By Huai Shang

Chapter 63 Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Chapter 63

"A little fever, normal breathing and heartbeat." Ning Yu opened the eyelids of Zhou Wei and looked at it. The voice was with a repressed tremor. It was shocked or excited: "This is the first cure after being infected with a new virus." The success story, really...it was so lucky."

In addition to being lucky, there is really no word to describe the situation at hand. Ning Yu looks at Zhou Wei, who is unconscious, and looks at Yan Hao. Suddenly, there is a ridiculous feeling in his heart: the luck of these special forces is too good. Well, one percent or even one thousandth of a chance, can this be hit twice in a row?

Or is it that the antibody has very stringent requirements on the genetic quality of the recipient?

Si Nan bowed his body and hugged Zhou Wei’s head, saying nothing. He rarely showed intense emotions in front of others. The hug of a few seconds was already the limit. Then he took a deep breath and looked up and said, "I must take the helicopter to Zhou."

Ning Yu nodded and said nothing. Suddenly Yan Hao stepped forward and started to spread his hand.

In his hand is the test tube with the primary antibody.

"I have to go." Yan Hao looked down at the ground, but said to Sinan: "Bring your brother back to the base, this is for you to keep."

"Where are you going?"

"The front line. Spring grass, they are still there, I have to help them retreat."

Sinan said faintly: "You can't go."

Yan Hao a glimpse, I saw Sinan thumb down to the rooftop.

In the night when the fingers were not visible, the open space continued to roll and screamed. Looking back from the night vision goggles, I don’t know when the zombies have gathered into black waves, and the jeep that they drove when they came to have become a small boat with a floating load in the sea of ​​anger.

Unless equipped with a car rocket launcher, the big Luo Jinxian can not kill from this bloody sea!

Yan Hao slightly changed color, and said: "I thought you couldn't wait for me to die below."


Yan Hao looked back, Sinan's madness and enthusiasm have passed, and there is an unnatural coldness in his expression: "You can't go out alone. Dr. Ning sent Zhou Wei to the helicopter, and I cooperated with you to kill him downstairs. Drive to the front to find Chuncao and Guo Weixiang. Chen Yajing should have been retreating, and we will gather at the port after getting on the bus."

Yan Hao didn't want to, and he grabbed Sinan's hand: "No!"

Ning Yu’s head screamed: “The anti-toxicity of the serum does not mean that you will not die. What should you do if you are killed by a zombie?”

Sinan opened the finger of Yanhao's finger holding his wrist and raised his eyebrows and asked: "Do you have other methods, or else four people will squeeze the helicopter together?"

Everyone can't answer when they arrive.

The risk factor for squeezing three people in a small two-seat cabin is already very large. Together with Yan Hao, the weight of his two male Alphas with Zhou Wei can definitely make the helicopter crash without flying 200 meters.

"You will hesitate again, and the roof will not be safe for too long. The zombies will soon follow the corridor. How many bullets does Yan Hao have?"

"...nothing." Yan Haosheng yelled, "The brother is gone."

Sinan spread his palm and his last clip in his hand.

Several people looked at each other and suddenly Ning Yuhu questioned: "Who are you knocking on the ground?"Sinan and Yan Hao were quiet at the same time, only listening to the cold wind, the ground was coming from a distant and dull vibration, and it became louder and clearer in a few seconds.

"..." Yan Hao Huo Ran got up: "Iron Gate!"


The iron gate of the corridor leading to the rooftop slammed, and the shock came from behind the door. It was the zombie who climbed the top floor!

Ning Yu: "How can this be found?!"

Yan Hao wakes up like a dream: "Hey brother! He is bleeding!"

After the venom of Zhou Wei began to flow, blood was more intense than the general Alpha. The male scent spread with the propeller wind and was captured by the zombies.

The living dead infected by the new virus has a collective hunting consciousness. As soon as one discovers the fresh flesh and blood, a group of living dead people will flock and move, and in a flash they will be blocked by the living on the roof!

"Take the plane on the plane!" Sinan sighed in Ning Yu's ear: "Fast!"

