By Huai Shang

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"I will immediately deliver oxygen and let the ICU prepare. I will call Kim to come to the town."

"The blood pressure is too low, prepare for infusion expansion!"

Zhou Hao rushed to the front out of control, only to see the iron bed roaring past, several experts personally pushed Sinan to the emergency room.

He forcibly forced himself to settle down and looked like a face: "What happened just now? How suddenly did it faint? Isn't it good at the end of the afternoon?!"

Ning Yu said: "It may be the sequelae caused by the impact of the back of the head, his intracranial congestion..."

"I didn't have a problem when I left in the afternoon!" Zhou said: "Are you giving him blood again!"

"The structure of the brain is very complicated, especially for people who have lost their memory like Sinan. The piece of memory in his mind that is dedicated to memory is like a timing bomb. When it happens, it will break out." Ning Yu cold ice ice: "Slightly Don't be jealous, Colonel Zhou, or I will give you a sedative."

Zhou Wei held down his tight eyebrows, as if he used this action to repress his emotions. He fell back to the corridor and sat down against the wall. The corner of his mouth marked a deep shadow on his side.

Ning Yu still wants to learn something, but the door to the emergency room is opened. A white-haired director of the Institute blinked at the crowded hall. It seemed to be a bit of a scruple. He only asked Ning Yu to wave him a gesture.

"I will try my best," Ning Yu dropped a sentence, his hand in the pocket of the white coat, and he did not go back.

Lieutenant Colonel Jinhua has come to the emergency room to guard, and nodded to Ning Yu when he passed by, but the latter did not respond.

Since Ning Yu came to the base, the words have become very few, and there is almost no communication with the outside world except for official business. There are rumors in the institute that he only eats a meal every night. Jinhua noticed that he really lost weight, and he personally asked him once in the name of military condolences. The answer given by Dr. Ning is that this is his habit.

When you are hungry, your blood is concentrated in your brain. Your thinking will be clearer and more agile. You hope that the organization will not interfere with his personal life.

Whenever Jinhua passed the research institute, the lights of Ning Yu Lab were always on. Sometimes Jinhua sees his back through the glass wall. He thinks that he is a long-legged hanger, empty and hanging a white coat, and always bows his head to focus on the computer and instruments in front of him. The world can only see his black head and White neck.

This gave Jinhua a feeling of uneasiness and uneasiness, but when there was a problem, she couldn’t say it.

"Royle concealed something." Zhou Yi ten fingers crossed, against the eyebrows, hoarsely said: "He wants Sinan is not so simple, it can't just be for that kind of... that..."

"I understand," Jin Huazhen interrupted him with enthusiasm.

After a while, she said: "After the report was published, I discussed the secondary antibody with Dr. Ning. I don't know why, but Dr. Ning insists that the ultimate antibody that can spread everyone's existence exists. He even suspects country A. The prototype of the ultimate antibody has been developed in Florida laboratories."

"So why can the virus break out?"

"This is not known, maybe the vaccine is difficult to cultivate, maybe the current technology can't reach..."“Maybe,” Zhou Wei whispered. “Yes, they don’t want it to spread.”

Zhou Wei’s voice is mellow and slightly sandy, and it is magnetic, but the words have heard Jinhua’s heart cool.

Ning Yu narrowed his eyes: "What?"

"This is the case from the beginning. It does not rule out the risk of brain death. How did the people in your institute check it out?!" The person in charge of the medical department slammed the table: "Why do you buckle the carrier in the laboratory, no? Send us here immediately?"

In the emergency room, the director of the laboratory kept saying: "All normal in the afternoon, after doing brain CT, you can immediately transfer the results..."

"The back of the brain hits! Brain damage! This is going to be dead, you are just killing people!"

Ning Yu's gaze moved to the hospital bed. In the enveloping of the infusion tube and various instruments, Sinan's eyes were closed, but if you look closely, you can find that the eyelashes are trembling in an imperceptible manner, and the throat slides up and down.

