By Huai Shang

Chapter 53 Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Chapter 53

Chen Yajing is indeed a well-rounded person. He specially sent his men to the evening and asked them to go to the cafeteria to eat.

Large research institutes themselves store a wealth of materials. After the disaster, they opened up greenhouses and farms in Houshan, recycling water and self-sufficiency. Although the days are fine, they are not stretched.

Everyone lined up to cook in the cafeteria, serving mainly potato miscellaneous grains, including beans, carrots, and braised chicken. The fat aunt was obviously very fond of Yan Hao. When he saw his eyes broken, he was shocked. He couldn’t help but add half a spoonful of chicken to his comfort.

Yan Hao walked away in the eyes of everyone who hated hatred.

Zhou Wei set out to go forward: "Beauty..."

Aunt cooked the spoon and shook the two pieces of meat. Then she put the side dish in the lunch box: "Next."

Zhou Wei: "..."

Captain Zhou went away.

The next Sinan stepped forward and stared straight at the dish in the cauldron, with no expression on his face.

Aunt is preparing to shake the spoon, suddenly stopped, curious: "After the birth of a child, very eye-catching?"


"Is it new?"


"How old, are there any objects?"


Guo Weixiang, who was behind, heard a sweat, and was trying to suggest that Sinan and Aunt had a close-knit set of two, and only saw that Sinan's eyelids were lifted, and the amber-like pupil looked quietly at the aunt.

At that moment, the bangs of the hot pot of the cauldron were scattered in the front of the forehead. The skin was so white that it was not so bloody, and the corners of the mouth were slightly cracked, and there was a hint of reluctance.

The exhaustion of the long journey has not yet faded from the bottom of his eyes. The wrist holding the lunch box is thin and thin, and several scars are visible between the fingers.

Hot mother love comes from the bottom of my aunt.

"...poor child, how so thin!" Auntie put the full spoon of meat into the Sinan bowl and pity: "Go, eat more, eat enough!"

Sinan hands with a sharp-eyed lunch box, stepping on the eyeballs that were shocked and turned away.

"Division - South -!!"

In the crowd, Wu Xinyi squinted her hair, and the ghosts and screams rushed. Sinan agilely flashed, Wu girl was lightning-like wrong, and the open arms were full of Yan Hao.

Yan Hao: "?!"

Wu Xinyu released his hand like an electric shock, and made a big red face, and could not help but apologize to Yan Hao, who was speechless.

If Sinan is not seen, he sits at the table and divides half of the chicken to Zhou Wei, who is staring at his lunch box: "Give it to you."

Yan Hao was innocently hugged, and then he was fed by Zhou Wei and Sinan. I fed your way of eating and flashed the dog's eyes. I felt that I was very fucking in my heart. I had to lie in the corner of the table, turning my grief into a food, and eating it. .

Wu Xinyi dragged a bench and squeezed across from Sinan. He whispered excitedly: "You are finally back, I thought you..."

"No death." Sinan replied.

Wu Xin’s eyes are red again: "You will definitely not die if you have such a skill. I heard that you are..."

"Omega." Sinan answered again.Wu Xinwei: "Nothing, you can play, even Omega will not have problems. What do you do next, plan..."

"Don't be a child." Sinan said coldly. "I haven't decided who to surname and what elementary school."

"?" Wu Xinyi is inexplicable: "I want you to want children? I just want to ask if you want to stay in this base, I want to go with you."

Wu girl is a man of noble sentiment and who is separated from the vulgar taste.

She doesn't care about the future children of Sinan. A is O, male or female, and she doesn't care if she has a male Alpha baby. Who is the surname? Sinan is unexpected. In order to express her appreciation, she specially divided her two meats. .

"How good is it here, there is food and drink, don't work, why do you go out to eat with us?" Zhou Yan rubbed his teeth with his legs, with a smile on the swaying Wu Xinyi: "Do you know where we are going?"

"South China Sea," Wu Xin is full of mouthfuls of rice, confused and unclear.

