By Huai Shang

Chapter 57 Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Chapter 57

Human body test site.

- These words are exported, and the huge laboratory is suddenly dead.

Two or three meters away from the man struggling, it was known that the movement of Soso suddenly became extraordinarily sharp and harsh.

Ning Yu had no expression, and Dr. Zheng hurriedly gasped, his hands hanging on his side, and his subconscious gripped his fist.

"Then what are you doing now," Sinan looked at Ning Yu and slowly asked: "I will turn me into a zombie?"

Ning Yu seems to have some surprises about the stability of Sinan. He replied casually: "No, I will do this if I am crazy." But after a pause, he added another sentence: "But if necessary, I will."

"...What do you want to do?" Sinan frowned.

Ning Yu smiled and said: "You didn't grasp the key point. The question is not what I want to do, but what I have done."

He got up and walked to the test bed. Sinan's gaze followed him. He saw Ning Yu open a device on the table that was a bit like a rice cooker. He clipped a blood collection tube with a scorpion. Sinan recognized the rice cooker, which is a blood centrifuge. machine.

He suddenly bowed his head, and he found a cotton-streaked cotton ball fixed in the right arm vein.

"This is your serum." Ning Yu put the blood collection tube into the device for detachment, focusing on the ground: "I should have taken blood from my left hand, but I heard that Roger said that you are a very outstanding individual combat expert... so I I decided to take my right hand and get a special insurance."

Sinan clenched his right fist, and there was a sequelae left by a large dose of blood. His fingers were cold and weak and slightly soft.

"Rossell? Then did he tell you that my left and right hands are the same?" Sinan sneered. "If you are insured, you should take my 400s in turn."

Ning Yu replied: "If it is necessary, I will, don't excite me."

Sinan earned a handcuff, and made a loud noise, but the metal did not move.

Ning Yu’s head did not lift: “Don’t bother, it’s stainless steel.”

"..." Sinan finally gave up the struggle with ridiculous ridiculousness: "What do you do with my serum?"

Ning Yu used the outdated method for manual calculation and capping operation. While recording what was on the paper, it was unexpected that he did not ignore it, but answered the question in an orderly manner:

"A few months ago, Roger came here, using the semi-finished antibody in his hand as a bait, let us pay attention to searching for your traces along the coast. His inexplicable attachment caused my curiosity until your people took it. A group of survivors came here..."

Ning Yu's calculation speed is fast, and it is not slowed down by his narrative: "I asked Dr. Zheng, when I first learned that you joined the survivor camp, you claimed that you were bitten by a zombie and started that night. high fever."

"I later proved that it was not a zombie because I was not infected!"

"No." Ning Yu said, "I suspect that you were actually infected."

Sinan suspected: "...What do you mean?"

Ning Yu finally stopped the calculation and picked up a string of pendants from the test bench.

“Is this your parents?”

- It is a brass necklace that Sinan never leaves."I will pay you back." Ning Yu looked at Sinan's expression and said, "I just saw this photo and found that maybe you are what I have been looking for... Sorry, I have always suspected the existence of the test target. ""

Si Nanxin said that doubt exists?

"I have seen the Order of the Order." Ning Yu seems to have seen through his doubts, but there is no explanation, but a turn:

"When I went to country A to study for a doctor at the age of sixteen, Dr. Zhong and his wife, Dr. Alisa Fehrman, were my brothers and sisters. At the time we studied some of the genetics related to viruses under the same instructor. The subject of the project is to invade the gene chain through the virus, promote transformation and improvement, enhance human genetic quality, and extend the average life expectancy."

Sinan learned the real name of his parents when he was caught off guard, and stayed for a while.

"Seeing that everyone is Chinese, Dr. Zhong has given me a lot of professional help, but it didn't last long. A few months later, Dr. Zhong was infected with a virus in a test accident, but he was killed, Alice. Dr. Fehrman, with his body and you, disappeared from the research base."

"...you..." Sinan’s voice began to be unstable: "I don't remember these, you can say more, my parents and they..."

He was eager to know what his parents were in his memory. He wanted to know more and more specific details, even if it was a few insignificant childhood trifles.

