By Huai Shang

Chapter 46 Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Chapter 46

The bathroom was silent, and the unspeakable suffocation spread slowly with the water vapor.

Sinan sat in the bathtub, the hot water was able to reach the waist, because the abdomen was very flat, revealing a very shallow mermaid line, and the whole person bowed slightly in the upper body. The water-stained hair is attached to the forehead of the eye, and the eyes are slightly picked up, squinting from the bottom to the top, and the eyebrows thus show the sharp shape of the tail.

Zhou Wei knows this gesture, which can be understood as two meanings:

Omega is shy in a naked body with a chest-back;

Or the warrior's body is tight and ready to attack.

According to his understanding of Sinan under normal conditions, it should be the latter.

Zhou Yicheng said: "I said that I am just helping you bathe, do you believe?"

After a long silence, Sinan slowly said: "I believe in courtesy."


"Then you want to wash it now, or...?"

of course!

Roaring is like a hot dumpling rolling over a few rounds in Zhou's mouth, and then swallowed back painfully. Zhou Hao returned to the door, and he was polite and said: "No, you call me after washing." He said that he closed the door lightly.


Sinan maintained the tight posture and slowly returned to the bathtub, making a sound of sizzling water.

Soaking the body in hot water, soaking and softening the chilly and sore muscles, deepening the nerves and bone marrow, making him soft, and at the moment of waking up, he has a very subtle feeling... He has never experienced this life. But instinctively vaguely know what it feels like.

But he didn't have time to think about it. Zhou Wei stepped in and interrupted his thoughts. The Alpha pheromone that came to the fore was aggravated by this change.

When Zhou Hao opened his mouth and listened to his voice, Sinan could even feel a certain looseness inside the body.

- Not very good.

Sinan closed his eyes, and his back rested on the cool tiles. He quickly sorted out the memories of the fragments in the past few days, borrowing the power of reason and suppressing the strange feeling of flowing and soft inside the body, but it is not very useful.

In the rising white mist, the depths of the body seem to have a sway of warm water, and it is almost full. When he tried to remember what Roger's gang was trying to ask for from his own torture, the swaying in his mind was not the pain of electric shock, but the strong arm of Zhou Wei and the small piece of the neckline of the shirt. Dark skin with a triangle.

Sinan mouth twitched, did not dare to stay in the hot water, and slammed up, grass and dry the body.

The clean clothes were neatly stacked into a tofu block on the shelf. Sinan put on a clean shirt and wiped the mirror with his hand. He saw his face flushed and his eyes seemed to contain water.

"……All right."

Zhou Wei ate the porridge in the kitchen and heard the words look up.

Sinan stood on the doorstep of the kitchen with his hands on his back. His body was straight and straight, his tone was steady, and he looked calm and upright like a news anchor. He just didn't know why his eyes were a little red.Although it is no longer a small burritos wrapped in a blanket, but he is also very handsome and beautiful, there is a kind of clean and neat. Zhou Yan suddenly stunned for his own uncomfortable thoughts, coughed, put down the spoon and smiled: "Then I also go to take a bath. You look at the porridge, don't cook it, there are salt and sugar on the shelf. ""

Sinan did not say a word.

Zhou Hao walked out of the kitchen and passed him through the door. In a moment, he felt that Sinan’s gaze quickly glanced at his collar.

Zhou Wei: "...?"

Is this the perfect body in my brother, or is it really wrong for me?

Zhou Yan pushed the bathroom door and couldn't help but look back. I saw that Sinan's pace was calm and calm, and he went straight to the stove. He picked up a spoonful of meat porridge and concentrated on his breath. He could only see his beautiful chin in the white mist.

It should be wrong, Zhou Wei did not forget to think about it, closed the bathroom door.

Zhou Hao, who was exploding quickly, reached the door, full of indescribable restriction-level images. In the bathroom mixed with warm water vapor and honey-flavored pheromones, he solved it twice by himself and was burned to the unbearable nerve. Finally cooled down slightly.