"Is it dead in the sea?"

Wu Xinwei: "..."

"We have nothing to do, the state has compiled it, and it is a big deal for the country to die. Si Xiaonan is a member of the military family. It is not awkward to accompany us. But you..." Zhou Wei joked: "I want to chase Yanhao not to catch up, both Not compiled, not a military genus; young, if you really can't come back..."

Wu Xin妍 face red ear, Yan Hao at the other end of the long table wants to cry without tears: "Captain!"

"Just kidding," Zhou Wei said with a smile: "The organization cares about the personal problems of young comrades, don't be so serious."

Yan Hao悻悻 shut up.

In the cafeteria, people come and go, the sound is full of noise, and noisy around, almost no one can hear what they are saying. Wu Xinxiao smiled and finished the meal, and teased a few words with Ding Shi Guo Weixiang, and he did not prepare a piece of meat from his bowl. After seeing the table behind him, he left the week and leaned against Zhou Wei. .

"There is something wrong here," she whispered.

Zhou Wei holds the forehead: "Oh?"

"After we came to the base, Dr. Zheng took the initiative to go to the temporary medical center to help the patients and the wounded. I found that the symptoms of patients with individual fever were very similar to the initial stage of the virus infection, but no wounds could be found all over the body. He was very suspicious and wanted to follow up. Record the follow-up of these patients, but have never seen them since then..."

Zhou Wei said faintly: "It’s not so big that the base is so big."

"Not only that!" Wu Xinyu eagerly lowered his voice: "Dr. Zheng told me that after he became suspicious, he often chatted with people who came to see the doctor to collect information. He listened to those who said that the base had been split once. People who opposed Chen Yajing were driven out, and before they left, they used to spread rumors inside the base, saying that Chen Yajing..."

Wu Xinyi squatted around, almost sticking to Zhou Hao’s ear, whisper:

"...there is an underground laboratory that develops new zombie viruses..."

After the canteen cleaning staff passed, Wu Xinyi immediately coughed and was sitting in danger.

The cleaners left, Zhou Yucai looked up, and several special forces exchanged their eyes in a fast and concealed manner."Not at all." Zhou Wei seems to have no interest, lazily said: "If this is the case, the rumors spread and the status of her leader can sit still?"

Wu Xinyi particularly retorted: "Really! Because all the cadres and the management of the base came out to speak for her, they assured the people that there was absolutely no secret test, and that several of the rumors were the most fierce. This was later Gradually calm down. You can ask Dr. Zheng for specific details. I have absolutely no chaos..."

"Okay, nothing to ponder over these catchings."

Zhou Wei took the empty lunch box and stood up, laughing and patted her shoulder:

"It’s too dangerous to go out to sea. You can’t take you with you. After you contact the headquarters, you can see that you are picking up the ones that you are crazy about.” Ah, listen to your brother, don’t make trouble.

Wu Xin hurriedly said: "Hey -"

However, Zhou Hao had blinked and blinked, leaving several seats to leave the canteen.

Wu Xinyan was angry and anxious. She just wanted to chase. Suddenly she saw that Sinan had intentionally and unintentionally dropped a few steps and turned slightly to her.


"Hey," Sinan erected an index finger, gently sticking to her lips in her strange gaze:

"Don't talk to anyone about this."

Wu Xinyi stunned, but Sinan did not say anything, and quickly caught up with Zhou Wei.


It was night, and the special forces were sleeping in the three-bedroom small courtyard.

Zhou Hao carefully brushed his teeth and washed his face. He was wearing a tight-skinned upper body with a standard inverted triangle. He stood in the moonlight and took a bucket of cold water. He splashed from head to toe and chilled.

He rubbed his hair and walked into the room.

After the living room, the sound of Ding Shi came from the room in the east corner:

"Small golden flowers can be beautiful. All the boys in our village liked her, but I think she likes me very much. I saw her after joining the army that year. She also sent me water to eat. You said that Xiaojinhua is still alive. Is she so smart and must be alive, she still remembers me..."

