By Huai Shang

Chapter 62 Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Chapter 62

The wind whispered and swept over the roof, and the zombies were accompanied by shackles, rang from the empty, dark building.

Sinan's two-handed wrists were twisted and swayed by Zhou Wei, and they raised their knees and stared at Yan Hao. For a long time, they asked one word: "How much is your life worth?"

The bleak moonlight leaked from the dark clouds, reflecting Yan Hao’s white face.

"Sina, you calm down, you listen to me." Zhou Wei posted a very short voice in the ear of Sinan, while pulling him back, while trying to whisper: "It is my idea, it has nothing to do with Yan Hao. My brother must not be infected, ah, obedient, listen to the Secretary Xiaonan... Sinan!"

The tail sounds abruptly changed, Zhou Wei only feels strong from the front, it is Sinan - he actually broke free of his wrist, the electric light stone fires in an unspeakable posture, and the thunder like a sweeping leg Go out!

The skill was too fast, and Zhou Hao quickly got up, but he could only lose step by step under the close attack of Sinan. Yan Hao squats and retreats, but he has no time to quit and go two steps. I saw Si Nan grabbed Zhou Wei’s arm and whirlwind his entire person from the shoulder to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, he plunged in front of Yan Hao, stepping on his chest and taking advantage of his strength to fly. Yan Hao can only feel the wind blowing in the face, the special forces who have been through the battles have not responded for a long time, they are kicked in the deep cranial air by the deep back and kicked the cranial side, and they spurted out on the spot!

The change came too fast. Sinan never really started with these special forces, but at the moment he was like a wild cheetah that couldn’t stop the fierceness, and they were solved in less than five seconds.

Ning Yu only had time to open the helicopter door and shouted in the hunting wind: "Wait--"

Yan Hao feels a sinking of the lumbar spine. In the dizziness, he realized that he was struck by the Sinan knee on the hard concrete floor, and then his finger next to the antibody was pulled open by a root.

"Sinan, Sinan, don't do this..." Yan Hao said painfully: "Sinan..."

The Secretary of the South is rumored to be rumored, and his voice is hoarse and bloody. Just as he was about to open Yan Hao’s last finger, he suddenly had a tight throat.

Zhou Hao came from behind, his elbows tightened his neck, and almost dragged him away from Yan Hao with his whole body strength. He dragged a few meters in his life and hugged him in his arms.

"You look at me, Sinan, look at me." Zhou Wei squeezed him into the corner, and the whole person pressed against him. With this desperate gesture, he blocked all the struggling exits of Sinan and forcibly pulled his chin. He looked into his own eyes: "I am your brother, have you seen it? How do you have the heart to do with your brother? Ah?"

Sinan's short hair was soaked in sweat, and the slender black eyebrows were twisted together, and the face was almost white. Zhou Wei trembled and hugged Sinan's head, forcing him not to break free, only to face his own eyes: "It's okay, don't cry, nothing... Listen to the Secretary Xiaonan, you let the brother hit the needle, in case of antibody What if I don’t have it? What is your face going to live?”

Sinan said one word: "You have made an appointment, you..."Zhou Wei said: "Yes, it is my idea, it is not a matter of Yan Hao. You calm down and listen to me... Sinan!"

Zhou Wei pressed the Sinai, who was once again struggling, to go back and forth: "You listen to me! Only one of the ten antibodies can live. Do you want to take advantage of the hope of all mankind to gamble this one-tenth chance? Ah? What if the gambling loses?!"

Sinan loosened Zhou’s neckline a little bit, and the black blood that had been pulled out of his palm was soaked.

The blood was cold, but it hurt his fingers.

"What if the gambling wins?" Zhou Yi shook and asked: "How do you let me live, how do you face yourself? You might as well kill me, is it?"

On the other side, Ning Yu strode forward, and Bai Dian’s neckline and clothes swayed in the wind, and he opened his medicine chest on the ground.

Sinan squatted in the corner of the wall, his hands deep into the hair, into the hair, the infected black blood smashed in the corner of his eyebrows, and was wiped hard by Zhou Hao.

"I beg you, oh, Sinan? You listen." Zhou Hao opened his hand and picked up his T-shirt hem to wipe the blood on his palm. He whispered over and over again: "You have to live, I am asking you to live. You are still young, you have not seen better than your brother, and you will meet someone who will really accompany you for a lifetime... We are sad for a while, sorry for a while, forget it? My brother always loves you."

