By Huai Shang

Chapter 50 Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Chapter 50

In late February, the south warmed and the river broke.

The car passed through the deserted village, breaking through the fields covered with snow and flying south.

In front of an abandoned gas station in the suburbs of the town, the roads are empty, and grass, dust and garbage are flying in the cold wind. Zhou Wei stopped the car and signaled that Sinan was in the warm compartment, and then lifted the diesel gun.

Sinan picked up the road map and saw a small convenience store in front of it. Without even obvious signs of looting, he opened the door: "Do you want smoke?"

Zhou Yibin politely said: "No, I decided to quit smoking for my partner's health... Go back! Sit back!"

Zhou Hao tried to fight against the car door while cheering, and Sinan pushed the door out with force: "Don't make such a sacrifice. I am very democratic. You can smoke. It's okay, I will help you... let go! Finally there is Shop, let me go!"

The two men struggled for a long while, and Sinan suddenly looked at him: "Come up, there are zombies!"

Zhou Yi subconsciously turned back and there was nothing on the road behind him.

Sinan ran away from the other side of the door, copying his special box for snacks, and rushing to the convenience store.

"You just want to eat sugar!" Zhou Hao was crying and laughing, and directed at his back, he said helplessly: "Go back soon, we don't have much bullets!"

Sinan pushed open the convenience store door, ignored the zombies struggling after the checkout counter, and laughed and said: "What about that?"

Two minutes later, Zhou Hao was full of oil, just hanged the refueling gun, and saw the door of the convenience store opened again. Sinan held his full box with his hands, and a zombie with a half-corrupted face and an elongated arm followed, and chased behind him.

At that time, Zhou Yan’s face changed. When he just rushed out, he saw Sinan turning and leaping. He climbed the zombie shoulder and neck with a dazzling jiu jitsu action. He only used his knees to smash the zombie neck.

The zombie mourned and fell, and Sinan Lisuo landed. He didn't even look at it, and took a lollipop to Zhou.

"..." Zhou Yiju looked down at the calm and innocent face of Sinan and asked: "...say good smoke?"

"Forgot," Sinan said.

He stuffed the snack box into Zhou’s arms and turned to the store to find a few packets of cigarettes. Zhou Wei flipped through the sandwich biscuits in the box and the nutrition fast line.

"When I fell in love, I sneaked out to eat at night, but I still don't forget to bring me two cigarettes; this is just a marriage treatment, it has plummeted, and I don't worry about my brother. It is worthless after I get it..."

The worthless brother took the head of Sinan twice, peeled the sugar paper by himself, and stuffed a candy into his mouth.

Sinan also eats candy lollipops and alpine green apple-flavored lollipops, licking his long calves on the co-pilot, frowning as he repeatedly flips through the map: "It's a bit strange."

"Yes--" Zhou Yi was holding a cigarette and said carelessly: "I said that this road is not going right. You are not saying that we have to follow the map..."

Sinan: "I mean, the candy is strange, it has expired."

Zhou Wei immediately stopped the car and looked through the wrapping paper that was thrown in the door of the car. He saw that the shelf life was only next year and he was relieved.Sinan is not very satisfied: "How is it not milky?"

Zhou Wei couldn't explain with this little mixed blood why the five cents of a candy sold in a township gas station had no milk flavor. He had to comfort him: "I will take you to Inner Mongolia and find a grassland to live in a tent. Cows."

Si Nan slammed the ground.

“Continue to drive 30 kilometers south to bypass the town,” he closed the map: “Avoid the densely populated area, and then find the dock after arriving at the peninsula to see if you can go straight to the sea.”

——In front of the car window, the road straight through to the front, through the rundown township. The residential building is like a broken reinforced concrete coffin, silently scattered under the gray sky.

Zhou Yi asked once in the hundred and tenth time: "Are you sure this is the way?"

“Not sure, but this is the national road map published three years ago.”

"Three years ago, when I brought people to perform the task, there was no such town here. It was uninhabited. You have to say that at that time, the road really went around the town and turned over a hill in front..."

“Do you remember this?” Sinan said differently.

"Hey." Zhou Wei deeply spit out the cigarette circle: "Brothers walked south and north, and they were happy to walk through the 100,000 mountains in Guangxi and passed through the Kunlun Tarim River..."

Si Nan suspiciously stared at him.

Zhou Wei: "..."

After thirty seconds of silence, Zhou Wei finally said the truth:

"In the past, I was looking for a toilet on this road. I couldn't find it. I could only stand in a row and put water on the road. Whoever urinated far away?"

“I was particularly impressed and lost to Yan Hao.”

It turns out that the national highway map published by the People's Communications Publishing House in 2017 did not cope with Zhou's deep memory of failure. The map is wrong, Zhou Wei is right.

At noon, the SUV left the road and left behind the zombie rushing out of the town centre, turning over the hillside and heading for the peninsula.

The sun emerged from the dark clouds and reflected the glimmer of the distant harbor.