Guo Weixiang yawned and comforted: "It must be certain. When the buddies help you chase the golden flowers, you can make money and contribute powerfully..."

"Quickly closed! Xiangzi!" Another room heard the sound of spring grass knocking on the wall, coldly said: "Impossible! Don't give him unrealistic fantasy!"

Ding Shi: "Hey..."

Guo Weixiang: "You are too much for the spring grass! Can't you marry him?!"

Chuncao: "When he can't catch up with it, it's better to change it to a more feasible goal!"

Ding Shizhen got even louder.

"Mom's feeling can't sleep..." Guo Weixiang picked up his sleeves and went out to find the spring grass, and Chuncao slammed the door to fight. As a result, the two of them had not yet played, and they were shot a few times by Zhou Wei, one by one, and they were thrown back into the house and closed the door.

The innermost bedroom was closed, and Zhou Cough coughed and went forward with enthusiasm.

"Si Xiaonan, brother..."

Zhou Hao opened the door and screamed when he was stunned.

Sinan and Yan Hao lie side by side on the double bed, each holding a pillow, I don't know what to talk to.“Later?” Yan Hao smiled. “I went to 118 and met Yingjie, Spring Grass, Dading, Xiangzi... There are a lot of teammates who have not had time to meet and have already sacrificed. I don’t want to be transferred to the college entrance examination. That's the case. Fortunately, at the National Defense University, my mom used to want me to be a student..."

“Oh,” Sinan slept, saying, “My parents are also students.”

"Yes? It's too good. My mom is doing protein engineering, what about your parents?"

Sinan closed his eyes for a while before he became conscious and confused:

"Not so...remember, genetic engineering...virology."

Zhou Hao rushed over and took advantage of Yan Hao's back collar to force him out of bed, dragged across the corridor, and opened the door of the spring grass house.

"Prostitute," Zhou Yizheng said, "kill this guy, the team will be yours."

Yan team flower: "..."

With a loud bang, Zhou Wei threw the angry Yan Hao into the house, rubbed the door and locked it, and slid away.

Sinan was already asleep, kneeling on the pillow, the quilt was only half covered, and the deep concave line of the back waist condensed a shadow under the moonlight, and the curvature of the downward bend was hidden in the quilt.

Zhou Wei stood by the bed, leaned over and kissed his back, then kissed his shoulders and back neck, carefully pinched his ears with care and affection, suddenly realized what he was, suspicion: "...gene virus?"

Sinan sent a deep and steady breath.

"Si Xiaonan?" Zhou Wei patted him and whispered, "Don't sleep, you just said what your parents are doing?"

"..." Sinan picked up one eyelid and drowsiness made him look very angry. Zhou Yu couldn’t care much, and he took another picture and woke him up. A stack of voices asked, “What are your parents doing? Tell me specifically?”

"What do you do?" Sinan sat up with his eyes open, and he was inexplicably dissatisfied: "I don't remember it, didn't tell you?"

Zhou Hao angered: "When is this all the time, don't sleep, think about it!"

Sinan: "Want to fight?!"

Zhou Wei: "..."

"Baby." Sinan said seriously. "You don't want to know how Alpha tried to wake me up. He was very painful. When I wake up, I will tell you in detail..."

"..." Zhou Yu’s heart has passed thousands of grass mud horses, and he said that this is getting up, this is to switch personality!

Sinan folded down and slammed twice, holding a pillow to adjust a comfortable posture. Zhou Yizheng wondered if he had to risk his divorce and wake him up again. Suddenly he only heard the faint voice in the distance, and then the vehicle whizzed past, and the alarm sounded through the night sky.

"Secondary alert! Second-level alert! Zombie tide besieged!"

"All men under the age of sixty and sixty come to lead weapons, and the combatants gather quickly!"

The lights in the dormitory lit up, and the panic discussion and footsteps swept the entire base.