"Love you forever," Zhou said in a whisper, the hard cheeks were warm and humid, and he didn't know that he would cry.

That is actually regret.

Has the Sinan been sad for a while and forgot?

will not.

He knows that if he doesn't mark Sinan, if Sinan is a free Omega, then he may be sad for a while, maybe a few months, maybe a year or two, and one day, sadness will fade from his heart. As the shadow fades in the rising sun.

However, after the mark, everything becomes different. The psychologically and physiologically established connection is difficult to break automatically with death. He can die, but Sinan will walk for a long time in the long and lonely time. Even with surgery to erase the influence of pheromones, the deeper imprint of the soul will never disappear.

This cruel cognition makes Zhou Wei fear and regret more than death.

Heart, liver and lungs have been penetrated by the sharp edge, and the blade is also twisted in the weakest heart of the heart, and the internal organs are smashed into a pool of blood.

Sinan is innocent.

He was completely tempted by himself, ignorantly walked into the deadly trap, and dedicated his love, which is extremely precious and everyone wants, to a person who was not worthy.

Zhou Wei has never felt so selfish and despicable as this moment. If time can go backwards, he must wear it back to the New Year’s Eve of the snow-covered mountain, and hold on to the one who induces Sina’s estrus to come. Launched the door to kill the snow.

But now everything is too late.

Every week, Zhou Wei took a hoarse heat, and he forced the head of Sinan to his chest, and turned his head to continue to signal Yan Hao to go first.Yan Hao's eyes are full of tears, staring at Sinan for a moment, the eyes are very sad and desperate. Then he turned his attention to Zhou Wei, as if to make a final farewell, slowly stepping back toward the Tiantai Iron Gate.

But just as he was about to retreat to the door, suddenly Ning Yu stood up and swayed in the wind to Zhou Wei: "Wait!"

Zhou Yiyi distracted, and the hand strength of the neck of the south was tight, and Sinan looked up and saw Yan Hao, who was about to quit, and made a new round of struggle. Zhou Hao immediately hugged him, and asked Ning Yu: "What do you want?!"

"This!" Ning Yu was kneeling in front of Zhou Hao, pointing at the light yellow glass bottle in his hand, and pointing to Sinan. He tried his best to hear the sound in the roar of the helicopter engine: "Serum!"

Zhou Yiyi.

"I took the Sinan 800CC blood. I only had time to isolate this serum before leaving. I was going to experiment with Chen Yajing. I have been taken away before the injection. The serum may temporarily resist toxicity. Can you fight?"

Zhou Wei stared at the bottle of pale yellow liquid in front of him, which reminded me of the reason why Chen Yajing came to the underground laboratory alone when he was in the zombie siege - in order to test the anti-toxicity of the serum at the last minute.

He just wanted to speak, and suddenly he only listened to Sinan’s anger: "No!"


"The serum is lethal." Si Nan said dumbly: "Ning Yu only tested once, within a few minutes after the injection... that person was killed..."

The hope that had just risen was cold in the blink of an eye, and Zhou Wei couldn’t say anything.

Ning Yu cold and cold road: "Yes, or you can also try the antibody that I don't know has not expired. You should find it from the military laboratory? In the early days of the virus outbreak, the medical community has conducted research, primary The cure rate of antibodies is not one tenth, but between 1% and 3%.” He turned his head and looked at Yan Hao and asked, “Have you hit antibodies?”

Yan Hao was at a loss and nodded.

Ning Yu said: "Very good, young man, you will be able to make a fortune by buying a lottery ticket."

Zhou Wei didn't know what kind of expression he should show, and suddenly there was a distaste of ridiculousness and hilarity in desperation.

Sinan grabbed his shoulder and tried to stand up. With this movement, Yan Hao immediately stepped back two big steps, holding the handle of the iron gate of the Tiantai, but the next second, he suddenly made a force to push Sinan into the army. In the arms, the chin with a slight scum squatted on the neck of Sinan, like a male wolf who smelled fresh flesh and blood, greedily sucking a large breath of his own Omega.

As if by this action, he gained endless courage. He made a kiss in Sinan, and raised his eyes:

"I am playing."

"What are you doing?" Sinan screamed: "You will die!"

"I will die now." Zhou Wei gently answered him, rubbing his face, his eyes blushing: "You don't want me to beat your serum? You don't believe you can save your brother, huh? Si Xiaonan ?"

