By Huai Shang

Chapter 55 Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Chapter 55

Chen Yajing said that it was done, and the news came on the third day.

The patrol found an abandoned sea police boat on the coast. It has been towed to the port and cleared. Only when the materials, fresh water and equipment are transported up, will it be ready for the sea.

The whole tube of reddish serum was pushed to the bottom, Ning Yu pulled out the needle, and Chen Yajing took a long breath.

In the office, a pin was dropped on the ground and I could hear it. Wan Hao and other cronies were around the gun. I don’t know how long it took. Suddenly, Chen Yajing’s face changed and it seemed very painful. He grabbed the wheelchair armrest.


"Ya Jing!"

"Miss Chen!"

"Ah..." Chen Yajing violently gasped, his body trembled, and his hands were blue and violent.

The blanket on her leg slipped down, and the muscles of the legs that were slackened by the cockroaches began to gradually stretch. After a few seconds, she stood up in the wheelchair armrest and stood up slightly!

Wan Hao’s surprise is lost: “Is it effective?!”

Ning Yu categorically said: "Wait!"

I saw Chen Yajing leaving the wheelchair a few centimeters, his face was blue and red, and his arms began to tremble. Immediately after the eyes of the crowd, she suddenly took off and once again sat back in the wheelchair!

With a slamming voice, the confidants rushed to the front to help, but they were stopped by Ning Yu.

Extreme pain caused Chen Yajing to lick her face, twisted her left cheeks, and cold sweat ran down the pale cheeks. It looked ugly and horrible. But no one around was exposed to the color of the eyes. On the contrary, everyone looked dignified and Wan Shu closed his eyes heavily.

A few minutes later, the tide of the sea wave and the waves of a wave finally receded. Chen Yajing shivered and breathed out, and leaned back into the wheelchair.

"...and failed again," Ning Yu said dumbly and put down the empty needle.

Wan Hao’s disappointment is hard to conceal: “Why is this happening, Dr. Ning, you are not saying that vaccine research has made breakthrough progress, is it close to success?!”

What Ning Yu wants to explain, but was stopped by Chen Yajing:

"Don't be like this, Wan Hao..." She was exhausted. "This is not Ning Yu's fault."

As soon as she grabbed the wheelchair armrest, she sat up and looked around from every dignified face in the office. She smiled sadly: "From the moment we received the virus, we knew that anything could be possible." It happened, and I can still sit here, it is already a very good result, isn't it? At least we have hope for success."

"No, Ya Jing." Ning Yu packed up the medical kit, stood up and said slowly: "Your immune system has not been able to withstand more transformations and trials. Even if it fails again, it may be fatal. You will die at any time. Immune disorder, or more serious..."

"You will be completely zombie." He finally said this in a difficult sight.

Wan Haodao: "Dr. Ning!"

Chen Yajing gently lowered her eyes.Ning Yu said: "I have determined that the research direction of the vaccine is correct. However, the evolutionary history of primates has never encountered such a powerful and deadly virus, so that the fragile immune system of human beings cannot generate strong enough and can The rival antibody. I used to think that the serum in the hands of Roger could allow me to completely improve the vaccine, but Roger is obviously already..."

He raised his hand and held his eyebrows, as if he was reluctant to suppress his emotions and shook his head and stopped talking.

"Yes, Ning Yu." Chen Yajing calmly said: "Sometimes between 'fast near success' and 'de facto success' is the distance between distant, embarrassing, decades or even generations. The Black Death that ravaged the European continent from the 14th to the 18th century, killed the smallpox of the Egyptian Pharaoh three thousand years ago, HIV that has not yet found an effective cure, and Ebola, which has so far been helpless... If anyone tells me about the zombie virus I will not be surprised at the fact that the earth will last for hundreds of years."

“But,” she said, “this does not mean that our generation can sit here and wait for it to naturally disappear from the earth with time. We still have to fight it to death.”

The office is very quiet, only to hear people breathing one after another.

The door was knocked twice.

"Come in."

