By Huai Shang

Chapter 42 Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Chapter 42

The door was pushed open, and Roger stood next to the gun in the front yard: "Jane."

Alpha echoed her head, but found that her chief's face was unexpectedly ugly, the shirt was soaked with sweat, and the pupils showed some signs of graying - that is the expression of the emotions that could not be suppressed.

"Colonel, you..."


Jane was very surprised, but quickly controlled her facial expression and took the injection and handed it over.

Ronald backhanded the door.

Sinan's whole body is just like fishing out of the cold water. The wet hair is covered on the white face, the blood vessels in the arms and neck are light, and even the tight eyelids are faintly showing the terrible blue silk.

But it didn't work, and Roger knew that he had been trained to resist the electric shock.

Roger shot the air out of the needle, grabbed one of his hands, and gnawed his teeth into the pharmacy.

The confession agent was prepared before he went to China, but according to experience, this kind of medicine does not give the user a high-precision detail and is somewhat misleading. To make matters worse, sometimes the blush does not immediately allow the subject to recall all the answers at once, but will slowly produce results within a week; in short, it is not a convenient torture tool.

He is not going to use this method if he is not at a loss.

Si Nanzhong began to struggle, earned his handcuffs and squeaked, and was pressed by Luo Muer.

"Where is the ultimate antibody?" He pulled Sinan's sweaty chin and prevented him from twisting his head: "Where did you get the ultimate antibody in the anti-vibration freezer that you carried with you after the crash?"

Sinan squatted, his eyelids opened a little, but he couldn't see anything at all.

“Did you inject it?” Roger asked several times in both English and Chinese, forcing him to look to himself: “Are you shooting the antibody?”


Ultimate antibody...

Sinan gasped, as if rising and falling in the deep sea, the boundless sea water isolated all the sound, from the eyes, ears, nose and even into every inch of pores into the body, squeezed the internal organs into a group.

"There is no antibody," he heard a mournful female voice slowly.

In the daytime, he became very small. The twelve believers looked down on him on the painted glass window of the church. Then he needed to bend his neck completely to see the white carved cross pricking into the sky.

The woman in black gauze holds his hand and stands in front of the black pine.

The priest asked: "Are you thinking about it, ma'am?"

"I pulled him back from hell, but I couldn't bring it back to the world. He is not alive, nor is he dead. He is kneeling in my lab, day after day, autumn is coming to winter, giving up loneliness and resentment. Sobbing..."

Tears slid down her soft cheeks and wet the white flowers on her chest.

"Pandora's magic box has been opened, and disasters, plagues, viruses, and pains have come out of laughter and will eventually cover the land before the winter season, destroying the whole world before the arrival of spring."

"I can't do anything. There is no antidote in the world that can save all of this. I can only turn the box back again..."The woman stepped forward and took a black raft from the priest. After opening it, she took out a tube of two fingers and a thick green tube on the raft, and then pulled out the burning torch from the wall.

Xiao Si Nan retired with a half step.

Under the blaze of fire, the green test tube is like the tooth of a poisonous snake, quenching the fascinating and deadly light.

"...the punishment of human beings for stealing the fire of the gods is completely annihilated under the burning fire..."

Suddenly the door was knocked open, and the woman suddenly turned back, and the bullet came out of the air, and the torch in her hand was far away.

Soldiers rushed into the church, crying and cursing drowning everything. Sinan was wrestled in the crowd who fled, and the soldiers rushed forward like a wolf, taking the test tube from the woman.

"Report, report, successful virus stock solution..."

"Run!" The woman's screaming snarl penetrated the chaos: "Run fast!!"

All of the scenes then overlapped in memory, forming a myriad of grotesque images.

Sinan only remembers that the earth is constantly shaking. It is actually that he himself stumbles backwards. The last scene before the consciousness disappears completely is that the soldiers open the freezer and carefully put the green test tube in the white steam.

It’s just a trivial detail, but I don’t know why it’s so clear in a few years, it’s glaring in the faded time –

On the lid of the freezer, an open-faced, white-faced eagle was cast.


On the top of the lab, a white eagle was embossed on the metal ceiling.

The last drop of green liquid in the needle was injected into the spine. After a few minutes of silence, the body of the dead twitched and a fuzzy dull sputum emerged from the bottom of the chest.

Applause, the experimenters congratulated each other, hugged, and suddenly burst into exclamation - the dead man fell over, grabbed the nearest tester, bite his ankle!

The screams are struggling, the blood is splashing, and the next step is the escape.

After standing in the glass wall at the top of the laboratory, Sinan looked at the crowd and looked at it repeatedly, desperately shouting. The living dead threw away the corpses that had been smashed by half, and leaned down on the floor and climbed toward them step by step, dragging long black blood behind them.

Sinan raised his gun, but he did not have any movements until the coming behind the glass window: "Noah."

Sinan buckled the trigger.

With a bang, the zombies, two or three steps away from the panic, were headshot and their brains filled the ground.

