By Huai Shang

Chapter 54 Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Chapter 54

"What are they doing?" Guo Weixiang screamed in the deafening sound of the on-board machine gun.

Yan Hao squatted on the roof of the car with one knee and a half, and roared with a gun: "Show love! Don't say it! I want to be black!"

Spring grass shifts to the clutch, beautifully hits a circle of zombies, parks the armored vehicle at the forefront of the zombie in the open space, and throws out the gasoline |

In the distance, Zhou Wei and Sinan fired at almost the same time. In the night sky, the gasoline | bomb exploded precisely, and it exploded into countless deadly fireworks.

Guo Weixiang: "The vice captain, you listen to me! This is not your fault! Although the captain is straight A cancer, chauvinism, looking down on Omega, more importantly, the face is not as good as you..."

Yan Hao: "I beg you not to say..."

"But Sinan, self, joy, joy, ah!" Guo Weixiang yelled at the scorpion and said: "So you are not losing in sexual attraction! The crime of non-war, don't be sad!! Single dog welcomes you to return!!"

Yan Hao’s name is rational and the string is broken. The machine gun is aimed at Guo Weixiang, and he is sad and angry: “I told you not to say it –!”

Ding really hurriedly turned the steering wheel, carrying Guo Weixiang on the roof of the car and ran away.

Countless earthen explosives were again thrown from the top of the fortifications, falling into the zombies in the darkness of the sky, and then hit by bullets, bursting with a series of earth-shattering loud noises.

Zhou Hao released the trigger: "27/27."

"36/36..." Si Nan oblique sight, whispered: "The gun type is different, it does not take advantage of you."

Zhou Yigang wanted to tease him two sentences. Suddenly, he dropped a large number of explosives in front of him. The two men fired at the same time.

Base-based explosives are often thrown out and do not respond, easy to dumb, sometimes need to be hit by bullets to ignite. Zhou Wei and Sinan turned their backs to the fortifications and shoulders shoulders. Under the cover of the armored vehicles, they hit the khaki-colored parcels under the volley. The explosives fell on the top of the zombies, picking up countless collisions of air and fire!

The dead crowd was swept away, and the innumerable zombie stumps fell to the ground, still following the rancid torrential rain.

The sporadic cheers rang from the crowd, and as the area of ​​bombs and armored vehicles cleared out, the thunderous excitement shouted.

When the gunshots stopped, Zhou Xiao smiled and said: "No, it’s 100%, so go on..."

“戎哥!” Guo Weixiang threw a thing at the zombie group that collapsed under the hillside, and said: “The ultimate move! C4——!”

The C4 explosives package flew to the last batch of zombies outside the base. Zhou Wei and Sinan turned their guns at the same time. At this moment, Sinan turned his head over the lightning and kissed Zhou’s cheek.


The kiss was so sudden that Zhou Wei’s index finger was loose, and Sinan did not hesitate to pull the trigger.


The C4 exploded.

The shock wave smashed all the zombies under the hillside, and at the same time flew them backwards and fell heavily on the grass. The hay and gravel covered the hurricane.

"Si Xiaonan!" Zhou Weidao, his face a little red: "You are cheating!"

Sinan climbed up and stunned.A large number of living dead people were finally completely eliminated, leaving only a small group of zombies, stumbled and slammed in the corpse of the land, and was armored by the armored vehicles, and then was shot by Yan Hao and Guo Weixiang.

At 4:30 in the morning, the zombie tide was cleared, and the base crisis of life and death was finally lifted.

The sacrificial soldiers were greeted and lifted in tears, and the machine gunners received a heroic triumph. Especially when the gates slowly opened and several special forces drove back into the fortifications, the survivors who swarmed almost pulled them hard from the roof.

Yan Hao: "Speak well, don't do it..."

Guo Weixiang yelled at his neck and said, "Come me!!"

Zhou Xiao smiled and declined an excited girl who came to pull his hand. He hooked the neck of Si Nan and strode through the camp to the rear. He smiled and said: "This time, no, you are lame..."

