By Huai Shang

Chapter 58 Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Chapter 58

When the door slammed loudly, Guo Weixiang looked up from the bed and saw that Yan Hao rushed in. His face could be described in terms of blue and white, and the face was asked: "What about the spring grass?"

"Going to patrol with people." Guo Weixiang is inexplicable: "What?"

Yan Hao stared at him, and his eyes were awkward. After a long sigh of relief, he took a word from his teeth:

"...I lost Sinan."

"Oh, is it?" Guo Weixiang turned the comic book over a page, and the lack of interest: "Did you not throw Sinan to your brother, let the first love of the endless death with the wind, the vice captain. The incense that has burned for 30 years in this life has caught such a scorpion mouse, but there are still many opportunities to see you from the face..."

Yan Hao took away the comic book: "Follow me."

"Hey, you are doing it! Me! I am so hard to borrow the latest words from people!"

Yan Wei’s arrogant Guo Weixiang, a gust of wind smashed into the back room, blink of an eye has grabbed the micro charge | gun and two tactical backpacks, slammed one of them into Guo Weixiang:

"The captain told me not to let Sinan settle, but I did not stare, he was missing."

The two looked at each other for a few seconds. Guo Weixiang opened his mouth in disbelief. Yan Hao said dumbly: "He was taken away by the people at the base."

"...the team spends," Guo Weixiang said earnestly. "You will kill you."



The vertigo caused by the anesthetic still remains in my mind, and I open my eyes and turn around.

"Give him water," a male voice screaming.

The cold water was forcibly poured into the mouth, but the trained special forces reacted differently from the ordinary people. Zhou Wei did not swallow and swallowed out, suddenly coughed up and woke up.

The car continued to sway as it traveled, and the sky was dark outside the window, and the mountain road quickly retreated.

Wan Hao sat across from the opposite side, pointing a gun at Zhou Wei’s head, and there was a five-big three-handed man staring at him.

Zhou Wei forced his eyes closed and his eyes gradually adapted to the darkness of the sky. "What time is it?"

"Five o'clock." Wan Hao cold and cold, "You sent me more than 20 men into the emergency room, don't move, or I really collapsed you."

"Where do you want to take me?"

"Go on board."

"What about my team?"

"The girl and the country boy patrolled the base with my people. I was sent to the small white face and the second generation of the official. Don't worry, you can't miss one, you can all get on board."

Zhou Wei tried hard to press the eyebrows and was indifferent to the muzzle of the distance. He asked, "What about my wife?"

"Your wife?" Wan Hao grabbed Zhou Hao’s neckline and seemed to be very ridiculous: "I didn’t figure out, all of you have a small life in our hands. It’s delicious to drink and send you out to sea. You are still here. Got the inch?"

Zhou Wei lazily said: "Speak well, don't move your hands."

Zhou Wei’s appearance is too oily to be like a special soldier. Even the recruits who have just joined the army are more serious than him. Wan Hao’s heart’s last glance at Zhou’s late night’s stagnation of the city disappeared, and he only wanted to punch him and beat him. He took a few deep breaths and barely suppressed the idea."That is called Sinan," Wan Hao pointed at Zhou's forehead with a gun and gnashed his teeth. "I don't care if he is your wife, your aunt, or your ancestors. Dr. Ning said that he may have antibodies in his serum. He is All human beings, he should stay and experiment, can you understand?!"

Zhou Yi thought for a moment, a serious saying: "You are right."

Wan Hao: "..."

"I marked him. He is indeed my wife. It is the people's taxation government. I am a people. I can say that I can eat and drink. As for the ancestors, the whole team knows that he is our little ancestor." So you are really right..."

Wan Hao couldn't help it anymore, and the backhand took a shot and turned Zhou Yu back!

The blood slowly flowed down from the forehead of Zhou, and the men had already been stunned, and could not help but anger.

"Ha ha..." Zhou Wei did not feel the pain at all. He smothered the blood and smacked his tongue. The corner of his mouth smirked without a cover: "How can you not make a joke, buddy?"

