By Huai Shang

Chapter 67 Chapter 67

Chapter 67 Chapter 67

"Try to rest in a week, wait for yourself to absorb the blood." The doctor combined the report and said: "Do not use your eyes during this time, avoid hitting the head. The patient's own immunity is very strong, there will be no big problems. of."

Zhou Xie thanked the doctor, pulled up Sinan's hand and took him out of the infirmary.

On the afternoon of the next day, the aircraft carrier finally landed, and it was displayed in front of everyone. It was a giant artificial island group on the southern coast of Fujian.

Dozens of large and small islands are dotted around the 8,000-square-kilometer main island. It was originally the result of 20 years of reclamation and land-building projects. It is now the national strategic command center and the largest refuge in the last days.

Modeled on the design concept of the underground refuge in the B military area, the main island is also divided into four major areas: management communication, energy production, armament control and residential commerce. The warships shuttle between the mainland and the islands every day, bringing back the survivors of a ship and a ship from the land of smoke.

118 After the abolition, the garrison was lost, but Lieutenant General Zheng Xie took over the follow-up of the special forces, especially taking care of Zhou Wei and others and placing them in the double dormitory building of the main island military area.

The warm wind sweeps across the ocean, bringing a pleasant early spring atmosphere. The lush treetops of the dormitory building sway slightly and rustle in the sun.

Zhou Wei stood in front of the hallway of the dormitory building, overlooking the clean streets and green belts. The dark green military vehicle shuttled and went, and the blue sea was farther in the distance, and the wind shook his short hair and collar. Everything was so peaceful and orderly.

It seems that the bloody escape for half a year is not true. The battle that died a few days ago suddenly became a very distant thing.

The generals who personally confessed to it, the Zheng Zhengli was completed very quickly, and the papers for the promotion of Zhou Wei and others were down. Zhou Hao was promoted to two levels. Yan Hao, Chun Cao, Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang each rose to the next level. The seventeen comrades who died in the sixth squadron all rose to two levels to show their pension.

Lieutenant General Zheng Xie personally came to Zhang Yingjie’s ashes to be buried in the temporary cemetery circled by the military. In fact, the environment in the cemetery is not so low. After all, most of the fallen soldiers can't even stay in the body, and more are the glorious monuments engraved with the name of the martyrs; but Zhou Yi didn't even think about it.

"I promised to go to Yingjie, go to the northeast to find his wife and children, and then give the ashes to the family."

Lieutenant General Zheng Xie also did not insist: "Although it is not stipulated, you can do it."

The old lieutenant was full of wrinkles in the corner of his eyes, and Zhou Yan couldn't help but look at his eyes. Zheng Xie raised his hand and touched and asked: "Is it obvious?"

"You are this..."

"Falled," Lieutenant General and the slow road. "It’s too old to be old."

Zhou Wei half-opened his mouth, and he nodded his heart. He said that the old man had to look in the mirror for a long time to accidentally fall into the corner of his eye. The wrestling technique is very exquisite.

Then, during the lunch break, Yan Hao finally solved Zhou Yu’s confusion: “I was beaten by Ning Yu this morning.”

Zhou Wei: "Ah?!"Six people were divided into three quarters, Zhou Yisi South House, Yan Hao Chun Cao Yiwu, Ding Shi Guo Weixiang one house. Guo Weixiang has not recovered from grief, so Zhou Wei let Ding actually have his own dormitory after lunch, leaving Guo Weixiang with a space for solitude; however, Ding Shi found that in the captain's house for less than ten minutes, even the dog's eyes would be smashed, crying to go next door. La Lai Yan Hao Chun Cao, said that you can't be alone.

The new system has not yet come down. No one knows which army they should train with. They have to sit in a dormitory and play cards in a circle. Yan Hao made a pair of three and said, "Yes, go to the staff department in the morning and discuss this matter next door."

Chuncao asked: "Is the name of Ning crazy?"

"General Zheng went to the Biochemical Research Institute for condolences early in the morning. He told the head of the institute that when the military established the South China Sea base, he realized the importance of Dr. Ning and organized several people to search for him. He always thought he was dead. Dr. Ning, Dr. Ning, listened quietly and suddenly said: General, I have a question. Why did we fire several times on the coast last year, the military did not take care of it, but when 118 special forces sent the position, the armed helicopter immediately Is it coming? Is it in the eyes of the military that the commandments of the special forces are more expensive than those of us?"

