By Huai Shang

Chapter 70 Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Chapter 70

General Committee of the Central Military Commission.

In the large and spacious conference room, Royle slowly leaned back in the armchair and glanced at the guards holding the guns at the corners of the conference room: "Do you treat this partner with this attitude?"

Several generals did not answer, and Zheng Laozhong said coldly: "I don't remember that we have talked about cooperation, Colonel Royle. I would rather talk about your intention to murder precious antibody carriers. I just came. At the time, the Institute was not sure if the carrier would be in danger..."

"No," said Roger.

Several heads looked up at the same time, and Roger smiled: "Smoke."

Silently, Su Zhongzhong was about to attack. A female lieutenant colonel stopped him with his eyes. He got up and handed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter to Roger.

She looked in her early thirties and looked serious and sharp. Rosie blinked at her bumpy figure: "Thank you, madam, you are beautiful. What is your name?"

"Jinhua, China's China." Lieutenant Colonel said coldly: "You are also a very attractive man, Colonel Royle. But given that it is already the end of the world, please ask you to be honest and put those worthless. The flowers are collected."

Roger: "..."

Lieutenant Colonel Jinhua stopped answering and turned back to the long table.

Roger seems to feel very funny and laughs:

"Don't be nervous, Noah Chong...that is the person you call him Sinan. Unless you are physically disabled or directly beheaded, you won't be so life-threatening." He lit a cigarette and smiled: "But if he wakes up Please inform me immediately, after all, he is my brother..."

"It is the people of the colonel in China," Zheng Zhong will interrupt.

Romuel spit out a cigarette, looking at the angles of the generals at the head of the long table. His side was hidden in the white mist of nicotine, and the outline was unclear. After half a smog of smoke, I heard him plainly say: "I want him to come back."

"Noah Chong is the son of my stepmother, the head of the white eagle, and the first-level supervision of the intelligence department of our country." After the meal, Roger repeated: "Secondary antibodies can be given to you, but I will take Noah Chong. ""

As soon as the door was pushed open, Zhou Hao’s lazy long tone rang from behind: “Hey, big scorpion!”

Roger grabbed the armrests when he was on board, and the underarms were prominent.

Zheng Zhong will helplessly: "What are you doing, Zhou Colonel?"

After Zhou Wei walked to the long table, he pulled out a chair and completely ignored Luo Muer’s sudden ugly face. He casually picked up two straight long legs and took two stainless steel lighters from his trouser pocket. Said: "118 has accepted a confidential mission."

There was no sound in the conference room, and everyone was cautiously silent.

"A military traitor who came back from country A to carry important materials and tried to contact with China, whose code is Z.118 was sent to protect his safety, but because of the plane crash after the outbreak of the virus, the person’s whereabouts are unknown. The important materials marked as first-class top secret are lost.""As the sixth squadron to perform the task, after we met Sinan in T City, we found that he had lost memory for unknown reasons, and his behavioral characteristics and carrying antibodies were highly consistent with our mission object Z." Looking around, slowly said: "So we have good reason to suspect that Sinan was the one who brought the key information and took the initiative to meet with the Chinese military."

Zheng Zhong will just talk, and Roger has ridiculed the interface: "What about that?"

"Not how." Zhou Yi is serious. "I just want to tell you that the Chinese military has regulations that will not take any refuge who is actively coming to vote for political exchange, thank you."

Lieutenant General Zheng: "..."

Lieutenant General Zheng finally understood the meaning of Zhou Wei, and he could not smile and hold his eyes.

"You can't use Noah Chong to develop a vaccine!" Roger's calm and unrelenting negotiating attitude finally failed, and impatiently said: "The antibodies he carries are not suitable for most people. The obvious fact is that you are in the military. The institute has not figured out yet?"

Jinhua coughed and waited for the attention of several heads to concentrate on it. "According to the scientists' report, our research institute believes that Sinan's serum still has a role."

Zhou Wei slightly narrowed his eyes and seemed to have some doubts. Zheng Zhong will whisper: "Jinhua Lieutenant is responsible for the communication between the military and the institute, and now manages the daily affairs of the research office."

Zhou Yi nodded silently.

Roger asked: "If he is really useful, why does the Pandora virus still erupt from Florida?"

Jinhua immediately retorted: "Are you finally acknowledging that the zombie virus was transmitted from your laboratory, Mr. Romelle?"

Lieutenant Colonel’s questioning is quite skillful, but Roger’s reaction is too lazy to say: “The lethal infectious virus will be controlled within the coastline, and only the same time across all continents can spread globally. In fact, in the past two decades All countries are doing similar research, and our country is only one step ahead of Dr. Alice Fehrman’s blessing."

Jinhua said: "If it wasn't for you, that fatal step..."

"The greed for life is the real reason for humanity to go to the end." Roger is polite and courteous: "But now I don't want to have any ethical arguments with you, Ms. China is willing to use secondary antibodies that have been developed. To exchange Noah Chong, is the transaction accepted? Please reply me now."

