By Huai Shang

Chapter 43 Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Chapter 43


The third day of the morning.

Zhou Wei was on the eaves, and at the moment when the fisherman’s back was shining in the eastern sky, he was exhausted and shouted.

The last 21 shots of the bullets, four grenades, one tactical knife and one dagger, one assault, one.

The water is completely depleted.

Although he was already at the end of his life, he spent two long nights in the city of Zombies. Even Zhou Yi felt that there was some power in the midst of blessing himself.

But is Sinan still alive?

Looking at the corpse sea, where is he hiding in the corner of the city?

Zhou Wei looked at his watch, and it has been thirty-six hours since the disappearance of Sinan.

- Has he been disheartened, giving up hope, even already... dead?

No, no - although there is no basis, Zhou Yi is inexplicably thinking that Sinan will not be killed so easily. The biggest possibility is that he is unarmed and unable to break through. He gradually loses confidence when he returns to the 118 team. He does not know which corner to hide in his tears; or if he is packing up, he is ready to forcibly walk to the suburbs. Heliport.

Stick to it again, Zhou Hao bites the back molars and forces himself to sit up.

If there is no result after searching for 48 hours, gamble and go to the airport. According to the actual situation, it is decided to wait for the rabbit, or open the armored vehicle and return to the city to continue searching.

"Persevere." He muttered, not knowing whether he was against Sinan, who was smiling at him in the void.

"As long as you hold on, you can always see you again."

Zhou Wei tightly tied the bandage on the left thigh, and was chased by the zombie tide. He could only escape the tree when he had no way to escape. As a result, the wound that was pierced by the branch was bigger than the palm. The dirty and yellow bandage left only dark, solid blood, which looked a little scary, but fortunately did not affect the action.

Zhou slammed the megaphone and jumped down the roof tile, ignoring the zombies that were gathering outside the footsteps, and leaping from the treetops to the street, preparing to continue to scream and suddenly step forward.

——In the far corner of the street, someone is facing him. He is walking into a hardware equipment store and killing the zombies that are coming out of the store.

The man was wearing a hoodie and his back was extremely majestic. Zhou Wei looked down and thought he might be half a head taller than himself. And the person Yao Ming-like height is even equipped with Tyson-like muscles, and across such a long distance, people are creating a feeling of looking at the rock in the flat.

There are still living people?

Zhou Wei Shen for a moment, did not expose himself, followed up silently.



Royle rolled over and pressed Sinan: "--Jane!"

The female Alpha rushed into the room and pressed the one leg of the south. The whole person pressed to the ground and the left hand was on the edge of the bed. The whole series was skillful, as if it had been repeated many times in the past day and night.

Sinan's eyebrows are locked, trying to huddle and scream. Roger pointed out that the female Apha, who was Jane, went out and sat on Sinan, suppressing all his struggles and pinching his chin and saying: "Noah! Look at me!"Sinan did not hear.


Romelle stuck his ear and repeatedly ordered it, and the volume was so shocked that even the dead could be awakened. After a few minutes, Sinan did not seem to be a snoring snoring and gradually stopped, squinting open his eyes.

"Look at me!" Roger said.


"What do you think of?" Roger forcibly watched his bloodshot eyes and asked, "How did you get in touch with the C-German when you were at the White Eagle Base? Where is the ultimate antibody?" tell me!"

Si Nan moved his lips. However, for more than ten hours of continuous drinking, the continuous high-intensity interrogation made him extremely exhausted, and even the sound was difficult to send out.

Royle rushed a cup of sugar with maple syrup, and came back halfway on his side, and he was on the verge of saying: "Drink."

Sinan did not overdo it.


no answer.

"Like chocolate, isn't it?" Roger finally gave up his efforts and asked coldly.

Sinan had no meaning at all and closed his eyes.

The silent refusal of the wall of the copper wall made it impossible for Roger to do anything. He smashed the maple sugar cup and splashed the glass slag.

The dim room was very quiet for a while, and the cold wind screamed through the window slits. In addition, I only heard Luo Muer forcibly suppressing the angry gasping.

The suffocating stalemate lasted for a few minutes.

"...well, I admit." Roger opened again. Unexpectedly, it was not very violent, and the tail was even calm and self-made. He said: "OK, I admit, the thing about chocolate is that I did something wrong."

——In the life of Roger, there are only a handful of words when I say “I am wrong”, and even his relatives may not have heard it twice.

