By Huai Shang

Chapter 59 Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Chapter 59

When Ning Yu left, the experimental hall instantly darkened, leaving only a few emergency lights still faint.

It seems that Ning Yu took into account the energy factor when designing the laboratory. Si Nan looked around and thought about the possible current loop. He suddenly saw Dr. Zheng go to the corner and picked up the hand thrown away by Ning Yu before | gun.

He came back and didn't dare to look at Sinan. He lowered his head and tried to aim the steel chain on the hand of Sinan with a muzzle.

"..." Sinan asked: "What are you doing?"

Ning Yu did not take the gun when he left, but his IQ should not be forgotten, but he decided that Dr. Zheng would not dare to break the handcuffs for Sinan. Otherwise, the first thing after Si Nan’s troubles is definitely Zheng The doctor died suddenly.

“Dr. Ning Yu showed me his preliminary research results on the vaccine,” Dr. Zheng whispered as he pulled the chain and said: “He told me that he needs your serum to achieve this vaccine for the evolution of the virus. ... program, I advise him to tell you directly, get your cooperation..."

Dr. Zheng awkwardly pushed the captain and said, "But he refused, saying that you must know that you have antibodies when you first get bitten, but you never said that, so he is willing to donate blood to you. Very suspicious... and he said that you must trust the weekly team more than him, and the weekly team is stubborn to find the government. They used the communication base station to send countless distress signals, the government did not appear, so you will definitely I will die on the sea before I find the government that does not exist. Then the only hope for developing a vaccine will be cut off..."

Sinan repeated it again: "What are you doing?"

Dr. Zheng was sweating and biting his teeth: "Don't move, wait until I interrupt my hand!"

Sinan coldly said: "You will interrupt my hand before breaking the chain." When he said that he was earning his teeth, the blue veins of his left hand were violent, and the steel chain was overwhelmed!

Dr. Zheng saw the monster and was stunned. After only a few seconds, just listen to it - rub it!

The armrests of the recliner were broken, and the half flew out on the spot!

Sinan's left wrist hangs the chain and the other half of the armrests, the wrist skin is open, and the blood is flowing. But he did not care to clean up the blood, taking the gun from Dr. Zheng, who was a cockroach, hehe! boom! boom! Four shots, all hands and feet returned to freedom.

"you you you……"

"What," Sinan said indifferently, throwing empty guns at his hand: "No explanation."

Dr. Zheng stood down and stood in the same place. He sighed for a long time, and his voice was so light that he could hardly hear anyone except himself:

"……I am sorry."

To his surprise, there was a cry: "It doesn't matter."

Dr. Zheng suddenly looked up and saw Si Nan walked to the test bed. He opened Ning Yu's notes and read it. He didn't lift his head: "I don't have to explain, I forgive you, but I won't trust you again. That's it. ""

Sinan took Ning Yu's notebook into his arms and rummaged around on the test bed. After a while, he finally saw what he was looking for in the trash - a glittering ruby ​​earring.Sinan did not know whether to sigh Ning Yu's cleverness or Ning Yu's arrogance. He pressed the locator, put on the earrings, looked around, and wanted to find something valuable to take away.

However, Sinan's biochemical knowledge is limited. After a cursory observation, he only feels that everything is valuable. Reagents, powders, various utensils, and even a few papers that have been drawn with words and words have hidden inspiration and clues. It is difficult to distinguish which ones are more important.

- As Ning Yu himself said, he is a murderer, but it is indeed a murderer with terrible wisdom.

Sinan twisted his eyebrows and suddenly heard vibrations from his ears - the locator received the signal!


Sharp alarms came from the ground, became dull and unclear, and echoed over and over again in the underground base. The guards rushed to organize the equipment, flew up to the ground, and walked through the corridor in a chaotic manner. No one noticed Yan Hao and Guo Weixiang in the shadow of the corner.

Yan Hao made a gesture, pointing to his earrings, and then pointing to the front somewhere.

Guo Weixiang nodded silently and understood what he meant - the locator received the signal, and Sinan was not far away.

The guards' footsteps are getting farther away. Yan Hao Guo Weixiang looked at each other with a tacit understanding. At the same time, they flashed out of the corner of the corridor and stalked the wall.