Wan Hao said, "Who is the mother who wants to make jokes with you?" He was born in his throat, and he saw that Zhou Wei suddenly looked a whole face. The smile of Lang Lang disappeared without a trace: "—— Dr. Ning Yu said that the serum of Sinan may be Is there an antibody, is it that Rosie went to your base?"

"……do not know!"

"80% is."

Zhou Yiyang lay in the back seat, a trace of blood soaked in the hair, making his handsome facial features look even more haze. But he seemed to be unaware of it, meditating and muttering: "So Roger arrived in China for a long time, because he knew that Sinan was the key to survival in the end...but if Sinan had antibodies, why did Ronald want to shock? What about him? If you tie it directly back to the blood, you can’t do it. It’s logically unreasonable.”

Wan Hao didn't understand what he was saying, but he was nervously nervous: "What do you mean?"

Zhou Wei ignored him:

"Unless Sinan knows a secret that is more precious and more critical than antibodies, let Ronald know the answer without hesitation. But it is impossible. Is anything more important than antibodies? Unless Sinan has no antibodies at all, or his Antibodies are not useful to the average person."

Wan Yan’s eyes are rounded up: “What... What do you say? Impossible, Dr. Ning asked Dr. Zheng, who was bitten by a zombie but was not infected, he must have antibodies!”

Zhou Yan’s eyes turned over and seemed to be impatient: “What about?”

"What is going on, then he should stay and experiment! People all over the world are waiting to develop a vaccine..."

"Should?" Zhou Wei asked coldly.

One thousand miles.

"No one in this world owes anyone, nothing is right. If you really want to say it, even if Sinan's serum can really save the world, you have to explain the situation with him, and then get the consent to do the damn experiment. His mother is the real 'should'!"

Zhou Hao suddenly got up and roared, and Wan Hao subconsciously shrank backwards. After the reaction came over, he became angry and angry: "What are you doing?! What do you know, if he disagrees? If he is greedy and afraid of death?! You People don’t understand anything at all..."Zhou Wei Zhang Zhiji, with his index finger pointed at the muzzle of the black hole in front of him: "I tell you what kind of person is Sinan. He took the risk to save us in the case of Su Shi, and rescued the masses with us, born and died, countless times for protection. Others are betting on the cost of life, and there are no retreats in the face of hundreds of thousands of zombies... He is much more brave than the cowards who have been huddled in the surviving base!"

"If he feels that his serum can get out of the vaccine, he will pump the last drop of blood to you!" Zhou Hao's anger was deafening, and the next mover did not dare to move, and Wan Hao's lips screamed and couldn't speak. Come, you can only stare at Zhou Wei: "--but you tied him! Hypocrisy! Little man! The generosity of others, the mother of holy people! Still here, what should I do, should not, roll your mother of!"


The body slammed and it seemed to hit something, and the driver slammed on the brakes.

Everyone is under the inertia and looks back at the car. Wan Hao’s roar was blocked by hard and hard, and only the driver’s trembling voice came from the front: “Wan, Wan Ge, it seems not quite right...”

In order to save electricity, unless the visual conditions are very poor, the base driving on this familiar mountain road is not lighting. Everyone was quiet for a moment, only listening to the wind and the wind outside the window, as if the mourning of the soul, is rapidly swept from afar.


A rotten hand was slammed on the side window!

The chaos shots and the driver immediately turned on the high beam, and everyone was shocked.

I saw sight and dozens of zombies came from the mountain road and surrounded the car. Not far from the wilderness, more zombies are coming in and coming together, and soon they have gathered into a spectacular living crowd.

"Wan Ge," the driver took the cry when he arrived: "When it's over, it's finished..."

Wan Hao blurted out: "Reversely! Fast!"

The driver was in a hurry to reverse the car, but the panic was blocked but he changed the wrong one and almost hit the guardrail. Just on the eye of this bone, I only listened to the cracking sound of the window, and several dead hands reached into the carriage at the same time!

