By Huai Shang

Chapter 74 Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Chapter 74

On the following day, General Zheng’s order issued to Zhou Wei was finally announced.

Chuncao, Yan Hao, Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang were enlisted in a special action group. Tang Yu served as the team leader and went to the zombie-intensive land to find the ultimate antibody sample that fell off the valley.

Zhou Wei was specially appointed to start the old line of his central guard.

Sinan stood in front of the window, the sleeves were rolled onto the elbows, the left hand was holding hot tea, and the right hand was inserted in the trouser pocket, revealing the medical tape that had been applied after the arm had just been blooded.

At the gate of the military area in the distance, a military green jeep reflected in the sunlight, and Chuncao Yanhao was fully armed. Zhou Wei had a white T-shirt, a black short coat and trousers, which was light and clean, and said goodbye to his team members. .

Tang Yu was very impatiently sitting in the driver's seat, holding the forehead and watching the watch frequently. It can be seen that his patience has gradually reached its limit.

"The communication device is good, the key moment is called 戎哥, 戎哥 will send out remote technical guidance, and another one-thousandth chance can be summoned to show the real body..."

Zhou Wei finally patted the head of the spring grass, forcibly hooked Yan Hao's shoulder, and sang Lang Lang smiled: "Well, almost like this, I hope we 118... The players of the first squadron of the 118th are not afraid of danger, Concentrate on the non-Emirates nature of everyone's European-style restraint soup Lieutenant Colonel, smoothly brush the map and open the equipment, and get a copy of the Resident Evil crisis as soon as possible."

Tang Weidao: "Who is a non-Emirates?! Zhou Wei!"

Tang Yu’s momentum slammed the door and did not step forward. The four former 118 special forces turned around.

The two sides scorned for a long while, and the soup sighed with a forehead and sighed: "You almost collect it, and the fighter takes off in ten minutes. What time is it!"

Guo Weixiang seemed to be unable to control what he wanted to say. He was dragged by Yan Hao and shook his head gently.

"Okay, let's go." Yan Hao picked up a 30-kilogram kit from the ground and threw it on one shoulder. He took the initiative and gave Zhou a tight hug: "The brother did not ask us to eat." After waiting for a few brothers to come back with antibodies, remember to not give up this meal."

Zhou Wei said: "Well, OK, one canteen green vegetables and spicy tube enough."

Spring grass tears her eyes and tears: "Dad, in the days when I am not there, will you go to the new mother to have a younger brother?"

Zhou Wei: "Of course, my stupid niece, when you come back, you will have a row, and you are ready to be a helper."

Guo Weixiang: "I have nothing to say. I only think that my brother is my captain... Hey!" The voice was not lost by Zhou Yi, and the rest of the rhetoric was all beaten back.

Zhou Wei: "Fast roll!"

Zhou Yanmu sent them one by one and went outside. Not far away, Lieutenant Jinhua held his arm and stood under the tree, silently watching the people at the end of the team. However, Ding did not respond to her gaze, and always deliberately lowered her head, just like the big boys who did the wrong thing, hurried into the jeep.

Tang Wei finally pressed the horn, and the front of the car slowly turned and took the dust toward the port.

The dusty smoke picked up the short jacket hem around, revealing a strong waist and trousers hanging from the raft. He touched the cigarette case, popped a cigarette, and ignited a long breath.Because he did not have to perform the task, his gun was confiscated, and the back waist was empty, and he always felt that something was missing.

"Hey!" Zhou Haolang said, Lieutenant Colonel Jinhua came back and couldn't help but catch the cigarette box he had thrown in front of him.

Jinhua smiled slightly with a red eye and made a thankful note to Zhou Wei.

On the third floor in the distance, the hot tea and white mist smashed the shadow of Sinan.

"Zhou is very eager to go," he said suddenly.

Ning Yu concentrated on the microscope, "Well," said: "Why don't you go?"

Sinan coldly said: "Because you haven't finished this stupid experiment."

Ning Yu laughed and laughed, but then it became a stuffy cough that shook from the chest.

"It doesn't matter. After a while, the artificial antibody is initially synthesized. Although it is only suitable for a few excellent genes, it can be implemented inside special forces, which can give soldiers the ability to heal quickly after being bitten by zombies." Ning Yu barely stopped Coughing and hoarseness: "When they bring back the ultimate antibody and make a vaccine that can be universally available to all people, you are completely free. You can go wherever you want to go, or lie down and eat the country for a lifetime."

Sinan was undecided about the last sentence, but turned to look at Ning Yu.


Sinan said faintly: "I know you until now, this is the most human-like phrase you said."

