By Huai Shang

Chapter 75 Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Chapter 75

Five minutes ago, the South China Sea headquarters.

"The first wave of communication from the front is here!" A small singer in the office of the Communications Office said: "It’s from the top of Yang Chuncao... oh... designate a temporary channel connecting the colonel."

“Well?” Zhou Yiyi looked up: “Do you need off-site guidance so quickly?”

The ensign was reverently let go of the position, Zhou Wei stepped forward and put on the headset, only to hear the unclear sound of the sand current:

"On the day when my brother was infected, I found out that it was still a little sad..."

Zhou Wei: "..."

In the communication office, the staff is concentrating on monitoring the latest news feedback from the search and rescue brigades across the country. Zheng Zhong will yell at the phone: "What? What is your skydiving just fell into a pile of zombies? Soup Lieutenant! You speak clearly point!"

Lieutenant stood on the side with a little fear, and Zhou Hao made a gesture to let him go, indicating that he could handle it.

"Do you need me to do anything," Chuncao’s voice rang in private frequency: "Or I am going to talk to Si Xiaonan, let him apologize to you?"

Zhou Wei gently held his breath. After a while, he only listened to Yan Hao's fuzzy smile and said: "No, what is the relationship with Sinan? His words hurt only because he said the truth."

There is no sound in the channel, only dull breathing and walking sounds.

After a long time, the sound of the stream was suddenly obvious, probably they finally reached the bottom of the canyon. The spring grass in the headset "fed" the sound, and lowered the voice and asked: "Hey brother? Are you here? Urgently requesting off-site assistance, the team has entered a state of mourning. He is now almost a dog tail. How? do?"

Zhou Wei blinked around: "Small voice, can Yan Hao hear?"

"No, he is in front, we are coming to the gathering place."

"Does he have signs of mutating into a piranha?"

"There is no, but I am not sure... When Yan Xiaohao parachuted, the big character was shot on the mountain wall. Now it is disfigured. I think he should not feel good..."

"Let him maintain the state of the dog's tail flower, don't provoke the pattern of the piranha." Zhou Yi dungly said, "I will let Si Xiaonan come to the communication office to talk to him."

Chuncao said: "Understood, ah! I saw Dading and Xiangzi! We are coming to the gathering place, I will talk later!"

On a small piece of rocky beach in the valley, the yellow signal smoke goes straight to the sky with the wind, and the zombies are covered with dense numbness. The rough number is not more than one hundred. Tang Yu obviously went through a fierce battle. His parachute was hung on the treetops not far away. The whole body was covered with black blood and carrion. He was exhausted and squatting on the stream by the river.

More than a dozen players have gathered in the open space. Guo Weixiang saw them and was shocked on the spot: "Team flower! How did the team spend your disfigurement? When you landed, the face first landed?!"

Yan Hao: "..."

Chuncao immediately tried his best to make him shut up, and then Ding Shi took a gun through the rocky beach and looked up and saw the face suddenly changed: "The vice team! How did your face swollen like this? When you landed, the face first landed?!"

Yan Hao: "........."Spring grass forcibly hooked the necks of both of them, dragging them away with one hand, Yan Hao then went to the creek to wash his face with dry nose and blood. As a result, he just squatted, and the cold did not prevent the soup from getting wet and looked up. The two men collided.

After five seconds of strange silence, Yan Hao said coldly: "Face first..."

Unexpectedly, Tang Wei interrupted him: "No, needless to say. People have bad luck."

At that moment, Yan Hao was shocked by his sensibility, and the next second, the soup smiled, and the spy used a miniature camera from his arms.


Tang Hao sang the scorpion and ran, Yan Hao roared: "You give me back!!"

Half an hour later, Yan Hao finally ran around the rocky beach circle, holding his knees and panting. Tang Wei stopped and smugly threw the camera into the tactical bag and patted the palm: "All the points!"

The players who came from all over the valley were concentrated in the open space. However, the soup was carefully swept away and suddenly felt wrong. He asked everyone to line up and report well, and it turned out that it was really wrong - four people were missing.

How can it be less? Did you have an accident when skydiving?

The risk factor of parachute jumps has always been large, and there are many zombies nearby. The accidents are excusable; but the four special forces have not disappeared, and they are very embarrassed. Tang Yu thinks for a moment, looking into the distance, the narrow sky above the valley is getting darker and darker, it is almost six o'clock.