The whole person of Sinan was squatted in his arms, and he put his hand in his pocket and categorically said: "No."

"You kiss me, I only shake hands."

"But I didn't shake my hand."

"You are all kissing me, why not be excited at all?"

"Why are you excited?"

Zhou Wei slanted him, and Si Nan returned with a calm look.

Zhou Hao thought of an idea and said, "Then you will kiss me again. If you kiss, if you win, it is not a breeze."

The eastern sky has already produced a slight white belly. Under the dawn of the dawn, people are moving around the world to move bricks and stone, repairing the fortifications, and there is a lot of people around.

Sinan's eyelashes quickly flicked, and Zhou Wei knew that it was his shy and shy expression. After a while, Sinan turned his head out and made nothing to look elsewhere.

Zhou Xiao laughed, holding his shackles, and refused to turn him back, and printed a lingering kiss on his lips.

"Your heart beats faster." Zhou Hao leaned against his forehead, wearing the sniper glove's index finger and middle finger together, pressing his fingertips on his carotid artery, and gently tweeting: "--Why do you want to be excited?" ?"

At that moment, people came and went. Only the two of them headed their heads and sighed with anger. Zhou Hao couldn’t help but get close to him.

"..." Sinan spit out a word from the tight lips: "Bowl..."

"Hey brother wash, 戎 brother wash." Zhou Yi Li Ma said: "Dishwashing is more fun, my brother loves washing dishes!"

Sinan Liangliang Road: "It is as if you have money to buy a bowl."

Zhou Wei: "..."

"Comrade Xiaosi!" In the crowd, Zhou Wei followed closely behind Sinan's ass. He said with grief: "I am a major after I drop the title! Although the country can't pay wages for the time being, don't look down on people!"

The injured person was carried by a stretcher through the camp and transported to a temporary medical facility in the office building. Several medical staff in the base were too busy. A doctor hurriedly walked down the stairs with a bloody stained bandage on the basin and hit Zhou Wei.

“Hey,” Zhou Wei grabbed him: “Be careful!...Doctor Zheng?”

The base they arrived only yesterday afternoon did not have time to find someone they met in the survivors. I didn’t expect Dr. Zheng to come to the door. Zhou Wei let go of what he was about to say. Suddenly, Dr. Zheng grabbed him with his backhand, and his mouth was stunned. He obviously looked different and quickly glanced around.Zhou Wei’s insight into the micro-expressions of the others almost reached the point where he was so angry that he immediately felt that he had deliberately bumped into it. He smiled and asked: "What? You didn't fall?"

"Hey, Captain Zhou, I haven't seen you for a long time..."

Before the camp, everyone was noisy, and the lightly injured limped against the wall and walked over. No one noticed the movement of the corridor.

Dr. Zheng got close, and quickly and whispered: "The trouble is to take time to go to my dormitory, Captain Zhou, I seem to be a little bit..."

Zhou Hao looks the same: "What's wrong?"

"I seem to recognize a person." Dr. Zheng frowned. "It's a famous biochemist. I saw it during the training... It is reasonable to say that it should not be here. I always feel that this base is a bit wrong... ”

"Old Zheng!"

Dr. Zheng almost jumped up and hurried back.

I saw a temporary medical point not far away. There was a man with a thin body, a handsome figure, and a pair of Phnom Penh glasses on his nose. He was inserted in a white coat and waved at them.

This person seems to have not noticed Zhou Wei at all. He is only politely called Dr. Zheng: "There is a machine gunner who may have broken bones. Can you help me?"

- Those who have just talked about the back, turned around and appeared in front of themselves. At that moment, Dr. Zheng’s entire face changed and he sweated from the forehead.

Zhou Wei was not moving, he pinched his elbow, and the tingling made Dr. Zheng feel awkward:

"Hey, come, come!"

The man stood quietly in one place. Among the wounded, the morning light passed through the handrail and cast a blue-grey shadow on the corridor; his half body was hidden in the shadows, pale and sharp.