But Sinan is indifferent.

"I shouldn't punish you when you are extremely weak, let yourself drive a electric shock, and use chocolate as a means of induction."

"--But you know," Ronaldton paused, and then ruthlessly said: "In the test scene, being bitten by a zombie would have been punished. As a specially trained fighter, you and I have experienced it. Although the intensity of the simulation you receive is indeed greater than anyone in the White Hawks, and you think it is an insult to use food as a means of induction..."

Sinan has no response.

"Are you listening to me?"


Roger took a deep breath and controlled his emotions: "Your childish persistence is meaningless, Noah. Let's assume that if you are hungry now, there is only one piece of chocolate in front of you, you will die if you don't eat it. Will you stick to this pale and ridiculous personality to me?"

What he didn't think was that Sinan opened his eyes and turned back. He smiled and said, "No."

- Just two words of hoarseness can hardly be heard, but the curvature of the slightly curved corner of the mouth is true, and Roger is watching.

"I have been eating chocolate for a long time." Sinan said, with a smile in the smile:

"Someone gave me a couple of days ago, and I ate a big one."

Roger did not know what to say and was there.

Sinan sat on the ground and put the head and neck on the edge of the bed again. It seems that the two sentences have consumed all the strength.Noah's true character has an extremely extreme and puzzling side, and Roger has always known. If you want to compare it with normal people, some aspects of him are actually like children, or they are particularly naive and vengeful.

He hates others and hates himself.

When he is hungry, he is willing to accept Rohiel's condition because he has an extremely strong demand for the inducer, chocolate. He presses the electric shock device and suffers from the double pain of physical pain and spiritual insult.

But he will also develop stress disorder later, and then completely reject the chocolate, and even when eaten this kind of food will be conditional reflex vomiting.

Romuel observed that his vomiting, like some anorexias, was forced to carry out himself at the initial stage because of self-punishment and rejection. But it soon became a real stress reaction, and once it could not even touch anything chocolate.

- Paranoia, self-control, horns. Once you identify something, you will continue to strengthen your self-awareness, which will be deeply embedded in your mind and catalyzed as part of your instinct.

This personality is usually not changed.

Romelle did not expect that his so-called younger brother had a day to overthrow self-awareness - if he did not lie.

Somewhere in the heart of Roger, he moved and seemed to want to make some kind of attempt.

Half a sly, he coughed in a complicated way, pulling down the zipper of the jacket, revealing the corner of the inside scarf: "...Noah."

"Look at this, Noah." He held Sinan's chin and made him look at himself, but this time his hand was softened a lot: "Do you remember?"

It is a very ordinary dark gray cashmere scarf, without pattern, the texture is very thin, because the edge of the old relationship has been worn out of the burrs, in fact, the superior temperament of the elite society with Roger is not very suitable.

Si Nan blinked.

"The year my mother died, I flew from New York to Los Angeles to attend her funeral. You were there too." Roger slowly said: "I went into the woods alone after the funeral, it was raining, and suddenly you came over. , gave me this scarf..."

"Are you so cold?" You asked me this time. My response was to wave the scarf and anger to let you roll. You didn't talk again, looked at me for a while, turned and walked out of the woods."

Many years later, Luo Muer can clearly recall all the details of the scene, including his brother's pale face in the black coat, because of the extremely wet eyelids with fine rain, and when he turned away, he left. The angle of the corner of the garment in the air.

The reason why I was impressed was that it was Noah’s first time in his life, and he spoke to him with such a soft attitude.

But that was the last time, so Romuel no longer had the chance to verify that he had repeated countless conjectures. If he responded with a completely different attitude, wouldn't it be a lot of things that would be different?

"When I left Los Angeles the next day, I went back to the woods and picked up your scarf and kept it until now."

Ronald took the scarf from his neck and stared at the calm, unwavering eyes of Sinan:"I specially took it before I went to China, because I know that the unprecedented disaster has already begun, and human beings are likely to become extinct from the earth. So today, when I and I reunited in the last days, many have not yet had time to start. The thing, is there still a chance to go back to the time before it happens, come back again?"

"--If you agree, tell me where the ultimate antibody is." Rohiel whispered, his voice was almost whispered: "After developing the vaccine, humans will establish the ultimate security bastion, and you and I can become entertained. The first people in the security bastion... I promise that all the painful past will always be a memory, I will let you live a good life, a life you never imagined before."

