By Huai Shang

Chapter 49 Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Chapter 49

On the third day, Sinan sat cross-legged in the middle of the bed, and said: "Don't come over."

Zhou Wei leaned against the door frame with one shoulder, bare upper body, barefooted a camouflage trousers, and seemed to want to be close and not too daring: "You... Comrade Xiaosi, where are you not satisfied?"

"No," Sinan said coldly. "It's all good."

"But your appearance looks very unsatisfactory."

"You got it wrong."

"My brother is not mistaken."

The first round of estrus has passed, and the Omega after the labeling is generally lazy and soft, contented, and extremely dependent on Alpha and other changes, which is commonly known as the honeymoon period; while rapidly increasing the relationship between the two sides, it is also the next Prepare for the arrival of a round of estrus.

Even if there are a few Omegas or Alphas that don't recognize people in their trousers—there is basically no Alpha—that is, after the entire estrus period has elapsed, you don't need the other person to say it.

However, Sinan’s talents are different.

He didn't wait to put on his trousers. He was slamming Alpha's foot in the moment when Zhou was searching for a stomach and preparing to write two love words to enhance the atmosphere.

Sinan’s embarrassment is sincere, and it’s totally different from normal Omega’s spoiling, if it’s not a quick response, then it’s going to be abolished. To this end, Zhou Wei felt very aggrieved, pointing to himself and asking: "Is there any opinion on it, Comrade Xiaosi? You said it, I will tell it, I must call it improvement."

Comrade Xiaosi has no expression: "Can you let it do the surgery?"

"..." Zhou Yicheng said: "It says that it feels like you like it. Can we be more tolerant of the hardware facilities, or discuss the software improvement measures? Look at the brothers who are also very hard to learn." ......"

“No,” said Sinan. “You are a pile driver.”

Zhou Hao held his arm in one hand and held his forehead in one hand. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

Sinan is very spiritual in giving people a nickname. For example, Guo Weixiang, the big cock who has been around for three days, looks like he has a lifelong relationship. What Zhou Wei is worried about now is that the pile driver will accompany him for the rest of his life. If he arrives at the South China Sea base in the future, he will see other people in the 118th army...

Sinan rolled up the quilt, turned his back and was sulking.

Si Xiaonan’s suffocation didn’t last long, and the second round of estrus in the afternoon ignited all his consciousness.

This week, Zhou Wei was very adventurous. He tried several poses from the small yellow film. He found that Sinan was too excited to be excited. It was the excitement caused by pleasure or the excitement of negative emotions. It’s hard to say, anyway, for a while. Zhou Wei determined that if Sinan had a gun in his hand, he would not hesitate to collapse himself.

Sinan slept intermittently for several hours, and was awake every week for 45 minutes. He drank some salted sugar or sweet milk to supplement the loss of water during estrus.

After feeding for several rounds, he finally woke up from a half-awake state. Before he could get out of it again, he found himself being forced to flatten and pressed against the bed.Zhou Hao's hands and feet were big, and he locked his limbs firmly. He was condescending and said seriously: "You tell me which position you are satisfied with?"

Sinan: "..."

"I won't be able to watch any more. It is strictly forbidden to watch movies in the military academy. I thought that when we played for four years in the next class, the students of the online spy warfare department went down from the extranet to several resources. It’s tragic to take care of the punishment. I didn’t expect that I could use it for so many years. The little hairs are really the cornerstone of human reproduction...”

Sinan struggled to make a hand and commented:

"Piling machine."

Then he slammed the earth-shattering loud noise and dropped Zhou Yu’s hook into the bed.

The length of Omega's estrus varies from person to person, with three days, five days or even seven days, and is directly related to its pheromone concentration. Sinan's pheromone is very weak because of long-term inhibitors, and winter estrus is not going to last too long, so it lasted only three days.

On the third day, Zhou Wei took a review of Si Xiaonan, who was unconscious, and returned to normal, conservative, not from strangely smeared small pieces, but from Alpha Physiology. The posture learned in the education textbook.

This Xiasi was finally satisfied, and even began to like it a bit, so that Zhou Wei was very excited and encouraged.

However, Zhou Yi’s way of expressing excitement and love is that he has spent the same two hours in the same position, and can be evaluated with amazing physical strength. Sinan didn't like such amazing physical strength. When he finally woke up, Zhou Hao had to kiss him again and again, and he barely calmed his anger.

"Do you know that there is a kind of fish called puffer fish?"

Sinan cold ice ice: "I don't eat the mess."

"No, the puffer fish is delicious. I will give it to you one day." Zhou Yu pity said: "But I mean you look like a puffer now..."