Because of the fact that the military units must be the blue army during the military exercise, they have a bloody revenge with the elite army units of several major military regions. But Yan Hao is an exception - after all, the face is good, people with good faces have more affinity.

Therefore, Yan Hao can go out and sneak out, and the source of gossip is usually more than others.

“The person in charge of the institute is on the side. At that time, the face brushed green.” Yan Hao described it very vividly: “The accompanying group around Zheng’s army is also green, the air is very quiet, and the scene is extremely embarrassing.”

Zhou Hao had a pair of six. He was undecided about Ning Yu’s question: "What do the generals say?"

"General Zheng said: 'How many people across the country are asking for help signals, how many soldiers have been sacrificed by the search and rescue forces? Do you know that the survivors’ bases have materials and weapons that can supply tens of thousands of people to survive? How can the military rescue you?'"

Zheng Xie said that the truth - without knowing Ning Yu's premise, the military's search and rescue forces are obviously used in the blade.

More survivors struggling on the line of life and death need to be rescued. By contrast, Chen Yajing’s base has been considered a paradise in the last days.

"After talking about it, I don't know how Ning Yu suddenly collapsed. When I went up, I slammed General Zheng and punched it. I almost didn't see the blood..." Yan Hao and Q put all the people back, and they didn't take it out. For A, I was a little staying right away: "Hmm?!"

Ding Shi and A Yan Yan pressure the audience, carefully consider a long while, shyly throwing a spade three.

Everyone: "..."

Ding really won't play cards, often come up with a king bombing, and then his hands are full of cards that can't be played, so that every time before playing cards, everyone has to do one for Ding Shi's next home.

Chuncai looked numbly at Zhou Wei and followed Ding Shi’s loose card and asked: “Later, was Ning Yu taught?”

Yan Hao is also numbly watching Zhou Wei’s hands less and less: “Of course not. You may want to write a review, or the institute may write a review for him.”"He is so NB now?"

Zhou Wei put down his last single card and smiled. "The above is a collection of all the manpower to study his new zombie virus. Combined with the serum of our comrades, it may be the fastest way to make a vaccine. So Dr. Ning can now Horizontal, if he went to sue Yan Hao once pointed a gun at his crotch, the team might have to..."

Yan Hao said coldly: "Despite the disposition, I don't care."

"...you have to be packaged and sent to marry Dr. Ning, and it will be a good match for a hundred years."

Yan Hao lost his sleeve and slid his sleeves. Zhou Hao was busy hiding behind Si Nan, and Yan Hao could only turn back and go back and forth.

"Old Zheng is not wrong," Chuncao said curiously: "Dr. Ning was so crazy when he was, even the generals said that they would fight?"

"Who knows," Zhou Xiaoxiao dropped the last card: "Wang fried! Give money to the money."

What made Ning Yu collapse was not that the military did not rescue him in time, but that during the period when the military did not come, some things could not be recovered.

However, Zhou Wei did not say anything, staring at the three men in a sly play. The other three were helpless, and they had to burst into tears and they each took out ten dollars.

Zhou Hao put it in his hand and stuffed it into Sinan: "Hide your dim sum, return to buy you a cream cake."

Sinan sat quietly on the floor to "see" them playing cards, legs up, one hand holding a squat, it seems almost asleep. Zhou Wei observed him for a while. He seemed to feel that he was really asleep. He carefully took out the three ten dollars and rolled them into a tube. They opened the white shirt collar with two buttons on the south.

Who knows that he has not had time to catch the money into the chest of Sinan, suddenly a tight hand, was accurately captured by Sinan, and then close to his wrist kiss.

The room was quiet. Half a squatting swears: "I said that my dog's eyes are going to be smashed, you still don't believe it."

Yan Hao hugged his knees on the ground and turned his back to everyone. Chun Cao sighed with a strong heart and persuaded him: "Look, now I suddenly feel that it is a good choice to marry Ning Yu..."

Sinan stood up and took two apples from the fruit plate on the table. Shortly: "I am going to look next door."

Next door is Guo Weixiang that house, go out and turn left in two steps. Zhou Hao got up and sent, but Sinan waved his hand and stopped him. He rubbed his mouth and went out.