Everyone looked at each other and Jinhua suddenly lost his word.

Zhou Wei played a metal lighter, and the lid made a crisp opening and closing sound. He said: "I don't accept it."

Roger completely ignored him: "Secondary antibodies not only cure viral infections quickly, but also have the most important healing effect of Noah Chong's body. It doesn't make sense to buckle people."

Several heads looked at each other. Only Jinhua took a moment to sigh. "But according to the report of the institute, we believe that it is not impossible to develop the ultimate vaccine that can popularize all people..."

Romuel took a glimpse of the cigarette.If you only look at the appearance, the high birth, good education and the tough outline of the military training for more than a decade make him really attractive. The premise is to ignore the unremarkable ridicule: "Who can I ask this report?" submitted?"

Jinhua silently said nothing.

“A decade ago, a scientist named Ning Yu from the Baiying Base Laboratory was missing. There are indications that he is likely to have fled back to his home country. Afterwards, Baiying Base updated all regulatory measures, but the pursuit of Dr. Ning Yu Never succeeded, we once determined that he is dead."

Luo Muer leaned forward and pointed to the report pressed by Jinhua's palm. He smiled and said: "If this thing is submitted to you by Dr. Ning Yu, please don't believe a word. Baiying base has several Top 100 scientists like Ning Yu, if the so-called ultimate vaccine really exists, they have already produced vaccines 10 years ago and bundled them with Coca-Cola and condoms."

Jinhua: "..."

There was a silence around me, and the air in the conference room suddenly turned into a suffocating gel.

Zheng Zhong took the tea pot and drank his mouth, and slowly asked: "So why do you still want antibody carriers in your country?"

There was a strange smile in Rosie’s blue eyes: “Why?”

He seems to be reminiscing about something delicious with his tongue, and then with a look of indescribable:

"Twenty years ago, Noah Chong was six years old and came to me as a legally younger brother. Ten years later, his mother hanged himself and his relatives were lifted. He became my future spouse and got the status of Omega. The White Eagle base has the right to freedom of action."

"Now you ask me why I still want an antibody carrier... You really want to hear me tell you in detail why? It's not appropriate to say it."

Zhou Hao suddenly got up before him, and the others couldn’t stop it. He had picked up Luo’s collar and punched him in the face!

Romuel took out a spit of blood and slammed it back. The two instantly twisted into a ball and crashed into a solid wood armchair.

The loud noise echoed in the empty conference room, and Zheng Zhongchang and other people changed their minds. They all got up and stopped, and the guards rushed to open the two.

"If one day the vaccine is really bundled with a condom," Luo Muer grabbed Zhou Yu’s neckline in the chaos and was maliciously in his ear: "I will buy a vaccine, throw away the condom, never use that stuff." child……"

Zhou Hao violently broke away from the guards, just like the tigers that came out of the cage, throwing a punch and knocking Luo Muer over to the ground!

"Pull them apart! Separately!" An old general decisively ordered: "Come here today, meet!"

"Pandora virus can not be defeated, secondary antibody is the most limit that humans can do." Roger got up and wiped the blood on his cheeks and lips. He said: "The ultimate result of disaster is necessarily the evolution of human race, only the best. The genes can be passed down... The White Eagles have regained control of the Florida lab, and soon you will hear from A."

Zhou Yan’s sullen eyes stared at him, his cheeks muscles tense.

Roger sneered and sneaked away.

·"Weekly Colonel!"

Outside the office building, everyone dispersed, and everyone tacitly said nothing about the sudden incident, as if Ronald's broken back molar was falling out. Zhou Weizheng walked down the stairs, and suddenly he only heard shouts from behind him. When he looked back, he saw Jinhua sandwiching the report and striding toward himself.

"I heard that the carrier of the antibody collided with the people brought by Roger. The coma was sent to the institute..."

Zhou Wei replied politely and replied: "He has a name, a lieutenant colonel, and no surname ‘antibody’ is a ‘carrier’.”

"Sorry," Jinhua said immediately. "Dr. Ning Yu told me that he is called Sinan."

Zhou Hao nodded.

Jinhua adjusted his tone: "So what is the situation with him now?"

Zhou Wei said: "Very good."

"Yes, I guess, even though the instant report submitted by Dr. Ning may be life-threatening." Lieutenant Colonel sighed with relief: "But I think if this is the case, you should not appear at the CMC meeting. So, I just saw that when you appeared, you know that there is no problem."

Zhou Haosheng's cold and tight face finally eased slightly and snorted.

"You are going to the institute?" Jinhua took the initiative to invite: "I am going to find Dr. Ning, let's go!"

Zhou Wei looked at her for a moment, and finally the gentleman made a "please" gesture.


"Then I rushed up and gave her a fierce over-the-shoulder slam. She slammed her and she could only hold my leg for mercy. I am so stunned! Oh! Hey! Hey... ..."