The state seems to be deeply immersed in some kind of nightmare, anxious to struggle and want to say something.

Ning Yu passed through a few doctors who could not stop arguing, and opened the doctor who was carrying out first aid, and reached out and took out the oxygen tube of Sinan.

"?!" The doctor rushed: "Dr. Ning!"

Ning Yu turned a deaf ear to the surroundings, leaning over the pale lips of Sinan, only to hear a slight and broken noise in his throat. After a while, he heard a group repeating:


"Ye... below..."

"Tooth?" Ning Yu Fox suspected.

"Dr. Ning, what are you doing!" The head of the medical department is going crazy: "Get out of the way!"

Ning Yu pushed the doctor impatiently, and the elbow was on the pillow of Sinan. He asked: "What tooth? Whose tooth is gone? How much can you think of it?"

Sinan's dark eyebrows twisted into a ball, it seemed a bit painful, and the eyeball swayed under the eyelids - that is the expression of the cerebral cortex being violently reacting. The person in charge personally came to La Ningyu, but he was forced to break free by Ning Yu: "Shut up! Quiet!"

The person in charge stayed.

"Don't go... go," Sinan said intermittently. "Come on... take it..."

Ning Yu, a flash of light, flashed an incredible thought. He didn’t react to himself. He blurted out: “What do you want to do? Is it an antibody?”


"Is it something you brought? What did you bring from country A? Sinan! Hey!" Ning Yu went to the face of Sinan with a sleeve and shouted: "Speak clearly, Sinan! No, Noah! Noah Chong !"

A few squeaking sounds, Sinan actually raised his trembled hand in a coma and seized Ning Yu:

"It's too high," he gasped. "Go down and help me down..."

"What antibody? Is it an antibody sample? Is the Florida laboratory already producing a sample of the ultimate antibody? Hey! Noah! Tell me!"

Ning Yu’s roaring slowly went away, and there was no noise in the crowd surrounded by the tide.

- the ultimate antibody.

The soul of Sinan slowly descended in the sky, and the damp winds covered the mountains, rivers and woods. In the squally wind, there are countless voices that are unwilling to ask questions. As the time goes by, it is getting louder and louder and more and more sharp:"Why are you not infected?"

"Why do you have antibodies?"

“Why can you survive?”


Sinan clenched his teeth and raised his hand to cover his ears. The deafening voice gradually turned into screams and screams. He tried to raise his head, the huge passenger plane disintegrated in the sky, the black and red flames intertwined, and the wing flew with a long tail of smoke and flew to the valley.

A very familiar and full of violent voices rang from the ear: "Where is the ultimate antibody?"

Sinan struggled with his teeth, but it seemed that someone had forcibly opened his hand and shouted: "Where is the earthquake-resistant frozen box that you carry with you after the crash?! Don't say that I have a electric shocker!"

——Anti-seismic freezing box.

As if the current passed through the nerve, a certain gate was opened, and the world's deep consciousness built the world to split and reconstruct, and all the scenes changed in an instant.

Si Nan was in a shape, and his sole suddenly touched the ground. In the dream, he suddenly raised his eyes. The next time he saw the desk, the armchair turned back, and the aging and spirited generals slowly said:

"The exercise is over. It is an accident that you came to me... What is your job, Noah Chong instructor?"


This is an empty office. The afternoon sun in the military camp is quietly jumping in the air, and you can see the dust floating slowly in front of you.

Sinan closed his eyes, and he slammed open again, and he was speechless in the sharp gaze of the other side.

But then he heard his voice ringing in his dreams, because he did not speak Chinese for a long time and was slightly simmered: "The Pandora virus is out of control."

In just one sentence, the old general changed dramatically: "What do you say?!"

"Two weeks ago, all the experimental bodies of the White Eagle Base were corpse dead, and the laboratory blocked the news from the outside world. As a countermeasure, the Rohiel family initially cultivated antibody samples that could theoretically spread to all humans, but refused to make detoxification. vaccine."

