By Huai Shang

Chapter 61 Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Chapter 61


But how can the base sneak into the zombies? !

"It's not me, it has nothing to do with the experiment." Ning Yu said succinctly: "It should be that all the patrols are concentrated to the front door tonight, and a small group of zombies trapped in the jungle in the north has been drilled in. What should I do now?" ”

Zhou Wei decisively decided: "Full speed rolling!"

Zhou Hao and Yan Hao also found the muzzle from the window and opened the fire!

Seven or eight zombies fell instantly, but in the high beam, more zombies came out of the darkness, showing a twisted figure. The jeep was rampaged, and Zhou Wei backhand wrapped the chain around his arm and said: "Dr. Ning! You have a little bit of zombies!"

Ning Yu: "You... you have to compare with the tens of thousands in front..."

Dr. Ning is obviously not good at high-risk driving. Si Nan explored the upper body from the back seat, grabbed the steering wheel in one hand, and slammed it in a slap in the face. He avoided the five or six zombies that ran against the front of the car.

A few snoring sounds, the body hit the zombies on the side. At the same time, a fleshy black hand smashed in from the broken window, blindly scratching, almost caught the back neck of Zhou Wei!

Sinan opened the door and pushed it heavily. Then the long legs flew, and the zombie who was carrying the door rolled out and disappeared into the darkness behind the car.

"The 500 meters ahead is the signal tower! I saw the gray building!" Yan Hao said in the charge | The gun burst into a sound: "Captain, do you want to take two locators..."

Yan Hao turned around and saw that Zhou Yizheng turned around and took advantage of the time to change the magazine. He took a kiss with Sinan.

"..." Yan Haomu said: "You are too much."

Zhou Yan Zhang pointed him with a gun: "Three midnight! Laozi is Alpha! Have the obligation to maintain his wife's mood! What do you want to say?"

Ning Yu’s driver was not very stable, and he couldn’t help but shake the car. Yan Hao supported the back of the chair and looked forward. Zhou Wei followed his hand and saw that there were sporadic buildings after the trees in front, and the signal tower was built on top of one of them.

Yan Hao asked: "Chen Yajing said that she fixed the communication base station, the signal tower should be able to use, do you want to take two locators to try?"

This is feasible. The specific frequency waves emitted by the locator can make the 118 headquarters lock them in one direction, but the signal is always weak due to hardware limitations. If the tower is used to enhance the frequency and increase the radiation range, the possibility of receiving the positioning signal at the headquarters will undoubtedly increase by hundreds of times.


When the three looked at it at the same time, I saw Ning Yu faintly said: "We tried to call hundreds of times when the disaster broke out, and no one came to take care of it. Although you insist on the so-called military, but I am blunt... the military should already It doesn't exist anymore."

Yan Hao shot the zombies who rushed from the roadside to the jeep and asked for directions to Zhou Wei.

The dead people who flashed in the night gradually formed in groups, and once the base broke, the zombies who sneaked in would only grow more and more with time.

Zhou Yi thought for a few seconds and went to Sinan. I saw Si Nan bowed to the window of the car, one eye slightly picked up and stared at the scope, nodded invisible."--Try." Zhou Wei made a decision and said: "We use the military's top secret communication channel, it is worth taking a risk. You both give me the earrings, put me down in front of the signal tower, Yan Hao Huo sent Dr. Sinan and Dr. Ning to find a helicopter. I will meet you after I have signaled..."

Yan Hao said: "No, captain, or let me go, you send Sinan to them."

Zhou Hao coldly said: "What do you say, you can't shoot at all. When you hang up the electronic communication class at the military academy, don't think I have checked your graduation transcript..."

Yan Hao: "The big one is hanging! I shot very well, do you want to try?!"

Zhou Wei: "Who is who who is trying? Come here..."

Sub-pops! The bright light interrupted them. Sinan shot and killed two zombies and seriously said: "Dr. Ning asked you to put me down in front of the signal tower and let them open the house."

Zhou Wei: "..."

Yan Hao: "..."