The special nursing observation room has become a sea of ​​joy. The spring grass with a bandage on the shoulder is very arrogant, standing barefoot on the hospital bed, and repeating the heroic deeds of her daughter-in-law in the 18th. Sinan, who should have been in bed, was sitting cross-legged at the window, wearing a large sick suit, cuffs and stilettos showing thin wrists and ankles, and leisurely shaking the lounge chairs.

Yan Hao smiled and said: "There was no machine gun in her version an hour ago..."

"Innocent, pro," Guo Weixiang licked the apple and said: "Give her another half an hour, and immediately evolved a single rocket launcher!"

Spring grass: "Hey..."

Sinan is somewhat sleepy and his eyes are extraordinarily heavy, but at this time it is too late, even if he has not eaten dinner, it should not be his time to sleep.

"Are you still there?" Ding Shi pushed in and frowned. "It’s useless. The doctor said it was a psychological factor. I opened two sedatives... Do you see if my eyelids are still jumping?"

Guo Weixiang took a look at his ears and carefully observed the meeting. "I don't quite see it. The buddy didn't wipe your eyes, and didn't wash your face in the morning."

"Maybe you want to make a fortune." Yan Hao sighed comfortably: "The captain will save money every time his eyelids jump. At most, he smashed 200 pieces and took us to a string...you jumped, left Right eye?"

"On both sides -!" Ding really sad.

Yan Hao: "..."

Ding Shi sat down on the bed and went to the eye. He was cold and could not be kicked by the spring grass. He almost flew out:

"Then I said: I will take care of you at the next time and I will not recognize you! The old demon has even crawled and smashed, bang! Boom! Boom!-"Yan Hao knocked down the spring grass from the hospital bed and knocked on her head because of the short hair that was cut off. "Okay, go! Si Xiaonan is going to sleep!"

Si Nan squinted and opened his eyes. The next second was like a hit by an invisible heavy hammer. His mind turned and his eyes turned black, but his ears heard his subconscious answer:

"Don't go, don't sleep...."

Several people pushed and rushed to the door, Yan Hao did not want to see it, and suddenly it seemed that he found something wrong: "Sinan?"

"...Sinan?" Yan Hao stepped forward.

Sinan raised his hand and held it in the forehead. It seemed a little annoyed. He pressed it a few times: "... give me some water."

His voice is very imaginary, and it seems to be a little shake when he listens carefully. The cold water was placed on the bed, and Yan Hao turned and took it, but he saw that Sinan reached out to pick up the cup. It was like unable to focus, and the hand was wiped directly from the wall of the cup.

Yan Hao’s heart sank and half-squatted down, grabbing Sinan’s hand and letting him not cover his face: “Wait, what happened to you?”

Sinan broke free from his wrist, but Yan Hao shouted: "Xiangzi! Go to the next door to find Ning-"

"Thank you, I will consider your opinion." Zhou Hao pushed in and turned his head and said: "The next Monday's General Administration hearing will be..."

Ding Shi stood in front of the door, his eyes crossed over Zhou Yu, and he stopped.

Jinhua: "..."

Three seconds of strange silence.

Guo Weixiang’s eyes fell on the epaulette of Lieutenant Colonel and asked with a hand on her mouth: “Is their village flower promoted again?”

Chuncao whispered: "I told you earlier that you should not encourage Dad’s hopeless unrequited love..."

"Gold..." Ding Shi heart jumped, his face immediately reddened at the speed visible to the naked eye: "... Xiao Jin Hua Er!"

Zhou Wei stood upright and turned around. The next second had already passed through the door, and everyone in the day felt that he had seen a golden hair that was snoring one hundred and eighty-five.

Jinhua: "I am very happy to see you... no! Lieutenant! Keep the distance!"

The female lieutenant school was red-faced, and with one hand on the back collar of Ding Shi, dragging him all the way to the office at the end of the corridor. The tail of the golden hair was also happily sweeping back and forth on the floor.

Zhou Yiru waved his farewell like a marriage, and sighed in a complicated mood. He turned and slammed on the head of the spring grass: "Is it bad to go back to the ward and get rid of it?"

Spring grass has not had time to talk back to her father, suddenly only listened to Yan Hao in the ward: "Hey!"

I don't know why he sounded very uneasy, saying: "Hey brother, Sinan...you better have a look."

Zhou Wei was not clear, so he went forward and saw that Sinan was leaning on the recliner and fell asleep.

The afterglow of the sea crossed the window and sprinkled on his calm sleeping face, and the bloodless cheeks seemed to be stained with gold. At that time, there was no abnormality in the scene, but Zhou Wei was slightly discolored - I saw Yan Hao's index finger on the nose of Sinan, and began to tremble after a few seconds:

"Dr. Dr. Ning... call the doctor over, Sinan, he is... he fainted!"

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