“Really,” he said solemnly, “as long as you believe in me.”

After a long silence, Sinan gently said: "I never believed you."

"I know." Ronaldton paused and asked: "But like chocolate, the things that you thought would stick to the end, eventually changed, didn't you?"

Sinan lifted the right hand that had not been shackled, and touched the scarf with two fingers because of the worn edges of the scarf.

Romelle looked at him, his eyes were full of encouragement, and there was a hint of hope that he did not even discover it.

"..." Sinan suddenly smiled.

Although the smile was weak, but with an unrecognizable eccentric meaning, he immediately shook his head.

"What?" Ronald couldn't help but ask.

"I don't remember," Sinan said with a smile. "But I am not the one who will do this kind of thing, especially to you. So either you are lying..."

"I do not have!"

"Is it?" Sinan lazily said, "That should be that I want you to strangle you with a scarf when you drop the order. The result is misunderstood."

Roger got up and looked red and green; but before he even said anything, Sinan’s last sentence became a leader to ignite his anger:

"You are too passionate, ‘brother’.” Sinan sympathized. “Just like your father is like my mother... she didn’t give him a right eye until she died.”

There was a sudden roar of roaring in the room: "Jane!"

The female Alpha quickly pushed the door and saw her boss standing on the bedside. Looking back, the pupil had completely turned into a dark and horrible dark gray.

"Facilitant." He gritted his teeth, and anger made every word chilling:

"...take all the confession!"


Abbas shot a few semi-corrosive zombies in the alley, and took a cardboard box into the small courtyard. He saw his female teammates standing under the banyan tree, and the floor was hit by the closed door. Resounding, and the sound of smashing when the sundries fell.

"Is it back?" Jane smoked his mouth: "Is there a harvest?"

Abbas silently put down the carton and took out the things one by one.

Battery, knives, hardware parts, half pot oil, small half bottle of white wine.

Jane picked up the white wine bottle and took a sip on her head. She said: "This place is not good. The materials along the southern coast are much richer. Did you see a living person?"

Abbas shook his head.

Suddenly Jane stunned him and shouted: "Who?"Abbas jerked back and the two looked at the wall covered by the canopy at the same time.

There was no movement for a few seconds, and then the trees moved. A black shadow screamed and slammed across the wall—a skinny gray cat.

"Gifts," Jane said, I don't know if I said the cat or the people in the house.

Abbas sighed and sullenly said: "When you first entered the White Eagle, when you were practiced in the army, it was not said."

Jane laughed: "So don't you think it would be nice to see someone like this being abused?"


"Especially an instructor like him who is so hot and tall, the kind of person who never has to look at people. It is really sensible to torture such people."

Abbas thought for a moment, didn't say anything, and the door opened.

Roger was struggling with a violent stride, and did not look at his two sturdy men: "North."

Jane did not respond: "What?"

"The plane crashed to the north." Roger was cold and cold. "He must have thrown things there. Abbas, get him into the car and get ready to go."

The steel-casting man should have a voice, and he ducked into the house, and when he came out a moment later, there was a stunned, unmoving figure on his shoulder.

At the corner of the courtyard wall, after the trees were covered, Zhou Xiaokong tightened silently.

——Although it was faintly expected along the way, when he saw it with his own eyes, the steel needle pierced the heart and lungs when he was smashing, and stabbed his internal organs.

That is Sinan.

Sinan will not be close to the strange Alpha, let alone being easily caught. Zhou Wei could almost imagine the scene at the time: Stern, who was thirsty and hungry, heard the sound of the car coming from a distance, thinking that the 118 team came back to save himself, and then he ran out of the hiding place and shouted at the car; He found that it was too late to come when the people were not good. The other party was not only the three well-trained Alpha, but also the guns...

Zhou Hao forced to suppress the hot breath and hold the wall tightly.

His nails slid deep into the wall, leaving four clear white marks on the old masonry, and a trace of blood spilled over the nails.

What should we do now?

Zhou Wei silently landed, quickly transferred to the corner of the courtyard door, the entire body hidden behind the wall, looking back and forth from the scope of the three Alpha.

Two men and one woman, the man who gave orders, did not know why he was faint, but he couldn’t think about it at the moment.

Under the current shooting conditions, Zhou Wei determined that he could kill the person with his own shooting method, or at least disable the target's ability to move; but the other two mobile power left, what if you take Sinan as a bunker?