"Ah, ah--"

The driver and his men screamed at the same time, and they couldn’t get caught by the zombies. At the beginning of the millennium, Zhou Hao rushed up and grabbed his gun. A shot would grab his zombie and make a headshot. He said, "Don't shout! Live!"

Wan Hao passed away with death, and the brain was blank.

I saw Zhou Wei’s backhand, and cut off the zombie arms that had been scratched into the window, grabbed the driver who had already urinated and pushed it to the first officer, and then squeezed it into the driver’s seat. Everyone else didn't react in the huge fear. Zhou Wei had already changed gears and reversed. He knocked two or three zombies in the squeaky sound of the tires, followed by a clean three-point U-turn.


A few bursts of bones bursting, Zhou Wei pushed the zombies on the side of the door to the highway guardrail, squeezing the body deformation, and then stepping on the accelerator pedal!

A steady stream of zombies is coming, but the jeep is already full of horsepower and flying out!The jeep whispers all the way, and the zombies that are constantly surrounded by all sides are far behind the car. However, under the high beam, in the wilderness farther away, the countless zombies are gathering into an army and trekking in the direction of the base.

The driver stuttered and asked: "How...how is it possible, from where it came from, how could this be..."

Wan Hao has been extremely shocked, but he still has a bit of blood, and suddenly bite his tongue, forcing himself to calm down: "Don't panic, afraid of a fart! As long as we hurry back to the base to report, the base must be kept live!"

"But, but this battle is bigger and bigger than the previous two days..."

"Shut up!" Wan Hao said: "The first two days have been held, and now don't be afraid! Let me tell you that your egg is coming out!"

The driver was so scared that his face was pale and white, and his teeth squeaked. Under the man's eyes, he was able to see with a naked eye. At this time, he suddenly said: "We, we should not go back."

Wan Hao swears: "What is nonsense?!"

"We shouldn't go back!" The man collapsed: "Too much, you see that there are at least tens of thousands! We should, should continue to go to the port, and have time to get on the boat!"

The driver and Wan Hao were both stunned, and then Wan Hao was furious. He punched the man in the seat with a punch: "Take the old man closed! Are you talking about people? Whose wife and children are not at the base?" Are we going like this?"


The bullets were rubbed and the whole person froze.

Zhou Hao drove a hand-held gun, and the muzzle was facing the head of the bodyguard behind him. The rear view mirror reflected his sharp and gloomy eyes.

"My wife was deducted by you," he said faintly. "Who doesn't want to go back, just get me off the car now."

The hand trembled, and slowly peeed the pants.


The night that symbolizes smoke and death is coming, and the base is like a castle in the night. The high beam flashed from the end of the mountain road, the jeep roared and screamed, and I heard the sound of screaming and screaming: "Open - door -"

In the guard post, several guards poked their heads: "Wan brother?"

"Wan brother is back, so fast?"

"Open the door -!" Wan Hao's sharp and sharp break: "Zombies are coming! Level 1 war preparation!! Open the door -!!"

The jeep almost rushed into the base with the door that was opened. The car has not stopped, Zhou Wei has jumped down, I saw two people in the duty room not far away, it is spring grass and Ding Shi.

"I know there are ghosts! Don't you say that you are going to the ship with Sinan?!" Chuncao screamed at a guard: "What is going on? What are you doing?"

The men are still arrogant: "Mr. Chen said that the captain of the week set off when you patrolled, so that when you come back, you will go to the port to meet..."

Zhou Yi did not say anything. He unloaded his gun to the spring grass, and then he took the man out of the blood and flew a few meters.

Spring grass and Ding Shi at the same time: "戎哥!"

"Sinan was taken away by Chen Yajing and Ning Yu for a living test." Zhou Wei briefly said, "I lost my forefoot, and they were taken away by the boat and sent to the boat. Halfway through the scene, a large number of zombies were found walking towards the base, and they fled back."The people around the base had come forward to make an account, and when they heard this, they changed instantly.

Wan Hao even rolled up and ran wildly: "La the alarm! Fast! Tens of thousands of zombies are gathering on our side, calling everyone out!"

