By Huai Shang

Chapter 78 Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Chapter 78

Looking forward from the military aircraft windshield, the glare lights reflected the rapid fall from the night sky, and the meteor disappeared into the darkness.

Someone shouted: "He jumped!"

Zhou Wei silently put down the telescope, only listening to the snarl of Zheng Zhongjiang in the radio, hoarse in the wind: "The first task, bring the carrier back! Must be born! Get it back to the South China Sea immediately! Is it clear?! ”

After the cabin, the 20 special forces brushed their eyes and looked at Zhou Wei. The squadron of Kong Yingying said with a small voice: "Week..."

Zhou Wei said with a long sigh of relief: "Clear."

Then he hangs up the radio and picks up the parachute bag and walks to the cabin.

The lights in the rear cabin were dim, and each soldier had a large bag full of equipment, except for the rumble of the plane sailing.

Zhou Wei looked around the crowd and said, "I don't want to talk about it. After everyone goes down, everyone gathers at the launch site of the signal bomb. Is there any objection?"


Zhou Hao nodded: "Very good." Said to open the deck first, and cleanly jumped.


The gust of wind screamed from the ear of the ear, and raised all his short hair and collar upwards, followed by "嘭!", the parachute automatically opened, and the free fall suddenly suddenly stopped, slowly drifting to the towering trees that could not reach the fingers.

The sound of the waterfall passed under the feet, and then went away, the forest's decaying salty breath rushed to the surface.

Sinan pulled out the saber to cut the rope, and the timing was accurate to the extreme. The next moment, the whole person took off, fell into the dense canopy, struck and fell between the trees, grabbed a few extra-large branches to stop the figure, and steadily hung in the air.

He grabbed the weight in one hand, and the other eye touched the monocular night vision lens, and the right eye became a world of deep black, dark green and light green.

Looking up, military aircraft dumped more than 20 parachutes, like dandelion seeds drifting to the ground.

Looking down, in the vast woods, there are echoes of the zombie towing and long wailing.

"What a special excitement," Sinan muttered, loosening his hand and falling to the ground. The toes of the toes touched the tree and saved two zombies. The front one had not yet touched, and he flew up and kicked his sternum and flew. There was no movement in the trunk. At the back of the chin and neck junction was military triangles | thorn straight into the brain, the brain smashed out, Sinan pulled out the knife, it collapsed on the ground.

Triangular | stabbed, flesh and blood splashed on the ground.

Sinan returned to the scabbard and walked forward, suddenly coming from behind in the distance, followed by -

Hey! Hey!

The bullets rained through the woods, and the search and rescue team landed, attracting a large number of zombies!

Although pheromone inhibitors have been used, the fresh flesh of more than 20 special forces sized men is as dazzling as the searchlights in the middle of the night. The zombies in the hundreds of meters are like the evil spirits in the dark night. Some people don’t even have time to wear night-vision goggles. They have fired in a hurry, and the muzzle madly smashes the fire tongue and beats the rows of dead people to the skull. fly!Zhou Wei steadily stepped forward and shot at the side of the gun. The zombies along the way succumbed to the body, and the limbs stepped into muddy flesh and blood under his feet. Then he pressed the lower earphone amplifier, and the humming sound that was amplified by a thousand times suddenly rang through the forest: "Sinan!"

"I know you are here! I saw a parachute!"

One hundred meters away, Sinan stood in the footsteps.

"Come back! Act with the big forces! You can't do it alone!!"

Sinam silently, standing on the rock, the tall and straight silhouette in the night seems to be half-fused into the shadow.

"...come back," Zhou Wei was low: "Sinan, come back to me."

His tail sounds a bit sad, and there are thick, unpredictable anxiety and worries. Si Nan Ning listened for a long while, and suddenly shook his head and smiled: "You are wrong, Zhou Wei."

The regret in his words was just drowned in the gunshots of the fierce battle, except for himself who could not hear:

"Before I met you, I was always a person... I have never been a burden of anyone."

