked at each other, and one of them suddenly remembered: "River!"

"The man insisted on going to find Ding Shi and Yang Chuncao. Soup Lieutenant Colonel said that he should search along the river bank!" Another person also remembered: "They may have gone in the direction of the waterfall!"

Zhou Wei let go of the soldiers and turned back to the search and rescue team: "Go!"


At the same time, the river bank.

The atmosphere suddenly became tight and the sizzling of the river hitting the stone became particularly noticeable. Tang Yan turned and stood, and his face did not like to be angry. After a long time, he asked: "What do you think of me?"

The blood on the high wall is glaring, but Sinan seems to be suddenly indifferent. "No opinion."

"Then you still...""I have saved a person." Sinan said quietly. "I thought that the grace of life is the same as trust, but when I wanted to cover him first, I was sprayed with a squirt. I was not a bad person. It’s still a good person in the ordinary sense, but since then I have known that gratitude and trust are two different things. If I can’t put my life on you, I can’t put a gun in front of you, that’s all.”

The soup was slightly stunned, and then he shook his head and laughed. When he slammed his hand, the gun was thrown away:

"Is this done?"

However, Sinan still did not move, and his eyes crossed the soup to look up.

"What do you want?" Tang Yu was impatient: "You don't really want to carry my forty kilograms to climb my shoulders?! OK, or I will climb up first, you are slowly below..."

Sinan suddenly said nothing, pulled the gun to aim - Tang Yu only saw the muzzle face to face, when the pupils tightened, the next moment only listen to "hey!"

The bullet passed from the side of the ear, and the soup twitched back like a scorpion. A zombie with no head on the cliff fell down.



The faint whistle of the wind is getting closer and closer, and it has gradually become a roar of one after another. Tang Yu retired a few steps, only to see the zombies in the woods on the cliffs, as if they were alarmed by their voices, the more they gathered in the blink of an eye!

Hey! Snapped!

A few zombies swayed down the cliff, and in front of them they came to the scene with a splash of water and five horses. More zombies stumbled down the steep slope, and some of them fell off the lumbar vertebrae, crawling forward and down the ground; some climbed up, tearing their hearts and screaming at them Come up!

Sinan slammed into the fire, charging | the guns will roll down the zombies of the first wave of the cliffs and fall back. Tang Hao shook his head and grabbed his hand. The gun, the head of the zombie in front of him, rushed to the mountain wall and said: "Come up the cave! Fast!"

Sinan glanced at him during the fierce fire. At this moment, the second wave of dozens of ragged zombies swayed and blocked!

There were only four bullets left in the soup tube. They couldn’t collide with the zombies. They had to catch the rock and climb up. At the beginning of the millennium, he escaped the rotten hand of the zombie and grabbed his ankle. He was about to look back at Sinan, and he only heard a loud one--oh!

Water sound? !

After the south side of the division shot back, it quickly retreated to the riverbed. Charge | The gun will be swept away in a row of zombies, the brain will burst, the shell will be smashed, and the fire will tear the zombie out of the crack.

The next wave of dozens of zombies had not come to the wall, and Sinan was about to rush to the cliff. Suddenly there was a loud noise in the river. Something rushed out of the river, and then there was something that stretched his waist.

It’s a pair of cold hands!

The change was really too fast. When the fire broke out, Sinan didn’t react at all, and was pulled back directly by the other’s arrogant force. When the foot was down, it was empty.

There was a loud noise, and there was no water on the surface!

Sinan squirted a string of bubbles in the muddy river, realizing that he was ambushed.

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