"What are you doing?" The person asked coldly.

Sinan did not answer, turned and threw an empty gun, folded his cuffs and walked out.

However, at the moment of rubbing his shoulders, Roger grabbed his collar and slammed it on the glass wall, and looked at his cold eyes at close range:

"You obviously can kill it when you find that the experiment failed, why don't you delay it?"

Sinan did not say a word.

"You deliberately watched the tester being killed alive, because you were tortured by him when he was a child," Roger whispered. "Is it?"

The four eyes are relatively long, and the south lip corner is slightly bent.

His lips are very light. If he is a person who doesn't know, it looks like a smile that looks good and even has a little soft feeling."You have tore up my report requesting the destruction of the virus and the termination of the experiment, are you?"

Luo Muer's eyebrows are moving.

"It doesn't matter," Sinan interrupted his excuses that he had not yet exported. His voice was always slightly hoarse. He ignored the ridicule and was very nice: "It was the last time."

Sinan broke free from the clamp and walked to the door. Luo Muer looked at his straight back and said: "How many times do I want to say, Noah! 'Pandora' virus is a breakthrough in extending human life and returning to life. From now on, there will be no gods. Human beings can achieve eternity themselves!"

Sinan did not look back.

"Your mother failed because the last code of the virus was not solved. That is the key to the secret of eternal life. Just like the last thing in Pandora's Box, hope, now is the time for humans to release it. Only stick to it, The last yard can..."

"There is no such thing," Sinan said lightly. "That is not hope."

Luo Muer hugged his arms with his hands and frowned. He saw the south side of the secretary.

- From this point of view, in fact, he is very similar to his mother, with a language that is indescribable.

"The last thing left in the box is an unrealistic fantasy. In mythology, it paves the way to the hell that Ayx is in charge of."

"As you have done today, when the box is opened again, the last code of the virus will ruin humanity and drag the whole world into hell..."

"But that has anything to do with me." Sinan paused and even smiled: "I will not die anyway."

Roger stood in the same place and watched him steadily go out.


Lightning broke through the black clouds, and the rain poured down. The scattered stone in the cemetery was soaked in rain, showing a salty gray-black color.

A helicopter landed slowly in the roar. Several Chinese-style plain clothes flashed a flashlight and jumped into the muddy cemetery. However, Sinan did not look back. Standing in front of the tombstone, his lips were cold and soft, muttering unknown verses, kissing the brass pendant on his chest, letting the drops of water drip from the edge of the raincoat hood.

The flashlight quickly approached the footsteps, and the footsteps in the rain sounded carefully. Finally, someone coughed and snorted in Chinese: "Mr."

Sinan is indifferent.

The man cautiously said: "... Mr. Guo Lao, according to the agreement, let us give you something."

He stepped forward, splashing mud in his feet, holding a bunch of white roses that were wet in his arms.

Sinan stopped praying and stood still in the gaze of the crowd for a moment before reaching out and pulling out a rose and leaning over the tombstone.

This agreed-upon action made everyone relieved at the same time, and it was hard to conceal the excitement: "Hello, we have tried for a long time, and have never had a chance to connect with you smoothly. Mr. Guo has completed all the preparatory work, Baiying Base The people who are in charge of the confinement room are also arranged..."

Si Nan opened his mouth, and unexpectedly, Chinese is more fluent than imagined:

"What about the recipient?"

A glimpse of the people, said: "It is Guo Lao's personal close confidant."

Sinan shook his head.

No one knows what he meant. The cemetery was temporarily quiet, and only the heavy rain was overwhelming.The plainclothes exchanged their gaze and waited for a long while to listen to Sinan slowly opening his mouth:

"The military of your country has a security unit of the highest specification, numbered 118, with eight squadrons."

The other responded quickly after a brief thought: "Okay, you continue."

However, Sinan did not care if he agreed or not, and even the tone of the wave was not changed:

"The 118th squadron has a squadron leader named Zhou. I asked this person to come to the scene with the only grandson of Vice Minister Guo. If I can't see these two people when I get off the plane, I will immediately expose myself as a suspect. In order to kill the respondent, take the target away. If the security of the target and me are threatened by the threat, as a punishment, I will also kill the grandson of Vice Minister Guo and then leave."

"From now on, you won't find my trail again."

Sinan turned around and the rain boots slammed on the muddy water.

The first agent said: "No problem, all your requirements will be realized, we will immediately turn to Guo Lao."

Sinan smiled and said: "You Guo Lao knows that I don't believe anyone..."

He walked out of the cemetery under the sight of the surrounding plainclothes, and the plain voice gradually drifted away in the rain.

"...I only need to pick someone up to pick me up."


In the midsummer of the fifteen-year-old, tropical rain forests, plants flourished, and the sun shines in the dark green broad-leaved forest. A young special soldier crossed his palms and slept against his palm. His face was covered with dirt and oil, but he could still see his handsome brow from the towering brow, straight nose and horned cheeks. Outline.

