By Huai Shang

Chapter 45 Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Chapter 45

Zhou Wei stood on the viaduct, holding Sinan in one hand, holding a telescope in one hand, and twitching his mouth slightly.

The highway leading to the airport became bustling overnight, and the mountains and plains were all the zombie tides in the south. The number of civilian airports that continued into the distance was enough to use 100,000.

Unless you have long wings, it is impossible to cross the thrilling zombie tide and steal a helicopter.

"We have to drive south." Zhou Yi took the face of Yan Sinan, and asked for advice from a gentleman: "Do you have any objection to Comrade Xiaosi?"

Sinan was always in a semi-sleepy state, and he was surrounded by Zhou’s neck.

Zhou Wei said with satisfaction: "Very good, the action plan has passed all the votes... my brother is very democratic."

The material on the SUV is much more imaginative than Zhou Wei, and it is a bit surprising to him. If they go south at normal speed, the food on the car is enough for them to arrive in the South China Sea. Even the sergeant, who is a picky eater, will have no opinion.

Zhou Wei put down the back seat of the car, laid a nest with a blanket, put Sinan carefully on top, and undressed to see his wound.

Sinan's body is full of small scars, and almost no more than a few, soft tissue wounds in the abdomen and limbs, can not tell whether it is caused by violent torture or fighting. His wrists and elbows were even more terrible. Zhou Wei recognized that it was a jump injury caused by electric shock, and the anger could not be added.

Why do you want to abuse him?

Who will carry the electric shock device with him in this last age?

Zhou Wei wet the towel, use his body temperature to warm up, and then wipe the whole body of Sinan a little bit, the movement is as soft as a velvet. Sinan was very docile in the half-dream and half-awake. He was too tired. Even when the towel passed through the dead part of the throat and heart, he only symbolically avoided two times. He was immediately surrounded by Zhou Wei in his arms, and he did not say anything.

The sky is getting darker and darker. In the dark compartment, he has a kind of ivory-like white snow. Because of the two days of dehydration and desalination, the thin and profitable body lines are becoming more and more thin. Zhou Wei scored and felt that he could now put his waist around with an arm, and his heart could not help but be slightly warm.

"Si Xiaonan little classmate..." Zhou Yu mouth groaned, changed a clean towel, carefully wiped Sinan's face and hair, and kissed his eyebrows with satisfaction: "Well, our company Xiaonan is a clean love. Good classmate, isn't it?"

Sinan stumbled "hmm".

After all, Zhou Wei is a young, strong, male hormone-exploding Alpha. If it is normal, the first day of training is less, and the next morning, wake up to the bed and think about the day. Although the virus is running out every day after the outbreak of the virus, as long as you are free, you will definitely have a dream in the evening.

Even worse, Comrade Xiaosi is very very sticky. Even if he is unconscious, he will not let go of Zhou’s hand. Zhou Wei will change the towel for a few seconds. He will be dissatisfied. He whispered, and he got a bloody rush on his head.

"I want to marry my brother?"

Sinan: "Yeah."

"Is it handsome?"

Sinan again: "Well."Zhou Hao repeatedly kissed his lips and was not satisfied. He applauded: "Hey, our comrades are also very handsome... just don't play any more and disappear."

In the warm compartment, the sweet and fragrant smell of Omega pheromone slowly spreads, and it will stimulate the hard work for a while. It is hard to make mistakes. He took a deep breath and bit hard to bite the small piece of tender and soft meat on the back of the neck, but did not dare to bite the skin, then pulled up the blanket and wrapped the south into a roll, feeling that he was noble at the moment. Can hang Liu Xiahui.

But the stunned Sinan was not grateful to Zhou Xiahui. When he was wrapped up, he even struggled with his eyes closed and a little dissatisfied.

Zhou Hao leaned over and the car turned over. He wanted to find something easy to digest to feed Sinan. He suddenly saw a mountaineering bag in the corner of the corner.