"Let me go, Captain." Yan Hao sighed. "The number of zombies is within the controllable range. It is not so dangerous. I will come down after the signal is fired. Sinan will give me some bullets... You see me alone. completely fine."

The jeep brushed in front of the signal tower. Two hundred meters away, the gray concrete building stood quietly in the dark.

Zhou Wei was silent for a few seconds, hoarsely said: "Thank you."

Yan Hao opened the door and blew a few dead people outside the seven or eight meters. He turned back and smiled: "My brother, thank you?" He said that he got off the bus and rushed to the building where the signal tower was located.

There are not too many zombies on this time and space, and the rough number is less than one hundred. Ning Yu stepped on the gas pedal again, and only used a few seconds for the 200 meters. The wind and power stopped in front of the gray cement building.

Zhou Yichong got out of the car and shot the broken door lock. After Sinan tacitly held the gun hall, the two men protected Ning Yu in the middle, rushed into the quiet no-man's hall, and pushed the security door into the zombie before chasing it in.

There has been a power outage here, and the stairs are so dark that I can’t reach my fingers. Ning Yu will fall once every three steps. In the end, almost Sinan put him on his shoulder and rushed all the way. The seven or eight-story building quickly reached the top.

"This... here..." Ning Yu was out of breath, and the Phnom Penh glasses were smashed, and the last point of strength was used to push the door to the roof.

Under the celestial scorpion, a huge gray curtain was placed on the roof, and Zhou Wei and Sinan pulled the curtain down to reveal a small helicopter.

Zhou Hao patted the ash on his hand: "You base can be, is it so tight?"

Ning Yu sat exhausted on the ground: "Because it was prepared for me alone, I know only Chen and I, and the Wan Yi, who is responsible for the maintenance."

Zhou Yi did not speak, wearing a single night vision goggles, only to see the top of the building in the distance, a pale green figure crawled agilely onto the signal tower, and immediately the top of the tower began to flash two red lights.

That is Yan Hao.

When the mission to Yanhao is completed, they still have time to spend five minutes alone.

Zhou Wei took a string of thin copper chains from his neck and reached for the neck of Si Nan neck."This is the virus data chip we got from the B military region and the experimental antibody you found. The antibody originally had two tubes. Before I went to see Chen Yajing, I handed one to the spring grass and one to Yan Hao." Pulling Sinan’s hand whispered: “Yan Hao gave me his hand before I got on the bus, you took it...”

Sinan grabbed the copper chain with one hand and prevented him from hanging on his neck.

Under the starry sky, the two stalemate for a moment, Zhou Wei looked at Sinan's eyes, and almost sighed with a pleading tone: "...Si Xiaonan..."

"You are not coming to the port to meet me?" Sinan asked.

Zhou Wei immediately said: "So you will return it to me after the meeting."

Sinan raised his eyebrows, his facial features with a mixed squat, this action made his face look very handsome and ruthless: "So if you don't come, I will throw it into the sea, and then kill Ning Yu, Everyone is dead."

“?” Ning Yu asked in the distance: “Who am I provoking?”

Zhou Xiao smiled, and hugged Sinan with his arms wide open. He whispered in his ear and said, "You won't. If I don't come, you will work hard together to find the military headquarters and tell them. You are my will, you can receive 18,000 pensions every month..."

Sinan leaned over his shoulder, his throat was a little blocked, and he was half-faced and expressionless: "Oh, are you worth a thousand?"

"Of course, the country still owes me a large salary. After the disaster, my brother will give you money to buy a pigeon egg. Do you want platinum or gold? Gold, look at you."

Sinan closed his eyes and seemed to vent his anger after a while, smashing a sturdy ass on Zhou Wei.

"Hey!" Zhou Xiao smiled and ducked: "You are too much comrade Comrade! You have started domestic violence without a certificate!"

"... my dog's eyes will be flashed by you..." Ning Yu muttered, holding his forehead and turned his head.

