By Huai Shang

Chapter 47 Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Chapter 47

The next day.

Zhou Wei woke up in the morning light, stretched a long lazy waist, bowed his head and kissed him on the sleeping cheek of Sinan. He was refreshed and turned to get out of bed to work.

He brought all the tools he could use, and the water was distributed according to the talents. He took out the map and detailed the route and possible material supplements. The sun shone slightly, and immediately disappeared into the thick clouds. Zhou Wei stood in the front yard and felt the humidity of the air. I thought it was about to snow.

Mountains, rivers and distant villages are shrouded in gloomy clouds, and the heavens and the earth are quiet to the extreme.

If it is snowing, it will not be good to start.

Zhou Wei casually ate a can, baked the bread with a small gas fire, washed the sweet milk powder with hot water to Sinan for breakfast, and called him to get up; however, when he looked at the bed, Sinan did not wake up, and slept in bed. Positive fragrance.

He has been very sleepy recently, and may be self-healing after being weak to a certain extent - he sleeps less than six hours a day in a fertilizer plant, and he is very vigilant even in his sleep, as soon as someone is slightly close, he will immediately Was awakened, and now the appearance of a small snoring under the eyes of Zhou Yan is like two people.

Zhou Hao pinched his nose and whispered a few words. Sinan slammed his hand open and rolled over, revealing a piece of military green cloth under his body.

Zhou Wei’s eyes fell on it and he stopped.

That was the T-shirt that he took off last night. He was hanging at the door. He couldn't find it this morning. He didn't expect to be taken away by Sinan. He was buried in a quilt.

"Little thief," Zhou Xiao smiled, reaching for the T-shirt.

Can't move.

... still can't move.

Zhou Wei sneered: "Comrade Xiaosi, are you forcing you to ask for a token of love?" Then I changed it to a pull. Just as hard as I tried, suddenly Sinan became fascinated and grabbed Zhou’s waist.


Zhou Wei hasn't reacted yet, and Sinan has a quick hook in the half-dream and half-awake!


Zhou Hao, the whole person fell on the bed, almost did not wrestle, and then felt that Sinan squirmed twice on the side of his body, seems to find a more comfortable posture, drilled in his arms and quickly slept.

"..." Zhou Wei was stunned and his eyes slowly moved down.

I saw Sinan’s face calm and calm in the morning light, and the nose was warm and fragrant. He was a little angel... A little angel who would use a hundred kilograms of hooks in his sleep and almost broke Alpha into a concussion.

"Sinan..." Zhou trembled: "You... Do you want to wake up first and calm down?"

Sinan unconsciously licked his lips.

Zhou Wei had difficulty breathing, his heart beat faster, and he felt dizzy during the day. He didn't know if it was a real concussion, or gave a light red lip to the front. He took a deep breath and wanted to control the blood with a strong willpower. Don't squat down... But the ubiquitous, more and more sweet sweetness made him breathless.

That is the pheromone.

However, the pheromone tastes that have been lingering with Sinan last night is not the same. If it is a light honey scent last night, it will become sweet and sloppy today. If you sniff it at close range, it may even feel a little exciting.Zhou Wei looked at the ceiling, his ears creaked, and the brain seemed to be repeatedly smashed into flowers by tons of hammers.

He realized the possibility of a great explosion.

Sinan was nearing noon when he woke up. He was a little bit languid, squinted and sat up from the messy bed, and asked Zhou Wei: "How are you here?"

Zhou Wei: "..."

"What time is it," Sinan naturally took the cold milk and toast on the bedside table, and did not disregard it. When he ate, he went out of bed and looked out the window. "Hey, is it going to snow?"

Zhou Wei struggled to move the arm that was unconscious because he was oppressed for several hours. He sat up and slowly said: "Comrade Xiaosi, the organization wants to talk to you..."

Sinan turned around and leaned back on the window sill and raised his eyebrows.

"... Are you sure your inhibitor was hit at the end of September?"

"Of course." Sinan was careless. "I found you on the way to the pharmacy to find inhibitors. Fortunately, you and Yan Hao rushed in after I finished the inhibitor, otherwise I knew you were Alpha. You have become a sieve for a long time...how?"

Zhou Hao cried and laughed: "Do you know that there are two kinds of inhibitors in our country?"

Si Nan chewed a meal.

“The pharmacist buys ordinary inhibitors, which can hide the Omega pheromone in normal state, avoid distracting when working in the field or disciplined work, and can save half a year. Another way to prevent Omega from estrus every year. It is a controlled inhibitor. This kind of regulation cannot be sold on the counter. It must be taken in the warehouse of the designated state-owned pharmacy."

“In other words,” Zhou Wei explained. “The ordinary inhibitors that you took out after breaking the glass counter, although they can disguise you as a Beta, but it doesn’t work when you run into estrus, and it will help you at most after the estrus. Continue to disguise for two months..."

Sinan: "..."

Four eyes are opposite, and Sinan's look has become very subtle.

Zhou Wei carefully considers the language and slows down:

"According to my basic physiology common sense - our military school does not teach this - your estrus may come."

