By Huai Shang

Chapter 73 Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Chapter 73

The soldiers have been told by the soup, only to be invisible, standing silently with a gun.

Ronald looked at Sinan for a moment and suddenly smiled: "I know you are too little."

Sinan did not say anything.

"Although we grew up together... No, it should be said that I grew up in the same house, but I have deliberately ignored your existence before I went to college, so that I would like to recall what you were like in my youth. There is no clear impression." Roger seems to be very interesting, saying: "I never knew that you are so specific and persistent in terms of feelings."

Sinan asked: "Is it strange?"

Romiel said: "It's not surprising, it's just like your mother. The power of blood is really strong."

The plane slowly moved on the runway, making a huge roar. Romuel and Sinan stand opposite each other, but the wind from the South China Sea passes through the ocean currents and the aircraft carrier, and screams between the two.

"I am leaving." Roger asked. "You come over in person. Wouldn't it be a special intention to show me how long you have been dedicated to your feelings?"

Sinan coldly said: "Where was my mother finally buried?"

Roger was a little surprised, and then he laughed: "I thought you didn't care about this at all, you didn't even go to her funeral."

Sinan stood up and did not answer.

Roger asked: "Where do you think I will bury her?"


"Because of your mother's sake, I used to hate Omega. This kind of creature is like... How to say, the singing of the mermaid on the sea, beautiful, twirling, full of deadly temptations, knowing that it is a dead end, However, it still attracts countless Alphas who are clear-headed and determined. They are like idiots, and they are willing to become the vassals of this weak and weak creature."

Sinan asked: "Are you talking about your father?"

Romuel simply doesn't mind the ridicule in his words:

"So when I was in my teens, I decided to find a Beta as my future companion in adulthood, so as not to repeat the ridiculous tragedy of my father."

"But according to your plan to use the secondary antibody to screen elites, Beta's genes are afraid of extinction!" Sinan said.

"This decision I changed after I saw you at the White Eagle Base." Roger shrugged and said: "But even if it doesn't change, it doesn't matter. Do you think this will affect my political opinion?"

Sinan shook his head.

"So after your mother died," Roger continued. "My father was so heartbroken that he fell into disrepair. He buried her in the family cemetery and hoped to be buried with her after a hundred years..."

Sinan said: "But I did not find her tombstone in your cemetery."

"Yes." Roger said: "That was because after my father died, I removed her and buried my mother."

If Royle’s next sentence is “I burned her” or “throw it out and feed the dog”, Sinan will certainly not let him go all the way to the plane today. However, the next sentence is not this, but he looks at Sinan and smiles: "Where do you guess where to go?"

"..." Sinan raised his eyes."Hey!" The pilot ran from the tarmac and pointed to the watch urging: "Come on! Hey-!"

The soldier behind him moved uncomfortably.

"So what to do nervously." Roger relaxed easily. "I thought your mother and son were very weak."

Sinan gently asked a word: "Where did you move her?"

Roger did not answer, and Sinan finally picked up his clothes: "You..."

“Public cemetery,” Roger smiled.

Sinan’s powerful fingers finally loosened a little. Luo Muer stared at the pupil that was extraordinarily shallow in the nighttime reflection, turning from amber to honey. He said, “Thank me, this is the only thing I have done for you after I fell in love with you. A good thing."

Sinan snorted and sneered from the nose, letting him go backwards.

"Hey!" Luo Muer suddenly turned back and said: "Want to know where your father was last buried?"

The pilot ran quickly and the soldier stepped forward to signal him to go, but Roger stood still. At that moment, Sinan passed through the airport at night, facing everyone, and the low voice did not have any emotional fluctuations in the wind: "I know where he is, I have already seen it."

The helicopter slowly rose and the dust rolled in all directions with the cyclone. Sinan stopped, and the red light flashed out in the darkness. I saw Zhou Qiang sitting on the side of the fence with a cigarette, and extended his hands to him with a smile.

Sinan stepped forward and held his palm, and the four hands sighed silently.

"I thought you were coming to kill him," Zhou said with a smile. "I still want to stop you."

Sinan said: "I really want to kill him, you can't stop it!"

This is the truth, when Sinan launched a madness, unless it was killed, it would be difficult to control. He thought about it and explained another sentence: "But Rosie didn't get the ultimate antibody. It won't be too good after going back. It doesn't matter if he kills him."

Zhou Yan took his hands and pulled him into the middle of his thigh, clinging to him and asking, "Well?"

"The White Eagle Base Card developed a sample of antibodies suitable for most people before the virus went out of control, but without completing the project, the unformed vaccine was frozen. Under Roger's lobbying, several powerful and The big family of history decided to hold the ultimate antibody in its own hands, while promoting a secondary antibody that only works for a few excellent genes."

"With this as a means, power and land can be rapidly expanded, even enough to establish the indestructible independence of the end of the world."

"..." Zhou Wei nodded silently: "So you took the initiative to contact Vice Minister Guo to steal the sample of the ultimate antibody on condition of completing the vaccine study?"

Sinan said: "Almost. But in fact... can't be stolen, it was my thing."

