By Huai Shang

Chapter 69 Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Chapter 69

Zheng Zhong will immediately sigh in the eyes of the blind man. I saw that the spring grass did not say anything. A skirt skirted the scimitar from the sheath of the skin tied to the outside of the thigh.

"Do not……"

When Zheng Zhong’s sentence did not have to be exported, he was shocked back by hard life. I saw Jian Bianfeng from top to bottom, and the scimitar was heavily smashed. The metal made a shocking scream in the impact!

"Little girl," Jane cold and cold.

Chuncao didn't even play a fight: "Old woman."


The two blades were touched at once, and then they exchanged enthusiasm. It was like a rainstorm and a pear flower. The cold glare could not be seen directly, and even the patrolman who rushed forward could not help but chill.

"What do you want to do?" The scene was obviously uncontrollable. Zheng Zhongyi slammed into the air and said: "Give me a hand! Zhou Colonel!"

The dagger’s snake-like smudged, and the blood of the spring grass clavicle was splashed. In an instant, the shackled hand was caught by the spring grass, and the bang was loud, and Jane was swept by the spring grass and smashed a few steps.

Lieutenant General Zheng: "Week..."

"Major." Zhou Wei interrupted and held tightly in front of Roger. The atmosphere was tense, but his voice eased and frightened, saying, "Don't call the wrong, general."

"Stunted stupid girl," Jane wiped the blood on his lips, biting his teeth: "Who is the old woman?"

Spring grass does not answer, fangs smile, knuckle joints in the palm of the heart to make a crisp squeak, force to step up!

Just now, the flying cockroach had made Jane realize that the skeletal bones of this hoe were not so much human, but rather a steel tank, and then she caught the fist of the spring grass. At that moment, she felt like she had caught a heavy and sturdy iron ball. The fist rushed to make her arm sharply bowed, and the shoulder blade suddenly squeaked.

"Oh shit!"

Jane screamed, and the backhand fell over the shoulders, and the dagger bowed to her.

In an instant, "Oh!" a deafening sound, the scimitar of the spring grass slammed against the tip of the scorpion, and immediately fell to the sky, and smoothed out from the simple foot, a lightning-like squid hit, precise with the tiptoe The dagger kicked out and went out!

This series of actions was only half a second, and the nearest patrols did not react. The dagger had already swirled and flew out of the ear and nailed it into the trunk.

Jane couldn't do it, and was caught by the spring grass lying on the scissors legs, and suddenly caught the neck!

This move is simply too beautiful, and several soldiers are forgotten even after the fear, and the subconscious blurt out: "Good!"

"..." Jane's cheeks quickly rose red, and his knees slammed into the concrete floor. The upper body was pulled into a U-shape by the spring grass in a head-down posture, and the neck was cross-locked by the girl's thin and white legs.

The two men face each other up close, the spring grass slightly raised from the ground, mocking: "Who is stunted?"

Jane's blue eyes quickly bulged, and the red lips curled up with a sneer.

In the next second, she grabbed the ankles on the back of her neck, the back of her hands and the ribs, and the ten nails coated with bright red nail polish did not enter the flesh and blood. The blood slid down the calf, and then she shook an inch of the scissors to open the scissors legs of the spring grass!"You think," Jane said dumbly: "You will not be old-fashioned for a lifetime, stinking?"

Spring grass suddenly rolled on the ground, Jane's fist wind rubbed her back, and suddenly broke into the ground!

Roger is cold and cold: "Your people will take the punishment, Captain Zhou."

The two of them almost matched each other, and no one could act rashly. Zhou Wei smiled slightly, and there was evil in his eyes: "Is it? Your people will be killed by life."

Lieutenant General Zheng is standing beside Tie Qing.

- Hey!

I saw only ten steps, the spring grass got up and did not dodge, the cheeks were tied and punched, and immediately spit bleeding. The rubble of the pots under the ground was broken under their feet, the spring grass was backhanded, the scimitar was forced to retreat, and a deep blood mark was drawn on her choppy chest!

The blood marks are deep and visible, and the shackles are short. The back jacket is taken off the short jacket, and the arrow is stepped forward to the front of the boxing head. It was a fake action. Chuncao sneaked away and was directly boxed by her back. This was very embarrassing, and immediately grabbed the short hair of the spring grass, and the two-pointed eyes were inserted:

"You are a girl -"

Chuncao didn't even hit a piece of hair, cut a hair with a knife, and licked her throat when she returned!

Jane was forced to retreat in the four splashes of blood, and the spring grass was like a fierce wild beast. Stepping forward, the knife and the knife rubbed the face, and in a moment, forced Jane back seven or eight steps. Reached the corner.

Rubbing -

When there is no way to go, Jane’s arms are protected, and his arms are not used. He will smash the scimitar in the hands of the spring grass. When the snoring sounded in the machete landing, the next kick was swayed by the spring grass, and then Jane was taken out of the chest for several meters, and he slammed into the wall!