Zhou Yan’s legs stretched out and he smashed a dog’s mud.

Some people couldn't stop it. I saw Zhou Hao's heavy knees on the ground, and the elbows stretched his neck, and the force was so strong that he almost caught his eyeballs.

"Where is Sinan?"

Wan Yan is full of blood and red, and does not say a word.

Chuncao reacted and immediately went forward with a gun to the head of Wan Hao: "Don't you say it? Don't say that the old lady will collapse and you have a peach blossom!"

"Don't come over!" Ding Shi pointed his gun at the people around him and shouted.

"You can choose not to say, but we can kill you now." Zhou Yi sighed in the ears of Wan Hao, the tone was like the devil's cold whisper: "Then we kill everyone here, open the door, let The zombies poured in and took the lives of tens of thousands of people in the base to go to hell together..."

Wan Hao's dough violently twitched, and he could hardly believe what he had heard: "You, you... are you not an officer?!"

Zhou Hao cold ice and ice: "Oh, do you believe that there are good people in the office? Where does Laozi look like a positive person?"

Wan Hao: "..."

The sirens smashed the night sky of the base, and the high post sent the guards to fear and change the tone: "Come on! See!"

Everyone was stunned and only listened to the guards and couldn’t even say a word: "Thousands of zombies are coming from the north, ready to prepare weapons! Tell Chen Jie-!"

The embarrassed fear, the embarrassed fear of life, Zhou Wei is that completely devoid of life - the situation is extremely hot, Wan Hao finally collapsed.

"The most abandoned dormitory area, the underground of the institute, there is a secret ... secret laboratory." Wan Yan swallowed, hoarsely said: "Ning Yu usually stays there, research materials are all..."

Zhou rubbed his throat and forced him to stand up: "You go with me."

"No! I have to take the command of the town, as well as the deployment of weapons and personnel..."

"Don't fuck me to crap me." Zhou Wei violently interrupted: "Spring grass Ding, you two stay in this coordination command, let this waste all open the arsenal. Go to inform Guo Weixiang to come here to help defend the city, call Yan Hao went to the lab to find me, fast, you know why."

Chuncao does not hesitate: "Yes!"

"Listen, we don't want anyone to die." Zhou Wei used a gun to smash his head, his eyes were cruel and fierce, but every word was calm enough to make people creepy: "I hope everyone will live peacefully tonight, But don't force me, otherwise I always have a way to make each of you pay the price... I have killed more people than the zombies you killed, understand?"

Wan Hao stopped in front of the car door, panting, and tried to calm the tone: "Understood."

"Very good." Zhou Wei forceed him into the car and said: "Now take me to the ghost laboratory, and always for your life, pray that my Sinan is still alive."


At the same time, the experimental hall.

Ning Yu narrowed his eyes and stared at the muzzle not far away, and then looked up and smiled slightly with a mockery:"Now think of the safety of the savior, it’s late."

Dr. Zheng roared: "You promised that I just took the serum, and detained him for a while. You didn't say that you want to take him for a living experiment! You, you have to study the vaccine, can you do it with me? Can I not live?" !"

"Don't be naive," a voice rang from behind him.

Dr. Zheng subconsciously turned back and saw that the opening was not from the beginning, he was not willing to look at him, let alone his Sinan. At this moment, the body was moving, and Dr. Zheng reacted and immediately turned back and pointed to Ning. Yu.

Ning Yu has come out from the test bed, and he has stood in the footsteps and sneered.

"What, what do you mean?" Dr. Zheng was confused in a hurry and stammered.

Sinan Ping said: "He originally intended to treat you as the next subject. If you fail, he will catch a few more people and try to make a major breakthrough in serum research. This period may take weeks, months or even For a few years, but his subjects will one day turn to me, can't hide."

Dr. Zheng subconsciously asked: "Why?"

Sinan was silent, did not answer him again, and seemed to have fallen into some kind of thinking.

The experimental hall was quiet and silent, and the air was almost stagnant, like a cold gel filled with everyone's nose.

After a long time, Sinan suddenly said a word: "...you improved the virus."