Ning Yu immediately resumed the sleazy truth: "If you don't speak Chinese, you can say less. What is this bad description? Come over and give me a try vaccine... Hey, where to go!"

Sinan sipped the hot tea and went out of the door without heading back: "Go to the Chinese tutoring class."

Zhou Wei narrowed his eyes in the glare of the sun, and Sinan's figure passed through the open space and came against him against the breeze.

Jinhua has already left. There are no pedestrians in the military area. The sentinels in the distance are standing on the sentry box with their guns. They are straight and straight like javelins. Zhou Yan looked at Si Nan as he smoked, suddenly opened his arms and lazily said: "Hey, come over!"


"My brother is in a bad mood, come over and give my brother a comfort!"

Sinan station set footsteps, looked up and down Zhou Wei, asked: "How to comfort?"

Zhou Yandi asked: "When you were in a bad mood last night, how did your brother comfort you?"

Sinan Sizhen for a moment, sincerely said: "Okay." Then he slammed hard and slammed, following the posture of Zhou Hao who took him all the way back to the dormitory last night, and smashed Zhou Wei.

"Ha ha ha -" Zhou Wei’s out of control laughter rang out of the open space, and the eyes of the two sentinels were almost out of the box. I saw Sinan holding Zhou Wei, four inches taller than himself. He was very proud of his chest and striding for more than 20 meters. He finally couldn’t help but slammed down. The two men rolled into a ball.


The action group code "Black Skull", which returns to the land search antibody, consists of 30 elite soldiers who have chosen to write a suicide note before departure.

Everyone knows the dangers of this task.After the arrival of spring, a large number of zombies moved northward, and the whole area of ​​North China, especially the surrounding area of ​​B, has almost become a living and dead world. The fighters will drop the search team into the mountain area. All the next dangers are unknown. If they happen to land on the top of the zombie tide in the north, then the whole army is nothing but a minute.

Moreover, Tang Yan, who was born in the group army, is not the best person to lead the team. Everyone knows well. Like this extremely difficult and likely task that requires a single soldier to break in, it should be done by Zhou Wei personally. Make sure your body is back.

But Zhou Wei can't go.

He is a born soldier, and there is a desire for the battlefield from the soul, but now he can only be trapped in the rear.

Sinan did not say anything. Just like usual, at noon and Zhou Wei went to the cafeteria. Two people sat down to eat and ate and went back to the dormitory.

The two bedrooms next to Yan Hao Chun Cao and Xiang Zi Da Ding are empty. In the morning, they packed up their equipment in four gusts of wind, and the movements that went out to report were still in their ears. When they turned their eyes, the air became quiet, as if they were walking, they could reverberate.

In the afternoon, Zhou Wei went to the central office. The office reported that he took office. When he left, he took the nap of Si Nan and rolled it into his pocket. Shi Shiran took it away.

At the same time, the fighters arrived at the border of Hebei, and the cabin was violently bumped in high-air airflow. Looking down from the front window, the mountains and rivers are densely packed, and the wandering live demons occupy every inch of vision.

"I repeat it again, listen well!"

Thirty soldiers were seated on both sides of the cabin. The back was straight against the wall. They only listened to the soup. "After landing, everyone gathered in the direction of the signal smoke! The target is a mountain and a canyon ten kilometers away. The search range is two. One hundred kilometers, the average width is sixteen kilometers, the average depth is 900 meters, and the total area is 1,600 square kilometers! The radio frequency has been adjusted for you! During the search process, anyone who sees the branches with blood coats, Just fire the signal flare and everyone will come to the collection immediately!"

"Everyone below comes to the root sign, the first one to draw the red sign! Pilot? The pilot is ready to carry out the airborne!"

The pilot lowered the height of the fighter, and everyone grabbed the ring and pulled the roots from the paper tube in the soup.

"Okay," Tang Yu took the last one and said, "Let's light."

After three seconds.

Tang Wei: "..."

The soup was red and the expression was blank.

The soldiers couldn’t help but watch the face, and the spring grass whispered: "Sure enough, it’s not an emirate..."

Guo Weixiang: "No, he is not a chieftain. Is this mission really successful? Can I still apply for the report to go back?"

Yan Hao: "Shut up! Concentrate on praying metaphysics, maybe save it!"

The fighter cabin door opened and swooped down, and dozens of small black spots were scattered under the shadow of the sky above the hills.

After a few moments, the parachutes opened, and in the attention of the ten-year-old zombies, they swayed toward the canyon.

Hey la la la -The branches of the twigs came from the face, like countless tiny whip beats the whole body. Immediately after the body was empty, the ground slammed loudly, and the spring grass partitioned the parachute bag and jumped to the ground. It hit a roll and got up and took out the charge.

