By Huai Shang

Chapter 66 Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Chapter 66

Zhou Yu’s soul is like floating in the void, and cold eyes are looking at his body standing on the ground.

Whether the cuffs are neat, the trousers are straight, the angle of sight, and the tightness of the cheek muscles are in full compliance with the etiquette training received in the year, accurate to no half-wire error.

- To be able to pull out at any time, you can go directly to Tianan | The level of the flag is raised, he suddenly remembers such a funny standard in memory.

"Open me and see," the old man said again.

Zhou Hao respected the ceremony and went to the freezer. The chill came out and gradually revealed two red-antibody test tubes that were fixed on the stent.

The old man nodded and couldn't see any emotions: "Just for this, this year the military did not know how many people were sacrificed."

Zhou Wei said: "We sent satellite communications when we entered the underground research institute of the military region. We said that we will try our best to find information and go to the South China Sea. Why is the military still..."

"After receiving the newsletter, the military has been looking for you." The old man sighed with excitement: "But the short-wave communication from Hubei, Hunan, and the coastal areas of Guangdong has been completely cut off. How can you find your traces? The two shelters in Guangxi and Yunnan are all filled out by the lives of military personnel."

Zhou Wei closed his eyes silently.

"If you can't find you, the military won't know if the information in the B military area has been brought out, and they will not dare to carry out missile bombing." After a meal, the old man said: "According to the calculation of the General Staff, you have successfully penetrated. The B military area, with the information to rush back to the South China Sea is less than 1%."

This is true.

If you don't meet the Secretary of the South, there are only five special forces left. The journey from the B city to the south is enough for them to die ten times and eight times.

On the other hand, if they did not meet them, Sinan would have reborn three heads and six arms, and it is difficult to live today.

In the fall of the T city in the afternoon, the coincidence of a chance of a million is enough to change the established track of many things and the fate of many people in the midst of it.

"But you did create a miracle. When I first transferred you to the special forces, I didn't expect to have it today."

Zhou Wei wants to be modest, but that is the reaction within the charter, and the old man interrupted him:

"Is Lao Zheng telling you about the restoration of his original job?"


Zhou Wei said a little, said: "Yes, General Zheng told me that 118 has been abolished."

The old man was not vocal, Zhou Yu looked at him sincerely: "Headmaster, I hope the military commission can consider rebuilding 118. The soldiers can no longer recruit, as long as I am the captain, the sixth squadron is in the process, 118 is still there. 118 was established Although the time is not long, there have been countless amazing achievements..."

The old man did not interrupt him. He did not see approval or opposition in his demeanor. Until Zhou Hao finished speaking, he suddenly asked:

"Two years ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs went to 118 to pick people. Do you know?"

Zhou Wei said, "Know."

"How did you sign up?"

After Zhou Hao’s indifference, he said: “I feel that in this situation, I am an ordinary general in the special forces, but can do more for the country.”Sinan is a bit right. Zhou Wei is a person who talks about people and talks about ghosts. He always finds the most appropriate words to express the meaning that is not very pleasant.

The old man has some turbid eyes and a little smile, obviously with the same feelings of Sinan, said: "No, Colonel. I heard that you were cured by serum antibodies, I think you stay in the military before the vaccine is developed. Headquarters will play a bigger role."

Zhou Wei said: "Yes, but..."

"The 118th Brigade made an indelible feat at the beginning of the virus outbreak, but there are still many troops that have been abolished because of the demise of the whole army. 118 is only one of them. It will be recorded with the military forces forever in the military history of the Republic. ""

Zhou Hao still wants to say something, but the old man is keenly aware of his mind: "The chance of sacrifice on the front line is too great. Colonel. The country of the country, the man who does not even care about the family, why talk about the country?"

This week, there was no speech in the moment, and the stiff standing there.

At this time, a cadre-like person hurried in and whispered a few words to the old man. The old man raised his hand to signal that he knew it, and immediately patted the table with Zhou Wei: "Well, you have to go back!"

Zhou Yi was puzzled, and the old man sighed softly.

"You still don't know? Lao Guo is gone, things from the B military area. You go to see his grandson, the relics have just been sent to him."

When the B military region was destroyed, the Central Military Commission organized a large-scale retreat. Vice Minister Guo volunteered to stay in the town and commanded it. As a result, he did not catch up with the last helicopter that took off.

Zhou Hao nodded and thanked the guards who led the way. At the end of the corridor was a small canteen. Before dinner, there was no one at the moment. Only Chuncao and Ding Shizhen stood in the doorway and looked around.

"Hey brother..."

Zhou Wei's index finger was on his lips, indicating that they were snoring and then walked in.

Guo Weixiang was kneeling at the table, facing the corner, and the whole canteen was sitting alone there. From the back, he was burying his face in his palm. Zhou Weiji walked past him. He went to the other side of the wall and bought a beer and smoke. He turned and piled up on the table and opened Guo Weixiang’s face. Folding chair.