The foot of the spring grass iron head boots, the impact force is almost comparable to the Dongfeng liberation of the big truck, so for a few seconds Jane feels that his heart has stopped jumping, and then coughed up with a mouthful of blood.

"The chest fat accumulation is also useless." Spring grass wiped the cheeks on the inside of the wrist, rubbed the blood and gray, and hooked the hook finger: "Of course I will be old, but..."

Roger's eye jumped.

But he hadn't had time to move, and Zhou Wei moved with it, and he was sealed in the same place.

Roger pulled out a word from the teeth: "You!"

Chuncao said: "But you will only become an old woman..."

The boring hole is enlarged and then tightened.

"...and I will become an elegant old lady."

The last word has not fallen, and the girl’s iron fist has been wrapped up.

--boom! !

At that time, the close-knit person almost heard the sound of the skull rupture.

At this point, the situation has become a slap in the face, and there is no sound in the sorrow of the storm. At the beginning, she was able to protect her head and face it. After being swayed by the spring grass, she could only squirt blood mixed with bile.

Luo Muer finally couldn’t hold it, but at the same time Zhou Wei also shot!

The sound is clear, because it is too fast and it seems to be a sound. In the blink of an eye, the two men were dead and dead, and Roger was holding both hands, and the knife was pressed against the three-sided edge of the scorpion |

"Stop! Enough!" Lieutenant General Zheng heard the clear visceral squeaking sound in the boxing, knowing that it would come out next life, and finally strode forward: "Yangchun Cao Shangyu! Yes!"The guards swarmed up and forced the unilaterally screaming of the other side's spring grass. Jane had been stunned by more than ten quick and urgent iron fists. He saw the whole body bathing blood and had to be urgently pulled to rescue on the stretcher.

"Yangchuncao, you..."

The girl’s fierceness has not disappeared, and the big black-and-white eyes are from the bottom up, to the middle of Zheng’s lieutenant, and the mouth of the bloody mouth is inadvertently lifted.

That look is exactly like Zhou Wei, when Zheng Xiezhen forgot what to train, there is only one feeling in his heart.

- Really worthy of 118.

The old lieutenant beat the abruptly, and then roared: "This is the discipline of 118?! Who will let you come here?! Colonel Zhou, immediately take your people to ban -"

"General! Come, come!"

Zheng Xieyi looked up.

Not far from the crowd, Sinan was pale as paper, and silently fell down silently.

Zhou Hao pulled his legs up and saw that everyone around him was flying away. The guards grabbed the front and touched the back of the brain. When they were on the whole body, they shivered and found the blood full of hands!

"Being shackled," the guard trembled. "Because the woman is jealous, tell the institute!"

Zheng Laozhong was filled with barrels of ice with anger and boiling. When it was extinguished, it was cleaned up, leaving only the chill from the internal organs.

I saw that Roger pushed the crowd forward and didn’t stand firm. He was knocked over by Zhou’s lightning bolt. Immediately after Zhou Wei hit and stalked Sinan, who was unconscious, he shouted: "Call the medical team!"

The top floor of the research building, the observation room.

"Concussion." Ning Yu, a rotating chair, white squats swaying out of the arc, cold ice and ice: "With the previous intracranial congestion, antibody carriers are in a coma, transient brain dysfunction."

Zheng Zhong will be dignified: "Is there any danger to life?"

Ning Yu said: "I don't know."

Ning Yu’s attitude towards the military was extremely uncooperative. Zheng Zhongqi took a deep breath and was so upset that he did not know who to attack.

He hadn't had time to speak yet, only to listen to Zhou Wei's clear voice: "This must not be done."

Zhou Wei sat on the side of the inspector and clasped a hand of Sinan. There was anger in the calm: "Why are those people appearing in the military region? They are the spies of the A country, the secret base of the White Eagle! Everyone is hanging in the 118th brigade. Pass the number!"

Zheng Zhong will live alive and have a good time: "Chou colonel you calm down..."

"Sinan never actively attacks people. He is likely to be defected from the White Eagles. Romuel has been tasked to hunt down and even assassinate him." Zhou Wei looked directly at General Zheng, and the voice was pressing hard. Don't let: "I asked for a thorough investigation of this, and I will be a hostile force of Roger and others..."

Zheng Laozhong was full of chaos, turned and wiped his face.

However, he had just turned his back, and Ning Yu changed his position. He held his hand in one hand and raised his eyebrows to see Sinan, who was unconscious in the hospital bed.

In the next second, Sinan opened his eyes and quickly spit out the tip of his tongue.

Zhou Wei: "..."

The aggressive Zhou Hao instantly forgot the words.

Observing the interior of the room, Zheng Zhong will turn back, Sinan has closed his eyes and stunned in the past, leaving only Zhou Wei stunned, and the faceless Ning Yu big eyes and small eyes."?" Zheng Xie is not clear, Shen Shen said: "Now is not the time to investigate. Dr. Ning, informed the Institute to immediately concentrate all human and material resources, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the life of the antibody carriers. Do not leave the school, stay in the school Here the carrier wakes up."