The bustling casinos of the past have long been ruined, and almost all the tall buildings have been blown up. The TV tower has been cut off and the garden casino has been burned. The bay port no longer sees the magnificent scenery of the ship, but it is replaced by desolate, silent, dead sea.

Further away, the South China Sea Islands are hidden in the misty waters, just like the legendary mirage.

Zhou Wei slightly turned a corner. Looking at the end of the city that was submerged by dust, the sun reflected the faint light spot in the military high-powered telescope.

"What is that?" Zhou Yan opened his eyes and said to himself: "How come there seems to be a building."

Sinan contains his eighth alpine lollipop today, his hands climbing the shoulders of his shoulders and jumping agilely. Zhou Wei held the trunk and stood still. He couldn't help but sink the shoulder and neck. Si Nan had his legs open and sat on his shoulder and took the telescope.

A short time after Sinan Road: "The ground base. The building surface seems to be covered with solar steel."

Zhou Hao looked up and smiled a little, but he was slightly uncomfortable: "Comrade Xiaosi, do you know? You seem to be making some kind of hidden invitation to me, for example, the wild car shock...""Do you want to taste the scissors feet?" Sinan clipped his neck with his thigh and smiled. "It is said that the suffocation play is very cool."

The two of them took a look at each other and watched for three seconds, suddenly moving at the same time!

Zhou Wei sneaked back to the SUV of the south, and Sinan flipped to twist his cervical spine. With a loud bang, Zhou Wei leaned back and slammed Sinan's back on the hood of the car. In the laughter of Sinan, he grabbed his two feet and lifted it up. The whole body squeezed between his thighs. Devilishly made a gesture of want.

"Suffocation play?" Zhou Yan leaned over and stared at Sinan, asked in a condescending manner.

Sinan asked: "I am merciful, do you know?"

This is true. If Zhou Wei is a zombie, according to the position of the previous one, at this moment his neck bone has been broken by the legs of Sinan, just like the clean zombies in the gas station.

Sinan half lies on the hood, his eyes are bright, his eyelashes are bent, and the upturned lips are slightly provocative. From the top down, his neck is extraordinarily slender, and the clavicle extends into the black shirt collar, and the blood vessels are clearly visible under the white skin.

Zhou Wei's breathing became deeper, and the heart slightly started to heat up. He bowed his lips to the Sinan eyebrows for a moment, and wanted to make a little disciplinary mistake in the wilderness.

It was at this time that a slight sound was heard in the distance -


It is like the sound of birds flying from the branches, passing through a hundred meters, and passed into Zhou Yu’s ears.


Zhou Wei quickly stepped forward and picked up the telescope that was thrown by Sinan from the ground.

In the winter between the yellowish woods, the ghosts on the hillsides, there are a number of zombies that are quietly surrounded, and have reached within 100 meters!

"-on the car!" Zhou Wei Li said: "Fast!"

The two men drilled into the SUV at the same time, and the engine slammed into the shade of the hillside. It was unexpectedly just halfway up the mountainside, suddenly there was a trail of dragging in front of him, and another group of zombies appeared as if they had emerged from the ground, and they blocked their way.

"Mom, why is there no movement, no zombies?" Zhou Yan frowned: "I still learned to sneak?"

Sinan held a telescope: "Go forward at ten o'clock, fast, there is a breakthrough!"

The SUV bumped and turned around, and the zombie group chased after it, and finally sent out a dull mourning!

Sinan dragged two assaults from the back seat. The guns were thrown to Zhou Wei. The two men lowered the window and pulled the trigger to beat the zombies in front.

"They are in the encirclement!"

Zhou Wei: "No mistakes! Zombies have no thoughts!"

The car crushed the roots of the ground and slammed it. Zhou Hao put the steering wheel in one hand and shot the zombie point on the side with one hand. The tires crashed into the ground, and several zombies were smashed!


More dead people swayed, and finally appeared from the woods, fanned out to the front of the car - Zhou Shukong tightened, realizing that Sinan's observation did not go wrong.

This is indeed a round.

Not only that, but also lurking, hiding and teamwork, the zombies have produced the initial wisdom of group animals hunting!Sen Han was born from the bottom of his heart. Zhou Yi’s road has crossed most of his country and he has never felt such real fear as he is at the moment.

When did the zombies begin to mutate? Is there still thinking in the living dead?

Is it happening all over the country, or is the evolution of the virus in the coastal zone?

Sinan 嚓 嚓 put on a new magazine, backhand shots to the back of the car, almost every trigger can solve two or three chasing zombies. Zhou Hao yanked the clutch, only to listen to him in the shell fly: "There are too many fronts! U-turn to the mountain!"

On the muddy ground covered with thick leaves, the SUV roared and turned, and there was a racing-like drift under the horror of the zombies, which smashed the majority of the zombies into a fan-shaped plane.

"Hurry!" Zhou Yidao, then stepped on the accelerator to the bottom!

