By Huai Shang

Chapter 77 Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Chapter 77


The sound of the bathroom was soaked, and the south of the company wiped the short hair with a strong black hair because of the wetness. Quickly put on a T-shirt, a jacket, and black work trousers. Silently walked to the dormitory door and unscrewed the door.

His movements were very slight, but Zhou Wei was still aware of it. He moved slightly: "Well?"

Sinan stopped the action.

"...What time is it?" Zhou Wei stumbled and asked: "Where are you going?"

Sinan softly said: "Nine o'clock. Go to Ning Yu."

Zhou snorted, and Sinan was like a gray shadow in the darkness, and he went out and blinked into the night.

After a while, Zhou Hao suddenly woke up, climbed up from the bed with a red body and picked up the alarm clock.

"Sinan?" He rolled over and rushed out to open the door: "Sinan?!"

The lights near the airport are brightly lit. The news that the Inner Mongolia Base’s elite reconnaissance battalion has searched and rescued the canyon has been heard. The last batch of search and rescue personnel organized by the Nanhai Headquarters will be in place and the materials have been delivered to the airport.

The airport car transported firearms, ammunition, survival materials, parachute bags, etc. to the tarmac, and then the soldiers moved into the small passenger plane. The south of the screen was near the barbed wire outside the apron. The sentinel immediately found him and shouted: " What do you do? Stand still! Military heavy ground is not allowed!"

Sinan gave him a look and turned around.

"Go back! Hey, what? Cough..."

Sinan lightning bolted the soldier's neck, twisted and stunned, and dragged into the grass with one hand.

A few minutes later he got out of the grass, wearing a sentinel's coat, clasped a camouflage hat to cover the upper half of his face, and walked into the apron.

"The last time you counted the ammunition, ready to pack!" A lieutenant walked around with a horn and said: "Hey, that over there! Move the tactical bag up!"

Sinam silently stood up and saluted. From the pile of hill-like 30 kilograms of standard tactical backpacks at the foot, one shoulder lifted one, and then picked up a box of bombs, passing through several hot-packed soldiers around to the cabin. Go.

The ensign didn't pay attention, turned around, and suddenly turned back thoughtfully:

"and many more?"

Sinan went to the iron ladder with a strong wind, and the younger man looked at the back of the thin and thin, hesitantly chased two steps forward:

"Hey! I am calling you and so on!"


In the paratrooper camp office, 20 special forces are finishing the equipment and preparing to leave. Zheng Zhong will pull Kong Yingchang standing at the table, in front of a huge map of the hills, pointing with a pen on it: "You jump from here, pay attention to the depth of search and rescue is not too deep, here is the key area, they The last segment of the signal before the disappearance is roughly the range..."


"Weekly Colonel!"

Both Zheng and Jiang Yingchang looked up at the same time, only to see Zhou Wei wrapped up a wet night, and hurriedly pushed the door: "Sinan is gone."

Zheng Zhong will be inexplicable: "What?"Zhou Wei’s iconic singer’s look has changed completely. His face is different from the past. Jun said: “Si Nangang said that he went out to find Dr. Ning, but I called Dr. Ning’s internal telephone. He said that Sinan did not go to him for half an hour. Now, no one can find anyone, airport guards?"

"Wait and so on," Zheng Zhong confessed his brain and raised his hand to stop him: "You said he was gone? What are the signs before?"

"I suddenly went to Ning Yu in the afternoon, I have to give myself 600CC blood."

Lieutenant General Zheng: "..."

"He saved the 118 players," Zhou said in a word. "He may want to save them again."

Zheng Zhong’s mind was thundered, and the subconscious took a nap. Then he finally reacted. He almost pushed the battalion commander and rushed to pick up the phone and hurriedly hit an inside number:

"Hey? Security department?"

“Immediately search the airport, the antibody carrier may have mixed up the plane that is about to fly to the wrecked canyon, and bring him back immediately!”



"Stand up! Hey!"

Lieutenant rushed to catch up, Sinan turned around, his eyes stunned.

"..." Lieutenant stopped in front of him, his eyes were slightly confused, and he asked for a long time: "Which class do you have?"

"The paratroopers have seven or four classes."

"After joining the army for a few years?"

"Half a year."

"Half a year," Shaohao's semantics are unclearly repeated, and immediately screamed: "--Your squad leader hasn't taught you for half a year, don't hack the unbound bullet box?!"

Sinan: "..."