He took a battle bath with cold water and went out in a spirited manner. He happened to see Sinan standing in front of the stove and secretly adding things to the porridge.

“What's wrong?” Zhou Yanyang asked. “It's already thick! Don't add canned!”

Sinan immediately turned his back and said: "Okay." Then he cleaned his mouth.

Captain Zhou was fascinated by his light red lips, and did not mention enough vigilance in the first place.

Zhou Hao went over in the compartment and took out a bag of cookies of the size of the finger from the corner. He took it apart and fed it to Sinan. He took a close look at the shape and luster of Comrade Xiaosi. Then he mixes the dried onions and sauces in the individual combat ration bag to cook the chopped Italian meatballs and soak the hard crumbs to eat.

Sinan has nothing to do, and he is free to sway in the kitchen. Zhou Hao threw the car key to him and told him: "Go, go to the car and look for it, see if there is beer."

Sinan took the lead and took a quick drink bag back in a moment. Two fingers squeezed into the front of Zhou.

High fiber, high protein isotonic beverage.

"...It's better than nothing." Zhou Hao self-comfort, then looked up and down Sinan: "How come a bag, you don't want?"

Sinan shook his head.

"This is a good day, you should celebrate, take something to drink."

Sinan said: "No, the province gives you."

The two looked at each other for a long time, Zhou Hao eyes worried, Sinan was innocent, and there was only the sound of screaming and porridge in the kitchen.

After a long while, I finally sighed and reached out to wipe off the milky white powder from the corner of Sinan:

"The milk powder is yours, don't hide and eat, take it with water and drink it, hehe."

Sinan: "...oh."


Sinan swayed outside and outside, from time to time to touch a piece of bread, or was fed a bite of meat sauce by Zhou Wei, and he almost saturated when he was eating at night.Zhou Wei set up a dining table in front of the second floor window, and opened the curtains to reveal the starry sky. There were two steaming pots on the table: porridge cooked with luncheon meat and dehydrated vegetables and rice, and breadcrumbs Lump of onion bolognese.

One person, one pair of tableware, Zhou Wei, drinking high-protein nutritional powder, Sinan drinking hot water rushed sweet milk.

The two met a cup, Zhou Yiqing and his nephew, solemnly said: "Today is a memorable day. After our escaping squad for four months, we finally ushered in an important moment of family reunion and resignation. - New Year's Day."

Sinan face expressionless applause, Zhou Wei drank a drink:

"The first cup, the organization wishes that Comrade Xiaonan will grow up healthily in the new year, and he will be safe and sound, and everything will go smoothly."

Sinan cooperates with the land: "The brother is also."

Zhou Hao touched his head and gave him a red envelope - a small bag of raisins.

"The second cup, I wish the squad of the squadron of the 118th squadron, Comrade Chuncao, Comrade Yan Hao, Comrade Ding Shi and Comrade Guo Weixiang, have arrived at the South China Sea base safely and successfully completed the handover with the central government. I also wish to have left our 17 comrades. Everything is fine in the kingdom of heaven, and the tires are successfully reborn... No, wait until the disaster has passed and then reincarnate."

Zhou Yan took another sip and recited 17 names one by one in the order of sacrifice. The last one was Zhang Yingjie.

After the back, he was silent for a moment, and Sina looked at him quietly.

"The third cup, I wish the government to study anti-virus | drugs as soon as possible, human beings get rid of disasters as soon as possible, build homes, restore stability and peace."

Zhou Wei raised his toast to the scorpio and poured the last drink on the ground:

"Under the earth, thousands of spirits, please witness us as the mortal hand, to continue the hope of ethnic survival."

There is no moon tonight, and the stars are twinkling, reflecting the faint white light of the mountains and rivers.

Zhou Wei turned to Sinan and smiled. "Eat, let's cool down later, try the craftsmanship of my brother."

Sinan nodded and reached for the bread in the meat sauce.

