By Huai Shang

Chapter 65 Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Chapter 65

Zhou Wei and the political commissar of the military spent a long time, only to get permission to send Yan Hao to the police. As a result, Yan Hao had not entered the door of the special care unit, and was forced to be blocked by several soldiers under the soup.

"The little white face of the surname Yan" leaned against the wall of the hospital corridor, concentrated on his head and played with the PSP that the nurse sister loaned him. Was called up, full of surprise: "Hey, don't you say that you can make it?"

Yan Hao smiled slyly, and the expression and Zhou Wei had seven or eight points of fascination - it was a raging bear and a raging bear.

Then he tidyed up and put the PSP in the back pocket of the trousers, and steadily broke into the ward in the indescribable gaze of the deputy battalion commander and several soldiers.

Sinan quietly sat on the hospital bed, his head slightly biased when he heard the footsteps: "Yan Hao?"

"Hey." Yan Hao casually greeted him, as if Tang Yu and more than a dozen soldiers around him had nothing: "Si Xiaonan will put the doctor down and wait for you to be killed."

Sinan's fingers are slightly loose. This force does not allow the doctor to really suffocate, and does not give him any chance to break free. Q: "What about Zhou Wei?"

"The captain was invited by the military commission to drink tea. Are you looking for him?"

Sinan did not answer, "Are you injured?"

Yan Hao said: "No."

"Spring grass, Ding Shi and big cock?"

"All in the military commission."

Sinan was invisible and silent for a while.

Everyone in the ward was holding their breath, and death was like countless small bombs, constantly shaking everyone's eardrum.

Banyan Sinan finally opened his mouth in the eyes and said: "How does the military commission go?"

Tang Hao immediately pointed to Yan Hao and ordered: "Take him out."

However, the deputy battalion commander has not yet responded, and the cold is not guarded by Yan Hao. “Tang Yingchang, do you want to start?”

"...!" Tang Yu immediately realized that it was not good.

But the physical reaction is faster than the consciousness half a step faster, Tang Yu has not had time to start, just listen to the heavy noise behind him. Sinan pinched the doctor's neck and put him heavily on the bed. He pulled all the needles on his back and turned them out of bed. The floor was as light as a feather, and the two soldiers who rushed up were knocked back!

Tang Wei: "What do you want to do with surname Yan?!"

Yan Hao started to play with the PSP in his pocket.

Tang Wei: "..."

Sinan's hands are as fast as ghosts, and even do not need to look at the eyes. Anyone who is close to the body is put down. The wind, footsteps, and intuition are his weapons to distinguish the surrounding situation. The deputy battalion slammed the gun and threw himself into the bed with bare hands. Before he could stop the throat of Sinan from behind, he saw that Sinan would be a tall man. The Alpha soldiers made a hard turn and collapsed the deputy battalion with the bed he borrowed in the bang!

The doctor screamed and rushed out. Sinan didn't care about him. He didn't look back like a long eye behind him. He avoided the soup knife from the side and grabbed his arm to pull forward. In an instant, the two men staggered, and Tang Yu bowed his knees and squatted and heavy, sweeping the legs, kicking the bottle and infusion bag.

Sinan evaded lightning, and Yan Hao did not lift his head. He stepped out of the battlefield and laughed loudly: "Tang Yingchang! What is the Omega that bullies the invisible?"Tang Xin said that the rogue unit 118, you can't shut up your mother!

Sinan stepped on the infusion stand, and the sole of the foot slipped and hooked, and the iron frame was caught in the hand, not to mention the backhand. The bang was loud and deafening, and the iron frame clung to the side of the soup and smashed into the wall. When the wall was gray, the soup was covered!

"--I still can't fight?"

Tang Yu was stunned and coughed a few times, holding a red-eyed hand to rush up.

The intensive care unit has been turned into a ruin of the earth, and there are pains everywhere. Sinan turned his head, as if he was a wounded and cautious cheetah. He slammed the infusion stand and retraced in the direction of the ward.

Yan Hao was behind him, and Sinan turned and held his neck, but it was released after only half a second.

"Can this be recognized?" Yan Hao put away the PSP.

"Your skin is slippery."

Yan Hao: "..."