A guard came in and hurriedly walked, whispering: "Miss Chen, you have to ask the captain of the week to come, waiting outside."

Chen Yajing and Ning Yu quickly exchanged a look and asked the guard: "The one around him is called Sinan?"

"Nothing to follow."

Wan Hao gestured to his hand and took them silently into another door in the office - it was a single break.

Until the door of the lounge was hidden, Chen Yajing only bowed to the guard: "Please come in. Captain Zhou."

The guards took the lead.

Ning Yu took the medicine box and stepped back, and looked at Chen Yajing's pale face. Outside the door, Zhou Wei’s footsteps from far and near have been heard. Ning Yu opened his mouth and his voice was slight and clear: “The last time.”

Chen Yajing smiled and said: "It should be said that there is at least one last chance."

Zhou Hao pushed in.

Ning Yu had a sharp turn, and Bai Daqi fluttered out of the arc, passing by Zhou Wei, but did not look at anyone, and strode out of the office.

"..." Zhou Yanmu sent Ning Yu's figure to the corridor and walked away. It seemed a bit strange. He looked back at Chen Yajing: "Miss Chen is not comfortable?"

"Routine physical examination is just about it," Chen Yajing raised his hand and said: "Please sit down."

Zhou Wei said: "Nothing, I will stand."

Zhou Wei wore a black short jacket, jeans, high-heeled boots on his feet, wearing sniper gloves, and a very lean dress, which made his height look oppressive. Chen Yajing squinted thoughtfully and smiled for a long time: "I suddenly realized that Captain Zhou never sat down in front of me."

"Is it?"

"Can you ask why? Is it because I feel that something is wrong with me, out of the instinct of the warrior, ready to move or evacuate?"When Chen Yajing asked this, the tone was very calm, and even with a hint of curiosity. Zhou Wei was at the height of her confrontation with her, but the corner of her eye was patrolling the entire office in an instant. After a moment, she smiled and shook her head:

"No, the soldiers are used to standing."

Chen Yajing nodded and gestured to accept this explanation. The attitude is very natural: "Good week captain."

She paused and said: "I am coming to invite you today. I want to discuss with you about the issue of going to the sea... I have written a list, which is the biggest help I can provide in my current ability. Please look over. a bit."

Chen Yajing opened the folder, pressed two fingers with a piece of paper, and pushed it gently from the table to Zhou Wei.


At the same time, in front of the cafeteria.

A pair of gloves filled with oil caught the axle, and the whole person slipped out of the chassis and wiped the sweat.

He only wore a black vest, revealing the muscle lines of the upper body; because of the reclining position, the thin vest of the vest covered the flat and firm abdominal contour.

Yan Hao somewhat unnaturally moved his eyes: "How?"


Yan Hao took the wrench from the toolbox and handed it over, and Sinan slipped into the bottom of the car.

The golden sun at noon is sprinkled on the open space. The playground in the distance is slightly dusty. The crowds who are replaced by thin jackets pass by in two or three, and the air has slightly brought the warmth of the early spring.

"Do you want to help?" Yan Hao asked.

Sinan’s voice came from the bottom of the car: “No.”

"...I am going to give you some drinks?"

"Do not."

If Yan Hao loses, he will confirm again after half a mile:

"Do you really want to help?"

Si Nan poked his head and said seriously: "I really don't need it, I can do it myself."

Sinan lay down, Yan Hao groaned, and the two of them looked at each other for a moment, and Sinan finally couldn’t help but ask:

"Why don't you help Chuncao repair the bus? I can really do it, or do you as Alpha's self-respect can't watch me train a car?"

"No," Yan Hao said helplessly: "The captain confessed that I must not let you drop one, so it is my task to stare at you... although I think this is just a spiritual torture."


"You can't see it," Yan Hao muttered. "It's better to have a fight."

Sinan took a screwdriver and drilled back to the bottom of the car and said, "I don't know, but the beatings, competition, sadism and abuse between the two of you are probably a kind of fun. I don't want to understand this. ""

Yan Haoyu was holding his forehead on the ground, and he was almost powerless: "That is the obedience between the upper and lower levels of the army..."

