By Huai Shang

Chapter 51 Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Chapter 51

Zhou Xinxin said that the base locator... No, the military signal transmitter is in shock, isn’t Yanhao nearby?

But how can Yan Hao be nearby, they did not go to the South China Sea? !

The situation was very confusing. Zhou Wei also realized that the road looters were almost fake liberators. Seeing that there were still a few people struggling to get up from the ground, they couldn’t wait to get up and interrogated. Now it’s decisive: “Si Xiaonan don’t shoot, Hold on! Tell me the direction!"

A loud bang, Zhou Hao stepped on the gas pedal, and the ragged SUV knocked the few people out.

"Turn right at three o'clock," Sinan glanced at the rearview mirror. Someone raised the shotgun and immediately said: "Look down!"

At the same time, the two bowed their bows, only to listen to the rear window, and the steel ball mixed with broken glass to clean the rear compartment again!

Fortunately, they responded quickly. If the back of the head was on the head, the heads of the two were gone. Rao is so awkward or "squeaky", the back of the ear is splashed by the splash of broken glass, bringing a long blood.

The blood was reflected in the eyes of Sinan. His eyebrows were twisted, and the charge was taken. The gun was set up, and the single-shot mode was set. Nothing was returned, aiming was not used, and the trigger was pulled back.

The child pops up.

The warhead passed through the glass-exploding rear compartment, scratching the road covered with smoke and dust, flying over a distance of tens of meters, and the time was slowly and almost static at this moment.

The next moment it appeared in front of the "soldier" who shot, through his skull, hehe!

The red and white brains burst into flames, and the "soldier" body swayed and fell down.

"..." Zhou Wei praised: "The shooting method is good! After the sniper decides who will wash the dishes!"

Si Nan said: "What, wash the dishes?"

The car leaped, crushing the highway guardrail and flying into the wilderness of the trees. After the car, the few people did not dare to chase again. They were afraid of being hit by a sniper bullet flying from a distance. They all ran away and fled, and they disappeared in an instant.

"In the direction of the eleven o'clock, there are people!"

Zhou Wei turned the steering wheel, the tires smashed through the shrubs of the weeds, about three or four hundred meters away, suddenly glimpsed not far away there are a group of several people around, the mouth is not knowing what to persuade, the middle is really two The individual is wrestling.

Zhou Yanmei jumped sharply: "Yan Hao?!"

Yan Hao shouted something, got up and punched, and turned the other man's man to the ground. Several people around immediately rushed to pull the rack, but the pull was obviously a bit biased, almost all of them were carrying Yan Hao, so that the other side climbed up with his nose and rushed to give Yan Hao a few feet.

Obviously this group of people together is bullying Yan Hao!

"Mom!" Zhou Xiaoran shouted, the brakes jumped and strode.

The group had not reacted yet. Zhou Wei had walked straight into the crowd, grabbed the man, and threw him out with a standard over-the-shoulder fall!


"I am, stop!"

The few people shouted and pulled Zhou Zhou again, but before they got into the body, they were all overturned by Zhou Wei’s lightning, and then they grabbed the head of the one who just kicked Yan Hao, and clamped the other’s arm and stared at him. Back collar, homeopathic against his head and hit the tree!

Yan Hao took the opportunity to break free of the clamp: "Captain!""Oh, wait!" Zhou Wei didn't care about him. He slammed every time he hit the head: "The one who told you to play Laozi!"

"Call you to bully less!"

A few times, Zhou Hao pulled up his hair and asked: "Is there no?"

The man was first beaten by Yan Hao, and he was beaten by Zhou Hao. He suddenly yelled: "I am yelling at your ancestors! The brothers are together, take them..."

His rumors have not been finished, and suddenly he only listens - hehe!

The gunshots exploded and everyone had a meal.

I saw Si Nan holding the charge | The gun came down from the car and bowed to Yan Hao with a slight dagger, and immediately picked up the eye and looked around at everyone. At the same time as his toes landed, one of the group secretly reached into the back pocket, but when he just shot his hand, the gun was again!

Sinan’s sniper was extremely precise, and the hand that had not been lifted by the man was too far away.

This empty space was completely ruined.