The heavy snow has stopped, the mountains and the sky pass through, the crystal clear river runs through the valley, and flows to the distant sky.

The gas in the kitchen is almost finished. Zhou Yi went to the snow to cut the firewood and came back to burn the fire, toasted bread, roast luncheon meat, boiled hot water and burned vegetable soup, and piled up a messy warm nest in front of the stove with a cushion, so that Sinan pillows on his thigh. Have a chat without a ride.

Zhou Wei was originally a talkative person. Many ordinary and boring past events were spoken in his mouth, which made him seem interesting. He said that he had a year when he was a child. He was hit by a snowstorm in his hometown. When the army came to the disaster, he was playing in the welfare home. He looked at the military uniform and the guns and felt very envious. He took the sugar he had left to the soldiers. As a result, not only did the candy not be sent out, but when I came back, I also had a handful of chocolates in my pocket. Later, when he graduated from high school, he signed up to join the army. When the recruits first year, they were selected into the special forces because of their outstanding shooting talents. The military academy also took a scholarship...

"The scholarship is not used to do anything right." Zhou Wei regrets, "I was over the wall and ate it."

What Sinan thinks about, asks: "When you entered the special forces, you went to the international competition in the first year?"

"The third year."

"... How old did you graduate from high school?""XVI." Zhou Wei said, "Primary school jumped two levels, hey, in order to catch Alpha must be at least sixteen minimum conscription line."

Si Nantou leaned on his thigh, lying on the floor, frowning with his arms and arms; Zhou Yu humbly owed his body.

"But now think about it, the Omega I met in the competition is really powerful." Zhou Yi said: "Fifteen years old, the country is special, the willpower is tenacious, playing pigs and eating tigers, acting skills are natural... Oscar Absolutely owe him a small golden man. It seems that in this corner of the world we don't know, there are indeed powerful opponents that are unimaginable. There are people outside the heavens."

Sinan smiled and said: "Hey? I think so. Do you think he is still alive?"

Zhou Wei was about to squat, and suddenly he moved his ears with a vigilance: "I don't know! It's been eleven years! I don't want to know at all!"

"In case he misses you very much, do you forget about it?" Si Nan asked.

Zhou Li immediately stated: "Impossible, when I am stupid? Two times in the same pit?"

Sinan laughed.

"When young and frivolous, I fell and fell, and now I can't afford to fall too much." Zhou said: "This is no more than the past, not to mention...and you."

The flames pulsate and the bright light, and Sinan's smile fades away, seemingly shrouded by unknown and complicated emotions.

“What happened later?” Semi-Shin Sina asked softly: “After the special forces competition, what did you do when you returned to China?”

"When you go to the military academy, you will pick someone from the higher grades in the year of graduation. Three of them have chosen three of them, including me." Zhou Wei said: "The political outlook, family background, achievements, and psychological qualities have all been tested, and even Face and height. I didn’t know what to do at the time, thinking that I was picking up intelligence personnel, and later I learned that I was picking up the central guard."

“Does the spy be a priority for Beta?” Sinan laughed at him. “And then?”

"After a few years of work, I have seen a lot of leaders. When I went abroad, I used to be a personal guard." Zhou Wei said a well-known name that appeared frequently in the news broadcast. He smiled and said: "Laterly, I made a few After the second time, I went up to guard the country’s guards. It’s a special job that needs to be steady and solid. I don’t quite do it...”

Sinan looked at the deep-faced face of Zhou Wei in the flames. "You are such a person."

When Zhou Wei is not in tune, he is very unconcerned, but whenever the situation requires it, he is the most careful, steady, and able to hold the overall situation - this is very different from Sinan.

Sinan is a single-armed combat expert, so it is okay for him to single-handedly resolve the danger, but it is more difficult for him to dispatch a team to protect others.

"I am not." Zhou Yi smiled a bit, it seems a bit melancholy.

Sinan raised his hand and poked his chin: "How did you get down to 118?"

Zhou Wei didn't want to talk about it at first, but there was nothing to do in the winter, and the room was warm. Si Nanyi poked him from time to time, and he poked his heart. After a while, he finally surrendered and surrendered: "I was accompanying the reception of the foreign guests... I made a mistake that said that it was a big deal."

"Have you seduce the daughter of the president?""No, our specially trained resistance to Omega pheromones is actually very strong." Zhou Yan's face was slightly reddened, saying: "That is a year in the winter, the team has come up with a special attacking talent. The young man, temporarily with me to perform a ... similar to the ceremonial nature of the reception task, the result accidentally frozen three fingers on the warning iron bar."