Zhou couldn't help kissing Sinan's hair, and kissed his ear, using a little bit of scum to rub his neck, as if the male wolf was trying to leave his breath to mark his territory. After a long time, he finally tried to control his instinct and said with regret: "In fact, think about it now, you should take you to the pharmacy to find an inhibitor. In case I have something... three long and two short, big deal, you fake a few drops. The tears of the white-eyed wolf, there must be a lot of handsome guys chasing you later..."

Sinan asked: "Isn't that the nearest city at that time being two thousand kilometers away?"

"No, not to Lhasa." Zhou Wei admitted. "In fact, I was able to find a pharmacy when I drove for a long time."

Sinan: "..."

Zhou Wei did not hear the movement, and looked up slightly: "You are not angry?"

Sinan’s expression was quite strange, and it seemed very embarrassing.

"No, I was just thinking..." He said slowly: "Fortunately, you lied, otherwise how can I implicitly and arrogantly say, 'We still don't want to find inhibitors.'"

Zhou Hao stayed for a few seconds, followed by Yang Tian’s smug and happy laughter.

Ning Yu grabbed his ear and said helplessly: "... Can you spare my dog's ear?"The red dot at the top of the launch tower was extinguished, and Yan Hao quickly fell back to the rooftop and began to move downstairs.

Zhou Wei arbitrarily unscrewed Sinan in his arms, his palms stretched into his clothes, and he pinched and scratched on the prominent butterfly bones. He also reached out from the back collar and kissed the small piece of the back neck with relatives. Attractive and soft meat.

Sinan's revenge is to insert the hand into the waist of the week, after the ups and downs of the squatting side of the lips and play: "The waist muscles are well trained, the captain of the week, this is the legendary Mackays Ling..." Your gluteus maximus is quite strong..."

"Hey--" Zhou Wei grabbed his wrist with lightning: "Comrade Xiaosi! Don't be arrogant and arrogant! Where do you want to touch?!"

Sinan lazy: "Don't be so sensitive, you don't have to check when you join the army. Chrysanthemums are not clear."

"You... I... I have to pick up Yanhao, you are waiting here." Zhou Hao hurriedly licked his ass and held the charge with one hand. The gun, back a few steps threatened: "Hey! Know! Be careful. Hey, come back and cry for you!"

Sinan replied to him more arrogantly than the middle finger.


Zhou Yichong went downstairs, jumped into the jeep, and at the same time the front of the car was turned, just Yan Hao appeared in front of the opposite building.

Sinan bored his gun and leaned against the edge of the roof, suddenly slamming. He doesn't have a night vision goggles. He can't see it from such a high place, but the jeep headlights are a dozen, reflecting the densely corpse of zombies on the open space. This will be the time to talk, and the zombies who sneaked into the base have soared to so much. !

"Be careful!" Sinan shouted, and then fired from a height!

The zombies trapped in front of the car were beaten up, Jeep slowly started, and with the firepower of Sinan in the high place, a road mixed with blood stasis and broken bones was crushed in the zombies.

When Yan Hao was out of the building, he was surrounded by zombies chased in front. He had to shoot a gun and return to the building. At this time, the jeep had already come over, Zhou Wei exquisitely turned around the tail, the rear wheel crushed the zombies into minced meat, and immediately shouted: "Yan Hao! Come up!"

Yan Hao yelled in the sound of the bullet: "I can't go! Need support!"

Zhou Wei three and five in addition to the second chain wrapped around the body, while jumping out of the car door while deducting the charge | gun trigger, the fire tongue quickly spit, the front zombie encircling the ring torn open the crack. He jumped up and grabbed the top frame of the door, flew over the top of all the zombies, and fired again at the landing, sweeping over the five or six zombies in the hall: "Yan Hao!"

Yan Hao was so embarrassed that he had been pushed onto the stairs by the zombies: "Here!"

Zhou Hao originally wanted to meet with him. The two men smashed out from the gate with high-pressure firepower, but did not expect Yan Hao to be forced back to the second floor. But he had to grab the stair railing and jump sideways. The figure was so fast that he climbed up the second floor of the stairs and beat the zombies chased by his feet.