The equipment on them had 30 kilograms up, but the footsteps were so light that they could hardly make a sound. Through several corridors, the locator vibration became more and more obvious, and finally a slight outing in the long underground aisle: "哔-"

Under the dim light of the emergency light, a dark alloy door was hidden in the shadows, and it was almost invisible.

Yan Hao gently buckled the door, and the interval between each sound was three long and two short.

The voice of Sinan came from inside the door: "Zhou Wei!"

"..." Yan Hao grabbed his face in Guo Weixiang's sympathetic eyes, and wanted to cry without tears: "It's me, Yan Hao."

Sinan: "..."


"Do not move, raise your hand!"

At the end of the corridor, the guards roared suddenly. Yan Hao was very surprised: "No? I am so back?" said Guo Weixiang: "Open this door!"

Sinan: "No, wait!"

Yan Hao fired a shot, and several guards dispersed at the same time, and instantly caught the fire!

Guo Weixiang looked around for the door lock. The alloy door was embedded in the masonry. The surrounding area was smooth and seamless. Only the wall of the door frame was equipped with a fingerprint control key. At this time, the situation is urgent, it is impossible to find someone who meets the fingerprint to unlock, Guo Weixiang quickly touched the tactical backpack | Ray, said: "Si Nan! Back!"

Sinan: "No! Don't destroy this door! You listen to me..."


The masonry splashed, the dust was flying, the whole experimental hall was shocked, and the joint between the alloy door and the wall was blown open by a gap of half a person.

Sinan reluctantly licked his eyebrows and had to push Dr. Zheng out of the gap. Then he also drilled the door. He only listened to Guo Weixiang's big voice and asked: "Doctor Zheng? How are you here?"

Dr. Zheng: "It's my fault, I..."

Sinan said: "Don't ask! He is tied!"Several bullets hit the wall and splashed in the dark. Yan Haofei quickly leaned into the shuttle bullet and said: "Come on! The extra-level alarm outside, the base is surrounded by zombies!"

Guo Weixiang pushed Sinan and Dr. Zheng into the bunker, rushed forward with the bullets, and picked up the micro charge. The gun joined the battle group. With his fire support, Yan Hao's pressure suddenly resolved, and several guards at the other end of the corridor immediately lost, and they ran out.

Guo Weixiang chased after pulling his legs.

"Wait! Xiangzi!" Suddenly Yan Hao saw the guards ran into the next corridor, turned to take a button on the wall, and then threw something in the direction of the aisle, and the bones rolled down the ground.

Yan Hao didn't think about it, and flew straight up: "Be careful!"

Suddenly, Guo Weixiang was thrown to the ground by Yan Hao!

At the same time, the thing stopped rolling and was stopping a few meters ahead of Guo Weixiang.

Hand | Ray? !

In an instant, Guo Weixiang’s heartbeat was almost static, and there was only one feeling in consciousness—Yan Hao kept him under his own body.

The next second hand | Ray began to leak: "Hey..."

"Mom!" Yan Hao mad cough and swear: "Just, tears | bomb!"

I don't know if this kind of earth-made tears is a result of Ning Yu's five-line lack of virtue. The yellow-green gas is sprayed out instantly, and the darkness quickly spreads to the entire passage. The nearest Yanhao and Guo Weixiang were the first to bear the brunt, and they were sprayed with irritating gas. They couldn’t stand even on the spot.

Sinan slammed his mouth and nose and rushed to the end of the corridor at the speed of cheetah. However, it was too late to listen to the front - jingle!

It was the reverberation of the metal, the heavy fence descended from the sky, and the nose of Sinan was firmly placed, and the long aisle was closed!

The guard quickly retreated on the other side of the fence, and Sinan subconsciously went to touch the gun, but touched the air - he had no weapons.

"Give me a gun!" he shouted, but he turned around and knew that it was impossible.

Yan Hao and Guo Weixiang are at the very center of the stimulator leak, where they have been completely covered by yellow-green, and the gas is still spreading to this side, it seems that it is a matter of seconds.

When people are in a hurry, they tend to have a blank mind and can't think about it, but some people move to the brain in an emergency, and Sinan belongs to the latter.

He put his hand out of the gap in the fence, touched the wall outside, touched the boxed switch, and knew that it was the electronic terminal that controlled the metal fence. This kind of design is very different from the security measures of the domestic research institute. It should be added when Ning Yu later transformed the laboratory; Sinan’s heart glimpsed a sense of familiarity and realized that he had seen it before.