"Come on," he opened a bottle of beer, and couldn't help but pull Guo Weixiang's left hand and stuff the beer can into his hand: "This is all the cash on your brother's body. I am going to ask you today."

Guo Weixiang was full of red eyes, and his right hand had to blink his eyes. He was forced to plug the soft China by Zhou Wei.

"Hey brother..."

"How did the father go?"

Guo Weixiang’s tears suddenly came out again, shaking his head and shaking his head.

"The virus suddenly broke out from the institute. When the retreat was over, the soldiers were riddled with chaos. He had to ask others to go first. He took the password and the key to shut down the security gate on the third floor. He was almost eighty, and he had nothing to do with him. The emergency permission to apply temporarily."

Vice Minister Guo has indeed retired. In recent years, many things have been no longer intimate. If it were not for him to stand up and make a tough request, the post-hospital mission that was destined to be sacrificed could not be handed over to an old man who was nearly 80 years old."I haven't had time to say goodbye to him." Guo Weixiang turned red and said: "On the day I left, the military vehicle opened at the gate of the compound. You asked me if I want to stop. Give me five minutes to go in and tell the old man... ...but I am afraid that people think that I am specializing, I will insist on it. Why didn't I go in? Why didn't I go in and I didn't even see the last one..."

Zhou Wei gave himself a cigarette and dropped his eyelids in the white mist.

Guo Weixiang has a gray iron box on hand, and the size of the ordinary shoe box is sealed by the golden red ribbon. Zhou Wei knows what this is - the relic box containing the bits and pieces that Vice Minister Guo used before his death.

Pens, manuscripts, reading glasses, and at least half a box of heavy meritorious certificates, military medals.

"You are a 118," Zhou Yu said in a low way. "The old man has been showing off this with people, and he will pay attention to it."

Guo Weixiang cried and shook his head, chanting his brother, you don't understand, you don't understand.

"He wanted me to do something else, I have to test the special forces... I want to prove myself, I want to sigh and tell him that I want to realize my ideals... but he only wants to make the only one Grandson Ann stayed steadily, and didn't expect me to have any great success..."

Guo Weixiang's voice is not high. Because of the crying, there is even some hoarseness, but Zhou Wei seems to have been stabbed by some kind of sharp thing, and can't speak for a while.

"If I have been with him, he will not die." Guo Weixiang was holding a cigarette, and his palm was on the forehead of the rising red, muttering: "If I was there, I would not let him do this. The 80-year-old man went to the gate, I must..."

Zhou Wei patted Guo Weixiang's arm like a certain force. He pressed it repeatedly: "Don't think so. If you live so big, you don't have anything to do. There is no seriousness except for accompanying the old man all day long. After all, how can Deputy Minister Guo be able to go on the road?"

"You told him to pursue his own ideals. Your grandfather is actually happy." Zhou said again, "You don't understand, Xiangzi. When the father is gone, he must be very relieved. He knows that you have a good life, no need to rely on anyone. It is."

Xiangzi rushed to gasp, and the nose made a sharp break, and finally it turned into a cry.

Ding Shi carefully came over, and the spring grass also followed gently behind him. Four people sat around this small table, and Ding actually slammed Guo Weixiang's back and couldn't help but whisper comfort. The latter's cockroaches finally turned into a hoarse and soaking sob.

"Hey brother," Chuncao asked softly: "Abolition... Is it OK?"

Zhou Hao spit out a white mist, it seems to smile, but can not see clearly.

Chuncao and Ding Shi looked at each other and seemed to be unwilling to believe. "But... our sixth squadron is still there. It is not that if there is a captain, is there a preparation? How to withdraw it..."

Zhou Wei did not answer.

Spring grass has to ask again, Ding actually touched her hand and used her eyes to indicate that she looked down.

—— I saw Zhou Yi’s left hand smoking one by one, but his right hand was licking a beer without an open ring. He may not realize how big his hand is, but the aluminum can has changed somewhat, and the nails have drawn deep marks on the smooth can.Spring grass suddenly jumped in the heart, no more buzzing.

"What is your ideal?" After a while, Zhou Hao suddenly said in the white mist of tobacco.

Spring grass and Ding real face each other.

"My ideal is to really do something real." Zhou Wei seems to be talking to himself, saying: "Not all day, pay attention to the trousers straight and straight, the collar is not quite right, standing on the front of the camera, not on the stage, under the man Did anyone lose face in front of the lens of foreign media? It’s not what it’s all about trying to figure out what other people’s eyes are all the time. Which sentence hides several layers of meaning, and which person has a lot of interest in which faction... I only I want to do something real, even if I was like the People’s Liberation Army in that year, when I got up early, I would help the orphanage to shovel a little snow."

He wiped his face, turned his hand to stop the cigarette butt, and smiled sadly.

Guo Weixiang unconsciously forgot to cry, whispered: "Hey brother...?"