"What should I do if I have fewer bullets?! Do you want to order it again?! Common sense don't know?! This is the time for the fuck, and the four classes also sent a bunch of confused eggs to add chaos! What are you doing here? ?!"

Sinan was stunned and could not lift his head: "I'm sorry, sorry, then I will change it, so I will change it."

"Not too fast!"

Sinan shrugged his head and bowed. He ran a small ran to change the box and counted the sealed bullets. He ran through the front of the ensign, and did not dare to carry it, swaying and boarding the cabin ladder.

"New recruit eggs!" Lieutenant helpless.

The ensigns irritatedly counted the number of bullets. After confirming the correctness, they sealed the bullet boxes by themselves, sticked them, and did not stand up. Suddenly, the soldiers in the distance rushed to the wind: "platoon length! platoon length!"

"What's the matter?"

"Airport security office urgent call! Named to call you fast!"

The ensign of a lieutenant was inexplicable. He crossed the land and went to the booth office on the apron.


The pilots in the cabin are ready, and several soldiers carrying supplies are unloading equipment and ammunition from the body. Si Nan slammed the bullet box and tactical backpack on the ground, kneeling on one knee and pulling the backpack chain.

"Hey," a veteran passed by, slamming his foot and warning: "Don't move."

Si Nan was full of fear, but he stood up and stood up.

The veterans no longer took care of him, went out from the hatch, went down the iron ladder and ran to the runway, ready to start carrying the parachute.

Sinan watched them out, and found the miniature charge from the tactical backpack belonging to the unknown unlucky egg. The gun, rubbed the upper jaw, then got up and came to the door of the cabin, leaning over and holding the door from the hatch on the runway. Iron ladder.

22:45PM.The lights flashed in the distance and the people on the tarmac came and went. Looking from the heights to the distance, this man-made island, which accommodates tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians, has a undulating terrain, lush and lush, and numerous distant Hua Deng and the stars of the sky.

The front of the plane is an open runway and an endless deep sea.

Sinan took a deep breath of the fresh and brackish sea breeze on the spring night, and was about to push the iron ladder out of the doorway. Suddenly, the light was seen in the distance, and the eyes were slightly stunned--

Just a few squats ran out of the duty room and shouted something. The soldiers stopped their lives and gathered together with a little doubt. Then they began to report the following teams in the command of the ensign, and checked them one by one.

"Hey! You!" Shaohao has a good eyesight. He can see a person standing at the doorway at such a long distance. He is waving at the distance: "- You are down!"

Sinan did not move.

"What's wrong?" A little brow wrinkled, and the suspicion rose, shouting: "Go down!"

Si Nan looked at him and raised his hand.

The iron ladder made a rolling scroll and slipped out of the runway.

Less stunned, then reacted:

"--Mom is him!" Shaohao ran to the plane: "Come! Stop him!"

Sinan smiled and pulled up the hatch. At this moment, the line of sight crossed the runway. Only the barbed wire was seen on the apron. At the end of the road, a starlight suddenly flashed at the end of the road, and then it quickly turned bright.

A jeep rushed from the power, and suddenly stopped at the airport entrance!

The left and right doors were smashed two times, Zhou Wei and Zheng Zhong will jump off the ground at the same time - Zheng Zhong will be old after all, when he got off the bus, he almost slammed his feet and hurriedly grabbed Zhou Wei.

Zhou Yi didn't even think about it, and he took him away.

Lieutenant General Zheng: "Hey, I said you..." Then I saw Zhou Hao passing by, even if I didn't even hit it, I rushed into the tarmac.

"Now young people! Do you know what is called respecting the old and loving the young!" Zheng Zhong will be so angry that he will blow up his beard and rush to catch up. He has not stunned by two steps: "Oh my feet..."


Shouting, shouting, footsteps... Soldiers gathered from the corners of the apron to the runway, and the voices rang through the night sky, but Sinan was indifferent. He carried the assault | gun, and put the door in one hand, and the line of sight crossed everyone, only to the familiar figure that had gasped and stopped in the distance.

That is Zhou Wei.

The shadow of Zhou Wei’s back light was slender and slender. Although he could not see clearly, he knew that Zhou Wei was also looking at himself.

As if it were close to the endless sea of ​​stars, the wind from the sea passed through the fingertips of Zhou Wei, and the next moment whispered through the eyes of Sinan. Zhou Yan opened his mouth and couldn't see what the mouth shape was. Sinan shook his head at him.

The screaming voice is getting closer and closer, and the soldiers with live ammunition rushed to the runway and joined forces to push the iron ladder in the direction of the cabin.