"Who wants to die." Sinan gently said, "Stand out."

Everyone, you see me, I see you, each looks resentful, but they don’t dare to move.

Hey! The last scream, Zhou Hao once again glared at the man's hair, and he raised his head in blood:

"Is there not to fight?"

The man’s lips groaned and gasped: “Serve... served...”

Yan Hao licked his mouth and blood, and finally he was hypocritical and squatting lately: "The captain did not fight, his own person, misunderstanding, misunderstanding."

"Appreciation is good." Zhou Wei was satisfied, let the man fall to the ground and patted his cuffs and asked Yan Hao: "How are you here? Just now you slammed? Who is this person with these guys?"

Zhou Wei’s three questions were more difficult than one. Yan Hao breathed a sigh of relief and signaled him to wait a moment, then went to the man and helped him out despite the struggle of the other side.

"Wan brother." Yan Hao coldly said, "The incident happened suddenly, I can't come to introduce you, this is our lost squadron leader."

The surname 10,000 relied on the tree to keep gasping, lifting up the bloody eyes, and looking at Zhou Wei with anger.

Yan Hao moved half a step, blocking his hatred and staring at Zhou Wei’s sight:

"I said that I know them, I can't watch them being pointed at by guns, so I grab your gun and slam the robbers - surely you have what you call the 螳螂 蝉 蝉'The plan of action; but if you follow, my captain and teammates will be in danger, so I can't help but start, I am very sorry."

Yan Hao’s ability to express is still relatively clear, and Zhou’s heart is slightly relieved.

- Yan Hao must have been acting with this group of people for some reason. However, when he discovered that the target of the robbery was Zhou Wei and Sinan, he immediately shot and killed four robbers, causing the group’s black-skinned action plan to be almost destroyed, so they would be beaten.

"When I go back, I will explain to Miss Chen myself. The difference is not the same. Now that we meet with the captain, we can immediately pick up the other three teammates and set off for the South China Sea." Yan Hao stood in front of him and held his arm. Lightly said: "There is much harassment during this time, thank you very much, and you will repay it later."

Only heavy and short breaths can be heard on the open ground.Zhou Wei, Sinan and Yan Hao did not say anything. After a long time, I saw that the man surnamed Wan was sneer and full of irony:

"Don't dare, don't dare. You are a person that Chen Sister pays special attention to. Some of the brothers can't compare with your special forces... Go back and explain it yourself."

He struggled to get up, but he was hard-pressed, and he would not let anyone help him. He would wave his hand to his men: "Go! Get back to work!"

The group was driven by a truck, and the open-top pickup was hidden in a hidden place behind the grove. After this frame, Yan Hao was completely torn with their faces, and naturally they could not go back with their car, and they went to the south of the smashed SUV.

Yan Hao’s eyes were red, and he took the initiative to hug Zhou’s and hugged Sinan.

"Comrade Yan Hao, you are so enthusiastic that your brother is a little bit flattered..." Zhou Hao touched his chin, and if he thought: "It’s the first time that you are never called a brother, and you are the captain of the captain. I took the initiative to hug me. Did you finally realize that your brother is valuable?"

Yan Hao leaned over Sinan's shoulder and choked: "Great, you are still alive." Then he suddenly smelled something, and the whole person was stiff.

"...you..." Yan Hao stared straight at Sinan, who returned with innocent eyes.

"Do you guys... already..."

Zhou Hao touched his nose and coughed: "It's almost like what you see."

After Alpha and Omega mark each other, the pheromone will mix into each other's taste. Although the inhibitor of Sinan has not completely failed, if it is close, it can indeed smell a scent of Zhou Wei from the vicinity of his posterior gland.

Yan Hao was awkward and his eyes were redder, shaking his hand and covering his face.

Zhou Wei shook his head helplessly at Sinan: "He must be thinking: How is this surname Zhou still alive?"

Sinan: "..."

"Okay, I know I am sorry." Zhou Hao forced the hook on Yan Hao's shoulder: "Don't worry, get on the bus!"

Yan Hao suffered a lot of blows. He refused to take the co-pilot and insisted on sitting in the back row.