- White Eagle base.

After escaping from the Baiying Base, Ning Yu brought some of his design ideas back to the country and brought it to this secret underground test site.

If it is circuit control, the metal fence will fall after the power is turned on, just disconnect the power supply...

The yellow-green gas is floating like a devil, and Sinan is coughing and dizzy, can't think more, and the backhand smashes the boxed switch!He couldn't see the switch because of the angle of view, but he had been familiar with it for countless times since he was a child, so he didn't need to look at it at all. At the beginning of the millennium, Si Nan's fingers accurately pulled out a wire in the wall and instantly broke it.


The electric light flashed and the Sinan flew backwards!

As soon as Si Nan fell to the ground, the pupils spread rapidly and the body twitched slightly.

The metal fence made a helpless humming, slowly opening, and the stimulating gas suddenly drifted out.

"Cough, cough, cough..."

In the dim, a micro-fat figure stumbled and rushed over, coughing tears and wandering, wandering in the side of Sinan, exploring the snout and heartbeat, immediately began to do artificial respiration and chest compressions.

After a while, Si Nan violently coughed out, wheezing and snoring, and recovered his mind with difficulty.

"No, nothing..." Sinan shivered and held the ground, supported the upper body, and stopped Dr. Zheng who was coming up again: "Don't... don't talk, don't move your hands..."

"?" Dr. Zheng obviously did not get the stalks of the special forces. They eagerly said: "Are you okay? You know how many volts are there, dare to reach out?!"

Sinan has no choice but to say: "Get used to..."

Ning Yu should have no conditions to make real tear gas, otherwise the lethality is definitely much greater than it is now, so it is still enough to make them. Dr. Zheng helped the soft-skinned south of the aisle to help out the aisle, and blocked the nose and mouth, and dragged Yan Hao and Guo Weixiang out, laying flat on the ground.

After a few minutes, they recovered their consciousness, and each coughed their noses and tears together. Guo Weixiang almost spit out the bile.

Sinan said the matter briefly, skipping Dr. Zheng's anti-water spray to him | ether this paragraph does not mention, focusing on Ning Yu's experimental progress and speculation on his serum. Guo Weixiang was so easy to spit out, exhausted and smeared his mouth and sat on the ground. After listening to it, he said: "This mental illness is simply..."

"His lab is very important. It stores a lot of precious materials. I want you not to use violent means to break the door because of this." Sinan stood up against the wall and got an ankle. "But now it’s too late, you put him a few The precision instruments are all broken, go back and prepare to be Zhou Wei."

Guo Weixiang: "..."

Yan Haoping can't move on the ground, looking at the black ceiling of the head, and he is incapable of ordering: "Very good, we must take away Ning Yu when retreating. In addition, from now on, protect Sinan, what empty hand touches the heartbeat play like electric door... You are not allowed to play, what to do when you play into a beggar, and expect you to save the world."

This was originally an exciting news, but it was a tear that was smothered by Ning Yu’s lack of morality. Everyone said no excitement, and even the strength of speaking was almost gone.

Sinan helped the wall through the corridor and went to the lab to collect all the materials and documents that could be brought. The others rested for a few minutes in the same place, until Sinan came back, and they swayed and stood up, packing up the firearms and preparing to leave."Ning Yu is definitely still on this floor. Let's find him out, take it away, and go up with others." Yan Hao licked the numb foot and said: "The captains should fight against the zombies on the periphery. We are trying to catch Live Chen Yajing, then go to support them. Do you have any objections?"

No one disagreed, Guo Weixiang suddenly thought: "Team."

Yan Hao: "..."

"I don't know that you loved me so much, thinking that it was a hand|Ray, and I gave it to me to protect me..." Guo Weixiang was moved to wipe his nose and came up to hug Yanhao: "Hey, The team is spending you too much, I am..."

Yan Hao's face is white: "Go away! Speak, don't move your hands!"


The pedestrians walked into the intricate deep space of the basement, while at the same time the ground entrance at their head, a jeep suddenly stopped behind the trees.

Zhou Wei got off the back of the head with a gun and saw that a nanny car was flying far away, and stopped in front of the building. Then the two men carried Chen Yajing’s wheelchair down and one stayed outside. Another person pushed her in a hurry to go inside.