"At that time, the outdoor temperature was minus 20 degrees. When I heard the report, I immediately let him use the warm water to thaw him. Otherwise, the finger was abolished, and he will be finished. But the coordinator asked me to leave it alone. After all, at that time... In place, in case of being photographed, the image is..."

Zhou Hao shook his head and smiled.

Sinan is an unorganized and undisciplined person. He doesn't think there is anything like this: "Do you insist on thawing first?"

"They don't let warm water come in."

"then you……"

"I dismantled the iron bar by hand," Zhou said reluctantly. "It’s a shame to be photographed a lot of close-ups."

Sinan thought of the long | guns and short guns bombing scenes, a corner of the corner.

"This thing just happened to be stirred into the dumping, and it continued to ferment. It became one of the fuses that attacked each other indiscriminately. Anyway, I was degraded and lowered, and just a small amount of money will need people. I also have some special forces. Relationship, it went into 118." Zhou Yiyi spread his hand and said: "The latter thing is almost like this. However, in 118, it is actually more comfortable than in the central government. There are many wages and benefits, and it is often possible to travel on a public basis..."

"Yeah." Sinan squeezed Zhou's mouth and squeezed his face. He smiled and said: "If you don't enter 118, we won't meet."

If Zhou Wei did not let go to 118, Sinan would not pass through the street in the sweltering afternoon, seeing the parking building surrounded by zombies.

Sinan will not encounter the special forces squad, will not join the other Alpha to kill the T city, nor will it enter the dark ground of the B military region; they no longer have the opportunity to find precious antibodies and information, and no one should carry them at the moment. Information exchanged for life, flying to the distant South China Sea by helicopter.

Destiny is a ring of deduction, like an invisible domino in the dark, before the disaster, it has laid the foundation for everything in front of us.

Zhou Wei stared at the flame of the jump, and the light of his eyes shone slightly.

"So the trick should be in one piece," he said slowly. "No one can take it apart. It's already destined."


The cold has become a natural barrier to the virus, and this small cement building has always been independent and warm as spring.

Sinan did not say that Zhou Wei would not mention it, although they knew in their hearts that if such a day lasts forever.

- Isolated from the world, only each other, the dream of warmth and peace.

However, this is impossible.

On the fifteenth year of the Lantern Festival, the snow in the mountains finally melted, and the thick ice on the river cracked the fine lines. Zhou Wei sorted out the remaining materials, cut a few bundles of firewood piles in the yard for later use, and held the shoulders of Sinan in one hand, and kissed his hair in front of the cement building."Now, we should not face the zombie tide in the south. We will take the national road and pass the urban replenishment point. We will find another way to the coastal area. Fortunately, the locator has not been lost. If Yan Haochuncao has arrived at the South China Sea base, they will receive a signal. Will definitely report upwards."

Zhou Wei fiddled with the clipped earrings on the south ear of the lower boss. Sinan clasped his hands around his chest and looked down at the mountains and rivers under his feet. The snow was reflected in his eyes, shining brightly.

"If..." Zhou Wei slowly said, paused.

Sinan asked him what happened with his eyes.

"If you still want to stay two more days," Zhou Wei’s words are clearly worded: "We can also be in this place, a little bit s..."

Sinan patted his shoulder and walked toward the SUV. He didn't smile back: "Think more."

Twenty days of rest, meticulous care, and smooth estrus, so that the body and spirit of Sinan returned to the peak state, even better than when they met Zhou Wei in T City.

The electric shock on his elbow has disappeared. With the unseen, desperate and dark memories, it is like the tide of the sea when the sky is clear, and the dark secret corner is hidden.

"Let's go!" Sinan sat in the driver's seat, started the engine, and supported the door with one hand. It looks like a handsome and mixed-race who is driving a car in the streets of New York. He whispers and whistles, and evokes a beautiful lip: "What else? Come up!"

Zhou Hao laughed and laughed. He came forward and took Sinan out of the cab. He rubbed his shoulders around the co-pilot and stuffed it in. He slammed him unreasonably and fixed the seat belt.

"I drive, don't understand?" His full-fledged index finger provoked Sinan's chin and smiled: "You are responsible for eating Lantern, sleeping, and pinching your neck every ten kilometers. The organization is clear, there are What dissent, Comrade Xiaosi?"

The ice is melting and the snow is melting.

Zhou Wei opened the window and sneaked in the whistling cold wind, with a hand on the south knee. Si Nan took a meal of the "rice dumplings" cooked with flour and sugar. He also fed him from time to time and carefully looked at the ragged national road map.

The SUV was sprayed with exhaust gas, and under the canopy of the sky, toward the end of the mountains, the southern land that was so riddled with smoke was drove.

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