"Organization wants to ask for your opinion, Comrade Xiaosi: Is it to play subjective initiative to overcome difficulties, or respect the objective law, you pick a favorite Alpha from within ten miles, organize to help you fit?"

After a long silence, Sinan confirmed: "There are two kinds of inhibitors."

Zhou Hao nodded.

"The regulatory type is not on the counter."


"...Guo Weixiang helped the surname to find it..."

"He broke into the pharmacy warehouse, but the pharmacy staff who were hiding inside the disaster broke into zombies, so he would be chased by so many zombies."

Sinan can't say a word.

"So, if you need it," Zhou said with regret. "We can also try to find it now, but the nearest big city is two thousand kilometers away. It is best to stick to it on your way..."

Si Nanzhen stood and his hands were loose.

Zhou Qiang, who had been prepared, stepped up and grabbed the free-falling milk cup and threw it back into his hand, indicating that he had taken it."Fangyuan ten miles," Sinan mouth twitched.

- Although he does not intend to do so, but in addition to Zhou Yi, there is no other Alpha in the radius of ten miles, there must be zombies.

“The organization must help you to get together,” Zhou Wei solemnly promised, “The organization is very democratic.”

Sinan looked up at the milk and put an empty cup into Zhou Hao’s hand, pushing his chest to signal him to go out.

"...I think about it." Sinan Machinery Road, "Please organize me to give me twenty minutes."


Zhou Hao thoughtfully took the empty cup out, went to the kitchen to carefully clean the tableware utensils, removed enough water for two days from the car, and then took the gun and patrolled around, confirm There are no wandering zombies or beasts in the mountains, and there is no other danger.

Then he poured the SUV down to just block the only entrance and exit of the cement building, and took complete protective measures. He returned to the first floor and stopped when he passed the bathroom. He carefully looked at the mirror in front of the hand. .

Zhou Wei, aged 29, is 1.89 meters tall, weighs 83 kilograms, and has a body fat percentage of 9%.

Black hair black pupil, the left and right eyesight are 2.0, the genetics are excellent.

Zhou Wei was given a slogan by the instructor of the year, "The scar is the best medal of the man." One year after he was released, he led a team to Bali to perform an ambush mission. When he set up, he saw Yan Hao teaching the spring grass to apply sunscreen. He laughed at the two on the spot and proudly claimed that he had never used the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Sunscreen is so stunned by the girl, it also shows off its own bronze skin. At that time, Yan Hao glanced at him with an inscrutable gaze, shook his head and sighed, saying nothing; waiting for the task to return Zhou Wei Because of the facial four-level sunburn and almost disfigured, the treatment process of half a month made him painfully learn to be a man.

Zhou Wei looked at the mirror for a while and felt that she was just too rough. If you are ten years younger, from the five senses, he can compete with Yan Hao for the title of the 118th team.

He coughed, and the whole coat leader was a little nervous inside.

... around ten miles.

There really isn't any other Alpha, and Zhou Wei is worried about it.


Zhou Yan finished the whole haircut, trying to flatten the hair that was always erected in front of the forehead, then coughed and pushed open the door of the bedroom.

"Twenty minutes, Secretary Xiao..." Zhou Wei sounded a meal.

Sinan sat on the bed cross-legged and looked at a brass pendant on his chest. He raised his head and his eyes were bright and flawless.

Zhou Yi replaced the T-shirt, Zhou Wei's close-fitting vest, Zhou Wei's pillowcase for sleeping last night... It was surrounded by a ring of seventy-eight, and it was like a foundation laid by a cat beast for nesting.

"..." Zhou Wei looked at him, and he couldn't help him realize that he was awake at the end.

Instead, Sinan opened his mouth inexplicably: "What?"

"...I," Zhou Wei cautiously said, "I am going to pack things up."

Sinan suddenly found out that he was in the middle of the mess, but his first reaction was: "What are you doing?"

Zhou Wei said: "... wash."

"Not dirty."Zhou Wei was speechless, and Sinan leaned back and nested in the pillow that Zhou Wei slept last night. It seemed that the spirit was a little bit confusing: "I just remembered that after those people gave me drugs, I asked me what I was. ”

Zhou Wei walked over to sit on the side of the bed, and Sinan leaned over and let the other side open his arms and put him on his chest.

In just 20 minutes, the pheromone smell in this house has changed. It is more fragrant than waking up in the morning, and even the breathing can be clearly felt.

- That's because hormones act directly on the brain's nerves.

"What did you think of?" Zhou Wei whispered a little hoarsely.

"They asked me where I was, but I really can't remember what it was. Ronald's father is the leader and investor of many biochemical tests. Did I steal information about the zombie virus?"

Sinan used his index finger joints against his eyebrows and groaned exhaustedly. Zhou couldn't help but ask: "The relationship between Luo Muer and you is..."

"Stepmaster." Sinan replied, "My dad should have married his father after my father died. But the reason is very complicated. I can't think of it for a while."

Zhou Wei: "..."