The young white eagle instructor is condescending, facing the shock of the old general:

"I know that your country is also conducting relevant research. If there is no vaccine, the final result of all trials must be a virus leak, dragging the whole earth into the end of the dead."

"..." The old general stood up and took a deep breath. He cautiously lowered his voice: "What do you want to say?"

At that moment, Sinan finally realized who the old man was in the dream and why he seemed inexplicably - Guo Jinsong!

Vice Minister of the National Security Department of C Country, Guo Weixiang has sacrificed his grandfather!

"I am coming to cooperate," said Sinan's calm voice.


"Three months later, the special forces selected new people, and I can bring your agents into the base laboratory. In exchange, I would like to ask your country to concentrate on scientific research, complete the research and cultivation of the ultimate antibody, and worldwide. Spreading..."

Si Nan lived for a long time, and the office fell into silence.

"In order to get antibodies, we can do whatever it takes." Vice Minister Guo said: "What are your requirements?"

Outside the window is the 118th military camp playground. The dust is filled with the sun, and the soldiers who are practicing in the distance are far away, and they are blurred.Si Nan's eyes were slightly scattered, as if through the clouds under the sky of the C country, I saw the secrets that were hidden and unknown for many years.

For a long while, he opened his mouth in the anxious gaze of the other side, faintly said:

"I was here that day... I saw a person I met many years ago."


The sky is cloudy and the wind is raging. The cabin was screaming and screaming, and the airborne stewardess squatted, grabbing the horrified passengers in the aisle, and instantly turned the prey to the ground, and the internal organs flowed to the ground.

Sinan grabbed the suitcase and smashed the living dead from the front seat, striding out of the business class and kicking the door of the cockpit. The captain and the captain swayed from the seat and screamed with hunger and thirst. Sinan cut off their throats with one hand. When the suitcase was placed at the foot, he opened the seven or eight buttons on the control panel. Lived the joystick.


The plane violently oscillated, the red light on the instrument panel flashed, and the luggage in the cabin crashed wildly.

Sinan’s dead joystick’s back is protruding, but it doesn’t help. The engine burst into flames in the air, and then the black smoke rolled, and the sky in the front window of the cockpit continued to spin down.


Sinan screamed, bending over and lifting the freezer, cold and not hurting the wrist, was bitten by the captain who had not completely died, and immediately bloody!

Hey! Hey! ! There was a hammering sound from outside the door, and the zombies were working hard on the safety door of the cockpit!

Sinan earned a long line and looked around, trying to force himself to calm down. The shock of the rapid fall continued, and he stumbled around and looked around, then leaned over the top of the cockpit and threw out a spare parachute bag.

The cockpit door was crumbling under the impact of the zombies, and Sinan took the umbrella bag and grabbed the freezer to the glass - hey!

boom! !

The double-glazed glass cracked, and at the same time, the hatch door rang loudly and was finally pushed away by the zombies!

The living dead rushed in. At the same time, Sinan smashed his fist, and the windshield glass was broken in the blood!

"吼 吼 吼 ! ! ! ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Sinan force kicked out the first few zombies, and there was no delay in half a second. Then they jumped!

The pressure difference between inside and outside instantly took him away, far away to 30,000 feet.

The hurricane twisted the last trace of air in the lungs. Sinan clenched his teeth and couldn't make any sound. The cuffs and cuffs hunted in the fall, and suddenly they only heard the earth-shattering explosion.

The passenger plane was disintegrated.

Countless burning parts poured down like a heavy rain that burned. The horrible hot air slammed into the top and pushed Sinan to the ground. He finally made an inaudible scream in the chaos and used his last strength to pull the parachute bag.

Hey -

A few minutes later, Sinan slammed into the top of the woods, through numerous large and small sharp branches, planted the ground, and rolled over a dozen meters under great force, losing consciousness.

He couldn't tell how long he had been in a coma, and he woke up again because of the pain.