After a pause, he said again: "As for the spring grass, I am..."

Zhou Wei immediately said: "Spring Grass and Sinan have a very good relationship. I applied to let Yang Chuncao go to bed together, I believe that it will greatly promote the recovery of Sinan."

"I know!" Zheng Zhongzhi was so big that he felt that he had lost to the 118 special forces: "Remember the words of Yang Chuncao once, punished... After the punishment, let's talk about it. First remember, there are mistakes and punishments in the future. !"

This is a hot potato, and it is impossible to tell who is responsible. The bottom line is indeed the first move of Sinan. However, if you want to blame, Zheng Zhongzhong, who is watching the antibody carrier in front of his own eyes, and the tracking staff of the special service department who has not looked at Sinan will have trouble.

Even the Lieutenant Colonel Tang Yu, who is responsible for the safety of Sinan, came from the sky in the pot at home, and the face was too wide.

Lieutenant General Zheng had to be strict and not allowed to leak secrets, and carefully questioned the Institute's affairs. Ning Yu was not soft and hard to go back, but he had no choice but to leave.

The metal door was silently closed after Zheng Xie's body. After three seconds, Zhou Hao's eyes slowly moved to Sinan's sleepy face, lifting two fingers and pinching his nose.


Sinan: "I want a bloody nose."

Zhou Yiju was on the verge of pulling down and was preparing to criticize the comrades of Comrade Xiaosi. He saw two nosebleeds flowing down.

"Do you still have a notice?" Zhou Hao cried and laughed, and quickly went to get a cold towel to block: "Okay! Don't move! Be careful to spit it out!"

After some troubles, Ning Yu sent the researchers who heard the news, hand in hand to Sinan infusion, and then took the door from the outside, leaving only the breath of Sinan and Zhou Wei in the observation room.

"At the time, many zombies rushed to the side. I shot him in the abdomen and drove his car away, thinking that all three of them would die..." Zhou Wei sat on the edge of the bed and held the upper body of Sinan in his arms. Mutter said: "Why can they survive? Even if they don't bleed too much, they should be dismembered by the zombies. Isn't there a serum in the hands of Roger?"

The head of Sinan was covered with gauze, and the black hair was messy. The more it appeared pale, the half-closed eyes were flat: "The Baiying base has been conducting vaccine research since a long time ago."

Zhou Wei asked: "Is your serum too?"

"Forgot." Sinan said, "But the research has not produced results, otherwise the zombie virus will not erupt first from Florida. Roger's position in the White Eagle is very high, and may be related to healing ability."

Zhou Yan frowned, suddenly his heart moved slightly, remembering one thing.

Sinan asked: "What?"

"In that year's international competition..."

Zhou Wei is a little bit erratic. If Si Nan opens his eyes, he will find that the cheeks are more unnatural than the walls and the bottom of the train. If you have to use a word to describe it, it should be -- pure love."I will go to you after the end... Cough, not for the sake of accounting. I heard that you have an operation, want to visit, and then go outside the ward and see that there is an Alpha..."

"In my neck, I took a sip." Sinan said, "You have already been with me for this matter, my brother."

Zhou Hao "squeaked" and the handsome face was a little hot.

Sinan said: "It is Luo Muer."

Alpha's monopoly in Zhou Wei's nature was immediately activated, full of vinegar: "Why did he bite you? There is a brother in the house who has nothing to bite out? Try to taste enough soft? How many times have you bitten?"

"Just that time."


"I am a patient with amnesia, my brother." Sinan smiled. "The beginning of my memory is in the underground warehouse of T City. There is an Alpha special soldier asking me if I want to make an appointment. I can't work time. I can consider it after returning to the base..."

Zhou Wei: "..............."

"Rather than recalling Luo Muer, I am more interested in the love history of this Alpha special forces. It is better for us to talk about his youthful and passionate military school life. Ah, yes, it would be very rewarding to ask them with Yanhao. After all, this special soldier is very skilled in the appointment. Maybe the military school has a rich history..."

Zhou Yu’s two words: "No!"

Sinan lay down, Zhou Wei sat, the two were high and low, and they looked at each other for a while.

Sinan is very graceful: "It doesn't matter, in the army, I understand."

Zhou Hao face red ears, got up and left.

"Hey brother?" Sinan Qiang’s voice was passed from behind and asked: "What does it mean?"


"Do you want to declare that you are actually a virgin, hey! Hey!"

Zhou Hao opened the door and fled, and Ning Yu, who was eavesdropping behind the door, couldn't take it. He almost ran a dog to eat |屎.

"I am going... I went to the military commission to solve the cheap big scorpion, and I will be back later." Zhou Hao was busy and let go, slipping away.

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