He didn't drive the lights inside. He was afraid that the light would lead to the zombies. He bit his flashlight and opened the mountaineering bag. He saw two firearms and bullets, daggers, batteries, gloves, etc., and some documents, birthdays, etc. Needless to say, it is fake.

Zhou Wei’s eyes touched the white face on the document, and the vague feeling became more and more obvious. He took the flashlight and carefully examined it for a moment.

Suddenly his mind stunned and realized where the familiarity came from – indeed, he had seen extremely similar faces before.

Former Vice President of Country A!

When he had not put down the 118 secret troops, this person came to visit with the mission!

There are too many people in the world with similar faces, and after a few years of memory rushing, Zhou Wei did not dare to be quite sure of his judgment. However, he remembered more things in the electric stone fire. The secret letter from the A country in the B military communications office, and finally signed the signature, its surname is exactly the same as the former vice president of the A country.

Look for lost military dignitaries, mixed Omega, should not use stimulating means to restore their minds, so as not to cause unnecessary casualties...

Zhou Yanran looked at Sinan, who was curling up in the blanket, sleeping very quietly, and frowning.

Is there such a coincidence in the world?

But if they are looking for Sinan...

It’s not far from the sea, and the end of the world is like a ring of life. What is there on Sinan’s body, is it that they have to fight for death?

Zhou Wei found a few packets of high-protein chocolate powder, which is a military high-energy food in the wild. It was washed into water with a water, and the head of Sinan was placed on his lap, and a spoonful of spoon was carefully fed to him.

Sinan is very resistant to mushy food, and it is very painful to eat. Almost every bite has to be used for a long time to swallow it by various means. If you feed a few spoonfuls, you will not eat it again. Zhou Hao had no choice but to pick him up, take a shot on the buttocks, and then ate the sweet and greasy chocolate paste.

There were also various kinds of compressed biscuits in the rear compartment. Zhou Qiang turned over the flashlight for a long time. He was deeply dissatisfied with the lack of innovative spirit in the food design of the A country. Finally, he finally pulled out half a box of biscuits with fluffy pine. To the treasure."Very good, Comrade Xiaosi, this is your special snack box in the future." Zhou Hao muttered, throwing all the maple sugar cans, chocolate, milk powder, etc. that had been turned out into the biscuit box, and took out the marker. In the carton, I wrote the words "Sinan exclusive".

Fortunately, Sinan had a higher acceptance of the milk paste with the addition of maple syrup, and ate half a bowl intermittently. Zhou Hao also removed the dehydrated and storable cake from the individual rations. The tofu was dried up in a small piece. He was fed to Sinan and watched his slightly red lips. He was very satisfied.

"Like?" He held the South Roll in his arms across the blanket and whispered.

Sinan seems to have a little bit of consciousness, nodded in a few invisible places: "Well."

"Are you a country A?"


Zhou Wei thought for a moment, and for a moment, asked: "They...the three people, why should you catch you?"

Sinan's eyebrows were screwed up, and the subconscious seemed to have experienced some very painful memories and made a weak struggle.

"Why are you arresting? Is it something you brought?"

Sinan did not overdo it, and the frequency of twisting was getting bigger and bigger. Zhou Hao couldn't hold his hand, and his arms clasped him on his lap, but he saw his expression getting more and more anxious, his chest was also rushing, and then a subtle and sharp sound, it was pouring out!

"Nothing, nothing..." Zhou Wei saw it wrong. He immediately pressed him tightly in his arms and stroked his hair and back. He repeated in his ear: "Don’t be afraid, it’s the fault of your brother, don’t ask. You are... nothing, don't be afraid..."

For a long time, the struggle of Sinan gradually calmed down, and he fell in his arms, and his eyebrows were still tightly locked.

"Hey brother is wrong, don't ask, okay?"

Zhou Wei used his dregs to lick his cold face, and he won't be willing to dodge.

He breathed a sigh of relief and dared not ask the relevant questions.