"..." Sinan turned over and blocked his eyes with his back. He said: "It’s getting harder and harder to sleep this year..."

·Starting from the establishment of the survivor base of Chen Yajing, all the men of the 16-year-old and 60-year-old men were organized into self-defense teams. Each group of ten people arranged ten groups every night and patrold with a gun within a radius of one kilometer. A little wind and grass will immediately launch a signal bullet to prevent the situation of a large number of zombies at night.

However, this night, I don’t know if the weather is warming up and the zombies are active or other reasons. A large number of zombies have escaped the patrols silently under the cover of night and mountain rocks, and when the base attendants smell the strong rancid smell from the wind. The entire peripheral work has been surrounded.

The zombies were so dense that they kept smashing the wall, and in the pale moonlight, they gathered into a shocking sea of ​​blood.

"How is it so much?!" Chuncao shouted incredulously, "Hey! Here! Come over!"

Zhou Wei took Sini to squeeze through the crowd, and saw the hundreds of torches ignited in the outer part of the base. The night sky was as bright as white, and the voice was full of people. The people organized the torches and ammunition in an orderly manner, and the trained self-defense forces leaned over the fortifications of the tower, shot down with machine guns, and flew back the zombies that climbed up the net. go with.

A steady female voice sounded: "Too much! The shooting team is back!"

——I saw that Chen Yajing actually pushed himself to the forefront, and looked at the zombies in front of his feet without fear. He shouted: “Open the grid!”

The shooting team rushed to run backwards, Wan Hao sweated, rushed to the duty room, biting a flashlight to open the electric box, and pulled down the electric gate.


When the electric light flashed, it flashed from the iron net on the periphery of the entire fortifications. There were countless sparks, and the first few rows of zombies were beaten into coke!

The current is transmitted, and the zombies fall into rows in an instant, and the strong burnt smell rises!

"C3 area requests support, C3 area requests support." The short-wave radio communication sounded anxious: "The zombies piled up at an oblique angle and rushed over here, requesting support!"

Chen Yajing saw Zhou Wei in the crowd. At this time, it was too late to say hello. He only hurriedly bowed to him, and immediately screamed at the no wires: "Open the warehouse and mine | pipe! The machine gunners are all on top!!"

I saw the zombies of the second death piled up around the fortifications, and the subsequent zombies stepped on the same kind, rushing to rush. The machine gunners swear to death, crazy shooting, but the number of zombies is indeed too much, stepping on each other in the bullets and rain on the turret window, countless hands grab the machine gunners, tear them into pieces!

The blood color burst open in the screaming crowd, Zhou Wei rushed to breathe, and strode forward: "Give me the gun! Back!"

Wan Hao issued a sorrowful roar, screaming at the assault step | the gun rushed to the zombie group, but the shoulders were held down by the force of the iron tongs. As soon as he turned around, he saw the fire reflecting the cold face of Sinan and said, "Give me."

"You retreat -"

Wan Hao swears that he hasn't exported yet, and his arms are empty. I don't know how to make a step to Shinan.Sinan's physique is absolutely not related to strength, because the relationship between sex is even thin. On such a cold winter night, he wore only a thin coat, picked up a machine gun, crossed the battle, and strode to the zombies who were rushing to climb the edge of the fortification.




The point projectile has no false hair, and every shot is accompanied by a zombie skull bursting out of the brain, shaking and falling.

Sinan stopped and stood on the side of Zhou Wei, slamming the assault step into a burst mode.

In front of them are the endless stream of dead people, and the dark nights where they reach out to the fingers; behind them are the crowds horrified and screaming, and the torch that burned the night.

They looked at each other and Zhou Wei smiled and asked: "I have 2,600 rounds of bullets, what about you?"

"Two thousand two." Sinan stared at the sight and whispered: "But you are enough... Alpha."

Zhou Wei returned with a sly smile, and the two casually touched their fists, and the backs reached each other and fired at the same time!