However, Ning Yu did not have the slightest expression. He only answered him in six words: "No time, no interest."

“After the test accident,” Ning Yu replaced the blood collection tube and continued: “The subject was considered to be highly dangerous and confidential. Therefore, the military funded the entire research institute and began to search for Dr. Fehrman’s whereabouts. The body of Dr. Zhong’s body carried by her, as well as a series of mutated behaviors produced by her body, became a target of great interest to the military.”

Sinan noticed his term: the mutated behavior of the body.

Can the body behave?

"Although you were very young at the time, you should be able to remember that there is always a bloodthirsty, mourning, father who constantly tries to violently attack you and leave various wounds on you. Dr. Zhong’s behavior... ...sorry, I don't want to call that thing with Dr. Zhong late... After this behavior was monitored by military personnel, it is considered to be a great verification of virus research, which has a milestone meaning. Since the beginning of the year, the research base has started the live experiment under the guidance of the military."

Dr. Zheng, who was listening on the side, was already alive and stunned.

Sinan closed his eyes, and countless intricate memories passed through his mind. He opened his eyes and shivered: "...White Eagle Base?"

"I don't know what it was renamed later," Ning Yu said. "Because I left the group that year, I fled back to the country."

Ning Yu took out the test tube with tweezers, which was separated, pale yellow serum.

Si Nanyi was squatting on the side | The man who was screaming and sullen, and gradually became a dull and mournful man, and looked at Ning Yu: "After returning to China, you continue to experiment with living people, leading to a virus outbreak?"

"Is I sick?" Ning Yu is impatient.

Sinan: "...""To tell you the truth, at that time, all the capable countries in the world were doing research in this area. The pursuit of human beings to achieve 'better self' and 'longer life' is endless... The only difference is whether to insert the virus into the genetic modification method and whether to use the living person as the test object. By the way, I am quite sure that the chimpanzee is used in our country, and there is no doubt that this will be a foreshadowing of the disaster before the disaster. ”

Ning Yu walked to the side of the man who was dying, pushed out the air inside the syringe, and injected the biochemically synthesized serum into his blood vessels.

"As for me," he said, "it was the beginning of the virus after the outbreak of the virus. For example, the one in front of you."

The man's chest was violently ups and downs, and he made a scream of screaming. Dr. Zheng closed his eyes heavily.

Sinan hoarsely asked: "This is why Chen Yajing accepts survivors?"

"Of course not. But I do use the opponents and survivors of the order as the test subjects, which is more difficult to find." Ning Yu pushed a whole tube of serum and pulled out the needle: "For example, this person, because of pressure some time ago Too big and mentally ill, madly running around, even if it is missing, it is easy to round."

He said that the tone of the words was not fierce. On the contrary, it was no different from "adding more eggs in the lunch box" or "the weather is a bit cloudy today" - because it is too calm and too natural, so that people can pick up a trace from the bone marrow. Cold shudder.

"...you inject him a virus, let him test the serum after infection?" Sinan is incredibly geological: "Why don't you use animals, or simply use a simulated immune system?!"

Ning Yu did not answer him immediately, but picked up the camera and took a few shots of the man on the operating table. Then he opened the notes and began to record them quickly.

The man has been completely infected but has not been completely converted into a zombie. The serum quickly decomposes, absorbs, locks in the antigen, and begins a war that is invisible to the naked eye and is filled with smoke.

"The zombie virus does not infect animals, so you must have discovered it." Ning Yu did not raise the head: "No matter how to reduce the dose and reduce the toxicity, the only result of the zombie virus entering the animal is to die immediately; only in humans and chimpanzees. Injecting a virus can produce a mutating effect, and I am not driving a zoo. Where can I catch so many chimpanzees?"

"As for the simulation of the immune system, it is even more ridiculous. I need to be infected under very specific conditions and during the conversion process. The requirements are very high. Do you know how long it took me to build this laboratory? You thought Can I make a supercomputer to make a manual simulation system with bare hands?"

The man’s screams suddenly increased, and the pupils suddenly spread, and they quickly gathered!