Zhou Wei was helpless, had to let Sinan drive, and he also squeezed into the back row, patted Yan Hao's shoulders and said: "Where is there no grass in the world, why do you have a single flower? Brother did not expect that when we were trapped In the old forests of the mountains, the snow has been sealed for half a month, and it is not an intention to not give you a chance to compete fairly..."

Sinan drove with the open-top pickup truck in front of him, and looked at Yan Hao from the rearview mirror, seemingly trying to comfort him. But comforting people is a technical job that requires emotional intelligence. When Sinan wants to come and think, he will only come up with a sentence:

"Hey. I seduce him."

Zhou Wei: "..."

Yan Hao: "..."

Yan Hao almost didn't cry.


Zhou Haofei's old nose was able to persuade Yan Hao who wanted to jump, and Sinan closed his mouth and said nothing. The four-faced SUV climbed over the hillside and thundered, followed the truck to the survivor base in the distance.

"The captain jumped the plane that night, I originally wanted to jump, but the spring grass killed me..." Yan Hao swallowed, and the beautiful eyes were red.Zhou Xinxin said that he was really a good niece of his father, and he comforted a few words with a false and false question. "Why didn't you go to the South China Sea? Is the antibody still there?"

"Yes. Even if we die, the last person will protect the antibodies and information." Yan Hao pointed to the truck in front: "The surname Chen and this group of people only thought that we were separated from the big forces, I don't know if we carry things. So don't mention it when you get into the base."

Zhou Weihu suspected: "Who is the surname Chen?"

"She is Chen Yajing, Omega, a woman, the head of the survivor base." Yan Hao said: "On the night of the helicopter crash, we were rescued by the folk patrol on the shore, and then sent to her. Base..."

Late on the night of leaving Changsha, the helicopter passed through Guangdong and flew to the coast. When it encountered a rare storm, it was impossible to search for any traces of the South China Sea base, and it was only necessary to fly back to the port and make a forced landing.

However, in the harsh weather conditions and visibility, the two helicopters have fallen into the sea.

Fortunately fortunately they fell on the coast, the port happened to have a civilian patrol, immediately put a lifeboat to take the survivors to the boat; this patrol belongs to the largest survivor base in the area, Yan Hao they were rescued I saw the leader of the base, the female Omega named Chen Yajing.

"She is very weird," Yan Hao frowned.

Zhou Wei sternly asked: "Where is it?"

"Disfigured, disabled, unable to stand. The base itself is a subordinate research institute of the G Military Region. She is the wife of the deputy director. Many people including her husband died after the outbreak of the virus. She took a group of cadres in the institute. Accepting the nearby tens of thousands of people, the people in the original research institute all told her... No, she is very weak, not the same type as Sinan."

In the end of the world, the law of the jungle, a woman with no hands on the power of Omega can become a leader of tens of thousands of people in the wolves, Yan Hao Chun Cao and others are naturally very curious.

Of course, Chen Yajing is also very curious about the coming of their group.

Yan Hao told her that she and the big army were lost, and the captain was lost. Now I want to take the survivors rescued on the way to the South China Sea base. The research on antibody and virus research and development information is not mentioned, Chen Yajing is not suspicious. .

But in dealing with this disaster, the folk female leader and several special forces have made a lot of differences.

Yan Hao hopes that she can send someone to help, find ships on the coast, let them go to the sea to find the headquarters base. However, Chen Yajing said that she had sent people to repair the local communication base station at an unimaginable price, but has not received any official signal so far; even if the base in Yanhaokou does exist, the government has long abandoned the masses.

She appreciates these special forces and sincerely hopes that they will stay and will say that they will do everything they can to lead all survivors to overcome the disaster.

"Too naive." Zhou Yan frowned. "This disaster is global. It must be joined by all countries and all human beings. She thought she was the Virgin Mary?""The weirdness is here." Yan Hao said, "Not only does she have such innocent and stupid confidence, but also the Alphas who manage the bases; the conviction that she has the same intention seems to be that she maintains leadership in the base. The cornerstone of status."

"Isn't you going to engage in cults?" Zhou asked.

"There has been no such sign so far."

Zhou Hao nodded.

The truck swayed over the hillside, and the dust was flying in front, and a vast base building emerged.