Sinan asked him seriously: "How does the military commission go?"


“You searched for 48 hours in the city center where the zombies gathered?”


"Not infected?"

“I am very lucky,” Zhou said. “No.”

In the aircraft carrier conference room, a long table traversed the east, and Zheng Zhongjiang and the group political commissar and chief of staff were sitting at the table, each with a glass of water in front of them.

The conference room was empty with a backrest folding chair. Zhou Wei sat on it and had already washed it, wearing a new gray urban camouflage uniform with the end of the gun on the ground at the foot.

Comrade Zheng’s voice echoed in the empty room: “Have you already guessed that he is an antibody carrier?”

"do not know."

"But your move gambled on your own life, Colonel," another political commissar said.

Zhou Wei looked directly at the long table and seemed to be in some kind of meditation. The eyes of the four heads fell on him, and he said a little, "I just wanted to bring him back, not thinking too much."

"Do you know that antibody carriers are on the verge of estrus?"

"do not know."

Several captains exchanged their hidden eyes, and Zhou Yi did not know what the eyes meant.

They don't believe a word.

But they are not going to pursue it for the time being.

"Go here first today." Zheng Zhong coughed and got up and said: "Thank you for your cooperation, Colonel."

Zheng Zhong will mention a metal suitcase on the table and strode forward to Zhou Wei. Zhou Wei had a slight accident, but Zheng Zhong did not explain it. He only shook hands with him: "We all feel that it is better for you to hand it over."

Zhou Wei immediately said: "I don't need such a lift. My captain and I only want to complete the task..."

"What do you want?" Zheng Zhong is slightly unhappy.

Zhou Wei looked at him suspiciously.

Zheng Zhong will see him really do not know, the tone will ease down, explained: "This is the meaning above."

He did not say where the above specific point is, it seems that Zhou Wei should have a heart in mind, and then he took a hard shot of Zhou Wei’s shoulder, regardless of his block, personally leaned over and picked up Zhou’s gun, and inserted him into him. Inside the holster on the outside of the thigh."In this battle of survival, hundreds of thousands of troops, armed police, firefighters and scientific researchers have all sacrificed. The special forces represented by 118 have saved countless people at the expense of flesh and blood. Your establishment has been abolished, but your English name will remain in the military history forever."

Zheng Zhongjun paused and coughed twice, only to calm down the sound of his hoarseness and look straight into Zhou’s eyes:

"You and your team rescued the virus research data and primary antibodies, found the serum antibody carriers, and seized valuable time and resources for the study of the detoxification vaccine by the Institute of Strategic Studies. Qian Shaojiang, General Staff Liu and 118 There is spirit in the sky and will be proud of you."

Zhou Hao smiled sadly and did not answer.

Zheng Zhong will be gentle: "Let your players go to rest. If you will come here, you will come with you..."

The knock on the door interrupted his words, and the political commissar asked: "Who?"

"Report!" came the policeman's stuttering voice outside the door: "118 squad Yan, Yan Hao Captain is back!"

Zheng Zhong will be inexplicable and personally push the door.

In the corridor, the guards looked weird and confused, and the legendary comrades in the famous army, Yanhua Yanhao, stood facelessly on the wall.

There was a young man on the bench on his side, half of his face covered in gauze, and the upper part of the bandage was red|naked. When sitting cross-legged, he showed a thin, thin ankle and his elbows on his knees. Like a savage beast, he bowed slightly.

The serious illness that should have been unconscious in the intensive care unit actually appeared here, and there were obvious signs of fighting. Zheng Zhong’s body could not help but shake it a few times on the spot.

Zhou Wei lost his voice: "Si Nan?"

Sinan raised his head and accurately captured the source of the sound, reaching out a hand.

Zhou Wei stepped up and grabbed the hand that was still blue because of the infusion. Then he was hugged by Sinan in a sitting position with his legs crossed, and buried his face in his fiery arms and took a deep breath. .

"How come you?" Zhou Wei’s voice was unstable, and he was forced to rub in the back of Sinan.

Sinan said shortly: "I can't see. I want to know where you are."