"Screaming, snoring..."Suizhong Sinan thought it was a dog, but in a blink of an eye, the first thing that jumped into sight was the semi-corrupted face--the zombie swallowed the meat on his body, and there was a zombie on his side, ready to use. The sharp claws opened him up.

"...Shit..." Sinan shuddered and snorted. He lifted his foot and slammed his body to the side of the zombie. At the same time, he even broke the neck of his companion while climbing and falling over ten meters.

Sinan wheezing for a moment, barely stood up, the dizziness caused by blood loss made him almost difficult to stand.

This is a cliff at the end of the forest. There are wild grasses on the open ground, full of stench and blood. The zombie had torn the muscles on the shoulders of Sinan, blood soaked in the shirt, and the horrible tears and bones were visible from the broken cloak.

Quietly nearby, the birds are silent and uninhabited.

Sinan exhausted his breath and suddenly remembered something, and he was stabbed by electric shock.

What about the suitcase?

What about antibody samples? !

Regardless of the scarred body, Sinan immediately pulled his legs and looked for it. However, the silver-free freezer was really gone. There were no traces in the grass nearby. After the rocks and under the trees, it disappeared like a void. .

Sinan's blood burst into cold, and he got up against the trunk and looked around.

Was it taken away by the zombies? Impossible, zombies do not have such high IQ.

So is it loose in the air that caused the freezer to fly out?

But the design of the ring handle of the freezer is not so easy to loose, and he clearly remembers that when he fell from the tree, he still clutched the box.

Where is that?

Sinan took out a few mouthfuls of blood and looked ahead. At the end of the cliff is a deep valley with steep walls and sparse grass.

The steep slope was only a dozen meters away from the location he had just comatose.

Sinan almost forcibly dragged the scarred body and walked over it. He squatted on the ground and searched and searched. Every dry grass and every piece of gravel did not let go. Finally, he found the most undesired traces on the rocks on the edge of the cliff. After being pierced by sharp objects, the surface was white and freshly scratched, and the end pointed straight to the bottomless valley.

At that moment, Sinan could almost imagine the ice box flying out, slamming the rock, and then falling off the cliff.

"...someone?" He sat down on the floor and asked hoarsely.

The cliffs are not heard, the sky is high and the distance is lonely.

"Someone? Come over and help!"

There was only an unclear echo in the valley.

Sinan gave a sigh of relief and finally died. He climbed up and looked down.

The cliffs are extremely steep and steep, with no branches coming out of them, only the grass that is born in the cracks. Sinan tried two steps and couldn't go down. The weakness caused by the injury made him even difficult to stand up. He would only have to plant a broken bone.

From birth to the present, Sinan never felt that he had passed this way, and he had exhausted the bad luck for many years. He squatted on the ground for a while, and the bloody wounds on his shoulders finally dried up and healed, causing a dull pain when moving his arms.

He finally got up on the rock and stood up, tied the blood-stained coat to the nearest tree and slowly headed north.If you find a nearby village, someone can always help.

This is the longest road in Sinan's life. He barely remembers how long he has gone. The sky was darkening, the mountain road and the woods were left behind, and the moss let him slip down again and again; when the sky was completely dark, the fire and vocals flashed at the foot of the front mountain, and the sharp tires rubbed, sipped and shots sporadic. It sounds.

"This is the ninth search and rescue brigade of the B Military Region..."

"Departed to search and rescue uninfected people in the region..."

"Stand up, or shoot!"

"Wait!" Someone shouted: "There are people there! There are people on the mountain!"

A few flashlights were fired at the same time, and the glare made Senan subconsciously cover his eyes, and his foot slipped and lost his balance.

He has really reached the end of the tough, the whole person rolled directly down the mountain road, do not know how many sharp stones hit in the night. The exhaustion and severe pain made him ambiguous. The last scene before falling into the darkness was the flames of the village. Several soldiers rushed over and lifted him from the ground.

"In the mountains, go..." Sinan was bloody, grabbed the soldiers, and gasped and said: "The valley in the crash...antibody..."

The soldier yelled: "He is hurt! Lieutenant Colonel!"