They have cars. Once they drive away, it is very difficult to catch up. What will they do to Sinan? !

The muzzle was slightly offset from the angle, and the aiming mirror was replaced by the strong man who was holding the south. Zhou Hao opened his eyes.

If you attack this person, Sinan will have the opportunity to break free and escape quickly; but from this point of view, Sinan may not be moving, and may have lost consciousness...

Calm, Zhou Wei warned himself, calm.He has worked in the country with the strictest political examination and the highest level of security. He once personally protected the top leaders and was responsible for the safety of more than a dozen foreign ministers.

He has experienced many dangerous situations and has made many contributions. On professional issues, Zhou Wei’s official record turnover rate has been zero.

- He has never felt a little hard-to-control anxiety and anger as he is now, crawling through his spine.

Zhou Yu’s muzzle moved to the left, and the crosshairs were on the legs of Luo Luer and the index finger was pulled on the trigger.

- But at this time, the female Alpha screamed: "What is going on!"

Zhou Yi was biased.

Sinan stunned in a coma, making a terrible sob of the beast, and turned down the ground!

He had been on a hunger strike for nearly seventy-two hours, and all aspects of his function were weak to the extreme, but the strength of this struggle made Abbas unable to stop it. He was caught off guard by accident and quickly shouted: "Come on help!"

Romuel and Jane fly up, Abbas grabs Sinan's arm and his elbows are clear.

However, Sinan suddenly lost his pain. Even the pain of this heartbreaking lung did not slow down his movements. During the lightning fire, he actually turned his elbows and flew to Aba. On the back of the back, the other elbow smashed into the opponent's cervical vertebra!

Abbas was sorely stunned that he had thrown out Si Nanfei -

At this moment, Zhou Hao buckled three triggers.

The first bullet was in the middle of Abbas's calf, and the strong man crashed to the ground;

The second bullet hit the shoulder of the female Alpha, and the gun in her hand flew away without being triggered.

The third bullet flew into the air, and Roger turned like a lightning bolt, and issued a shuttle bullet to Zhou’s hiding place!

Zhou Hao quickly evaded, and the brick wall was hit by the wall!

"That there!" Romuel snarled, and with the high firepower, he couldn't fight back, and strode toward the brick wall!

"Sir!" Jane’s deafening screams flattened: "Come back! He is out of control!"

I saw Sinan staggering and standing up, the pupils were extremely enlarged, and the blood was densely covered with a pale face. It was like a hairy zombie; he moved the elbow that was distorted in a strange posture, "Scratch!" Reset it and stare at Abbas.

He slowly snarls in his chest—the sound is like a sleepy beast before he dies, screaming in confusion and madness.

Killed them, and a voice repeated in his mind.

Everyone turned into a vaguely obscure zombie. The illusion caused by excessive confession was flashing in front of him. He couldn't see what his face was.

Killed them.

All the moving things are zombies and kill them.

In an instant, Abbas was so chilly that he took two steps back. He then saw Shinan’s rushing, and he didn’t even have time to dodge. He punched him backwards!

Female Alpha yelled and slammed her injured shoulder to Sinan.Zhou Yufei's body wall, with the bullets raining down the air, when the head pressed Luo Muer. At that moment, all the bullets were rubbed against his carotid artery. The two men also knocked off each other's guns. The AK47 poured bullets into the air. In the blink of an eye, most of the land and brick walls were rounded. Loop crater!

Zhou Yi, an elbow, pressed against Luo’er’s throat and said: “Sinan!”

Sinan looked up.

At the beginning of the millennium, Zhou Wei saw his eyes and his heart sank.

Sinan's line of sight was scattered, blood vessels violent, people were thin and discolored, and the appearance was terrible on the construction site that day, and even some living bloodthirsty feelings.

- Sinan can't recognize him.

He looked at Zhou's gaze and watched the other three Alphas, even with the zombies.

The author has something to say:

I originally wanted to eat sugar on Children's Day, but I opened a whole day's meeting. It is really exhausting to go home. I can't write it until I can only leave it tomorrow. QAQ is released every June. ~ 仙~欲~死~ I feel that I am making false accounts every ten months every year. In the past two months, I have been checking fake accounts everywhere. It is simply a life-cycle QAQ.

It’s too late today, and I’m going to get up early tomorrow, and the list of fighters will be sorted out tomorrow night, oh~! ! !

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