The iron mesh of the brick wall with the electric ring stands tall under the sky and protects the human settlement in the last days. The zombies were in groups of three and five, swaying, gathering under the brick wall and screaming at the iron net.

"You insist on going to the South China Sea. Has she tried to stop it with tough means?" Zhou said again.

"This is not the case," Yan Hao said with a slight smile: "The tricky place is here."

Chen Yajing not only did not detain the personal freedom of several special forces, but was delicious and delicious, sincerely entertained, and properly placed nearly 70 survivors brought by the special forces. Usually, Yan Hao and others are watching around the base. She also ignores it and does not stop it. The attitude can be called a candid.

- In addition to not matching the search for ships to the sea, all her actions are impeccable, Yan Hao simply thinks she is a perfect folk leader.

On the one hand, I am embarrassed to eat white and drink, on the other hand, I hope to meet Zhou Wei in the south; Yan Hao will take the initiative to ask Chen Yajing to join the guard team, assist them every day, remove zombies and search and rescue the people in the nearby areas.

Chen Yajing readily agreed, without any hesitation.

Not only that, but she also called several guards of her own team, including this called Wan Hao, asking them to treat Yan Hao, especially to learn from the special forces.

"Oh, is it?" Zhou Wei seems to be very interesting and smiles: "It seems that Miss Chen really values ​​you, so why is it that the surname of Wan is particularly disrespectful?"

Yan Hao said coldly: "I don't know, Captain, you better ask him... Don't look at me like this! I don't know anything, I don't want to know!"

Several guards were rushed out of the base duty room, and the zombies outside the iron net were cleaned and the door was opened.

As the truck slammed into the air, the SUV followed in the dust of the slamming, echoing the laughter that couldn’t stand the week.

Wan Hao jumped out of the truck and didn't even look at Yan Hao for a look. He took his hand and went straight into an office building in front. Yan Hao signaled that Sinan did not care, and directly bypassed the office building to open later. A few hundred meters away from the management area stood a row of collective dormitory.

The residences of several special forces are far from the dormitory area, close to the management, and are independent small houses.

It seems that the woman named Chen Yajing really enjoyed them very much. This small courtyard is a single-family house with white walls and green tiles. I know that it is a special treatment with my toes. Sinan parked the car in front of the courtyard, took a horn around Zhou, and sighed with arrogance: "Take out to Laozi! See who is coming!"


Chuncao’s tears were mad, and even rolling with a roll of rockets was like a smashing rocket. She flew up and embraced Zhou’s enthusiasm. She was picked up by a cheaper volley and turned to a circle of three hundred and sixty degrees."Xiangzi and Dading?"

"When you go to work, you will return... ah! Si Xiaonan!!"

Chuncao burst into tears, rushed up and hugged Sinan, almost hitting the driver who had just got off the car and hitting the cab.

"I thought you were dead! Si Xiaonan!" Chuncao was tearful, and he choked and asked: "Have you both done things? Have you finally become my new mother? Waiting for you to come to the meeting in a month, it is for me." Did your brother and sister go?"

The slightest touch of Sinan’s sudden rise disappeared without a trace.

"Zhou," he said with no expression. "Please come over and take the cockroach in the spring."

The small courtyard shouted loudly and loudly. Zhou Wei put his hands in his trouser pockets and smiled at his team members. He suddenly heard only a very slight and polite cough behind him.

He suddenly turned back and saw Wan Hao pushing the wheelchair and parked at the door of the front yard.

In the wheelchair is a young, thin, beautiful facial features, but her left cheek is disfigured by red scars. Her hair was beamed, she was wearing a light gray sweater, and her legs were covered with blankets; when she looked up and Zhou Wei, she humbly slightly bowed her head and swept through the courtyard.

Zhou Hao has sharp eyes.

He found that the woman's eyes passed through Yan Hao and Chuncao very quickly, no abnormalities. However, when it touched Sinan, it was obviously stagnation. It seemed difficult to determine, and the expression changed slightly.

- But that's only half a second, as fast as an illusion.

"You are the captain of the week." The woman converges and solemnly reaches out: "In the next Chen Yajing, I will be honored to see you."

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