The nearby mountain road is the only way for the zombie migration tide. The three or five groups of living dead people are ragged, their faces are green and dry, and they gather to gather with her.

Spring grass quickly opened fire, and the machine gun fired and spit, and the zombies around them were hit. More zombies came from afar. She lifted her muzzle and suddenly saw a parachute flying overhead. She quickly crossed the creek and ran straight across the wall from the wind.

"Ah ah ah ah ah--"

In the spring, Qingcao heard who it was, and immediately became shocked: "...no! Yanhao!!"


Spring grass stunned his eyes.

At the height of the canyon, Yan Hao patted the mountain wall in front of the big character, and the parachute fell slowly behind him.

Spring grass: "... team flower, are you okay team?"

Half-baked Yan Hao finally struggled to look back, dizzy, nose and face swollen, two noses of blood flow in the mouth:

"Not very good……"

A few clean shots of the spring grass, solve the zombies that came together again, and then jumped forward, just like the sensitive wild deer rushed to the side of the stream, rushed through the rushing stream, wet on the shore, three times and five Two climbed to the middle of the mountain.

Yan Hao finally cut the parachute rope and leaned against a stone crevice in a vertical mountain wall. After a long gasping, he reluctantly said, "I, I finally know what Senan was wearing on the front of the window..."

"What do you want," Chuncao sympathizes. "There is a smothering of the nose and blood of the people, and you will be swollen into a pig's head. You will be given a aunt's towel, wipe the blood away, don't put the ten miles and the township The zombies are all brought in."

Long-distance marching to absorb sweat and stop bleeding - aunt towel, is an essential artifact of experienced veteran oil. Yan Hao nodded the pink packaging with a blank expression, and used the pads to suck up the swelling nosebleeds. Q: "What about Dading and Xiangzi?"

"I don't know, they haven't come up yet, what about the signal smoke?"

Yan Hao raised his chin forward.

In the direction of the north of the nine points, a yellow signal smoke rises in the depths of the canyon and rises to the sky.

Ten minutes later, the storm-like gunshots stopped, and the stream was smashed and smashed. Chuncao and Yan Hao took the gun and began to move in the direction of the signal smoke.

This ghost place is far from being isolated from the world, but the road is harder than the original mountain forest. The rock is thick and rugged, and some roads will fall down as long as they slip a little, and luck will be bad. If you are not good, you will have to break your bones.

Yan Hao sideways closed his breath, his back close to the cliff, step by step across the mountain road, and suddenly came out with a sentence:

"Sinan crashed into the plane and fell into this deep mountain. Is it going through the road to ask for help?"

"Yes," Chuncao said carelessly behind him. "But he should go in the opposite direction and go outside the canyon."

"That is not easy, after all, with serious injuries."


The two of them were silent for a moment, and they heard the gunshots and shouts from the distance. It was supposed that the teammates shot down after the landing, and the voice quickly returned to silence."Do you think that you will let your brother sit in the office afterwards?" Yan Hao suddenly asked.

Chuncao said: "Sure, if he has a three-long and two-short Sinan, how can Sinan not collapse immediately?"

Yan Hao seems to think of something, his expression is slightly dim, and he is silent.

The surroundings were very quiet, only to hear the flow of water in the valley, except for the breathing of two people, and the occasional stone was trampled down.

Chuncao secretly looked at Yan Hao with his eyes, and he thought for a long while, and finally coughed:

"That... Yan Xiaohao, do you still like Si Xiaonan?"

Yan Hao held the gun in one hand and held the rock in one hand. After a long time, he was bored and said: "There may be some."

"That... what do you like about him?"

"I don't know. I only thought that he saved us, I was young, I wanted to take care of it. Later I found that he usually had a weak feeling, but he didn't talk much, but he often saved his life at a critical moment, even risking his life and saving. I have been several times, I feel slowly... it’s not the same.”

Spring grass can't help but ask: "But isn't that grateful?"

"It may be right at first." Yan Hao paused and explained: "I have never seen such an Omega, no, it should be said that I have never seen such a person. The kind of love that is transformed and appreciated. I thought it was the first time I thought about it in my life. Later, after he and the elder brother marked each other, I saw that he was so satisfied, I thought it would be better, if I like someone, I just want to see him happy? Even if that happiness is not I don't care."

Spring grass listened quietly, quietly raised his hand and turned the satellite communicator to a channel.

The rustling of the headset is clear.

"I always thought so until the day when my brother was infected, he asked me why I didn't lose my life." Yan Hao sounded light and almost muttered, saying: "At that time I discovered... I was Still a little sad."

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