"This side!" Yan Hao's voice came from behind: "Fast! I have no bullets!"The zombie joints were stiff and the speed of climbing the stairs was slow. Zhou Yi slammed back and slammed back, and the corner of his eyes suddenly saw the dead hands of the zombies. However, the stinky tooth did not fall on his neck. Yan Hao rushed to the ground and grabbed the zombie with a slap in the face. He couldn’t think about it and pushed it out directly from the window at the end of the corridor.

Oh! The glass window was shattered, and the zombies fell on the ground floor of the first floor. They did not move on the spot.

More and more dead people climbed up the stairs, and in the darkness, like countless, twisted branches, twisted into the corridor. Zhou Hao a charge | gun has gradually been unable to suppress the zombie tide, Yan Hao from the tactical bag to find his last hand | Ray, in the bullets rain in the rain close to Zhou Hao ear 嘶吼: "After counting to three jump!"

Zhou Wei: "Fast!"

Yan Hao handles | Thunder throws out the second floor window. Four seconds later, there was an earth-shattering explosion in the zombie group downstairs.

“Three!” Yan Hao climbed the window sill and jumped forward: “Jump!”

Zhou Wei: "Don't you have one or two?!"

Zhou Wei, a fallen onion, is like a professional diver, beautiful and extremely flat, and the thick smoke is scattered from the feet.

Yan Hao: "Don't worry about one or two! Run and run!"

People often have unimaginable potential at a critical juncture. From the landing to the front door of the jeep, they are only 50 seconds away from the building. The world champions are just like this. The zombies who blocked the road were not handed | Lei Feifei, was charged | Gunshot, Zhou Hao and Yan Hao drifted at the same time, opened the jeep and rushed in, and slammed the door twice.

The zombies chased them and slammed around the window.

When I ran over, I didn't pay attention. Yan Hao just happened to be in the driver's seat. Then he started the car smoothly. He crushed the zombie group and opened it. He suddenly saw Zhou Wei put down the charge. The gun reached out and touched his neck.

"What's wrong?" Yan Hao asked casually.

Zhou Wei did not answer.

"……what happened?"

A chilly hunch suddenly rose from the bottom of my heart, Yan Hao over-the-head, I saw Zhou Hao's hand from the back neck and slowly spread to him.

- On his fingertips, there was a trace of purple and black blood.

Yan Hao’s breathing stopped.


Sinan stared at the Tiantai Gate. Although he had no expression on his handsome face, no matter who saw it, his patience had reached the limit, and he could suddenly throw it out whenever and wherever.

At the moment when Sinan’s pupil was about to stand up, suddenly—hey!

The Tiantai Gate opened wide, and Zhou Hao and Yan Hao wrapped in the cold wind and came in.

"You used to climb the eight-story building for fifteen minutes," Sinan ordered a military watch, jokingly said: "To be honest, what to do in the corridor, try to shoot who is better? Hehe..."

He was hugged by Zhou Hao, the hug was unprecedented, and he lost the sound of the Nannan."Si Xiaonan," Zhou Wei's voice was hoarse and unstable. He buried his face in the collar of Sinan and took a deep breath. He pulled his chin and kissed his face in a random way. He murmured: "Hey brother loves you, do you know?" The most loved thing in my life is you. It’s good to meet you, I don’t regret anything when I meet you. I will follow everything in the future, everything will follow you, I will always look at you well. ......"

Sinan couldn't help but answer a question. He just wanted to answer something. Suddenly, Yan Hao stood not far away, suddenly slammed his mouth and turned his head.

I don't know why the action gave Sinan some wrong feelings.

“Zhou Wei?” Sinan asked softly: “Is it okay?”

In the shadow that no one saw, Zhou’s throat slid sharply, as if he had swallowed a sour lumpy in his throat, and then raised his eyes to reveal a smile.

"Nothing, my brother is going to go... I have to go back and kill a few more zombies. Come, you can get on the plane and let me see you again."