Zhou Wei responded and answered: "That's right, it's good, everyone is on the road to achieving their ideals."

He stood up in the inexplicable gaze of the crowd, exhaling with the power of the whole body, as if he had finally finished a difficult battle, and shot the shoulders of three comrades one by one in the gap between the guns:

"I am proud of you."

He showed a short smile and turned and walked out of the canteen.

Sinan did not cooperate, relying only on the bed of the intensive care unit to nourish, no one dared to disturb him. Until he heard the footsteps of Zhou Wei’s return, he sat up straight, and in a subtle position that was extremely difficult to detect, the state seemed to be slightly loose.

The supplies on the aircraft carrier are OK, and Zhou Wei brought food and sweet soup back. The sky was quickly dimmed. When the night fell, they ate their heads on a small table in the ward. The hot steam of Yuanxiao Pineapple Sweet Soup was transpiration under the light.

"The big cock is okay?" Sinan asked without asking.

"Nothing." Zhou Wei said: "Don't go find him and give him time alone."

Sinan nodded thoughtfully.

After a while, Zhou Wei saw him open a lunch box that had just been sealed by himself, and began to eat two braised chicken legs and half bowl of sweet soup inside. Suddenly he understood why Sinan had to leave the lunch box separately before eating. - Not for breakfast until tomorrow.

He wants to take a gift and go to see Guo Weixiang.

Zhou Xiaodi laughed and sprayed, and Sinan spit out the chicken bones with no expression: "What are you laughing at?"

"No, nothing." Zhou Wei waved his hands again and again, and the dark clouds across his heart suddenly dispersed.

After the meal, the nurse finally dared to take the blood. Zhou Wei was watching and staring at the side. Unexpectedly, no more pumping, 100CC stopped. He asked why the nurse's attitude is very good: "Dr. Ning, from the Institute of Strategic Studies, said that only 800 CC was taken a few days ago, and it is feared that blood will affect the body and persist in long-term sustainability..."

The nurse said that she slipped her mouth and was flushed.

Sinan did not know much about the basic national policy, and he rarely asked questions: "What is going on?"

The nurse ran away in a hurry.When the door was closed, the ward filled with orange gleam became a small bedroom. Zhou Hao rushed out of a hot bath, the black hair was rubbed by the towel and stood upside down. The water drops flowing down the strong back muscles, leaning over and holding the hand on the side of the pillow, staring at the side of the bed lying on the bed. .

Sinan dinner was very full - although it was just a few chicken legs and Yuanxiao sweet soup, but I can see that it was very pleasant.

This is the best meal he has ever encountered, Zhou Wei thought.

You don't have to compress the biscuits, you don't have to drink cold water in the winter, you don't have to worry about rumbling in the extreme hunger, and suddenly you have to pick up the weapon and fight the zombies.

But this is not what I can give him. I have nothing.

Zhou Yan swallowed, and the roots of the tongue filled with indescribable sourness. Sinan moved: "What?"

"...nothing," Zhou said in a whisper, kissing him on the soft white gauze in front of his eyes.

The next time his back neck was held down by Sinan's hand. The bang whirls, Zhou Hao's back is heavy on the bed, and even the reaction is too late to see the two exchanges. Sinan's thighs sit on the firm waist, and face the face, asks: " What the hell are you going to do, what are you looking for?"

Zhou Wei Department threatened to go up one: "Who is who?"

Sinan: "..."

Zhou Wei is awkward: "Comrade Si Xiaonan, the organization hopes that you will face up to the gap in the hardware. When have you seen someone take the 92-hand hand | gun and anti-tank rocket launcher?"

"It's an anti-tank pile driver." Sinan smiled, and the backhand used to fumble and hold the thing: "The user experience is not good anyway, it's a compromise..."

Zhou Hao was too busy to pull him over, forcing Sinan into the bed, rolled into a cake in his arms.

The two of you poked me, I scratched you, and for a long time, Zhou Wei was too hard, the thighs tightly sandwiched Sinan to prevent him from struggling, and slammed the light command: "No play, sleep!"

Sinan: "ears."

Zhou Wei then used his fingers to constantly pinch the ear of Sinan, and he was very comfortable, and his breathing slowly grew and stabilized.

In the ward, I couldn’t see my fingers, and the surroundings were quiet. It seemed that the sound of the waves hitting the beach came from afar. Zhou Wei squinted in the darkness, and did not know how long it took before he stopped his movements.

"Tomorrow, the ship will be docked..." He almost silently said, I don't know if he asked Sinan or asked himself: "What to do in the future, huh?"

It’s been a long silence.

"Cooperate with the research, make a vaccine, go out and continue to play zombies." Suddenly, in his arms, he heard the sound of Sinan's sobriety and sneered without concealing: "Is it good to sleep? Miss Zhou?"

Zhou Wei: "..............."

Zhou Yan mouth twitched, and Sinan shrank comfortably into his chest. He ordered the command: "Ear."

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