"Call the medical soldiers to come over!" Tang Yu said, rushing to the fire, killing a few zombies who had been dragging their feet, and did not scream back: "Hurry, fast, fast, go!"

"Go to the mountains...antibiotics..."

Noisy drowned the voice of Sinan, and the shadows around him became more and more blurred.

He tried to stay awake, but his eyelids were getting more and more heavy, and he finally fell into the long darkness.


The door of the emergency room was pushed open, and the doctor's tail tone changed: "Weekly school! What about the schoolers?"

Everyone's face was pale, and Zhou Hao looked up and saw that the doctor's face was blue: "Quick, Dr. Ning told you to come over!"

Suddenly, the whole body was cold and the ears creaked. I couldn’t hear what the doctor said. I got up and rushed into the emergency room. Everyone around them looked different. However, Zhou Wei had no intention to pay attention. I only saw Ning Yu standing up from the operating table. After the Phnom Penh glasses, I looked cold and only said four words:

"He is waiting for you."

Zhou Wei’s brain was blank. There were countless scenes on the TV that flashed from the front and flashed in front of him.


Sinan’s low-pitched voice sounded, and Zhou’s throat swallowed: “Ah?”

"The freezer is in the valley..." Sinan paused, and struggled to accumulate the power of saying the next sentence: "In the valley...the valley..."

Zhou Wei: "?!"

"Great! I said I didn't get it wrong!" Ning Yu sighed with relief, gratified and happy: "You listen, he said that the antibody sample fell into the valley of the crash, right?"

Zhou Wei: "..."

Sinan gently pulled the index finger of Zhou Wei, and a smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. Then he closed and relaxed and slept.

"Hey! Si Xiaonan! How are you..." Zhou Wei had not had time to growl and scream, and the well-trained medical staff swarmed up and pushed him out of the operating table.Ning Yu stood in the door of the emergency room, and looked up and down Zhou Qingqing's face: "What happened to the school last week? Hell?"

"... Are you not asking me to listen to my last words?!"

"What is the last words?" Ning Yu is inexplicable: "The concussion is only the case, Sinan has restored the memory and wants to tell you, where do you want to go?"

Zhou Yu’s horror was undecided, his feet were soft, and the anger and anger that had been fooled for a while began from the bottom of his heart.

"Ha ha ha -" Ning Yu finally understood what happened, Yang Tianchang laughed three times, and then a face: "Han opera sees more, the colonel, you play here blue and love."

Three days later, the results of the brain specialists were finally confirmed.

After the crash, Sinan was infected with a large dose of zombie virus, and then fell off the hillside. High fever and head impact caused him to have temporary amnesia. After encountering the sixth squadron of 118, his memory emerged like a jigsaw puzzle piece by piece, and it was the most crucial piece. After being hit by the female Apha of the A country, he finally got deeper from his mind. Shows clues.

The superiors quickly found Lieutenant Colonel Tang Yu, combined with the action route of the Ninth Search and Rescue Brigade, and basically determined the location of the southern part of the place where the southern part of the province was found.

If Sinan didn't have a high fever coma at the time, or if the soldiers heard what he said before he fainted, and Tang Yu took the opportunity to search for the mountains, maybe they could find antibodies at the beginning of the disaster, and the development of countless tragedies would be different. .

It is too late, but fortunately the results are not irreparable.


At noon, the dining hall was bustling, and Sinan squeezed out the crowd from the crowd with a sharp-eyed lunch box. He sat on the corner of the corner and looked at the sweet and sour pork ribs in the bowl.

Three pieces.

The army is disciplined, and one person has three pieces of meat.

However, when Omega is still good - although the younger brother's expression is serious, his hand has magically pulled out three very large ones, which slightly relieved Sinan. "I will give you a vaccine, even a rib." Eat enough" bitterness and resentment.


Sinan looked up and saw that the bowl of the middle school of the soup was standing opposite, symbolically referring to the vacancy: "Is there anyone?"

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