Ning Yu launched the helicopter, and the propeller turned out to scream, and Zhou Wei put the Sinan circle in the arm and forced him to the direction of the cockpit.

"..." Sinan tried to stop and say something a little, but Zhou Wei did not notice it, even avoiding his gaze, and pushed him to the front of the hatch.

"Go ahead!" Zhou Hao shook back and forth, loudly: "Go! Time is tight!"

Sinan boarded the first step at the door of the cabin and suddenly turned back, frowning and looking at Zhou Wei.

"Go, Si Xiaonan, Sui Bao, my brother really has to go..."

"You are not asking for marriage?" Sinan asked suddenly.

Zhou Yiyi.

"You haven't asked me to marry me yet," Sinan turned and calmed and wondered: "Isn't it right now? It's all played in the movie."

Zhou Wei rushed to breathe, and the hand hanging on his side shook violently, and the frequency was even hard to hide.

"Wait... wait until the port meets and ask again." He finally forced himself to speak out word by word, saying: "Now there is no ring, in the movie... there are rings in the movie..."

Sinan closed his eyes and suddenly rushed forward. Zhou Hao had not responded, and he was pushed to the ground!

"Si Xiaonan, listen to me..."

"What's wrong with you?!" Sinan's voice was very tight, and he passed Zhou's face to check his chin and neck, and forcibly picked up his cuffs and checked his wrist: "Are you bitten?!"

Zhou Hao rushed to dodge: "No, really, what are you thinking about?"

The voice did not fall, and Sina touched the warmth of his neck and trembled, shaking his hand.

Yan Hao’s footsteps solidified in place.

- The light from the helicopter cabin was thrown behind them, reflecting the black blood on the finger of Sinan.

"What happened..." Sinan was shaking all over, his eyes almost utterly confused: "Why, how can I be bitten, how..."

"It's not being bitten... it's glass." Zhou Wei pulled over Sinan's face and looked at him desperately. "It's a glass that has been stained with zombie blood. It may not be infected, ah, oh, obedient, fast. aircraft……"

Sinan stayed for a few seconds, then raised his hand and went to pick up the thin copper chain on his neckline - the copper chain on the antibody tube they brought out from the B military area."What are you doing!" Zhou Wei furiously said: "Yan Hao!"

Sinan sat on Zhou Wei, and his strength was so large that he did not like people. He slammed the antibody tube from his neck and bit the three-piece tube cap. He had to put the needle on the neck of his neck.

However, at this moment, he was in his hands - Yan Haoqi rushed and grabbed the antibody.

"Come back," Sinan tweeted: "Give me back!"

Yan Hao’s eyes were full of tears, and he shook his head and stepped back: “I’m sorry, sorry Sinan, sorry...”

"Shut up!" Sinan burst into a smashing sound, and almost disappeared. At the same moment, he appeared in front of Yan Hao. "Boom!" He slammed him to the ground!

"Let's relax!" Sinan grabbed Yan Hao's throat tightly and grabbed the antibody tube in the other hand. He was like a crazy gambler who had nowhere to go: "I want you to let go!"

Yan Hao held the test tube and died. Zhou Qianchong rushed forward and forced the hand of Sinan. He dragged him back with his elbow, but the two could not restrain him.

"The antibody is what I found. I took two of them for you to fight with Zhang Yingjie! Who saved your life?! Whose mother saved your life?!" Sinan sat on Yan Hao, wrist He was caught by Zhou Hao and screamed and screamed at Yan Hao: "Why do you beat antibodies, others can't?!"

Yan Hao was stunned and coughed, and said: "We should have used it...it should not be enough for the last two. In case of spring grass, then..."

"You should not use it with you! Why shouldn't you use it?" Sinan anger broke him: "Go and kill the antibody you used, go!"

Yan Hao’s tears finally flowed down his cheeks.

"Sinan, you listen to me, Sinan...antibiotics really can't give you," he whimpered. "I will pay you for my life. Will I give my life to you? Sorry, antibodies are really not good, sorry... ”

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