Zhou Wei, who was in a coma, seemed to feel something, frowning and struggling, and seemed to have some signs of waking up. Ning Yu can't take care of a lot, take off his jacket and block his wounds that are still bleeding. Pulling his back collar will drag him to the direction of the helicopter. Ning Yu is not a combat worker. Zhou Wei was sent directly to Xitian.

Sinan raised his hand and threw the last clip to Yan Hao: "Next!"

Yan Hao raised his hand and grabbed the magazine: "No! You..."

The iron gate was slammed, and the gray ash of the wall continued to sprinkle. The Sinan index finger slammed the point to Yan Hao: "Take yourself!"

A metal scrap also caused the chilling spurs to rise flat, and the latches bent under constant impact, gradually forming a terrible arc at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Yan Haoqi rubbed the clip, pushed the bullet up, the sound just fell, and the front door exploded and the crack of the bolt broke.

Boom - the iron gate was finally overwhelmed and was completely knocked open!

Charge in the night | Muzzle | The fire broke out, and the dead man who rushed to the roof was headshot, fell, and blocked the zombies behind him.

But after a short period of time, more dead people climbed up on the same kind of body, like the ants that were blown up in the nest, rushing forward!

Ning Yu pushed Zhou Zhou to the back seat and slammed his two ears into the back of the team. Seeing no effect, he picked up his sleeves and slammed his mouth. He still had no signs of waking up. This Ning Yu really can't help it. I was afraid that the handsome face of the Zhou team would be disfigured and I would like to find him in the south. I looked back at the zombie and immediately chilled: "Sinan! Come back!"

His voice was just smashed in the charge. In the gunshots, Yan Hao slammed back and slammed back, but the bullets could not shake the ignorant living dead.

When the gunshots stopped, Yan Hao said: "No bullets!"

Si Nan hands out the three-sided sword at the same time: "Protect Dr. Ning, back!"

When the last word was dropped, he had already stepped forward, and the special forces designed the three-edge | blade to pierce the skull of two zombies silently, like a hot knife to cut butter, effortlessly in the splashing black blood line Out.

The zombies swarmed up and bit his right wrist. The next second was pierced from the throat by the tip of his left hand, from the bottom up, piercing the brain instantly!Although the bigger possibility is that there will be nothing, but at the moment of seeing the blood, Yan Hao’s pupils can’t help but magnify.

"Fucking is coming back!" Ning Yu screamed.

But Yan Hao turned a deaf ear.

Seven or eight zombies came from all directions, and Yan Hao stopped breathing, smashing his hand with a bullet without a bullet. The front of the zombie brain splattered, the latter few have not opened their mouths, Yan Hao holds the neck, rubbing off the neck bones!

Ning Yu’s ears creaked, and all the killing and screaming turned into a grotesque shot in a horror movie. The bloody mouth of the zombie was far from the horizon, sometimes stuck in front of him, tearing his mind into countless fragmented pieces.

He was shaking all over the body and couldn't catch anything. I want to rush to grab Sinan and want to drag him back to the helicopter, but the figure is swept into the whirlpool of the body, and even seeing where he can't do it.

When it’s over, in the middle of the chaos, Ning Yu’s heart has a very clear idea.

This time it’s really over.

In Ning Yu's vision, the best situation is that he will take off immediately with his own, and as soon as he finds the right experimental environment, he will soon be able to use the serum to grow the vaccine.

However, Sinan is a person who is independent of the collective concept. A large part of his maintenance with the normal society lies in Zhou Wei. If Sinan does not cooperate, he can accept his own stay, and he will take off immediately from the Sinan belt. As long as the life of the living antigen is preserved, the vaccine will be the same in the future.

But if Sinan is dead, hope is really cut off.

Ning Yu opened the hatch and slammed down the cabin. His legs and feet were already soft, and he almost fell when he landed, just missing a zombie that was rotten and slanted.

"Sinan," Ning Yu was embarrassed to get up, tearing his heart and screaming: "Sinan -! Come back!"

"Let you take the week! Come back soon!"