However, the warm body is still close to my arms, in the quiet car, even the heartbeat of each other is clearly audible. After a while, Zhou Xinxin was a little itchy and couldn't help but cough:

"Si Xiaonan?"

Sinan is sleepy.

"Do you like my brother?"


Before Zhou Hao had not had time to go up and down, he was stunned by this clear and unhesitating word. He sighed with joy and sighed, and did not care well: "Do you like Yan Hao?"

Is simply too much of a position of vulnerability, if Yan Hao in the case estimated to have rushed to beat him.

This time, Sinan hesitated for a few seconds, "... um."

Zhou Wei: "?!"

"..." Zhou Xin thought about the electric turn and asked: "Do you like spring grass?"


"...Guo Weixiang?"


"Ding Shi?!"


Zhou Wei said with anger and anger: "Don't be so much ‘um’! Specifically!”

Sinan issued a "beep" of resistance, which probably meant not to specifically talk about it.

Zhou Wei was like a wolf who had eaten and eaten half of the food and was forcibly taken away. He sat and grabbed his ears, suddenly brows his wrinkles and asked for a message:

"So among all of you, is your favorite brother?"

Sinan twisted, and it looked a little embarrassed, whispered: "Well."

Hundreds of flowers are released, and salutes are ringing.Zhou Yizhi was full of joy and felt that life was slowly spreading a golden avenue in front of his eyes. Seeing that he had to go to the peak of the wedding ceremony and drink the glass of wine into the bridal chamber.

He laughed a few times and snarled Sinan's thin cheeks: "Very good, my brother likes you too, I like you the most."

He said that he kissed him on the forehead of Sinan, stepped on the gas pedal and started the car, driving to the next town in the wilderness that nightfall.


At the end of the twelfth lunar month, the sky is cold and the water is dripping into ice.

Driving around at night, I dare to sleep a little while during the day. He carefully discerned the traces of the zombie tide, trying to avoid the wilderness and the steep terrain, and slowly and safely went south.

All the towns and villages along the way turned into ruins overnight.

The sky is high and the north wind is whistling. The remote villages under the feet are quiet and empty, and the wild grass in the fields is pressed to the side with the wind. It is faintly visible that the ants-like small shadows slowly move on the fields.

That is a zombie.

At noon on a cloudy day, Zhou Wei parked the car halfway up the mountain, set up a roadblock before and after, locked the door, wrapped the sleepy Sinan into a roll on his lap, and leaned down on the steering wheel for a while. .

Not long after, he was awakened by the movement of Sosuo. When he saw it, he saw that Sinan woke up and kept struggling in his posture on his lap, as if he was very uncomfortable.

These days, Zhou Hao has been very accustomed to hugs and kisses, and he kissed him on his eyelids: "What happened?"

Sinan immediately looked up at him, his eyelashes opened very clearly fan-shaped, and the pupils clearly understood the confusion, as if asking you why you would kiss me casually?

"!!" Zhou Hao immediately responded, and his heart was not good.

But he did not show his guilty conscience, but rather swayed to Sinan's gaze, his expression filled with spring-like warmth and kindness: "Wake up? Where is it uncomfortable?"

"..." Sinan's brain is still very confused, close his eyes, and then open it again, with a tired and hoarse voice: "...hot..."

Zhou Hao touched his palm, it was really hot, just loosened the blanket a little: "Now?"

Sinan earned earned, and the head and neck leaned more comfortably on Zhou’s strong legs, and spit out a word:


Zhou Wei: "..."

Captain Zhou felt very painful. Because of the slight change in posture, Sinan’s face is almost stuck in the middle of his thigh, and the red blood of Alpha’s boiling blood has rushed down.

"Comrade Xiaosi," Zhou Wei fed two waters. Seeing that Sinan turned his head, he didn't want to talk. He bowed his head and asked: "Can you talk seriously about the current posture problem?"