Sinan couldn't answer him, but he could only lean into the corner, and one hand was deeply inserted into the hair in the forehead, covering half of the eyes.Zhou Wei stood up and leaned down to kiss his thin wrists with blue veins. At that moment, their faces were so close, and their looks were very different; Sinan closed his eyes in pain, and Zhou Yu’s deep-locked eyebrows were pious.

Ning Yu raised his flashlight and looked at Zhou Nian's neck. It was only a small scratch on the length of a small nail cover. It quickly ulcerated and infected under the action of the Pandora virus. Now the wound has been smashed. Ning Yu slowly pushed the air inside the syringe clean, and made a stroke against the wound. The head did not lift: "Congratulations, you become my 96th living experimenter, Captain Zhou."

Zhou Wei ridiculed himself: "Is there any special meaning?"

“No.” Ning Yu said, “But at least 96 is a lucky number.”

Sinan sat against the wall and buried his face deep in his palms. Zhou Yi wanted to pull his fingers, but just raised his arm, the already paralyzed back neck suddenly came with a sting, so that he couldn't help but "a".

"The wound is too big and it hurts." Ning Yu taunted behind him: "But you should thank me for separating a lot of serum, enough to make an infusion injection."

Zhou Hao has never experienced such a painful injection in this life. He only feels that the fire is burning against the nerves, and even the voice has changed: "The serum is too... Does it help... Anti-virus..."

“It’s possible,” Ning Yu said. “If you die suddenly, you will die faster and suffer less.”

Zhou Yu smiled bitterly, and it took a few minutes for the injection to end, and he sighed.

"Don't cry, Si Xiaonan, seeing this brother is really a combination of spirit and spirit with you..." Zhou Yiqiang made a joke, and asked for a little finger to go to the south of the hook, who would just turn around, even the sound Can not send out, the next second only heard a lot of ears - hehe!

After a long few seconds, his slow nerves realized: Oh, fell.

Both Ning Yu and Yan Hao rushed over, but they were all blocked by Sinan. He saw that Yan Hao might have been shaken by Sinan to grab the neckline. He wanted to stop but didn't even have the strength to open his mouth. He saw that Sinan was half-squatting on his side, and he tied his arm to his shoulder, and then half-turned and half-turned.

Yan Hao's eyes were red, and he touched the front half of the bleeding mouth, but stood still.

Zhou Wei’s weight was too difficult for Sinan. He walked very embarrassedly, but did not look up at anyone, so he swayed and squatted to the typhoon of the rooftop, sitting next to each other in the corner.

"Don't move, you are cold..." Zhou Wei was confused.

However, Sinan took off his jacket and insisted on wrapping it on Zhou's shoulder. He held the warm and powerful hands of Zhou Wei.

"You can't go," Sinan raised his hand to his lips, hoarsely: "I came back for you, you can't go."

Powerful serum and virus in the body for a silent life-and-death fight, rot in the depths of the muscles continue to develop, and constantly reverse, the battle is changing rapidly, each nerve seems to burn in the pain of hell. Zhou Wei was unable to move his lips, and he made a tough voice for a long while: "What?""--I haven't asked you what your name is, oh brother." Sinan whispered: "As long as you call your brother, you can save me wherever you are. Is it what you said?"

Zhou Wei’s mind was dim and his eyes were dim. His mind was deep in the depths of the jungle many years ago. The shadow of Sinan’s figure returned to his youth in a strange way. He smiled at him in the bonfire, and his eyes were deep and stunned. light spot.

"I haven't asked your name yet, let me remember."

"My last name is..."

"Where are the soldiers of the squad, what about you?"

Eleven years ago, the sun passed through the trees and projected a million apertures on the grass.

The sweat transpires down, and the cicada is deafening. The young special forces are tied to the trunk and screaming at it, until the teenager who can't see his face squats and prints a soft kiss on his chin.

"Clock," the teenager smiled.


"The name will not be said. If you can meet again, you must tell you."

The face that was once impressive, but gradually blurred with the passing of the eleven years of wind and sand, was finally clear again in front of Zhou Wei’s eyes. The clear and beautiful pupils seemed to be precious amber, and a smile appeared across the time and space.

"Noah," Sinan's thin, cold lips pressed against Zhou's fingers, and he said: "I used to call Noah."

"I didn't deliberately lie to you, Zhou Wei, you were very handsome at that time."

"Since that year, I have liked you a bit."


Ten minutes after the serum injection, Zhou Wei lost consciousness and immediately entered a deep coma.