Zhou Wei didn't know what to say, and he pointed out the window: "You...you know that his father is the former vice president of country A."

"Maybe," said Sinan.

At this moment, Zhou’s feelings are hard to describe in words.

"Look," Sinan opened the brass pendant that never left, saying, "This is my biological parents, oh... you don't want this expression, you just beat the son of the former vice president of country A and beat it. I gave the zombies, and now I think that the diplomatic issue is already late."

Zhou Wei cried and laughed: "Comrade Xiaosi, you first tell me whether your relatives and aunts are high-ranking political officials, social celebrities, etc. Our diplomatic relations should be able to save them..."

Sinan laughed.

"No," he said, and he held the pendant in front of Zhou Wei. "My parents are ordinary people. I don't remember what they did."

Zhou Wei gently grabbed the pendant and placed it in the palm of his hand to see the old photos inside.

The pendant is also hung on the neck of Sinan. As long as Zhou Hao tightens a leon, he can immediately stop his deadly point; but Sinan seems to completely unload the beastly beast from human beings, lazily leaning over Zhou Wei. Shoulder side.

"You look like this," Zhou said with a stern look. "At first glance, like your dad, look at it like your mother. But your dad, as Alpha, really grows very well, um, temperament..."

"You can say directly that he looks like a white-cut chicken in Alpha, or a book that has read a lot of books." Sinan smiled. "But he is actually Beta, and I am a genetically inferior B. /O combined with Omega, do you want to sign?"

Zhou Hao was unexpectedly surprised to look at him.

Sinan turned and pulled out the pen and paper from the bedside table. He had not signed it up and was signed by Zhou Wei. "No, baby, I just marveled at it. We actually have a ready-made A. /B combined with the birth of Alpha, every day in the sky, there is no sense of freshness..."Sinan thought that he was talking about spring grass. After all, the development of spring grass has been very puzzling, but Zhou Wei shook his head regretfully:

"Although it has been medically proven that any combination of A/O and Beta will only give birth to Beta offspring. If you give birth to A/O offspring, the gene is perfect and very genetic. But I used to swear by myself. Before finding a wife, I will resolutely avoid complimenting the genes of Yan Hao’s kid in front of any Omega."

"..." Sinan said with no expression: "You just reminded me."

Zhou Wei smiled slightly: "It doesn't matter, Yan Haoyuan is a thousand miles away, and it has already exceeded the limits of the organization's limit of ten miles."

Si Nan glanced outside.

The vastness of the sky, the pines are like the sea.

Do not say Alpha within a radius of 5,000 meters, even Alpha zombies are rare.

"But even if he is useless," Zhou Wei played with the brass pendant, and suddenly came out.

He made Sinan closer, and the two were almost close to the pillow. The Omega pheromone floating in the bedroom is clearer, sweet and sinister, and there is a dark flow, as if there is any feeling of faintness.

Sinan pillow on the deltoid muscle of Zhou Wei's arm, a small "snap".

"If he is there, I will let you choose, and you will choose me. Then I will expel any other male creatures and keep you firmly in this territory. Stare until you cry and reach out..."

Sinan’s body was soft and lazy and asked: “Why would I choose you?”

"Is it still used?" Zhou Wei joked. "You have been fascinated by the handsome and mature temperament of your brother since you first met. Since then, you have been fascinated by the heart, thinking about it, not thinking about me, that little look. Brothers are in the eye."

Sinan snorted from the nasal cavity, wrapped in a blanket and curled up. The warm water in the depths of the body seemed to be fuller.

It seems that there is always the possibility of overflowing with any casual action.

In spite of his protest, Zhou Yi threw the T-shirt that he had secretly hid since last night, took off the clean shirt he had just put on and stuffed him into the blanket. The substitute was a good appease to Sinan, who was not very awake at the moment. He struggled to extend two fingers and pinch a button on his shirt to prevent him from being taken away by Zhou.

Zhou Yan leaned over his forehead and kissed him, whispering: "It seems that you are planning to follow the development of objective laws, huh?"

Sinan was very tired and too lazy to speak.

"Sleep for a while," Zhou Wei said comfortably. "I am going to move up and eat."

Sinan closed his eyes.

Zhou Wei gave him a good horn, just got up, suddenly his little finger was hooked, and he saw that Sinan raised his eyelids again - he would do this when he was slightly interested in something and was very cautious.

"what happened?"

"Do you like me?" Sinan asked ambiguously.

Zhou Xiao smiled: "Of course."

He was full of pity and thought that Sinan had asked a silly question, and then the next sentence made him burst into cold hair, and the goose bumps all came out:"What about another Omega?" Sinan hopefully said, "Is the one I met in the special forces competition. Do you remember him?"

Zhou Wei: "..............."

Zhou Wei realized that he was experiencing the most severe test in his life. The degree of eloquence and expression ability was no less than the problem of "who I fell into the water with your mother and you saved".

The author has something to say:

It’s really too sleepy tonight to sort out the Overlord’s ticket. I’ll sort out the list of fighters starting yesterday, oh~!

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