Zhou Wei almost guessed what was going on, but did not interrupt, only looked at him quietly."Although the countries with the ability are doing virus experiments, the Pandora virus is actually formed in my mother's hands. For this reason, she regrets very much. After marrying his father... he has been doing vaccine-related work. Research, but no one knows exactly where she finished.” Sinan took a cold, cold air like water, saying: “She is very professional in this area, it may be my father’s death, and she is very Great motivation and inspiration."

Zhou Yimo listened innocently, and Sinan ridiculed himself: "Whether it is science or art, the pain of death is always one of the ways to inspire."

"And then?" Zhou Wei asked softly.

"She left a letter to me after she sweared, but I never opened it. I didn't even go to her funeral..."

Sinan quieted for a long time, Zhou Wei thought he would not continue, who knows for a moment he actually calmly admitted: "I dare not go."


Sinan probably didn't say so much to people in this life. He thought for a long time, like reluctantly organizing the language to present his hidden and unknown past. He finally said: "There have been several years. I always hate her a little."

"I hate why she wants to toss my father's body, why should I study the Pandora virus, why should I conduct a series of antibody tests for my subjects?" He paused for a moment and said: "Then probably because of the bottleneck in vaccine research, she The state of mind is slowly getting worse. I always have the delusion that my father is still not dead, and even go back and continue to study the Pandora virus..."

Sinan closed his eyes and found everything in his mind that he couldn’t bear back. The dark and beautiful manor, and the sky on his head seemed to be sullen, faintly whirlpool.

"I broke her fantasy." Sinan opened his eyes and continued in a steady, terrifying tone. "She couldn't bear it. After leaving a letter, she committed suicide."

Zhou Wei realized that the words "I dare not go" have hidden many complex feelings that are incomprehensible in language.

"When did you open the suicide note?" he whispered.

"A few years later," Sinan said. "I don't remember what day it was. I saw the letter and I learned that the vaccine research has made critical progress, but when I asked Luo Muer, he said the project. Has been frozen..."

"So I thought, since the Pandora virus was originally started by my mother, then I also have the responsibility to pass the vaccine out."

He finished his speech and smiled.

It's just a very slight and tired, if you don't look carefully, it's even hard to notice.

But from that smile, Zhou Wei saw a leaping from the height of 30,000 feet, fell to the edge of the cliff and was awakened by the zombies, and when he died, he stepped out of the valley. Strong support for the last breath of help.

Zhou Wei sat and held the hand of Sinan. The two men were in a double-handed manner. Zhou Wei clamped him in his arms with a strong thigh and whispered, "When you come to contact Minister Guo, why? Believe 118?"Sinan looked up, and the night sky was deep in the island. He smiled and said: "Although you have forgotten me at the time, but... after my mother died, who can I believe besides you?"

Zhou Yan reached down and held the neck of Sinan, gently pulling his face to himself, and printed a long and lingering kiss on his cold, soft lips.

On the other side of the tarmac, the high beam lights penetrated the night and the entangled figure was thrown into the distance with the wind. After a long time, Zhou Wei hit the south of the neck and let his arm hook on his neck and walked to the dormitory on the other side of the island.

"What are you laughing at?" Sinan whispered.

Zhou Wei said: "I was thinking about Roger saying that you are in the restaurant..."

"Smashed everyone with a spoon?"

Zhou Wei bowed his head, and Sinan's face was placed on his neck. From his point of view, he could only see the corner of Sinan's mouth: "It is true."

"But it's not like you are human."

Sinan asked: "Do you know what I am?"

Zhou Yi thinks for a moment and smiles: "You can stop on the street of the zombie besieged city and take the initiative to rescue a bunch of strange people trapped in the parking lot. You can almost see it as a human!"

The smile of Sinan's mouth has expanded: "Hey, I think I can almost take this invitation for a lifetime...Hey!"

Zhou Xiaoxiao focused on remake his ass.

Zhou Wei did not ask, as if he did not take that one thing. They walked along the long road through the mooring area. On both sides of the road were covered with haystacks, and the night sky continued to undulate, and the street lights flashed with a slight halo in the distance; Sinan's lips were attached to the warm and soft neck of Zhou Wei, not Knowing what I was thinking, suddenly after a long time, I gently said: "Because I have been given a medicine in the food."


"After picking up the water, I came back to take a bite and found that the taste was wrong. No matter who was in the seat, I gave them the opportunity to leave. It is definitely an accomplice to not go."

Zhou Hao "ah--" nodded. "It makes sense."

"The White Eagle Base is not a very good place." Sinan said, "If someone must die, I just want to make sure that person is not me."

Zhou Wei repeated it again: "It makes sense." The voice was slightly smiling.

The island's air is fresh, the stars are smashing, and the rising tide of the waves has come from afar. They turned their backs to the sea and walked toward the dormitory building that was gradually turned off. The back gradually merged into the warmest monsoon at the southernmost tip of the motherland.

"After the disaster, let's dig up your dad and burn it."

"Where did you burn the ashes?"

Zhou Wei said: "Follow your mother's funeral! Cheap big sister-in-law is buried, and my aunt is also buried. Who is better than who!"

Si Nan laughed and almost fell out of Zhou Wei’s arms, and he answered: “Good!”

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