"In the eyes of ordinary people," Sinan couldn't help: "This is called S|M."

Sinan Dangdang was a shackle, finally screwed the last screw, slipped out of the car and drilled into the cab, shifting the gear and stepping on the clutch.

The armored car engine started and made a dull roar.

"Oh!" Si Nan took off the oil-filled gloves and threw it: "Will you change the bumper, the lights have to be changed, and then it's almost there."Yan Hao leaned against the door, his melancholy expression made it difficult to tell whether it was a red dust or a self-defeating. Half a sigh finally got the courage: "Can I ask you a question?"

Sinan: "I didn't love it."

"..." Yan Hao can't help: "No, I want to ask why you finally chose the captain... It's really just because when you got stuck in Changsha, you jumped from the helicopter and finally found you the captain. Not me?"

The hand of Sinan getting off the car key was slightly paused.

The dense and dense rainforest atmosphere of the boyhood, wrapped in the breeze in the early spring afternoon, slowly came to the surface.

But that is a sweet and sour secret, as if the ripe wild fruit is fragrant, long-term and secretly left in the heart, not willing to share with anyone.

"That is not," Sinan laughed.

Yan Hao supported the car door and stared at him slightly. Sinan elbow held the steering wheel and said: "I went through the T city that afternoon and rescued you from the parking lot..."

"I drove the locomotive across the street. You opened the armored car and ran into it. Zhou Hao threw a hook on the roof of the car and caught me in the volley and rolled into the car."

"--That was the first time I met you, and the first person I saw was Zhou Wei." Sinan said leisurely: "It may have been doomed since then."

Yan Hao’s feeling now seems to be like breaking the red dust, but there is still a trace of disappointment: “If the person who found you in Changsha was me, the snow was blocked halfway, and the people around you were me...”

"Who knows?" Sinan asked: "The fact is that that person is Zhou Wei, and all assumptions are objectively non-existent, aren't they?"

- What he said is actually very reasonable, Yan Hao also understands that meaning.

Only Zhou Wei had the decision and ability to jump open the door at that time. Only Zhou Wei was able to search for the two days and two nights in a careful, calm and tenacious way. Finally, he succeeded in taking away the unclear Sinan.

Any link must be completed by Zhou Wei, so all assumptions and possibilities will not actually happen, or even if they happen, they will not lead to the final result.

Yan Hao was disappointed and sighed.

Sinan patted his shoulder and jumped out of the car. He asked very thoughtfully: "I am going to buy you some drinks?"

"No, I have to go with you." Yan Hao hugged the door and said sadly: "But I need some time to digest it... I will wait for three minutes..."


"Oh. Wait a minute -"

Yan Hao turned and wanted to follow, but Sinan stopped him: "No, I still want to change clothes, do you want to come?"

Yan Hao: "..."

"In the eyes of ordinary people," Sinan said in a serious way: "This is called sexual harassment."

Yan Hao had to stay in the same place to digest his youthful place and the first love that had passed away with the wind. Sinan went into the cafeteria, brushed his face and asked for a beer at the canteen, waiting for the time to change the T-shirt in the bathroom.

The black vest was covered with dirt and dust, and Sinan put it on the side of the pool, carefully flushing the black oil with his hands, and suddenly saw a familiar figure not far away.

- Is Dr. Zheng.Dr. Zheng stood under the tree outside the bathroom of the canteen and looked around. It seemed to stop and talk, and then he waved to Sinan.

Have something to say?

There was no one at the back door of this dining hall. It was quiet in the vicinity, and the sound of the kitchen aunt washing vegetables and simmering was not far away.

Bypassing the front yard of the canteen, the armored vehicle parked on the open space, and Yan Hao was full of the sorrow and grief of his lost love, and forced to disassemble the deformed bumper.

Sinan closed the squeaky faucet and wiped his hand on the trousers and went to Dr. Zheng.

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