The top snipers fed by the special forces with more than tens of thousands of bullets are far from being familiar with the speed of shooting, precision, and bullet utilization. The original seven or eight rounds of bullets can solve a zombie. In the two people's shooting speed of 15 to 20 rounds per second, almost one, or even one, and a few bombs burst into a myriad brains!

Zhou Wei and Sinan steadily marched toward the zombie group with high firepower suppression. The two guns of the heavy machine burst into a spark of sparks, which is invincible, and the sea of ​​life is like a sea tide!

"Ray | Tube! Burning | Bomb! Follow-up firepower to keep up, fast! Armored vehicles are ready to go!" Chen Yajing almost slammed the order, then threw the radio, raised the loudspeaker, and topped the forefront of the fortification: "- Everyone is pressing! The machine gunner can't retire!!"

"The back is your base! Your home! Your wife and children!!"

"Where the victim is." She paused, her voice swelled down and spread throughout the battlefield: "The base will care for your family and raise your children until the last moment of human existence."

The machine gunners were red-eyed and answered with enthusiasm. After Zhou Wei and Sinan, they rushed to the zombie wave.

Even women and children rushed from the camp to help pass bullets and explosives, forming a chain of human flesh in the intertwining of fire. The men grabbed the burning alcohol bottles and rushed to the fortifications, throwing them into the waves of zombies.

The bombings have been one after another, shaking the earth.

The zombie tide snarls, as if the scream of death is helpless, spread through the night sky in blood and fire.

A few minutes later, the living dead who climbed the fortifications were completely removed. The corpses were everywhere, flesh and blood, and it was unclear whether they were dead or zombies.

The machine gunners were killed from the corpse, and they burst into tears and fell to the wall.

- At their feet, on the vast hillside vacant land, the explosives were thrown like a raindrop to the zombie tide, and countless flesh and blood flew to the sky; the zombie tide in the front of the barbed wire was finally no longer strictly, but was initially cleared out. A few meters of open space.

“Open the door!” Chen Yajing’s shouts resounded through the battlefield: “The armored car departs!”The roaring was far and near. Chuncao and Ding Shi each opened a modified armored vehicle, rushing out the iron gate that was pulled together by the people, and drove away to the zombies not far away.

"Sinan!" Yan Hao took a shot of the heavy machine gun, and laughed loudly: "Don't you go down! I will follow you!"

Sinan's brow tipped slightly, and stepped back in two steps. In the exclamation of everyone, the lightning jumped from the top of the seven-eight-meter-high fortifications, and rolled up on the ground, and picked up the machine gun on one knee.

Zhou Yidao: "Is the deputy captain thinking about it, in front of the captain's face?!" Then he jumped.

The zombies on the ground were attracted by the breath of the living people. They again lingered and gathered into a hillside. The armored vehicles that were transformed into corners hit the head and hit the track. The tracks crushed the path of carrion.

Zhou Hao landed and started to fire again with Sinan. They live like two human-shaped forts. The extremely high rate of fire allows the bullets to fly into the launching tube, like a flying giant, and pushes forward in the next step of the cover of the heavy-duty machine gun.

"Isn't that the second me?" Zhou Wei shouted in the shell.

Sinan is careless: "You are not simple in seconds."

"... Comrade Xiaosi."


"Do you know why those Alphas will be crying for you in the past?"

Sinan had a horizontal eye from the scope of the sight, and was hitting the gaze of the side of the body. The latter’s mouth was evil.

"Because the Alpha you met before is too weak," Zhou Wei smiled and pulled the trigger.


The bullets traversed the night sky and fired the petrol that was thrown from the spring grass in the armored vehicle.

The flaming pieces of metal cut out hundreds of fire arcs, and when you cut into the heads of countless zombies!

Si Nan picked up the pupil, and looked cold and cold for a few seconds. He immediately slammed the machine gun into a single shot mode.

"Your gambling contract for doing housework." He asked, "I still don't count."

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