"Injured the ninth battalion, the deputy battalion commander and several soldiers. No one dared to stop all the way. Yan Shangyu helped him point the way and came over..." The guards hesitated to report to General Zheng, several old soldiers. Long came out of the conference room and watched Zhou Yi’s hand holding the bare feet of Sinan, each of them was very strange, as if I saw something completely unimagined.

Zhou Wei did not expect Sinan to go all the way to find himself. He bowed his head and kissed him on the top of Sinan's black hair. Jun's face was a little red: "Then I will go back first. I see him... I don't seem to need to go back to the ward. Up..."

There was no expression on the small half of the face exposed by Sinan. But everyone knows that his eyes are separated by white gauze and he is alert to any movements here.

Zheng Zhong will take a few seconds and unexpectedly loosely nodded: "Okay. But the research institute may have to take some blood, and please cooperate with it at that time."

The general staff wrinkled and seemed to feel uncomfortable, but was stopped by Zheng Zhongjian and shook his head invisibly.Zhou Wei said: "Yes, it must cooperate." Then he signaled that Yan Hao came with himself, and he turned his back and walked out of the office area.


The aircraft carrier sailed on the surface of the sea and felt no movement at all, as if walking on a huge island.

Zhou Wei put Sinan in the tea seat of the officer's activity, went to the report and led the new shoes, and came back to the ground and handed it to Sinan. Yan Hao played the PSP without electricity, and squatted on the side to play the frozen suitcase, and asked: "How is the tea drinking? Is it the day?"

Zhou Wei said: "I found that you are a little bit too big now. Yan Major, after the promotion, the courage is fat?"

Yan Hao didn’t hear it for a moment: “What do you call me?”

"When Ming arrived at the headquarters, he made a red-headed document. Each of the brothers was promoted to the first level. I am two. Congratulations on being a school official."

Yan Hao is very surprised: "Hey!"

Zhou Wei lowered his head and gave Sinan a shoelace, faintly said: "There is no wages anyway, it is good to listen, don't be too serious."

Having said that, the promotion is always a good thing, at least after the sacrifice of the monument, it also looks good. Yan Hao smiled and said: "Then you are not regaining the level before the decentralization, captain? I see this sign is good, tonight, they called Xiangzi to open a celebration party, lively and lively."

Who knows Zhou Wei said: "I refused."

Yan Hao is a glimpse.

Zhou Hao got up and patted Sinan's face, his fingertips gently scratching his blindfolded gauze.

Yan Hao wants to ask why, but he sees Zhou Wei’s expression, but there is no such thing as a slight gratitude. On the contrary, there is a cold and gloomy in the deep eyebrows.

This is not a seemingly embarrassed, unscrupulous elder brother on weekdays, but the real, thoughtful and vigilant Zhou Wei in the heart.

However, in the blink of an eye, Zhou Xiao laughed again and posted it on Sinan’s ear and asked: "When you are a small officer in your life, you don't want to give up?"

Sinan had been concentrating on his head and listening to them. He heard a smile on his lips and reached into Zhou Xin’s new camouflage trouser pocket. He joked to the crotch and then touched out a fruit candy.

"Hey! Little hooligan!" Zhou Yan pinched the ear of Sinan and smiled.

Yan Hao was puzzled by Zhou Wei, and the one who could pull the hard face was laughing, but the eyes were completely warm. If it wasn't for Sinan sitting in front of him, Yan Hao had no doubt that Zhou Hao's low pressure could make the snow drift from the sea.

"Captain Zhou!" An officer came out from outside the activity hall. He took a ceremonial ceremony and went to find out the documents: "The military commission sent me to ask you to go over and the car was waiting outside."

Zhou snorted and then picked up the frozen suitcase: "Yan Hao, sent the Secretary to the South to reinforce the ward."

Yan Hao vaguely guessed what, Zhou Wei also gestured to the officer to wait a moment, squatting down and pulling Rasnan's slender finger with a band-aid: "Hey, you have to do something, come back to the ward to see you at night, is it not?" ”

Sinan lowered his head, and his eyes behind white gauze quietly faced Zhou Wei.

"If you don't come," Sinan said softly, "I won't cooperate."

This is almost a threat of swaying, and the officer's face has changed.Zhou Wei tried hard to press Sinan's back-brain and printed a kiss on his hair. He smiled and said: "Know, when is the brother-in-law?"