Once dark, hordes of zombies will bring them great danger.

"Maybe I am lost for a while, I can't wait for them here." Tang Yu said: "First enter the search area, find camps in the leeward, arrange for people to take turns in the night, and start a thorough search tomorrow morning."

The people collectively responded and acted separately.

"What?" Zheng Zhong will frown: "There are four people missing?"

Zheng Zhong will go back and Zhou Wei’s pen turning at the tip of his finger suddenly stopped and shrugged: “It may be lost or sacrificed.”

Zheng Xie has not had time to express his opinion. Tang Hao’s roar has already been transmitted from the phone: “Week – hey! How is it again! Please stay in the rear and don’t jump out, every time you get this European emperor I am particularly unlucky, thank you very much for your family!"

Zheng Zhong hurriedly grabbed the receiver with his hand, but he couldn’t help but Zhou Wei was picking up slowly on the side: "I’m sorry, the leader of the soup team, this European... This colonel is now a long-range combat consultant for your black group, right at any time. After asking the latest battle report on the front line, this morning, the appointment of the General Staff Department, you can check with the superiors..."

"What?" Tang Yu said: "Combat consultant? You?"

Lieutenant General Zheng stunned the receiver and slammed the microphone. He was screamed and screamed for a while. He finally hurriedly pressed Zhou’s head and forced him back into the swivel chair.

“The school was appointed as a remote director for the reason of the group’s operational experience, and temporarily opened a communication channel for him.” Zheng Xie’s face said to the phone: “Okay! Stop the protest, the leader of the soup! Keep alert, always Report the direction of movement."

Zheng Zhong hangs on the phone and finally sighs.

Zhou Wei was deeply trapped in the swivel chair, and his movements secretly touched out the cigarette case. He had been taken away by Lieutenant General Zheng before he could."...well." Zhou Wei reluctantly began to play with the pen, Shen Shen said: "The four people who were left behind may have been attacked by zombies, and landed in the distance with the airflow, unable to reach the gathering place in time. Canyon terrain and wind direction data soup Has it been passed back? Let the fighter pilots report the time and height of the skydiving of the four players. Combined with the wind speed, they can initially calculate their landing location."

Lieutenant General Zheng’s face finally looked good.

"But the decision of Tang Wei to order the opening is correct." Zhou Yan sighed and said: "Now no one can go to the rescue, and must give up when giving up."

Comrade Zheng agreed to take the spot: "If the topographic map returned by Tang Wei is correct, there are at least 10,000 zombies in the canyon. It is too dangerous, and it must be quick and fast, and later will change."

Zheng Xie got up and went to the flight team to report the skydiving. Zhou Hao was full of awe, and respectfully watched the back of the old Lieutenant General Wei’s back. He immediately stumbled like a bone, and sneaked out to the communication office: “Si Xiaonan Si Xiaonan!"

The Sinan cat leaned into the office and saw no one around him, magically changing a lit cigarette.

Zhou Yan took a long, cozy sip, thighs and legs in the swivel chair, sighing with Sinan's waist: "This is the life I want..." Then I put on the headset, connected the channel, lazy Road: "Hey, niece? How are you?"

In the woods under the waterfall, the soldiers were well-trained, and soon they set up a military green tent to eat and fire with a gun.

"Everything is good so far!" Chuncao sat cross-legged on the big stone beside the tent, while licking her marching high-protein beef sandwich cake, she was vague: "The four people lost, we ordered the red signal smoke to let them gather There are a lot of zombies in the canyon, and they have bombed several rounds just now! Yan Hao’s dog tail flower pattern is still going on, and the mother’s egg is unfavorable. Why do you feel this back?”

In the communication office, Zhou Zheng saw Zheng Zhongzhi passing by, and immediately took the smoke out of his mouth and hid it under the table.

"..." Zheng Xie seemed to smell a smoky smell, and he suspiciously stood still and looked around, and suddenly met Sinan's gaze.

Sinan sat not far away, staring at him quietly, his skin color was pale and bloodless, and the shallow amber pupil was cold and indifferent, like an inorganic dummy.

Zheng Xie: "..."

A chilly stalk climbed up the brain, and Zheng Zhong slammed his eyelids and turned around.