Dr. Zheng was there, and Ning Yu raised his hand in a hurry and applauded:

"go on."

"We found the zombies that were found outside the base and bypassed the guards in the past two nights. They all had the primary intelligence and instinct to hunter the animals, because you improved the virus."

Sinan paused slightly and continued: "The Pandora virus is difficult to overcome, not only because it has never been seen before in human history, but more importantly, its state is extremely unstable. For example, the incurable HIV virus is activated in cells. The life cycle can be completed in a day and a half, and the zombie virus can be completed in a matter of minutes; its structural and functional changes are so fast that it is unimaginable, so it is difficult to develop an effective vaccine to deal with this situation."

"Oh, Dr. Fehrman named it Pandora?" Ning Yu's eyebrows picked: "Humans finally know its name after being killed by billions of compatriots. It is really gratifying."

Sinan didn't take him for this.

"I don't know what method you have used, whether Pandora is co-existing with other viruses, or using other means to slow down its variability... In short, you have evolved the virus and become a new type of organism."

"And the evolutionary new virus has some changes in the symptoms of infection compared with the common zombie virus: the infected person presents extremely low-level intelligence and biological instinct, and the zombie group is therefore more embarrassing and difficult to cope with. But at the same time the new virus The speed of variation is greatly reduced, making it possible to be overcome..."

Sinan slowly said: "In other words, it can now be cured."

Dr. Zheng was stunned and listened, and his face looked like a thunder.

Ning Yu's palms are closed, as if he is thinking about something. He admits: "It's not symbiosis, it's decoding.""I solved the last loop of the human unknown in the Pandora virus gene and made it the final evolution."

"...Pandora's magic box has already been opened. There is no antidote in this world, I can't do anything..."

"From now on, there will be no gods, and human beings will be able to achieve eternity!"

"The punishment for prometheus stealing the fire is completely annihilated in the burning of the flames..."

At that moment, the memory fragments were raging, and they were sprinkled from the mind like a snow flake. Sinan’s eyebrows tightened and gasped and looked up.

"And I am not the first person to do this," Ning Yu said calmly. "Although there is no evidence, I am sure that the first one is done by Dr. Alisa Fehrman. Because she is based on evolution. The virus has initially developed an antibody, her only child, you, has been receiving alternating injections of viruses and antibodies since a few years old, and your immune system has reached a perfect symbiosis with the virus."

Sinan closed his eyes and tried to capture more clues from the chaotic mind, but he failed.

Whenever he tried to remember something, the intense dizziness and tingling were like needles, sweeping all his consciousness.

"So you are right, I will continue to experiment until I analyze the perfect balance between the new Pandora virus and the antibodies in your body, thus cultivating the vaccine."

Ning Yu said with a smile, single-handedly inserted in the white coat, and leisurely stepped forward: "And as the key to verifying the above theory, it must be the last position of this human life and death battle... You are winding Not open."

"Stand, stop!" Dr. Zheng said in a conditioned reflex: "Stand up there!"

Ning Yu walked up to Dr. Zheng and pressed his chest against the muzzle. He sneered at himself: "Shooting."


"I am a murderous murderer with at least hundreds of lives in my hand. I shot and killed me. Why don't you dare?"

Dr. Zheng’s hand with a gun shivered violently. Ning Yu pinched his wrist and thundered it with lightning. He unloaded the gun and threw it into the corner.

"Coward," he sneered.


The laboratory alloy door was suddenly slammed, and Ning Yu did not return: "What?"

"Dr. Ning, the base issued a special alert." The voices outside the door could not conceal the fear: "Zombies... The zombies are coming again, tens of thousands of people, have already encircled the door."

Everyone has changed color at the same time!

"Wait," Ning Yu briefly said, hurried back to the test bed, swept a bunch of test tubes and data such as serum into the medicine cabinet, opened the alloy door in his hand, and walked out.

"--you stay here," he finally glanced at Sinan and warned: "Don't come out no matter what happens."

Then he pressed the button outside the door and slid silently onto the alloy door panel.

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