A teenager stepped on the ground covered with soft leaves, cautiously walked around, kneeling beside the special forces, and making no sound like a cat.

He held his breath and held a small ant on his fingertips, trying to put it on the nose of the special forces.

However, just before the moment of success, the special forces had no eyes, and they couldn’t help but turn over and throw the young boy into the body. The beasts preyed and pressed him to the bottom, and he couldn’t help but say that he was scratching his arms in his neck.

"Ha ha ha..." The teenager laughed and gasped, and hurriedly asked: "I was wrong, I was wrong, I lost your fruit... Hahaha!"

The young man found a small red berry from his trouser pocket, but before he could talk, the special forces got up straight and took out a redder and bigger fruit from his pocket. In the horrified eyes of the teenager, he said: "Who is? I want to eat, huh?"

The bonfire burned, reflecting the flying insects that could not be circling around the fire, and the black jungle within a few meters. The teenager sat cross-legged on the side of the fire, lazily peeling the peel, and prolonged the tone and asked: "Why are you picking berries better than mine?"

His soft lips were dyed red with the juice of the juice, and the special forces walked up and down the hammock, and turned back frequently. He stared at his careless side face and snorted in his mouth: "Who knows? Well, I walked a few miles to find out, who told you that you would not eat it."

"I don't want to eat energy."

"Just you will pick."The special forces set up the hammock and tried to test the firmness. The young man was comfortable with his busy back, holding a hand and yelling: "Big brother, you have been holding for a few nights, let me keep the night tonight-"

"You watch the night? What if the beast comes to run you?"

"I will shout."

"What are you calling?"

"Call the hero! Help! Help!"

The special forces laughed and walked over to lick the young boy's hair.

"I don't want to sleep in a hammock," the boy turned over on the side of the fire, and said that the kernel was ambiguous.

"Why, not comfortable?"


"There is no way to cold."

The young man twisted around the bonfire, and the movement was very dexterous and agile, and escaped the special forces who wanted to hold his arm in the hammock.

"Little classmates!" The special forces had no choice but to ask his eyebrows: "What do you want?"

Under the fire, the glare-like bright eyes of the boy turned a circle and smiled and said: "I sit here to watch the night, the gun is holding me, you go to sleep."

The voice did not fall, the special forces sat down on the side of the campfire and waved: "Come here."


"Show magic to you."

The juvenile went together and was hand-picked into the arms by the special forces. The long legs of the camouflage pants were held in the arms. Before he had time to struggle, he was wrapped in a warm tactical jacket, and even his neck was tightly packed, and the wind was not penetrated.

"It's over," the special forces said shortly. "Sleep."

The juvenile's head was pressed, and the head was attached to the thick and strong chest.

He could hear the calm and powerful heartbeat of the other party, and the bonfire burned a slight snoring, and it was far from the wind blowing in the middle of the night. But the cold wind that blew the whistle through the treetop seemed to be very far away, and there was no longer a relationship with him. The warm arms around it isolated the cold, dangerous and lonely world.

He took a sigh of relief, the young and vigorous Alpha pheromone in the nose, mixed with a trace of sweat.

This is the first time in his life that he feels at ease surrounded by this breath.

"...I haven't asked you what your name is." Half-awake, the teenager whispered.

The special forces, armed with guns, are wary of the dark night crisis: "Well? Entries and hostages are in violation of the rules."

"Tell me..."

The special forces put the boy back in his arms, and he said helplessly: "Do not know to tell others."


"...my name is Zhou."

"What is Zhou?"


"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday..."

"Zhou Wei!" The special forces were so big that they took a shot of the boy's head as a punishment, even though the action was soft and careful: "The squad of the squad."

The boy finally expressed satisfaction, "Hmm".

"The next time there is danger, I will call my brother." The special forces paused. His handsome face seemed to be a little red in the fire. He whispered: "Just call a brother... save you no matter where you are."

No matter how far, you can receive it.

Eleven years later, the zombie fell in the center of T. Sinan volley caught the hook and was hugged by Zhou Wei. The locomotive swayed into the body behind him.The two men embraced each other in the earth-shattering explosion and fell into the armored vehicle.

"Don't be surnamed Zhou, Bing Ge's embarrassing horse. What about you?"

- Noah.

My name is Noah.

In the dark bungalow, Sinan twisted his brow and hoarse and gasped, and the pain was full of electric shock wounds. The cold sweat drenched the bed one layer after another.

The mountains are long and the water is far away.

As you promised, please pick me up again.

The author has something to say:

I found that after adding the first encounter clip, Zhou Wei was really too late to get a cheap big dice, tomorrow night = A=

In order to punish Prometheus for stealing fire, the gods put disaster, virus, jealousy, resentment in Pandora's box. The last thing that is locked is hope, the Greek Elpis. But there is also a saying that Elpis refers to the unrealistic fantasy in Greek, and the goddess paves the way to the hell that Ayx is in charge of. If the last thing Elpis is released, it will bring the ultimate disaster to humanity.

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