"I said that your team's code name is a problem." Zhou Wei looked at Zheng Zhong from the console and took the cigarette out. He took the cigarette out and continued to the microphone: "The original surname is too dark, not thinking." Looking for a master to calculate a good code, is not called 'black scorpion', is not enough gas or want to attack with poison? - Tell me that you should codename 'Golden Chicken' ah, 'Wangcai' ah, really can't do 'Panda 'It's also very good. Go out and brush up for a debut, hey! The ninth search and rescue brigade Panda Panpan special team came to report!..."

Spring grass wants to cry without tears: "Now don't say this, okay? The above-mentioned unlucky ones are going to fight against the White Eagles of Country A. What can you do?"Zhou Wei said: "This is not right. You come to ask Xiaonan, Baiying's home is always us 118. The surname of Tang also wants to smash with the White Eagles. This is purely a cross-level porcelain. First of all, in the mindset. I didn’t put my own coffee position right...”

There was a slight sputum in the woods, and the spring grass looked up, and the shadows in the darkness were faintly visible.

"What's wrong?" Zhou Wei asked: "Is there another zombie?"

Spring grass grabbed the charge | gun, but then Guo Weixiang strode from the side of the camp, waving to her: "It doesn't matter! Found a small group of wandering zombies, already done!"

Spring grass is only relaxed.

Zhou Wei thoughtfully thought: "Prostitute, your camp is not very lucky."

"I don't know. When I was camping, it was clear that it was clean." Chuncao frowned. "The zombies that wandered suddenly suddenly, as if they were obviously directed at us... but it may be the reason why the sky is getting darker." ......"

She stood up from the rocks full of dirt and moss, and looked at it in all directions with her outstanding eyesight.

The darkness gradually descended into this inaccessible open space, and the fire around the camp burned, illuminating a top camouflage tent, and a distant ghostly, sobbing forest.

Spring grass takes a few deep breaths.

I don't know if it is a psychological effect. She always feels that the night air contains the decaying taste of forest trees, the smell of insects in the mud, and the salty water vapor in the distant waterfall. There is also a trace of the unique zombies. The stench is gradually gathering here by the cover of the night.

She snorted.

"No, let's not talk about feng shui. This ghost place is really uncomfortable. The more I say, the more I feel in my heart... I have to go back tonight to solve the poor dog tail flower Yanhao."

In the office of the Communications Office, Sinan looked up inexplicably.

Zhou Yixing asked with enthusiasm: "What happened to Yan Hao's face?"

Sinan: "...What does the dog tail flower mean?"

In the earpiece, the spring grass dragged a long voice and asked: "Hey, Dad, haven’t you been to the black history of old love with your new science?"

Zhou Xiao smiled and put a cigarette in the air and said, "The personality pattern of our 118 team Major Yan Yanhao is basically divided into three types."

"First, under normal conditions, it is a humanoid rose with a long foot. Although the thorn is particularly hard, it is harmless as long as it does not irritate him. When encountering a heart-moving object, such as you, it will be extremely dagger. The second is the dog's tail flower, which basically appears when the emotional impact is low. The external performance is melancholy and sad, and it is very attractive. When the canteen aunt is used, it can often receive an unexpected victory."

"The third state is eater's flower, also called pitcher plant." Zhou Hao swayed his index finger and said: "The most intense attack to date is that I airborne captain for a while, Comrade Yan Hao used to squeeze me out. I used all sorts of bad means, such as pulling gangs, public provocations, sharp weapons, and conspiring assassinations. I almost drove me into the morgue directly..."

Chuncao said: "I must say fair words to Yan Hao. If you don't rush to him three times a day, Yan Hao will not die. He clearly said that he only intends to hit you into a vegetative person. Come."Sinan: "..."

Sinan raised his hand and applauded, and his courtesy showed admiration.

“The tricky thing is,” Chuncao stood on the high stone and said seriously: “Yan Hao’s dog tail flower pattern and pig cage... and the piranha pattern occasionally switch to each other. For example, when he succeeded in casting a canteen aunt When he got half a spoonful of potato beef, he could quickly return to normal from the state of self-pity in the wind; but if the younger brother is not the one who eats the meal, Yan Hao is likely to become a cannibal Spend, force each other..."

In the night, a black shadow flashed from the woods and gradually approached behind the spring grass.