Ning Yu closely observed his situation with his flashlight. Zhou Wei was lying on the ground, and his upper body relied on Sinai's arms. His eyes were dark and his breathing was weak and intermittent. Because of the constant sweating, he was almost dehydrated, and the sexy face was gray and ruined. From the back of the neck, the black blood spots were constantly appearing around the wound.

Under the illumination of the flashlight, the virus keeps those blood spots floating from the skin, and the strength of the serum makes them disappear one after another. The surface of the wound appears very unstable.

Ning Yu stood up and only listened to Yan Hao and asked softly behind him: "How?"

Ning Yu does not want to touch the head of Sinan. He can see it. The beautiful soldier of the individual soldier who started the show was really more than enough to hang everyone. So he took two steps and shook his head: "Not very good."

Yan Hao’s white face was whiter and he could be called a pan-green.

Ning Yu asked: "What did Zhou Hao say to you in the stairwell?"

Yan Hao did not answer, Ning Yu’s lens flashed with a slight sigh of look: “It’s not going to find you, ask his Omega to entrust you with the means of pheromone attraction to ensure that you can bring people back to the army. Square base?"

He didn't wait to answer immediately. When he looked back, he saw Yan Hao's eyebrows locked tightly. The usual Wen Wen's appearance looked like an unconventional cold and stern, saying: "Dr. Ning, if you say this again, I will not help. Do it with your hands."

Ning Yu laughed and didn't care at all: "What did you say?"Yan Hao decided to look at the back not far away, Sinan squatting Zhou Wei, squatting on the top of Zhou Wei, his black hair covered on the neck, the back showed a smooth and beautiful and powerful arc.

Half-baked Yan Hao did not open his eyes: "When we left the 118th battalion to go to the T-city, we accepted a secret mission. A military person who defected from country A is carrying important resources to go to China, and we must succeed in meeting him. And escorted him back to the B military area."

“The age, appearance and occupation of the mission target are unknown. We were told that he is Omega. I have been informed of all the information about us and will come forward to contact after arriving at the destination. Therefore, we can only wait passively in T City for two weeks. After that, I only waited for the news that the mission target plane was wrecked and that it might have been killed. We have not had time to start search and rescue along the route, and the zombie virus has completely exploded."

Ning Yu asked: "So you finally did not complete this task?"

"No." Yan Hao said, "but the captain just told me in the corridor that he began to suspect that we might have found this person."

Ning Yu raised his eyebrows and only listened to Yan Hao's light voice: "We met Sinan in T City. He saved us and did not mention the previous experience. With the survivors, they went south and on the way. The national army’s Luo Muer and others chased. The captain said that if his serum is resistant to toxicity, then he is likely to be the task of the 118th brigade responsible for the response and protection.

"The so-called 'carrying important resources' also has an explanation - he does not need to carry anything, he is the most important resource, but he does not know why he is going to defect from country A."

The headlights of the helicopter passed through the gust of wind and slammed into the night. Ning Yu slowly turned back and said with a subtle taunt: "So, if Zhou Hao is going to leave after he dies, what are you going to do?"

Yan Hao silent for a moment, swaying to the ground, the fist holding the test tube to force the mouth, the long eyelashes under the darkness is difficult to cover up the sadness.

"...I don't know." After a long time, he said, "But I will use every means to escort the captain's body back to the military base. I hope... I hope that Sinan can see it at the last point and go with us."

Suddenly the voice of Sinan suddenly sounded in front: "Zhou Wei!"

The two men looked up at the same time. Ning Yu rushed to the past. I saw Zhou Yu’s breathing was short and short. The closed eyelids trembled sharply, the body was tight, and the back neck wound was torn in a struggle. Ning Yu took a flashlight. According to the photos, the outflows are all big and big shares of purple blood!

Sinan's two fingers pressed Zhou Zhou's pulse and screamed: "Serm?? Give him another tube, fast!"

"...No," Ning Yu shook his head and gasped: "No, it's all done."

"He will lose too much blood!"

"Now this situation can only be resigned..."

Sinan screamed and squatted, kneeling and squatting on Zhou Xie's side, hammering his chest several times, then leaning over to listen to his heartbeat, shaking hands and doing extra-heart massage.

"Zhou Wei! Wake up!" He whispered and snorted: "Zhou Wei!"

With a muffled sound, Zhou Yan’s body bounced wildly, and the back neck spurted several blood arrows like an artery rupture!Ning Yu: "Week team?!"