Sinan closed his eyes and gave a slightly stable nasal breath.

Comrade Xiaosi obviously does not want to talk.

Zhou Hao has fallen into the hard cycle of these days of continuous circulation - to stop - hard - stop - and hard reincarnation. He sat on the driver's seat and felt that the sensitivity of that part was instantly increased by several hundred times. Through thick camouflage pants, you could feel the warmth of Omega's breath.

Let me make a mistake, he thought desperately.

Comrade Xiaosi likes me very much. Maybe he prefers it after I made a mistake?After a brief and sudden waking at noon that day, the signs of Sinan woke up gradually. The next day, when he was feeding his dehydrated vegetables and luncheon meat, he even screamed "戎哥"; on the third morning he was sleeping on Zhou's shoulder, suddenly in the bumps of the vehicle. Woke up, softly asked: "... Where are we going?"

Zhou smoked and sorrowed: "Open the house."

The Chinese language is profound and profound, and Sina’s level of understanding is clearly not at that level, and he is fascinated by “oh”.

However, Zhou Wei did go to open the house. Before dark at night, he found a second-floor cement room in the mountain forest. The dormitory has all the facilities, but it has not been occupied for a long time. It is full of dust, and there are half tanks of gas and pots and pans in the kitchen. Pots.

He cleverly blocked the car at the gate and became a strict barrier. The door was facing the exit of the corridor to cope with unexpected situations. Then it took half a day to clean up, make the bed, boil the hot water, and slowly cook a pot of warm fragrant porridge.

"Si Xiaonan?" Zhou Wei was at the bedside, pinching the sleeping face of Sinan, and taught gently and solemnly: "Tonight, to greet the old and welcome, obey, both must take a bath, or you can't go suffocating."

Sinan issued a smooth and regular nasal breath.

"If you don't wake up again, your brother will wash it for you."

Zhou Wei waited for a moment and said to himself: "It seems that I really want my brother to help you wash... okay."

He carefully opened the blanket, took off his jacket and shirt, and took off his shoes. Then he did the mental construction, repeatedly meditation on the socialist eight glory and eight shame and twenty-four core values, only to take off the trousers of Sinan, try not to look at the naked body in the arms, put Sinan into the bathroom, put Into the steaming bathtub.

This road is rushing away, and now it is a luxury to wash a hot bath.

When Sinan was lying in the bathtub, he gave a comfortable sigh and hugged Zhou’s arm.

"Don't move, the water spilled out, hehe..."

Zhou Wei sat on the edge of the bathtub, rubbed a piece of soap, and smeared a few in the body of Sinan soaked in water. This is indeed very difficult for him. It is not only a question of the core values ​​of socialism, but it is very difficult for him to cooperate with him. Half-awake seems to have a great interest in Zhou’s hand, always struggling to hug and The water is everywhere.

Zhou Hao's upper body was splashed with water, and the military shirt was very uncomfortable on his body, which made him quite annoyed.

"Comrade Xiaosi, please cooperate with one point." Zhou Hao pointed his nose and said seriously: "Take your ass again."

Comrade Xiaosi issued a fuzzy whisper in the nasal cavity, and the wet hair covered with moisture was attached to the slender neck.

Zhou Wei didn't dare to look at it. Don't overdo it and mutter: "I will fight again later. Put on clothes and fight again."

The Omega pheromone is mixed with warm water vapor, which makes Zhou Wei's heart jump unreasonably. He held his breath and went out to drink a few big mouthfuls of ice water, and the boiling blood finally calmed down a bit.

Hurry and wash the bath, it will be fine.Zhou Hao made up his mind and took off his wet shirt. He barely wore trousers, pushed the door into the bathroom, and then took a look.

- Just a few minutes after he went out, Sinan woke up.

Sinan was sitting in the hot water, just awake and ignorant, looked down at himself, and looked up at Zhou Wei, who was revealing the muscles of the bodybuilder, and looked back at God.

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