Zhou Wei whispered: "If you dare to speak, you will die, do you know?"

Wan Hao stared at the front, nodded, and then suddenly raised his breath: "..."

He hasn't made a sound yet, Zhou Wei has already noticed that his chest is about to scream, and his backhand has made him a big mouth, followed by a stun.

"Toasting does not eat and drink fine wine," Zhou Yu cold and cold, holding the bloody face of Wan Hao slowly fell in the trees.

Chen Yajing has been pushed into the building. Zhou Yi thought about it and sneaked forward, like a tiger hunting, silently wandering around behind the guard, picking up a hand knife!

The guards didn't figure out what was going on, and they passed out on the spot.

Zhou Wei took care of him and put him down. He followed Chen Yajing into the building.

This is the experimental building before the abandonment of the institute. When Zhou Wei followed up, Chen Yajing was entering the elevator, and the elevator door slowly closed, and the number showed a negative second.

It seems that the underground secret laboratory in Wanshaokou is really not fake, but what does Chen Yajing do to find Ning Yu?

Zhou Xiaomei tipped and went straight into the safe corridor. The wind plunged down two flights of stairs and flashed into the second floor while the elevator "叮!" opened.

The corridor in front of him was very empty, there was no one around, and only the emergency lights flashed with dim light.

Chen Yajing's men pushed the wheelchair forward and walked forward. After a few minutes of ghostly lingering, I saw them turning into a room at the bottom of the zigzag corridor.

“Thank you.” Chen Yajing whispered, “Help me to call Ning Yu.”

The men went away and just walked out the door, only to feel a violent wind in the dark: "What?"

He only had time to make this short half-voice, and he lost his consciousness.

Chen Yajing turned back and said: "Who!"

At the entrance of the underground office, her men fell softly to the ground, and then the darkness flashed out of the demon-like demon-like figure. The hand raised a gun and the gun was nailed to Chen Yajing's eyebrows.

"Don't move, don't ask." Zhou Yiping said, "Where is Sinan?"Chen Yajing froze at the moment she saw Zhou Wei, but after a few seconds, she relaxed and leaned back in the back of the wheelchair:

"It’s not a force of 118. Is Wan Hao still alive?"

"Alive." Zhou said, "I am good at killing people, but I don't kill people unless you make irreparable things."

Chen Yajing shrugged. "You want more team captains. Nothing is going to happen. Noah is safe here to the point where you can't imagine. Even if I was killed by zombies after the fall of the base, neither he nor Ning Yu would. of."

Zhou Wei did not hide his face and looked at Chen Yajing. This disabled woman with no hands on her feet calmly looked back, and her eyes did not have any avoidance.

A moment later, Zhou Wei slightly narrowed her eyes, as if she had believed her for a while, pointed her at the muzzle and quickly scanned the room under her feet.

This space is not large, but twenty or thirty square meters, the white curtain hanging from the ceiling, half blocked the corner of a first aid bed. Zhou Wei’s various medical and biochemical instruments that are difficult to recognize are placed against the wall, while Chen Yajing has a test bench filled with utensils.

- A bit like a mixture of emergency room and biochemical laboratory.

Zhou Wei stepped forward and confronted Chen Yajing across the test bench. The five fingers wearing sniper gloves groped for nothing on the table and met a spread note.

He thought it was the experimental record of Ning Yu's psychiatrist, but he took it up and saw it, it was a neat pen word, each line remembering a person's name corresponding to the date.

The ten lines of each page of the note have been written on the □ page.

"What is this?" Zhou Wei whispered.

Chen Yajing replied: "The list of living subjects, and the date of death."

Zhou Wei turned over one page until the first page, and suddenly saw a row of death dates that were empty.

The name of the person corresponding to that line is - Chen Yajing.

Zhou Wei’s eyes changed slightly, only listening to Chen Yajing’s voice hoarse and easing:

"The light here is dark, you may not see clearly. The name written in blue ink is a volunteer, mainly the leader of the original research institute and the backbone of the research; black ink is part of the opposition that was split up and was captured in several fights. Come, and some people who were unfortunately caught after the order was placed."

"The former has a total of 63, and the latter has a total of 32. Ning Yu wrote down their names, adding up to a total of 95 people, and their bones have become the cornerstone of today's vaccine research results."

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