Zhou Wei’s taste is still quite Chinese. Take a bowl and sip a few hours of soft and fragrant meat porridge. As a result, it was found that the porridge was very thin. After a closer look, it was found that some meat and vegetables were not opened, which was obviously added soon.

"Division - small - South!" Zhou Yanran turned his face, majestic said: "How much have you stolen? Say!"

Sinan: "..."

"After stealing, I still know how to add it. Are you very smart? Is there a thing to add canned food, you can add some rice! This pot of stew is you when I can't find it?!"

Sinan’s love was revealed, and after a moment of contemplation, the local fell into a spoon, and then picked up the small bag of raisins: “What about the big red envelope?”


"There is no big red envelope in the Chinese New Year? Who is it? How about eating a few spoonfuls of porridge, isn't it just for me to eat porridge?"

Zhou Wei was silenced by this fallacies, and the next sentence became the last straw that made him surrender:

“Don't you cook for Yan Hao?”

"..." Zhou Wei sincerely said: "Comrade Xiaosi, I think Yan Hao listened to you and spit it out... You should never say it in front of him."Sinan was eating Italian meatballs and sang a corner of his mouth. His eyes were full of happiness and satisfaction.


On New Year's Eve, the north wind of the sky passes over the forest, and the distance is darkness that can't be opened by thick ink. The zombies wandered back and forth between the valleys, and the tragic stars silently looked down at the earth.

In this small world, there are warm food, clean clothes, strong and reliable security; Sinan squats in a chair, after a hot bath, he is full of wants, always want to stretch a long Lazy.

The anger, hatred and pain experienced in front of Roger a few days ago, as well as the remorse and hope in the depths of the heart, seem to have become memories of the last life, at the moment when Zhou Wei’s soldiers fell. All of them disappeared.

Si Nan squeezed along the side of the table, like a cat that had only been boned, and half of the body weight rested on Zhou's shoulder.

Zhou Wei’s voice is a bit low and dumb: “Little comrade, you are sexually harassed, I tell you.”

Sinan lazy: "Come, I sexually harassed the Alpha Liberation Army uncle, and called the police to catch me."

This position makes the two people almost crowded together. The food in Zhou Wei’s mouth has no taste at all. The only Omega pheromone in the nose is filled with air. It seems to be an invisible and soft little hook. It is hooked in the most sensitive place in his heart. go with.

"Sinan," Zhou Wei swallowed porridge, difficult road.


"Your...inhibitor..." He seemed a bit hard to say, "It seems like... it has failed."

The south side of the company was drinking milk and said carelessly: "How could it be, at the end of September, it will not be effective until half a year."

Zhou Xinxin said that your breath is very obvious. Is it too much injury that causes the inhibitors in the blood to be metabolized in advance?

"How did you find me?" Sinan unconsciously groaned on Zhou Weijian's biceps, asking casually.

Zhou Wei was seduce by the pheromone, simply jumped himself from the helicopter, searched for 48 hours in the zombie's hinterland, and ran to the high-rise to ignite the signal smoke; finally met the Alpha Aba who was more than two meters tall. Si, tracking all the way until they found their temporary stronghold.

Sinan sighed: "That is the A-White Eagles, and Roger is their head. They have a secret military base in Florida, specializing in various biochemical studies, and may have a direct relationship with the zombie virus outbreak. ”

"Then why are they catching you?"

"……not sure."

Zhou Wei bowed his head, coincided with Sinan's rise, and the two men almost wiped their lips.

At the end of the day, Zhou Xin’s heart was uneasily leaping, but Sinan was unaware of it: “My brain was hurt. They gave me an excessive amount of injection, which made me think things were a little difficult...”

Zhou Yan opened his mouth and suddenly found out where his feeling of wrongness originated.

- Sinan's sight, even falling straight on his lips!

Because the distance is too close, but I can't see clearly, but Zhou Wei is sure that Sinan's misunderstood gaze is a little confused. It can't be said to be completely unintentional, but it is not very clear; if it is hard to describe it, It seems to be a subconscious reaction."They seem to ask me what box," Sinan whispered, "What scarf..."