He seems to exude some kind of intangible and chilling power, so that Dr. Zheng does not dare to look at Zhou Wei again, hurrying his head down and rushing to the medical point.

Zhou Hao suddenly realized what.

- He is driving to pick up Chen Yajing, the driver.

Zhou Yi thought thoughtfully, turned around, and cautiously coughed up not far away.

Chen Yajing did not know when he was pushed by the guard and stopped a few steps away.

"His name is Ning Yu, it is my assistant, the doctor at the base." Chen Yajing seems to have not noticed the abnormality at all, and actively opened up the deflation: "Is the captain of Zhou want to see him? Is it just where I was injured, I immediately on--"

"Ah no, no," Zhou Yan smiled, his eyebrows looked a little awkward, and looked around.

Sinan did not know from which grateful little girl got a big white rabbit toffee, sitting leisurely on the railing, with sugar in her mouth, swaying two slender legs. Zhou Yi could not help but say that he was kneeling down and pointed at his head and smiled at Chen Yajing:

"When Jing Jing was kissed by me, my heart beat faster and I breathed too fast. I might have fainted, so I asked Dr. Zheng to look at it..."

Chen Yajing: "..."

Si Nan said: "What is Qi Jing?""... 拙 ...... ...... 敬 敬 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Doctor. I am coming... I want to thank you for your team. If you didn’t reverse the situation in one fell swoop, we definitely didn’t kill the zombies so quickly. The machine gunners didn’t know how much they would sacrifice. I’m so thankful.”

Chen Yajing owed a little in the wheelchair.

“You don’t have to,” Zhou Yiyi waved. “It’s why the zombies can bypass the patrol. Have you asked?”

Chen Yajing wrinkled her delicate eyebrows: "I know that you want to say that the zombies have developed the intelligence of mammalian cooperative hunting, but I still insist on my point: that is only an individual phenomenon, can not be described by evolution, evolution is group As for the zombie siege, there may be many reasons. It is possible that the weather will pick up or be guided by the living, and further investigation is needed."

Zhou Hao's chin seems to be very interesting: "Hey, do you think that the zombies may retain some of their instincts and will spontaneously gather in places where they lived before?"

- He is actually very worried. It seems that many people in the base have turned into zombies, but Chen Yajing's calm look has not changed.

"I don't think so." She said flatly. "I am only responsible for the operation of the base. As for the changes and development of the zombie virus, Dr. Ning may be able to discuss it with you more deeply."

Zhou Wei immediately said: "Sorry, sorry, don't worry, I don't mean anything else."

When Chen Yajing explained more, he was stuck in his throat and had no choice but to smile.

“With a large cruise ship and various speedboat companies along the coast, I will keep my promise and immediately send people to search for available ships. I believe that there will be echoes in these two days. Thank you again and your team members. I will come soon when I have the news. Notify you."

Someone in the power supply room rushed to whisper and asked Chen Yajing what he was looking for. It seemed very anxious. Chen Yajing said nothing, but she once again thanked Zhou Yi for her owe, smiled at Sinan, and the guard pushed her toward the power supply room.

"Miss Chen!" Zhou Hao suddenly sighed.

Chen Yajing immediately signaled his hand to stop and asked: "Week?"

"What is your leg?"

It is quite rude to raise such a question loudly under the public. But Chen Yajing only has a slight glimpse, and the tone is still very mild: "It is a medical accident, a neurological problem."

Zhou Wei didn't seem to see her angry look: "It's a pity, what did you do before?"

It seemed to be quiet for a moment, Chen Yajing slowed down:

"... ballet actor."

She shook her head in mockery, no longer said, turned and was pushed to the distance.

The author has something to say:

After I finished writing, I thought that the C4 explosive shot could not be ignited, and Google said that the plastic explosive with low purity could ignite the bullet... I don’t know how to change it, when it was made by the folks, it was doped with black fire. |C4 of medicine (?)

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