Yan Hao: "Captain!!"

Si Nan’s pupil suddenly tightened. In the exclamation of the other two who were out of control, he saw the blood arrow slamming on the ground, and the purple and black slowly appeared bright red marks.


"team leader!"

"team leader!"

There was a voice that passed through the afternoon breeze and shouted in the distance: "The captain is coming soon!"

Zhou Wei’s head was groggy, and the foreground of the eye was near and far, like a vortex of color formation. I don't know how long it took him to open his eyes slowly. In front of it is a playground filled with sunshine and dust. A team of greens is like a poplar.

Suddenly I didn’t know what happened, and the soldiers exploded.

"Oh shit!"


He subconsciously ran in his dreams, crowded over the angry people, and stopped at the training ground. There was a man lying in the center of the open space. Zhou Wei recognized that it was the guidance of General Liu of their 118th brigade. His face was bloody, his consciousness was unclear, and his sternum was obviously collapsed.


"The next heavy hand!"

"What is the use of fighting? The exercise is not a 19-to-eight-game loss ratio!"


A young man’s fingertips hang in front of Liu’s guiding throat, facing his back and slowly standing up.

He has a short black hair, wearing a gray-white field suit and a metal white eagle badge on his left arm. The fight did not have any effect on his neat appearance, and the drinking of the boiling-filled days seemed to be completely inaccessible to his ears.

Zhou Yi inexplicably felt that there was a familiarity in the back, but the dream was too noisy and chaotic, and he stood still.

"It's him!" Someone was angry.

"White eagle instructor, mom's pervert!"

The young man seemed to be aware of something and slightly turned his head.

He wore aviator sunglasses, and the black hair was erected in front of the forehead, and the edge of the frame showed a straight oblique eyebrow. Although representing the military of the A country, his Asian characteristics of height and hair color are very obvious, and the outline of the second half of his face is more profound than that of Asians.

Across the crowd, his gaze just happened to collide with Zhou Wei.

The young white eagle instructor did not seem to recognize it, but a few seconds later his eyebrows emerged with a subtle pick, as if there was a little secret accident. In the dream, Zhou suddenly stood in the same place, and saw that he had hooked his lips at the direction.

It was a pair of lips that were very light in color and thin, and looked very cold and ruthless.

In the depths of my mind, there is a group of fires burning, and the limbs are extremely painful, making the confusion of thinking like a boiled mud soup. In the chaotic pain, Zhou Wei recalled what happened next--the white eagle instructor crossed the guide of Liu, who was interrupted by four ribs, stepping through the crowd and walking to the distance if nothing happened. .

However, the development in dreams is completely opposite to the facts.

He watched as the other person turned and walked step by step.

Consciousness sinks in the deep sea, and both screaming and screaming are far away above the water. The surroundings became very quiet, and the White Eagle instructor walked over to Zhou Wei, took off his sunglasses and reached out to him.

- All actions are like a year after this scene happened, that similar afternoon, in the T-city pharmacy.The young man who had just saved them on the street took off the motorcycle helmet, wrinkled the black and slender eyebrows, looked at Zhou Wei for a moment of distrust, and finally reached out:

"My name is Sinan."

The White Eagle instructor on the playground in the afternoon of the dream opened his mouth, and the two voices coincided in the void, with familiar hoarseness and laziness:

"Sinan, south of the north and south."

"I came back for you..."

"You must never go."

At the top of the roof in the night, Zhou Wei suddenly spewed a blood!

What Yan Hao screamed, Ning Yu rushed to the top, the wind of the helicopter picked up all the shouts were broken. Zhou Wei turned over in a strong squat and gassing, holding an elbow to the ground and coughing up a few big mouthfuls of blood.

"Cough cough... cough and cough! cough cough -"

Si Nan stretched his hand and looked up: "Red."

Ning Yu slammed his flashlight and saw the light on the south finger of the squad. The blood that Chou finally coughed out was completely black and purple, showing a complete bright red!

"...Sinan..." Zhou Wei said exhaustedly: "I..."

Sinan held his hand and observed it carefully. Under the flashlight, the ulcerated wound on the neck of Zhou Wei was completely covered with fresh red meat and gradually healed into a thin layer of sputum.

"I..." Zhou Wei broke away from Sinan's hand, opened his arms and hugged him tightly: "Hey brother doesn't go... Don't leave me..."

He couldn't focus on his eyes and muttered: "Don't leave me, my brother won't leave."

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