"Who is it?" Guo Weixiang’s strong calm voice came from the door.

Sinan did not speak, bent over and placed another complete apple at his door.


Sinan supported the wall and walked up the stairs at the end of the promenade.

After a while, Guo Weixiang finally barely started to open the door, but there was no shadow outside the door. His eyes swept down and there was an apple on his feet, and he groaned inexplicably.


Sinan walked downstairs and stepped out of the first step of the corridor, feeling the sun shining on himself, warm and comfortable. He opened his hands and the wind passed through the neck, arms and waist side, with the unique sigh of the ocean.

He faced the sun, spit a long breath, and reached out and pulled the gauze that had been covered for a few days.The sun stabbed his eyes and closed his mind, and immediately opened his mouth. In front of it is an empty playground. There is no one in the afternoon training time. Not far from the shade, a few casual men are staring at his movements. I probably didn't expect him to suddenly tear down the blindfold and get rid of it. Just right.

Sinan evoked a lip to them, and the smile was a bit provocative, and then he walked away with the apple.

The plain clothes looked at each other, and one of them rushed upstairs to inform them about Zhou, and several others were not far behind.

In fact, Sinan just wants to stroll around. He and Zhou Wei knew that they did not have intracranial congestion to the point of rest in bed. The oppression of the optic nerve may be there, but it is not necessary to cover their eyes 24 hours a day.

Deprivation of the senses is nothing but a gentle and euphemistic means, which prompts him to become more dependent on the base in a state where he cannot see things.

This is not a big deal, but everyone said that they want to "cooperate". Sinan has been working together for nearly a week, and finally it is not so willing to cooperate.

The base is a temporary reconstruction of the artificial island, but the planning is very good. The white dormitory building is located in the military living area. The soldiers are running in the playground in the distance. Plainclothes only saw Sinan leisurely walking in front, white shirts, casual trousers, one-handed in his pocket, the pace is not ill; he passed the canteen, seems a little thirsty, turned and walked in.

The task of the secret service personnel is not to let this person run around, but it can not cause the other party's resentment or even alert, and can't watch him encounter trouble. So after a few people quickly exchanged a look, one of the plain clothes brought some money, and the follower followed.

However, just entering the door, the plain clothes will be a glimpse.

The window for selling rice has long been closed, and the canteen is empty, and only a white gauze for blindfold is hung on the vending machine in the corner.

Sinan has disappeared.

"Notify the Institute!"

"Go there and search!"

"Get people back, fast!"


The messy footsteps generally passed. After a while, Sinan drilled out from the vending machine and patted the ash on his body. It was like a high school student with a mischievous slap in the corner.


When the sound of knocking on the window sounded, Ning Yu was concentrating on the microscope, and then she suddenly looked up and saw that Sinan stood outside.

Ning Yu was shocked and shoved open the desk information, and opened the door in two steps: "I am going crazy! How are you here?"

The military research laboratory has a lot of guards, and the guards at the door are carrying the charge | guns, God knows how Sinan does not know how to shake it in. I saw his white shirt on his shoulders and his back covered with gray. He casually asked: "Is there a trash can?"

Ning Yu was furious: "Go out! This is the lab! Come back after the ash!"

Sinan handed the apple core to Ning Yu's hand and stood in the hallway to take the ash.

"@#¥O(*(..."Ning Yu's body hair must be blown up: "You are not disgusting! Give me a saliva! @#¥..."

"You can take DNA analysis," Sinan smiled. "In any case, you have to smoke my blood for three days."

Ning Yu had to throw the core and slam the soap to wash his hands."Someone came to tell you that I was missing?" Sinan asked on the only high stool in front of the test bench.

Ning Yu didn't have a good air in the sound of the water: "The Secret Service sent people to look for two times, and the situation followed the fire on the house. Zhou Wei said that you may just be bored and want to turn around, that the plain clothes do not listen. After a while, the soup lieutenant colonel should go up and hang..."

Sinan: "Go. He has been through the Zhou."

Ning Yu: "..."

When the two looked at each other for a while, Ning Yu seriously asked: "Is the Zhou team not?"

There was another scream in the lab downstairs, and it seemed that Special Service started the third round of search. However, if Sinan was rumored, Ning Yu would not say anything, but he saw that he had freely picked up the information from the table and began to turn it over.