Zhou Wei whispered: "Si Xiaonan?"

Sinan closed his eyes, opened it a moment later, and sat back straight: "What?"

——The atmosphere that was so extreme was suddenly broken.

“What did you say?” Sinan didn’t know that he had been staring at people’s mouths and said seriously: “If I can think of it, I must tell you. I am... my brain is a bit messy, and many clues can’t be remembered. They give The pharmacy I played may take a few days to get through."

Zhou Wei slightly regrets, reaching out to the forehead of Sinan, laughing: "I can't think of it, don't think about it, take it slowly. I believe you."

Sinan was stunned by his generous hot palms, and he was a bit abnormal. He turned his head in a conditioned reflex, just like the cats were chasing comfortable touches.

But that is only an instant.

Sinan suddenly realized that his movements were wrong, and he was stuck. He grabbed the spoon and filled a mouthful of porridge.

Zhou Wei: "..."

"It's delicious," Sinan said calmly. Every syllable is full of rigid desires.

"..." Zhou Wei was worried: "Be careful."


Zhou’s original plan was that Sinan was neither sober nor sticky, and he would sleep on a bed at night. However, people are not as good as days, and half of Sinan wakes up after taking a bath. This night's sleep arrangement becomes very embarrassing.

"You haven't recovered yet, you are in bed." Zhou Wei dragged the sofa from the next-door house and patted the clap: "I can sleep on the sofa, and I can make a house. If there is an accident at night, it is convenient for the police."

Sinan was on the bedside, picking up one eyelid and looking at Zhou Wei’s busy work, as if the slender back had a kind of magnetic force, which made him unable to look away in the slumber.

The unstoppable Alpha breath filled the nose, but he began to feel that it smelled good, like a soft and light cloud covering the whole body, making the body feel soft and soft.

Sinan folded the eyelids on the pillow.

The last sight before going to sleep is Zhou Wei lying on the opposite sofa. The eyes in the dark are sparkling, and it seems to the bed. He seemed to want to do something, but turned over and eventually did not do it.

Didn't do anything?

... seems to lack a good night kiss that is very regular in these days.

Sinan exhaled a breath, and the consciousness turned and fell into a deep sleep.

"Good night, Si Xiaonan," Zhou Wei whispered in the darkness, "Happy New Year."


Zhou Wei opened his eyes in the first time when the movement was quiet. His nerves tightened and he got up.

Starlight dropped into the bedroom from the window, only to see Sinan squinting at the pillow, swaying over and squeezing on the sofa, which meant that Zhou Wei shrank inside and then fell down.

Zhou Wei’s surprise was a trivial matter. He leaned on his elbow and scorned his upper body for a long while. He tried to say: “Sinan?...Si Xiaonan?”

Sinan's Jiu-Jitsu must have been trained to the point where it has been degraded. In such a narrow space, it can still be facing back to Zhou Wei, curled up into a group, sleeping very peacefully with a pillow, and even made a slight snoring.

"...Do you want to send your arms, comrade Si Xiaonan?"The bedroom was quiet and no one answered him.

Zhou Xin’s heart was hot, and he couldn’t help but smile. He hit the stern of Sinan, and the two men wrapped in a blanket and slept on the bed.

In the daytime, Sinan felt the slight warmth on the temple. It was the good night kiss that they lacked tonight. He whispered a few words unconsciously, and couldn’t hear what he wanted to say. He turned his head against Zhou Xiaochi. The neck was asleep comfortably.

The author has something to say:

Get on the train again

However, in the world of ABO, entering the estrus period is a process...

Comrade Si Xiaonan, who has never entered the estrus period in this life, realizes that he is indeed in a wrong state.

Thanks to the sweet author Huai Yongxin x111 (...inverted all the students Huai electric eye), Sinan holding the sugar strawberry x76, the scorpion stuffed to the South South Spoon buffy x76,

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