Suddenly screaming behind him, Ning Yu jerked back, only to see Zhou Wei smashing the zombies on the ground and smashing the skull.

"Do you commit suicide, doctor?" Zhou Wei whispered in a helicopter roar and pushed Ning Yu to the cabin.

Ning Yu madly said: "Bring your wife back! Get him back!!"

Zhou Wei briefly said: "I know."

"You may not have produced an antigen, don't be bitten again!"

Zhou Hao slammed the door and shook the zombies that had climbed from the side into two sections, and turned his head back to the corpse.

There are more and more zombies on the roof, and Sinan has been unable to tell which blood is covered with thick and viscous blood, which are the zombies splashing. The blood and the carrion are mixed together, making the bottom of his military boots sticky. Every step is like stepping on the wet mud. The only clean one in the whole body is only a pair of three-edge | blade.

They came out of the blood, still glamorous, pierced into the skull and easily pulled out, countless zombies fell to the feet.

There was a familiar pain in the upper arm, and the feeling of blood rushing passed into the brain slowly along the nerve endings after a few seconds. Si Nan took the knife and killed the zombie who had not bitten his arm. He had not had time to take out the blade and his shoulder was bitten.

It's really too much.Sinan struggled and didn't make a profit. Arms, side waists, thighs, and several places were stinging at the same time. He couldn't tell the same number of zombies.

In the nasal cavity, the heat of the blood is exhaled, and Sinan will be ridiculously inserted into the temple of the zombie, then grab the dirty hair of the zombie, and smash it, and use it to sweep a few of the dead people who bite themselves. Go out.


The zombie was smashed and the whole body was cracked. Sinan pulled out the three-sided thorns inserted in his temples, staggered and swayed on one knee, and stabbed the body with a knife.

The zombies are still flooding in all directions, from all sides.

He closed his eyes and then opened it, lifting up the face that was particularly cold and suffocating because of the blood.

Just then someone caught him from behind. Sinan's backhand knives stabbed, but when he was in the midst of a slap in the face, he stopped his hand and picked up his eyes.

It’s Zhou Wei!

In the dark, I can't see how embarrassing each other is, and even I can only rely on intuition to recognize each other. Zhou Yu’s handcuffs tore open the throat of the zombie behind Si Nan, threw the body, leaned over and picked up Sinan, and violently gasped and ran back.

"Put..." Sinan opened his throat and was bloodied. Every word was bloody and hoarse: "Let me go!"

Zhou Wei shook his head.

"Let me down!"

"Hey brother took you away," he said in a bumpy mid-week. "We don't... no matter what other people are, come, my brother will take you away and obey."

Sinan couldn't bear it: "Who lie!"

Zhou Xiao smiled, this smile appeared in his handsome eyebrows and resolute lips, there is a hint of desolation.

Yan Hao’s roar burst from a distance: “Hey, be careful!!”

Zhou Haoran stopped. In the night, the crowds were in front of them, and the ghosts blocked their way to the helicopter, swaying from them in every direction of sight.

"It was overwritten," Zhou Hao looked around. "It’s over, the trick is to be folded here today."

Si Nan was going to the ground, but he was stunned by Zhou Wei. The gesture of squatting him made the two lose the possibility of the last bitter beast, and Sinan smacked in his ear and said, "What are you doing?"

Zhou Xiao smiled and replied: "When we are eaten, I will hold you like this, eat me first and then eat you..."

Sinan wanted to marry him, but he did not export. He saw Zhou Hao’s eyes in the light of a distant helicopter and stopped.

"...well," he said helplessly: "Then you hug, don't drop me."

Zhou Wei raised his eyebrows at him.

The zombies step by step, and the stench of exhalation is clearly audible. Finally, at the forefront, a few dead people bit their heads at the same time. At the moment of the tooth loss, Zhou Hao suddenly put down Sinan and pushed back.

However, what I didn’t expect was that Sinan took the opportunity to land, as if he had practiced thousands of times in his heart, he hugged Zhou Wei and fell to his head!