Ning Yu raised his eyes and stared at Sinan with sarcasm. After more than ten seconds, Sinan squeezed a word from his teeth:

"How many people have you killed?"

Ning Yu said: "Who remembers this."

"...It’s so scientific, how can you not experiment with yourself first, why not give yourself a shot first?!""If necessary, I will." Ning Yu repeated this sentence for the third time. Compared with the previous two times, the tone and tone are not the same, which is in stark contrast with Sinan's anger:

"Now, please lie back and experiment to the critical stage."

Sinan's eyelids are red, biting his teeth, and almost forcibly leaning against the recliner.


The man suddenly made all his efforts, and his bones were almost tied up with a broken life!

The explosive power of that moment was simply terrible. Dr. Zheng’s conditional retreat took two steps, but Ning Yu stepped up and slammed the flashlight.

He carefully observed the face of the five senses in front of his face, his mouth wide open, and did not care about the other's teeth almost touched his hand several times. Every minute is as long as a century. After a few minutes, the man’s pupil has undergone significant changes, the eyeball is quickly congested, and the neck is blue and violent!

Dr. Zheng stuttered a few words: "- heart, heartbeat!"

Ning Yu and Sinan looked at each other at the same time.

The straight line that became horizontal on the instrument suddenly twisted and twisted, then jumped up and down and began to beat.

Ning Yu’s hand was loose, and the flashlight was on the ground, and the bones rolled to the bottom of the operating table.


However, some people in the place can hear the difference. The snoring is not a deep mourning of the zombies, but an unconscious venting behavior of human beings in a state of insanity. Ning Yu rushed to the test bed and grabbed a needle. Before he could come back, he only heard the man intermittently making a sound:

"Save, save, save..."

"--he spoke," Dr. Zheng coughed and coughed. Unclear is extreme excitement, excitement or fear: "He spoke!!"

It was only a matter of seconds.

The man grabbed the sheets and the whole man leaned back, like a balloon that was blown to the limit, and the next moment it broke.

He fell back on the operating table, his nose and mouth, his ears quickly overflowing with blood, and there was no sound in an instant.

The instrument curve was flattened again, and a monotonous humming sound was heard, covering the entire dead hall.

Ning Yu gasped, and the whole body suddenly relaxed, and he took a few steps back.

"He, he is dead," Dr. Zheng trembled with both hands. He finished the inspection and said: "Zombie... The signs of zombie disappeared, and the serum, serum, and serum vaccines worked..."

Although only a short moment, the serum did have an effect -

The combined effect of the virus and serum strangled this life, but the serum successfully blocked the virus and killed the body!

Ning Yu raised his palm and held his face tightly.

"...Impossible," Sinan muttered. "Impossible, how can I..."

Ning Yu smeared her face and said, "It is the same as I expected."

Both Sinan and Dr. Zheng stared at him. Ning Yu didn't say anything more. He turned back to the test bed and quickly turned on the centrifuge. Sinan discovered that there was a row of blood collection tubes on the test tube rack.

Ning Yu’s hand is too embarrassing, and it seems that he has at least 800cc of whole blood when he is in a coma.

Sinan is light in weight and the blood volume in the body is not high. No wonder Dr. Zheng thought that Ning Yu would kill him directly when he was watching it."I need a person," Ning Yu suddenly sighed.

Sinan didn't realize what he was talking about, but in an instant he reacted.

"I want to re-match the virus." Ning Yu whispered repeatedly, his eyes turned to Sinan who was shackled in the lounge chair, saying:

"I need a living person."

The two watched each other for a moment, and the Phnom Penh lens blocked Ning Yu’s eyes, and Sina’s heart slowly ignited a chill that had never been seen before.

Suddenly a shuddering voice broke the silence: "...here...here..."

At the same time, the two men looked at it and saw Dr. Zheng walked forward and blocked Sinan with his body. Then he took out a hand hidden from his arms for a long time. The gun, the muzzle pointed to Ning Yu:

"There is a living person here," he whimpered, his muzzle trembled, and his other hand pointed firmly at himself: "You can test it for you."

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