Most of the zombies have gathered to the position in front of the original car. At this moment, it is too late to catch up. They can only look at the SUV and make a U-turn. The modified front bumper highlights the spike, and the zombie flies to the head, roaring into the forest, and rushing down the slope between the rock and the root of the tree!


The heavy off-road vehicle flies over the ground and the tires are sharply rubbed.

At the same time, the two men bounced up at the same time. Zhou Hao reached out and held Sinan in his arms. He bumped into the carriage and snorted.

The off-road vehicles that have been rebuilt with the engine have not even been beaten, and the living dead people who are trying their best to catch up are left behind in the car and go straight to the distance.


"Very good, smooth out." Zhou Yu appealed to the hot air: "This car is of good quality, you can express your gratitude to the big scorpion under Jiuquan."

"He is not a big scorpion," Sinan said coldly and coldly.

Zhou Wei: "Good..."

On the ground of the cab is a shell that is pulled out. The off-road vehicle bypasses the city and drives to the front to flash the reflective hillside. Three or five groups of zombies wandered on the side of the road, but could not catch up with the SUV, and could only reach out to the dust rising from the wheels.

Zhou Wei regained his gaze from the side-view mirror and asked: "How much is the zombie who just besieged us?"

"Five or six hundred. How?"

"There are no wounds on those zombies."

Sinan looked at the map's hand.

"After living people are infected with the virus, most of them start to rot from the bite, and then spread throughout the body. But the decay of those zombies is very uniform, and a few must be newly bitten, head and neck, arms, etc. There are no scars that are obviously bitten."

Zhou Hao paused, holding the forehead in one hand, and the thick and sharp brow was locked: "When the military helicopter came to the T city to pick up the surviving people, the nurses who were sick did not have any scars. They were poisoned by inhaling the high concentration of poisonous zombies. Smoke and infection... So what happened to the zombies along the coast, ocean currents? Has the virus spread to this level? It is unlikely."

There is only a bump in the carriage that drives the tire forward. Both of them were silent for a moment, and Sinan slowly turned over one page: "They began to produce primary intelligence, perhaps related to this."


This word made Zhou Hao a chill.

“The city is too dangerous. The front is the ground building we just saw.” Sinan looked up and asked, “Looking at the past?”Zhou Weigang had to answer, and suddenly she yelled for the second time today: "I am!"

Zhou Hao stepped on the brakes and the tires scratched the ground again. Immediately after Zhou Xiaolai had no time to explain, the speed of the car was reversed and the steering wheel turned sharply.

Severely shaking the middle of the south, I saw the front of the front of the car, I don’t know when it was crossed with a wire tied with the horse!



"Go down! Or shoot it!"

On the side of the road, a sudden jump out of ten people, each wearing a camouflage gun, shouted at the front of the car.

- Block road robbery?

Zhou Yan’s eyes were cold and he had just stepped on the gas pedal and burned it from these people. He only saw the head of the person shouting: “Stand up, what are you doing? We are the People’s Liberation Army!”

Zhou Wei’s foot throttled a slip.

Those people are obviously veterans, and certainly have done this hundreds of times. In the hesitation of this one-thousandth of a second, several people simultaneously buckled the shotgun and smashed the front window of the whole car!

In the bang of the loud noise, countless single pieces and broken glass rushed into the cab, and Zhou Yan pressed Sinan one by one, and the eardrum was stunned.

He grabbed the charge with his backhand|gun, elbows to protect half of his face, looking up and preparing for a frontal sniper, suddenly a glimpse.

I saw that the ten people had just rushed to the SUV, and suddenly they headed the head of the "We are the People's Liberation Army" bursting bleeding flower, and fell down.

His men had not had time to scream, and the second, third, and fourth were all shots, and they became ghosts when they were unclear.

"Sniper!" Someone is arrogant: "Look for a bunker, fast!"

Someone forced to rush to the car, Zhou Hao just wanted to twist his neck and sent him to return to the West. Suddenly he saw that the man had a sergeant's epaulette on his uniform. The brow jumped slightly, and he changed his gun butt and his head broke down.

"Si Xiaonan seized!" Zhou Hao returned to the cab, just stepping on the gas pedal forcibly punching the card, only to hear a crisp sound - click!

Zhou Wei: "..."

- Sinan regardless of whether the other party is the real PLA. As long as it was not the special forces of the 118 squad, he first opened his hand and fired a gun. In his eyes, it was a group of dead people.

His right hand extended out of the window, and the fingers of the five fingers slammed into the throat of the person, and took the shotgun of the deceased in the sound of the broken throat, and pulled the trigger back.

The entire series takes less than three seconds.


Most of the roadblockers fell down, and the dead and wounded sternum was prominent, rolling over the ground.

The rest of the people are more and more desperate to rush to the car, Sinan just want to open a second shot, suddenly moving slightly, pinching his own earlobe.

"Zhou," he said in a strange way: "Your base positioner is shaking."

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