Si Nan quietly stood at the door of the cabin, and seemed to completely ignore the soldiers who had quickly climbed up the iron ladder. I don't know how long it took, as if it had been a long time, it seems that it was only a few seconds. He saw that Zhou Hao finally raised his hands and made a gesture against the light.

Go fast.

Sinan sighed softly, condensing into a small group of fleeting white mist in his lips, and immediately "砰!" closed the hatch.Hey! Hey! The sound of the slamming of the soldiers outside was loud. Sinan slammed the lock and walked through the cabin to the driver's seat. The one-handed charge | The gun reached the pilot's head: "Get off at once, don't force me to burst your head into a tomato..."

Lieutenant Colonel Jinhua has a slight bias, and the forehead is slightly twitching, as opposed to Sinan.

"..." Sinan said: "How are you here?"

Jinhua: "How are you here?!"

The cockroaches outside were getting louder and louder, and Sinan pondered for a moment, slamming the charge | the gun from the burst into a single shot mode, and then once again reached the head of Jinhua:

"Get off at once, don't force me to make your head into a candied fruit."

Jinhua: "Is there a difference!"

Jinhua had no choice but to open a series of buttons against the muzzle and slowly lowered the joystick. The small plane began to slide slowly on the runway, throwing the soldiers on the runway backwards.

"It wasn't my business, but I wanted to do something for them, so I took the initiative to serve as a pilot." Jinhua focused on adjusting the size of the electronic map and said: "I haven't flown for several years, this time is the first officer. And there is a positive driver thrown by you below. So wait... if..."

The plane glided faster and faster, and then slammed into the sky, and when the bumps, Sinan slammed into the bridge - oh!

"If you encounter a strong airflow!" Jinhua shouted in the propeller loud noise: "You pray! Ask God or worship Buddha!"


The plane slammed into the sky, the runway and the airport were getting smaller and smaller, and the clouds swirled.

Sinan stood firm and took the bullet back: "I have never believed in this thing."

Jinhua smiled and shook his index finger: "I advise you to make a temporary letter. If you travel here, unless it is a big Luo Jinxian, it will be difficult to come back alive. Although it doesn't work, it doesn't matter." ”

Sinan shook his head and did not answer. He turned to the rear cabin to check out the weapons and ammunition, and began to organize his tactical backpack.

"I mean it really!" Jinhua turned back and said: "The reconnaissance battalion at the Inner Mongolia base has lost a lot of people! The eighth search and rescue force in Hebei before going to the canyon also suffered heavy casualties! You can't complete this task alone, give up Let's get it now!"

The plane ran smoothly in the sea of ​​clouds, and the wings flickered a little red. The light in the rear cabin is extinguished, leaving only a circle of orange-yellow glow.

Sinan knees on the side of the bullet box, one hand will charge | guns on the ground. The black stand-up jacket makes his face look extraordinarily fair, and the warm light is a layer of halo on his straight nose, and the arc of the eyelashes is so clear.

He looks far smaller than the actual age, so handsome, and even a little gentle book.

Jinhua’s heart seemed to be touched gently, and the voice did not consciously ease down: “Listen to me, Sinan. Only the rear is safe, everyone is grateful that you brought antibodies, and everyone will try to meet any of your requirements. If you like, you can even become a savior in people's hearts after the war...""But when you go to the canyon, this life is not your own." Jin Huacheng said: "You are still young, and the road is still very long. Don't take your own life and make you more professional and capable." Alpha went to danger... okay? Sinan?"

Sinan seemed to meditate under the gaze of Jinhua. After a long time, he finally lifted the chain and slammed it into the backpack: "No, madam, you don't understand. I have experienced many dangers, but only five of them can be entrusted. Life comrades."

Jinhua instantly stopped.

Sinan pulled the zipper and got up and put his backpack on his shoulder.

"The four of them are waiting in front, so I can't help but go."

The plane passed through the ocean, drawing a blurred white line, and another military aircraft in the distance was hanging tightly behind.

The two planes traveled north along the same channel, and the mountains were steep in front, and the vast canyons gradually showed their full appearance.

"Goodbye, Lieutenant Colonel." Sinan stepped back to the hatch and said, "I will bring Ding back to you."

Under the cockpit lighting, Jinhua’s eyes were red. But she didn't say much, shivered and took a breath, and said seriously: "Goodbye."

Sinan opened the hatch, and the cold wind whizzed past, and then he jumped to the dense forest in the dark night.

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