The car drove past the long island, and the huge apron in the distance was densely packed with fighters and military helicopters. The fleet took off and hovered under the blue sky, like a group of orderly seabirds, transporting survivors and weapons supplies back and forth.

"The Central Committee and the Central Military Commission were forced to move out of the B Military Region. Many people died in the middle. Some officers and men went to the Northeast to establish a survivor's refuge base, and another part came to the South China Sea. The large artificial islands and military bases built in the early years of the country were stationed and established. New military headquarters."

While the officer was driving, he gave due diligence, Zhou Wei sat on the co-pilot, one hand held the forehead, letting the sea breeze blow his hair, nodded thoughtfully.

"After the establishment of the base and the headquarters, the army was reorganized and reorganized. The search and rescue team began to repair the communication tower from the north and south ends of the motherland, rescued the surviving masses, and selected suitable locations to build refuge fortifications. The military sacrificed countless soldiers. Six large refuge centers have been established on the land of the motherland at a costly price."

Zhou Haoran glanced at him: "We have gone from south to south of China, how can we not see one?"

“Guangxi, Yunnan, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Heilongjiang.” The officer smiled and said: “The Zhou team is going south through the two lakes. The zombies in the Central Plains are densely packed and the army can’t push forward. It is estimated that only the special soldiers of your 118 can survive. ”

Zhou Wei did not answer, and he lowered his eyelids.

"If it is not possible to start search and rescue this fall, the Central Plains is estimated to be turned into a no-man's land."

There was only the sound of the sea breeze in the carriage, which drowned the sigh of the officer.

The car stopped in front of the channel in the center of the ship island. Zhou took a suitcase and got off the bus. The officer shouted behind him: "Chull of the week!"

Zhou Yi looked back and saw that he ran over, and he looked solemn and solemn, standing in front of himself.

"At the beginning of the year, the headquarters sent a lot of troops to the B military area, trying to rescue the research materials, and the results failed. Fortunately, the colonel came to the death of the first time in the outbreak of the virus to bring out the results, I very much admire you."

The officer was trying to raise his hand and salute him. As a result, he was lifted halfway and was intercepted by Zhou Wei impatiently:

"Major, thank you, don't shout."

Zhou Hao was in the top of the wind, and did not return to the covered bridge. He left the officer alone and stood outside, and he never returned.

After five or six minutes in the bridge, after a familiar check, two reconnaissance battalions with live ammunition carried the explosion-proof elevator.


The elevator door opened and two guards on the opposite side bowed to each other. One of them turned and knocked on the solid wood conference room door: "The head, Zhou came to the school."

Almost as soon as the voice fell, there was an aging inside:

"Come in."

Although I was very familiar with my early career, I was even familiar with the degree of casualness; but at this moment, Zhou Wei took a breath and raised her eyes.If Yan Hao is there, they will find that the temperament of the whole person has changed at this moment - he is no longer the captain of the special squadron who is lazy, careless, laughs and even a little evil. His iconic sly and sharp posture, completely retreating from the corner of the eyebrow, instantly transformed into a trained solemn and quiet.

The momentum may even be oppressive, but it is also integrated with the surrounding solemn atmosphere, as if he belonged to it and is a key part of it.

The guard opened the door and nodded to Zhou Wei and reached out.

Zhou Hao pulled out the gun and walked in with the freezer.

The door is closed behind the door.

At the end of the conference room is a glass curtain wall. A gray-haired old man is sitting at the doorway, sitting on the armchair behind the long table. The body is slightly bent by the irresistible years, and the silhouette of the vicissitudes is cast on the single-sided glass curtain wall.

Although the appearance has changed a lot in recent years, no matter where anyone is present, he can immediately recognize the serious and unsmiling face that once appeared in the news network every day.

Zhou Yi Li Zheng, salute, did not say a word.

The old man sat on his body, his hands covered with spots on the table, and raised his chin slightly. Although his voice was not as strong and bright as he was getting older, the calming power of the opening still made people feel uncomfortable.

"Decented for three years, Zhou Colonel." The old man slowly said, "You have not let me down."

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