The gunshots are still going on, and the roar of the dead people has become increasingly scarce, and the airborne troops are nearing the end. Sinan no longer stayed, and the backhand pulled out the charge | gun, sneaked into the night.


After the black squad team attacked, the South China Sea contacted two groups of search and rescue teams, but the terrain of the canyon was complex and the original jungle was dense. The first batch of people were forced to turn back when they did not touch the place. The second batch of reconnaissance battalions entered the scope of the general disappearance, but did not find the exact address of the attack camp. Because of the heavy casualties, they had to give up the search and rescue.

Near five o'clock in the morning.

Looking out from the night vision goggles, countless light green figures wandered in the woods with no purpose, and Sinan hurried through the canopy of the towering sky, jumping over the top of the zombie, and acting like a monkey. If the Hollywood film industry is not finished, he can probably shoot a few monkeys 123 and extraordinary monkeys 123.


Si Nan hooked up the branches, and the electric light stone fire had locked the faint water sound coming from the front. The snake would not have such a pliable waist. Before the zombies came out under the tree, they almost smashed out with the canopy.

He also remembered when he heard the movement after skydiving. When Chuncao and Zhou Wei talked, there was a blurry sound of water near her, which should be a waterfall.

As long as this pothole canyon is not a three-step, small waterfall, five-step waterfall, you can find the wrecked camp by following the sound of the water!

The water vapor in front of it is getting heavier and heavier, passing through the woods of heavy rocks. Suddenly, the waterfall is banging with water droplets.

Sinan climbed to the top of the tree and found a military telescope.

This is the lowest place in the middle of the in-line canyon. A medium-sized waterfall slams into the deep pool at the bottom, and flows into two rivers leading to the valley. Si Nan continued to adjust the telescope's focal length along the forests on both sides of the river, and suddenly the action stopped. On the bank of the river hundreds of meters away, the rocky beach was sloppy and messed with objects like marching parcels.

He did not hesitate, just like a snake, sliding from the canopy to the bottom of the tree.A few hundred meters of rugged mountain roads, he only ran for two minutes, when the darkest time before dawn had passed, just as the ink became lighter after the water was mixed, the valley and the river slowly outlined dark gray. Shadow. Sinan wheezed and stopped on the rocky beach, staring at the remnants of the leftover, still wearing a broken camouflage suit, and the throat was swollen for a long time.

He stepped forward and shivered and turned over the corpses to see that they had rotted to an unrecognizable face and chest nameplate.

Every time he opened it, his heart was shackled by the invisible claws, then loosened slightly, and then tightened ten times and hundreds of times before turning the next one. This cycle, until all the bodies were viewed, Sinan sat down on the ground, and it took a long time for the heart to slowly start to beat again.

No 118, no one he knows.

He took a breath and dragged the bodies together and took all the nameplates into the backpack - the hot steel plate was proof of sacrifice. Then he got up and looked around, along the obvious footsteps on the ground, into the open space in the woods, and the devastated camp finally appeared in front of him.

The smashing tents, the bonfires that were put out, the stumps of the earth, the heads of the dead, and the horrible mimes, were unfolded in the blue sky under the blue sky.

Every inch of the land that is soaked in blood reveals the cruel facts that it has witnessed.

Sinan brain is almost blank. It took him nearly half an hour to piece together all the stumps and heads, collecting all the nameplates from the camp and holding them in their hands. Two times from beginning to end, he finally collapsed to the ground, his forehead against the salty soil, a long breath.

He did not believe in the Buddha, and he scorned and ridiculed the cross. At that moment, he could not help but speak in English from his heart:

“Thank God.”

Then he couldn't help but smile at himself, and gently ridiculed himself: "...it really is a temporary hug."

Sinan got up and walked out of the camp and wanted to go to the river to wash his hands.