The South Naval Research Institute is responsible for researching viruses and cultivating vaccines. All the work of Ning Yu is of top priority, and the density of the machine is a level with the national leaders. However, Ning Yu did not prevent Sinan from reading his work notes. He only relied on the test bench and slowly wiped his hands with a disinfectant towel. After a while, he only listened to Sinan and asked unexpectedly: "Is the simulation experiment all failed?"

“Yeah,” Ning Yu said. “With the serum, the antigen is swallowed up quickly, but the immune system collapses. In the real world, the infected person also dies. I try to change the viral gene chain, but Not very useful..."

Ning Yuzi carefully put on his gloves and said: "Other experts at the base think that it is a coincidence that Zhou Wei is cured. But I think it is because serum antibodies have requirements for the genetic level of infected people."

Sinan: "?"

Gene grade?

Ning Yu leaned against the test bed and raised his eyebrows and asked: "If I say that ‘there is a difference in life,’ do you agree with this view?”

Sinan: "Agree."

Ning Yu: "..."

Ning Yu can't laugh and cry: "You match!"

"I agreed," Sinan said lightly. "I always think that my genes are nobler than Alpha. What do you want to say?"

Ning Yu’s arguments for quoting the classics have been slammed back, and there is nowhere to be able to succumb to the world’s arrogance. Half a sigh of helplessly shakes the index finger: “Universal values ​​disagree with this view. Whether in law, religion or general ethical systems, Everyone is born equal; no biomedical person will admit that this is not the case, genetic level is the difference between good and bad."

"Genetics determines a person's innateness, the environment determines a person's day after tomorrow. Some people are smarter, stronger, and have art or sports cells; the genetic level cannot predict his lower limit of development, but it is in the zombie virus. In the battle of life and death, the upper limit of physical functioning is limited."

“In other words,” Ning Yu said, “Only people with particularly good genes are more likely to survive the virus after injecting serum antibodies and survive.”

Si Nan took notes and said: "This is just your inference."

Sinan did not show obvious emotions when faced with anyone other than Zhou Wei, but Ning Yu still felt a little dissatisfaction from his flat tone.

"I thought that you are not a supporter of all life," Ning Yu said.

Sinan did not refute, but replied plainly: "But anyone has the right to survive, Dr. Ning."Ning Yu did not know what experience, suddenly silenced, the eyes behind the lens slightly flickered.

"Yes." After a long time, Ning Yu finally spoke again, and paused again: "But if this inference is proved, the anti-drug vaccine becomes impossible, and it is impossible to first develop a virus to take all People's genetic grades have been improved. Let's talk about the soldiers who are on the front line. Do everyone take a shot of serum first, and send them out to save people, and die to be buried?"

Sinan gently dropped the notebook back to the table and dropped the ground from the high stool. He said: "There will always be ways."

"No way." Ning Yu coldly said: "I am not a god, the human intelligence is limited. I see everyone eating and drinking on the island and waiting for death."

Sinan twisted the door handle and heard the action.

"Don't say that, Dr. Ning." He calmly said: "Otherwise, I will have a gun to send you down to the ninety-five experimental subjects. Do you think you still get your food and drink?"

Ning Yu: ".................."

Sinan Shiran went out, Ning Yu suddenly twitched in front of the forehead, suddenly remembered what it was like to chase two steps: "Hey!"

Si Nantou did not return to the ground, meaning no need to send.

"The news came from the military yesterday that the search and rescue troops rescued three A-countries from Changsha and have returned to the base!"

The voice just fell, and Sinan’s footsteps finally stopped.

"Zheng Xie went to see them today." Ning Yu whispered, "These people may be your old acquaintance, I will remind you."

He shut the door of the lab.

Sinan was in a stalemate for a moment, and the voices in the distance were getting closer and closer. Secret service personnel were anxious to hate the police dogs.

The vague hints in Ning Yu’s words are like countless fine needles, which make his brows slightly wrinkle and deepen the fine lines of the eyebrows. Suddenly he grabbed the railing and leaped down. The landing was as light and silent as a cheetah. The three-story staircase turned to the end. The armed police with the gun at the gate was rotating, and the gap was half a second. Sinan had come out. Military Research Institute.

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