“What is it forcing?” Sinan smiled and asked: “How was his dog tail mode triggered this time?”

Chuncao: "Hey, this is a long story. It’s because you... ah!!"

An cold hand caught the ankle of the spring grass.

The communication device fell to the ground, and the channel was broken. The spring grass grabbed the gun and turned back. The bullets slammed on the bullets. The other side held the muzzle up and lifted. The next moment, the faint question came up:

"what are you guys saying?"

On the occasion of the millennium, the index finger of the spring grass pull trigger suddenly stopped, crying and laughing: "Yan Hao!"

Spring grass jumped down the stone and picked up the communicator, but it fell from the place of nearly three meters high. No matter how to debug, there was only a single rustling sound.

Yan Hao stood behind the rock and angered: "I am very good! The state is stable and there is no abnormality! The mood is very stable! What are you worried about? Don't talk to the captain without any details!"

Chuncao holds the communication device and wants to cry without tears. The central soup of the camp found the movement here, and screamed: "There's there! Why don't you go to sleep?!"

Yan Hao immediately took the spring grass back and took her away.

Four people and one tent, Da Ding and Xiang Zi are ready to sleep. Spring grass groped into the sleeping bag, only to listen to Yan Hao is still on the sidelines: "Do not say anything to your brother, understand, what if Sinan knows what? What do you think of Sinan? He is a very simple person, A mind thinks that he has not done anything wrong at all. You will make him feel bad about me..."

Spring grass: "..."

The sound of the midnight wind blew through the forest, sharp and fierce, with a cry of one after another.

"He will feel that I am careless, very stingy, and that a trivial thing is still in my mind. In fact, I feel nothing now, my brother is really a good companion, I will try to calm my mood and correct my mind..."

"and many more."

Yan Hao: "In the final analysis, it is my own problem... eh?"

The spring grass listened to the ear and slowly sat up. In the darkness, there was a glimmer of cold in her eyes.

"Listen," she said softly. "Have you heard anything?"

The cold wind leaked into the tent, and thousands of branches swayed together, like a rushing hand, giving a regular sound of sand and sand.

Yan Hao brows gradually locked, Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang seem to have found something, while turning over and sitting up.




The familiar screams screamed and gathered from all directions, and several people changed their faces at the same time!Spring grass smashed out of the sleeping bag and grabbed the gun and went straight to the tent. Just as she picked up the curtain, a sharp alarm exploded in the entire camp!

"Everyone!" The soup screamed through the night sky: "Get ready to fight! Immediately!! Zombies are coming!!"

A hundred meters around the camp, the fire reflected the dead face of the zombies and the dead hands of the forest. The eyes looked dense and there were not many.

Further, in the darkness, the heads of the people swayed and dragged their feet. It was like an endless army of dead people. In an instant, the whole camp was surrounded by an island in the dead sea!


- Ding Dong!

Zhou Wei and Sinan Qiqi turned back, only to see Zheng Zhongying's face iron blue, quickly stepped forward, slammed a stack of documents on the table, dumb scorpion whispered: "The flight brigade just feedback. The delivery Romuel’s return to country A’s plane disappeared inexplicably, and the radar could not be traced. Now it is suspected that it has crashed.”

Zhou Xiaokong miniature.

Lieutenant General Zheng and Zhou Wei looked at each other and were surrounded by a short and uneasy silence.

"It's ok."

At the same time, the two turned their heads and saw that Sinan was sitting sideways and his face was dull. "I said that Rohiel's only understanding in the family is not to hold anyone accountable. I feel sorry and sad about my brother's accident. Write a signature letter to you?"

Lieutenant General Zheng: "..."

When Zheng Zhongjun’s perception of the former White Eagle instructor was refreshed, he just breathed a sigh of relief. He had not had time to perfect the plan proposed by Sinan. Suddenly, there was an urgent footstep in the corridor, and a communication office ran wildly. :

"General! General's side is not good! The latest news of the black scorpion group, the zombie tidal night raid, the camp has been surrounded!"

The old heart of Zheng Xie has not yet fallen into the stomach, and then he was mentioned by a blind man. Zhou Hao Huo Ran got up: "What do you say?!"

"There are too many zombies to estimate, and everyone is in the camp." Less trembles: "Lieutenant Tang Yu cut off the communication after he finished speaking. Now... I can't contact them completely now."

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