However, he just got up and walked a few steps, suddenly sucking his nose sensitively, smelling the smell that was not obvious, but it was extremely strong for him - Sinan passed a trace of doubts and followed the taste to the woods. Going, crossing the shrubs under the feet, suddenly stood still.

His pupils couldn't help but tighten, and finally realized why the zombie tide would hit the camp at night.

——The corpses of four strange faces are piled up under the tree, and the viscera is turned out. In this weather, it has begun to rot, and it has an extremely strong Alpha pheromone taste mixed with stench.

But there were no signs of biting or scratching on the body, and the limbs were relatively complete - they were killed by humans.

Some people used cruel means to lap the four soldiers, staying up late near the camp, and using strong Alpha pheromones to attract the zombie tide!

This is really cold-blooded.Sinan stepped back a few steps and took a deep breath to calm down. He pressed the vague guess in his heart and tried to go forward to examine the body carefully. Suddenly, he saw the earth in the distance not far from the body, and reflected what the skylight reflected, and the faint light flashed away.

It is a steel nameplate with a thin chain.

Sinan picked it up. I don't know why his fingertips touched the cold steel when he suddenly jumped into the heart, as if the mouth would spit out of his throat until he opened the front of the nameplate.

That is a familiar number.

Sinan's hand began to tremble, his eyes looked at the numbers one by one, as if suddenly the most simple Arabic numerals could not be recognized.


- Yan Hao.

Sinan slowly squatted on the ground, and there seemed to be nothing in his mind, and he remembered a lot.

At the base of the B military region, the two teams were separated. Yan Hao hugged him tightly and stood in the railroad tunnel and smiled.

On the bank of the river where he fled, Yan Hao sat in the evening glow and took the courage to tentatively grasp his hand.

Yan Hao, who has a little sadness and always is very gentle, Yan Hao, who always thinks for others, stands in the sun and his teammates make a hearty laugh at Yan Hao... Finally, it turns into a roof wind and whistling Late at night, the whimper shed tears and painfully curled up.

"Antibodies can't give you, can I pay for your life?"

- I will pay for your life, Sinan?

Sinan trembled and clenched the nameplate, and the sharp edge even cut into the palm of his heart, but there was no pain. He tried to suppress the soreness of the sour heat, bowed up, and his fingers penetrated deep into the bloody soil.

Hey -

After two seconds, Sinan realized that the movement was moving, and when he looked up, the trees shook in more than ten meters, and something left in a hurry.

That is human!

"Hey!" Sinan shouted: "Stop!"

The man ran to the distance, and Sinan felt that a cold fire was rushing to the top of his head, and he got up and chased it out!

At this time, the sky is still dark, and the night vision goggles are no longer useful, which is the worst time for visual conditions. The man moved very fast, and he couldn’t see the shadow in the dense woods. On several occasions, Sinan could only determine the direction by voice; the two flew over the dead wood and the rock, like the cheetahs and antelopes chasing each other. After a long time of chasing a cigarette, Su Nan suddenly stood still, and then he rolled his head and rolled it. "Hey!" A bullet passed by!

Sinan whispered silently, and after jumping into the tree, his backhand slammed back!

The silent woods were charged when they were smashed. The guns were bombarded, and the trunks splashed and the shells smashed. The other party apparently did not expect Sinan to be equipped with such high firepower. After a few shots, it immediately turned off and crouched, and the intensive gunshot suddenly stopped.

The smoke slowly drifted, and Sinan leaned against the tree, and the line of sight shifted backwards, slightly sharpening the sharpness of the eye.

He knew that the other party was waiting and was observing.

It was as if the bowstrings were gradually stretched to the limit, and the woods were almost terrible.

One kilometer away, forest open space.At the moment when the gunshots sounded, Zhou Wei put down the telescope and jumped from the big tree of three or four meters high. He got up and waved his hand, and he did not return the order: "The fire at the eleven o'clock at the eleven o'clock in front of the fire, chasing."

Twenty special forces are upright: "Yes!"

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