The broken teeth of the dead did not accidentally fall on the back neck, back and shoulder blades of Sinan, and the blood rushed out. It was counted how many rotten mouths rushed to suck.

Zhou Hao accident and anger, forced to overthrow Sinan, followed by a hot shoulder.

- That is blood.

Sinan throat bleeding hemorrhoids, powerlessly sprinkled on Zhou Wei."Mom!" Zhou Hao screamed, and opened two zombies in a semi-lying position!

The heavy high-top boots kicked them off, but the latter would not be shocked. They still dragged their bodies and greedily climbed to continue their feast of flesh and blood.

It’s in sight, in all directions.

There are countless ghosts, too many.

Zhou Wei didn't know that he had coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood. He almost dragged Sinan forward, but the zombies were like a wave of waves rising from the sea, and there was never an end.

There is no end to the flesh and blood.

Zhou Hao finally fell to the ground again, and the ghosts immediately swarmed. At that moment, he felt that many of the teeth had been close to his bare muscles. He had never seen the muscles like this. He clearly realized that he and Sinan would be torn into pieces and broken bones.

It was over, and he thought of this thought in his heart.


Faster than the dead teeth, there are several hot waves.


At the moment of the explosion, Zhou Wei tightened his pupil and immediately heard the loud noise that could not be mistaken in the night sky - helicopter!

The giant helicopter quickly approached, and the glare and the whirlwind came at the same time. Zhou Wei was almost subconsciously arrogant: "Your Majesty!!!"

Yan Hao and Ning Yu held their heads at the same time, and Zhou Wei did not want to protect Sinan. Immediately after the airborne machine guns screamed, the bullets swept the rooftop like a rainstorm, sweeping hundreds of zombies into meat!


The bullets were so cold that people couldn’t look up. Everyone in the chaos thought they were going to be beaten into a horse. After more than ten seconds of crazy ammunition dumping, the airborne heavy machine gun suddenly stopped.

Immediately after the hatch opened, the rope ladder was thrown away. More than a dozen soldiers with live ammunition quickly jumped down and headed for the officer:

"Two groups of three groups of firepower preparation! Front door support!"

"A group of landed on standby, check the scene!"

The soldiers responded and the other two military helicopters turned around and flew to the front door of the base.

On the rooftop, the officer's footsteps were taken over and looked around: "Who sent the positioning signal? There are 118 special brigade members here!!"

The military flashlights were fired everywhere, and the voices were loud and close. Zhou Wei gasped and hugged Sinan, who was bloody, shaking his fingers to find his breath.

"Lieutenant Colonel!" Some soldiers called out: "Here!"

Not far from there, someone raised Yan Hao, and several people pulled Ning Yu out of the collapsed wall.

The officer squatted down and seemed to see something strange like a moment: "...The squadron of the 118th Brigade, Major Zhou Li?"

Zhou Wei’s consciousness is actually very embarrassing. He has lost too much blood. Seeing things is a ghost, and he can’t see what the officer in front is.

"...this...this person," he pointed to Sinan in his arms. Every word was extremely ambiguous: "This person has serum antibodies. You must save him, fast... save him..."

The officer was angry and helpless, pointing to himself: "The South China Sea headquarters search and rescue brigade Lieutenant Colonel, Tang Wei."

Then he picked up his arms and asked coldly: "Have your mother been infected, and also launched a fart for help?!"Zhou Hao long spit out the burning anger, like a wolf king who had nowhere to go. In the exclamation and stop of the others, he used a blood-stained fist to pick up the uniform of the soup. "You didn't hear me say hello." What? This person has antibodies in serum!"

In a few flashlights, Sinan's eyes were closed, and the whole body was red. The naked skin was bitten blood.

"Antibody! Fuck!!" Zhou Wei screamed at the scream of the soup, "Save him, fast!!"

"You are insane, anti-mother--" Tang Yu slid along the fingers of Zhou Wei, his eyes fell on the face of Sinan, and suddenly he was frozen by the high-voltage electric power.

He recognized the face of this Omega.

"How..." Tang Wei was incredible: "What is going on?"

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